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This story is inspired and based upon 4everfreebrony's song with the same title, and explores the question, "What would have happened if Princess Celestia never responded to any of Twilight's letters after she sent her to Ponyville?"

It was the eve of the Summer Sun Celebration, and Princess Celestia had sent her star pupil to Ponyville to oversee the preparations for the coming event and, more importantly, to make some friends. However, Twilight's thoughts were dominated by an ancient prophesy, which stated that the return of an ancient evil was soon to return. Ever faithful to the Princess of Equestria, Twilight hurried to complete her duties and find away to counter this looming threat. Following a night of stress and many challenges, Twilight has finally found herself confronting the evil from the prophesy! Can she hope to succeed without her mentor, Celestia, present? And even is she can, will she be able to cope with a life without Celestia afterward?

If you enjoy the story (or even if you don't really) please considering listening to the original song! https://youtu.be/ajA_RBJ0cYw Artwork is by iffysna94.

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An interesting change from canon. I'll keep an eye on this; I want to see where this goes.

Is the story canon until the start of episode one or does history diverge a lot from canon in this story?

The main point of the prologue here is to paint a picture that up till the reformation of Nightmare Moon into Luna, the story is exactly the same. I even rewatched the first 2 episodes so I could have a strong picture for how everything played out, and some of the dialog is 1:1 from the show. I didn't want to do the whole first 2 eps because I don't want to just steal from the show, but I did want some of the dialog and moments from the show in here to really emphasize the moment this story split from canon with a single action being the trigger.

I hope I can live up to expectations in the future! I would like to once again point out too, this is based upon a 4everfreebrony song with the same title. And this will be one of many stories I plan to do with various song titles making up the ideas and titles for other stories, all connected with the same underlying theme. I plan to put a lot of work and passion into this project because of how much I respect the songs, so I hope I can deliver a story that is at least 1/2 as good as the original song!

"What would have happened if Princess Celestia never responded to any of Twilight's letters after she sent her to Ponyville?"

well there would be a rather large line of humans at sun horses castle to smack sun horse for being a dick and making best book horse sad

I don't want to spoil anything too much, but I will certainly say that I do plan on having a decent reason for this string of events. You all will have to wait and see what it is though.

This story looks really cool so far, i can’t wait to read more!

Fun fact, there is a story with the exact same name, exact same concept, inspired by exactly the same song.

Small world ya know? ;)


and some of the dialog is 1:1 from the show.

I did that and got yelled at a lot with mean mean words.

I am actually aware of the existence of that story. I went though the titles of all the song titles I planed to use for stories to make sure there were no other stories that were overly similar to my idea. The other Thought I'd Let You Know is a very cleverly written letter to Celestia, so I am confident mine will differ enough to be new, and unique.

I was careful to use it as sparingly as possible. When I say 1:1, I mean that the wording is exactly the same. The keen among the readers will certainly know that I also cut out a LOT of the dialog between characters from the actual scene in the show. I believe I used a total of 5 sentences from the show, all spread out, and most no more than 5-6 words long, meaning roughly 40 of the 1,800+ words are borrowed. If I am told this is not okay, I will change the wording used, thought most of it is already rather generic. I did my best to use it as a tool to get my point across, NOT to claim the work of the show as my own.

This looks promising. I'll follow it.

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