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Sleepwalking--the act of walking while not conscious of it or aware of it, during one's sleep; to walk and/or perform other actions while sleeping; to somnambulate.

Which for Smolder, that alone is bad enough. Crawling into bed with Gallus while she's sleepwalking though...that's a whole other level of awkward.

Third place winner in "The Discovery" Young Six contest.

Featured by 2/5/2020.

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Maybe they should have done one more test and have Sandbar and Gallus switch beds to see if Smolder went for the same bed, or managed to climb to the top bunk. :twilightsmile:

is nice fic
unique ship, well written
it'd have been perfect if there was more chapters tbh

You used the wrong spelling of "horde," (group of people) which should be "hoard" (store of valuable objects) instead. Other than that, it's pretty decent. Good build up to it, and the all seems to fit their personalities very much.


I can't put into words how much I adored this fic, it's definitely one of my favorites from the contest so far (along with your last entry) and it's something l would happily re-read :twilightsmile:
These two work so well with each other and the severe lack of content there is of them frustrates me :raritydespair:
And I totally feel you on the "lack of ship diversity" there is on the contest, I really enjoy every young six shipping but even I get tired of seeing the same pairing over and over again, heck even I thought at some point on joining with a story about an unappreciated ship I like to help with that. So really, thanks for making such a lovely piece for an amazing underappreciated ship :pinkiehappy:

Fantastic story. Well worth the read.

Aw, this was cute. I really liked it. Plus as you know I’m always down for reminders that while the characters in this show are anthropomorphized, they’re still not human. Dragon hoarding instincts are fun to play with.

10069748 Indeed! Not human in the least!

Hence... we can make them slaves without all the moral quandaries! :yay:

(CRYSSSSSTAL SSSSLAVESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Yes, of course, Sombrero.

Okay, I like this ship very much; hope there is a sequel to this story.


You used the wrong spelling of "horde," (group of people) which should be "hoard" (store of valuable objects) instead.

well, except for that one time Scyphi got it right. :rainbowlaugh:

Lucky birb & lucky dragon. So adorable! :pinkiehappy:

So... does this mean that Smolder's going to finally allow Gallus to pounce her? :rainbowwild::rainbowwild:

That's actually a good idea--I wish I had thought of that now!

Oh gosh, you're absolutely right! :facehoof: Went and fixed all of that now.

Well, not a sequel, but incidentally, I do have another Gallus/Smolder ship fic that was already in the works even before starting this one (it doesn't meet the requirements for the contest though, so I couldn't enter it there). Hopefully you should be seeing that in another week or two, if all goes according to plan--got yet another fic (amusingly yet another romance-ish fic) I need to get out first, preferably before Valentine's day comes and goes. :raritywink:

If Somnambula doesn't appear at the end of this story, some readers might be disappointed. :trollestia:

This was a fun read. Always enjoyed the idea of this ship even if it’s not my first choice for either character.

I think my favorite part of this story was probably the flashback of Gallus/Smolder's weekend.

Yeah, I thought somebody would point that out, so much so, I nearly used a different variant, "noctambulism," for the title instead.

And before that, I had originally planned to title the story just "Hoarding a Griffon" (in fact my master copy still bears this label)...but I thought that might give the story away and felt a title reflecting the central sleepwalking aspect was smarter. :twilightsmile:

I'd think that Smolder would use it as a challenge for Gallus--if he can successfully pounce her, she'll let him have a reward. But he's gotta earn it first. :raritywink:

A very sweet story featuring my 2nd fave dragon (Spike will always be 1st), with a very unusual yet very welcomed ship! :heart:

I'm surprised it took this long to set these 2 together on the shipping scene (that I know off), especially since the two of them first bonded together before they got to know the rest of the Young Six better at the lake in School Daze.

Awesome story Scyphi, thanks for sharing! :twilightsmile:

Two smartasses, together... seems to fit in my book.

Smolder: *sleeps with Gallus*
Silverstream: Count your days b****

I can not put into words how jelous i am that i didnt think of this. Well i could but it would be a lot of words.


Finally, a good ship fic with Smolder that isn't with Ocellus.

Quite appropriate, considering what month this is. This was a really sweet and enjoyable read, and I'm hoping that we'll get more of this in the form of a sequel/multi-chapter story.

This story gives me the best kind of warm and fuzzies. :yay:

Now I'm wondering what it'll be like if Yona started sleepwalking into Sandbar's bed.

“What?” Starlight stared at her in surprise. “But they’ve been playing for hours now! And still neither of them have scored even one point?”

“Yup,” Trixie said as she munched on her popcorn, motioning to their students. “These two take ping-pong seriously.”

Forrest Gumpony, "Can I play winner?"

Sandbar furrowed his brow, clearly confused. “Well…let’s not panic,” he advised, starting to climb down. “I’m sure there’s an explanation.”

“There better be!” Gallus wheezed, watching him.

Alondro creates a fake Flash of Smolder and Gallus getting it on, with which he intends to blackmail the two! Though... at Alondro's level of... erm, let's call it 'proficiency' just for the hell of it, they can't even make out what the hell the two shapeless blobs of jerky, quivering lines on the screen are supposed to be, much less what they're doing.


That might be a good time for Gallus and Sandbar to swap bunks, because frankly, I don't want to be the one in the bunk under the one the yak is trying to sleepwalk into. :rainbowlaugh:

The rock music was loud enough that it made the whole student lounge rattle, but seeing they were the only students there, Gallus and Smolder couldn’t really bring themselves to care, especially as they were so lost in jamming along to the pounding music, both wildly strumming out on air guitars and prancing aimlessly about in half-formed dance moves not quite in time with the beat.

Never a bad excuse to rock the :yay: out

“All right!” Smolder pulled a lever to release the brakes on the spare applewood derby car they had “borrowed” from the Ponyville school house, before proceeding to drive it haphazardly down the hill in front of them at full speed.

Does this include a waxing philosophical monologue from the dragon before an inevitable crash at the bottom?

That done, they proceeded to sup their tea, enjoying the elegant flavor, before Gallus changed the subject:

“If you tell anyone that we did this, I will end you.”

Smolder smirked. “Likewise, feather butt.”

Shoulda see this coming XD

“Allez!” Sunburst commanded from where he sat nearby, keeping score, and immediately the two fencers went at each other.

I wouldn't be surprised if the school did have a fencing club. Ok, only mildly surprised.

“ What? ” Starlight stared at her in surprise. “But they’ve been playing for hours now! And still neither of them have scored even one point?”

VERY serioisly

He was cut off with a sudden squawk as he, not watching where he was going, smacked into a flag post on the school’s roof.

…until she, also not watching where she was going, flew face-first into the school’s bell in its tower with a loud dong!

So, a draw then?

“…Oh, you know, the usual stuff,” Gallus finally replied with a dismissive wave of his talons.

Sounds about right

“You mean to tell me that you really don’t notice another creature climbing into bed with you until too late?” Smolder snapped.

Really deep sleeper

“ Snnerrrx , fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy,” came Silverstream’s response from the top bunk, jumbled in something of a half-snore, half-mumble.

om nom fishy fishy

“All right, just a second,” Sandbar assured and climbed down before stopping to survey the situation again. He looked a little amused. “It looks sort of cozy, honestly. Cute, even.”

I mean, we're all thinking it.

The first thing Gallus became aware of as he slowly woke up the following morning was the faint smell of ash and bubblegum.

Didn't think Smolder smelled like bubblegum :derpytongue2:

It was labelled “definitely NOT girly tea sets,” but hearing how the contents musically clinked together whenever he bumped it, he knew better than to believe it.

Well what else is she supposed to label it?

“Well, at the time, I was dreaming I was swimming through Seaquestria and just thought it was what was on fire, but that was silly, because how could it be on fire when it’s literally underwater , so…”

So, she dreams semi-lucidly.

Gallus thought about it for a second then shrugged. “Honestly, I’m more flattered than anything.”


“Oh that.” Gallus gave Sandbar a knowing grin. “She wasn’t sleepwalking this time.”


Excellent fic for my 2nd fave ship for both of these two.


Does this include a waxing philosophical monologue from the dragon before an inevitable crash at the bottom?

Dunno--they deny having anything to do with that derby car now. But they claim the front axle on it was definitely already broke when they found it. :raritywink:

Didn't think Smolder smelled like bubblegum

Well...ashy bubblegum, at least. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh dear god, my sides... :rainbowlaugh:

> when your bro gets laid so you dip

Glad to see bromance works through species. Sandbar is a cool dude.

He'd be crushed, probably.

On an unrelated note, why would a dragon use shampoo? They don't have hair. Maybe they use scale wax instead?

I ultimately didn't add it, so to keep the word count within the target range, but I had devised a backstory that Smolder had started using shampoo due to a distinct lack of lava, what she'd normally bathe in, being in the Ponyville area, and Silverstream had introduced her to the concept of using shampoos instead. She uses bubblegum scented mostly just because she likes the smell.

That and even scaled creatures still get dirty and need baths from time to time, and when you're in the land of ponies, you do what the ponies do. :raritywink:

Yessss. Smollus. We don't have NEARLY enough of that ship. Two tsunderes falling in love is a special, rare kind of adorable. And it's straight! ♫Bonus points!

This was constructed excellently, with a funny start and a wholesome, genuine, honest payoff. I loved every part of this. A well-earned spot on my Favorites shelf.

faux pas accent

You just mean "faux" in this instance. "Faux pas" is a social mistake.

This was really, really good. The pacing, dialogue, and characterization are, dare I say, perfect. I only just got around to reading and I regret not doing it sooner. Good luck in that contest, I feel like you have a winner with this.

Wanderer D

I really enjoyed this story, well done!

Definitely a personal favorite of mine. I always see Silverstream and Gallus end up together, and while I do find that couple REALLY cute (Hell I find most couples cute), Smolder and Gallus just...seems right if that makes any sense. Really good fic, really good build up, and excellent execution.

Write more of this couple!!!

.... Well done.

This is amazing!! So adorable.

Even if I am not a fan of the young six, I must admit that this is an amazing story.:twilightsmile:

:3 A nice entertaining story with some good old fashioned adorable.

This is oddly adorable.

I wonder if the experience of reading has ever killed anyone. If not, I may be the first, because I am struggling to breathe. So damn cute.
(Don't worry — if I was going to die, I wouldn't be so uncertain.)

This was a nice, believable development of their friendship into something more.

Besides, there is a critical lack of Smolder/Gallus ship fics out there, so it's about dang time somebody went about fixing that. :trixieshiftleft:

Very true, but if all the fics out there are like this one, it's a quality over quantity situation.

Not a good chapter title, but decent otherwise

Granted, but IMO it still was better than just labeling it something like "the only chapter" or just repeating the story's actual title, which were the only other things I could think of at the time of posting. :rainbowlaugh:

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