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1790973 ah. looking forward to readin it!

Ah, if this is about To Build a Bestiary having a little "fake update" I will take responsibility for that. :derpytongue2: I was actually intending to edit the chapter I was working on (spoiler alert, it is a remake of chapter one, as I was disappointed with the first chapter) and accidentally tapped the "Publish" button instead of the "Edit" button. (I was working on a touch-screen laptop, and the buttons are entirely TOO close together.) I actually attempted to hasten the project due to my fault, but ended up worrying that my writing would suffer for it. I have a good 5k words already down on it, and if all goes as planned (which is rare, but hey, I can try!) it should be released sometime tomorrow for real.

Of course, if this is about something else (like my last chapter of The Price of Flight) I would be happy to hear any suggestions/criticisms.

Oh, one last thing for To Build a Bestiary though, coming sometime after the second chapter is released, I will actually be taking some ideas from those that follow the story in order to make a few chapters. I'll detail that more later, but if you have some ideas, I would like to start hearing them in the coming weeks!

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