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Some Updates · 1:54pm Jul 26th, 2018

By now, all you readers in the peanut gallery will know that Act II of Age of Kings is over. In a way, it's like a full season of the show, if this indeed was a television program. So here we have some updates. Age of Kings usually updates on Thursdays (or Wednesdays depending on where you live), but since this season is over, we at the Bloodlines continuity will be taking a little time off updating to finalize the next Act. Expect some plot twists and some foreshadowed reveals, and lots of

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2240684 Thanks ever so much! I aim to please.

I just want to say this now. You are not a good author... YOU'RE AN AWESOME AUTHOR! Your Assassin's Creed x MLP EG story is awesome.

2160268 They're not all from the same story, no. :raritywink:

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