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Is This A Crossover Episode? · 2:55pm Dec 14th, 2022

TMissing in Action
A month after the Changeling-Pony War, the reincarnated Spartan Noble Six encounters a new changeling monarch in Equestria, named King Phasmatodea. But King Phasma brings more than just the fear of another war; he brings the ghosts of Six's past.
LSTS Connor · 27k words  ·  449  11 · 3.6k views

Why yes, yes it is. Missing In Action, a Crossover with A Noble Death, is out now! Expect frequent updates until its done, as it is prewritten.

Report KKSlider · 312 views · Story: Approaching Apotheosis ·
Comments ( 2 )

Writing it must have been a blast ♡

Absolutely. :raritywink:
I'll definitely track this one.

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