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This story is a sequel to Looking Glass

Page is stuck. He never wanted to be a Prince. But he can't just... stop. Ponies are depending on him now and he's feeling the pressure.

Being a Prince isn't all that it's cracked up to be. It's all work and so much responsibility. Ponies plot against you constantly. Luckily, sometimes it's for your own good.

Other times... not.

Big thanks to Arratra for betaing this one.

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Back into the rabbit hole we go

And We are Off to a start of a Lazy Bat and his mate hidden away from audits & paperwork! Murphy is still watching...

So Beware! Fun & Chaotic times awaits in this new series!

The coverage is rather horror themed in my book...
But it's awesome to see the story continued ♡

It's not to read this all continued, snuggeling for the win.
Will Chrysalis not ask soon for Page to keep up his part of the Bargain? Chrysalis is pretty patient yo have waited as long as she did... unless she come over him with a vengeance to guilt trip him into a bonus?


It's HERE!

And here I was, the pony responsible, hiding from paperwork.

Well too be fair, paperwork is a terrifying foe as it never ends :moustache:

She smiled a bit sheepishly, "Starlight is doing an audit on the budget for the lab. You know I normally don't mind lists and-"

WHAT, I could never have guessed that about younTwilight "Checklists" Sparkle :trollestia:

Twilight laughed softly and bumped her nose against my cheek, "Page, he is an accountant."

Point still stands :coolphoto:

Amber: "Daaaw, they are so cute together. Let hope Starlight isn't making to mutch of a fuss about Page delays in paper work... ohhh who am I kidding, she will be more aggressive than Fluttershy’s pet Bunny.
I just hope the Bunny stops to try tame Predators.
Fern seem about to date them sooner or later if this continues... Timber-Raptors, a horrifying idea to deal with."

Discord: "Sound more like fun waiting to happen, boredom needs to be kept at bay after all!"

*Angel Bunny appears out of nowhere and says something before dissapereing*

Amber: "I don't understand a word he say, but the malicious anticipation was clearly not speaking of good things to happen."

*Discord start grinning like a chessart cat*
Discord: "Didn't Page had a certain agreement with Queen Buggy? I am surprised she has not collected yet.

Amber: "Changelings like to collected debths with interest, so we gain more than originally was bargained with."

Discord: "Clever girl... Clever indeed."

:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp: YOU ARE BACK!!!

Glad to see you continue this awesome series and thanks for a great start into the sunday.

That's the first part I'm reading while it's ongoing. The hard part is to wait for the next chapters, I was used to reading around fifty chapters per day, but it's worth it, I believe.

I love your work and have read it all since the first book thank you for all the hard work.

you can't hide from the eldritch abomination made out of triplicate forms, it will worm its way into your existence one way or another

And it's here. Now I get to watch it grow until it's complete, then binge it all.

And we once again return to the amazing saga of 'Page continues to never get a break, ever'.

I'll get the popcorn.

Featured ♡ congratulations :raritystarry:
Always a event when Hiver releases something on Fimfiction :yay:

Once more unto the breach, dear friends! I wonder what lies behind it this time?

Grammar jackboots make their return, of course:

In my defense, we were in the fifth hour, and I just couldn't take it anymore.

In my defence, we were in the fifth hour, and I just couldn't take it any more.

Twilight smiled and laid down next to me,

Twilight smiled and lay down next to me,

Wooot!!! Welcome back.

Seeing this released makes me think of the line Jaune used in RWBY when he saw Blake and Yang finally get together.

"Feels like I've been waiting forever for that."

The sounds below came from the lower town, mostly populated by earth ponies and unicorns who preferred to keep their hooves on the ground

"Keep yer hooves on the ground!"

One has to wonder if he’s secretly the alicorn of bad luck xD

"I hate this stuff. 'Duty is heavier than a mountain; death is lighter than a feather.'"

"And now that you're an alicorn...."


Comment posted by RandomCommentor deleted May 14th

I’m so excited to see what happens to Page this time.

To be fair, there's usually months in-universe between books where nothing of note happens. It's like how Jack Bauer can be presumed to take a leak during the commercials just like the viewer does.

Poor guy all he wanted was to save the one he loved and do the right thing and he gets a huge curveball thrown at him.

Aawww yeah! Thus begins the next delicious drip feed of Page’s adventures.


Starlight: :ajbemused: So...you're missing an alicorn too?

Flower Rain: :trixieshiftleft: YEP. Left for one minute for mango tea and POOF! Gone! Punishments are in order.

Starlight: :ajsmug: I have just the thing...


Page: :fluttershbad: UGH! My hooves and wings are all sticky with caramel from the bucket over the door. And then the carrots! Carrot ARROWS launched in my face! I barely survived!

Starlight: :rainbowlaugh: Oh you're fine. Tho I'm impressed how much Angel Bunny could accomplish with only 15 minutes alone in your office.

Flower Rain: :duck: Could be worse. You could be Twilight right now.

Page: :rainbowderp: Wait wut?


Twilight: :raritycry: How the BUCK are they moving so fast?! Their bodies are just only a stump of flesh! DISCORD! Get these Mexican Sock Puppets out of my laboratory!

Mexican Sock Puppets: :pinkiecrazy: Ohhhh...what does this button do? *BOOM*

Twilight: :raritydespair:

It was only the second time that got him the wings, though. Maybe Harmony just wanted to know whether he was going to make a habit of it?

The second time? I don't remember that. I remember him meeting Luna getting a bit of ptsd from discord and helping sunset find a better path but saving anyone not at all.

I meant the second time preempting Twilight on saving the day. The first was what I've consistently referred to as throwing a glorified fruit knife at Chrysalis' face.


...I forgot I was inside. ...There goes all my money.

Oh yeah of course twilight didn't save the then though if I had been her I would been upset with everyone hanging on to applejack excuse version of an apology. Rule one of an apology is no excuses you admit that you messed up. Two even if was part of a group you made your choice on your own and that means everyone involved has to say sorry.
Applejack says sorry we didn't know the imposter was an imposter. That is the whole point of an imposter! How about sorry we didn't really listen to you when you tried to talk with us. How about sorry that we put a princess wedding in front of our friendship. Those are the kind of things that should have been said instead lame excuse of an apology. Plus what exactly did she do wrong? She honestly believed that her brother was being put under an evil spell and cadence was doing it. Do you want her not speak up when she believes someone is doing something bas? As for the proof so many fans ask for where would she get it? She probably never heard about changelings before that day and the fake wasn't running around without her disguise and it not like she had camera to show what shining looked like under the spell not that her description of what he looked like made a difference.
I would have been so mad at them because they practically promised to listen and didn't

Like the cover art

This was a pretty cute story

I am one of the people who never read your last work, so I have no fricking clue who Page is

Do I have to read your old series to understand this new stuff?

1 day over 200 likes. There are stories out there for years that waits for that number :rainbowkiss:👍

I missed that random humor.
A very complicated situation indeed.
When you do not know the
than you should start at the beginning.
Especially if the character has development over multible stories already. Otherwise nothing makes sense.

Another day, another Hiver story. Reminder to everyone that Hiver does write outside of FIMFic with a heavy recommendation from myself to check out those stories. Here is the convenient link to a list of said stories, said link can also be found on Hiver's user page.

Read the fill of his stories between updates! :D

And the fun continues ♡

I wonder how the Canterlot Hive is doing in general.

Daring Do should make two version of her stories, mature and teen.


Spike tries to woo his filly friend.

Fern tries to woo his future pack mates, Raptor courting is complicated... But isn't that so with all species so?

Angel Bunny construct a Raptor harness and whip, time to ride a Raptor.

Far away in Canterlot:
Luna: "I can't wait to snuggeling my dream stallion tonight, it is a dream come true ever time we meet." ♡

Celestia: "Why is Luna sending me Cake dreams where I am the Cake and Page comes for taste testing? :raritydespair:
At least I was banana flavored" :duck:

Chrysalis: "Drones prepare the expedition force, I have a little Predator to visit. Daughter! Prepare to snuggelbug him!"

Further somewhere in the Crystal Empire...
Cadance: "My snuggel sense is tingling. Guards! Bring me my husband and Sunburst for immediate snuggeling!"

that is so funny i hope to see it more to get another laugh

If you're not careful, then you are going to have people looking forward to your comments more than the actual chapter :rainbowlaugh:

Cue page writing back to yearling, jokingly pointing out some 'plot holes' that didn't match up to what really happened.

That book better be autographed!

Nah, that is windy's part. :pinkiehappy:

If you should do that, don't forget to check out the comment section. Especially those if Windy

I've seen them both write that kind of comments often enough that it could easily apply to them both.

True enough, but Windy's are usually the better ones. However, I have beaten them both by writing an actuall sidestory.

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