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This story is a sequel to High School Musical

While returning home through the Everfree Forest, Locomotion discovers a nameless and badly beaten young changeling lying in the undergrowth. Feeling sorry for her, he brings her back to Ponyville and tries to help her fit in among his fellow residents, bestowing her with the name Hornette. As time passes, the two of them grow close - but in doing so, they are about to discover the true nature of the dreaded Queen Chrysalis, and how a whole species was turned against Equestria...

This story takes place in an alternate universe in which To Where And Back Again and certain post-Season 6 episodes never happened. Dark, Death, Self-Harm, Violence and Gore tags for much later in the story. Also contains Flashlight, Sparity, Soarindash, Carajack, mentions of Fluttermac, Pinkieburn, Vinyltavia, Rumbaloo, Lyrabon, SweetieSplit and ShadyBase, and references to a vengeful and homicidal real-life maniac who ruled over a certain Central European country with an iron fist, as well as the events that ensued.

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Rainbow is gonna a be the least trusting i feel

β€œTechnically, Pinkie, I am the law, and I say no!”

When did Twilight become Judge Dredd?

:twilightsheepish: To be honest, I never made that connection when I was writing this. I was just trying to create something of a mini farce for a bit of comic relief, and also taking into account how exuberant Pinkie can be.

An amazing story i loved it.

Glad to hear it. :twilightsmile: Did you have any particular favourite moments?

You do know Loco means crazy in Spanish right πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜†

:twilightblush: Well...yeah, but I just felt it'd be a cool nickname for a railway enthusiast pony, given that railway locomotives are often referred to as "locos" for short. :eeyup:

OOOOOHHHHH! Makes sense to me 😁😁😊

I will answer your question. My fav moment was when Loco woke up from his coma. Another one is when they admitted their love for each other ❀️❀️😍

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