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This story is a sequel to The Lost Connection

Following the assassination of Canterlot High's computer teacher, the daughter of Queen Chrysalis is rewarded with the right to attend a high school to further her education in hunting for love energy, among other things. Enrolling in Crystal Prep Academy, the young princess is given a new face, name, and persona to engage in her very own hunt. Will she find the love she seeks, or might she find more at the hands of the Crystal Prep Shadowbolts?

-Part of the Bloodlines Continuity-

Disclaimer: Rating may change as the story progresses.

This story will probably not have regular, scheduled updates. Instead, I'll just post chapters when I can.

Featured on the 28th of July 2018! Thank you all!

Chapters (26)
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Knew one already? Allons-y! Plz don't forget about Kings though.

So that answers one question. Chrysalis killed her husband. Somehow I'm not surprised.

Comment posted by Marcbot2004 deleted August 2nd

The book spoke of how King Dawn Saber was a kind king, and how all his subjects praised him for his talent at making sure everyone had everything they needed to thrive as a great kingdom. Moonglade scoffed at the statement, remembering what her mother had told her about the king himself. She shook the thought out of her head and continued through the book to see what else the writer had made up. The king had ruled the kingdom well until his son, the dark knight Morn Dread, rebelled against him and led an army to claim the kingdom for his own. Dawn Saber led a battle against his son, eventually defeating him at the Battle of Canterlann. Moonglade closed the book and sighed. The history was barely accurate, but at least it was written well.

Ok. WHAT!?

“I lost count after the siege of Trot,” Psithyra piped up from the bed. Her voice also resonated double, as if two women were speaking just out of sync. “Even then it was somewhere in the dozens.”

I'm sorry, I dunno why, but, I laughed at that moment.

You know, classic Arthurian myth. King Arthur and Mordred at the battle of Camlann? We will, most likely, be deviating from that for what happens in Age of Kings.

Mishter Schniffs was supposed to be a changeling from the sirens’ world, Equestria. Sonata had drawn a picture of one years before, when they had still been with Chrysalis. Moonglade’s mother had stuffed the soft toy with aromatic herbs and scented fluff, allowing the girl to breathe the wonderful smell in when she cuddled it to her face. An odd-looking thing, to be sure; so like a horse but full of holes. Moonglade didn’t know if Mishter Schniffs was an accurate depiction of a changeling, but she didn’t care. Whenever she needed someone to talk to, he was always there for her.

Awww, that's cute.

Two hundred years ago she could have throttled this long-winded nag and quietly slipped out the window, safe in the knowledge that anyone who came to investigate would rule it as some kind of divine intervention.

And you could have gotten rid of a Templar too, for people who still care.

Scented fires in golden cages made you look intimidating; a single dim lightbulb in the middle of a space like this made you look broke.

So true.

Do you know how tiresome it is, having to put up with someone who just talks and talks about irrelevant things like that for any amount of time?”

Pot, meet kettle.

Psithyra raised an eyebrow, and then the brochure with one finger pointing to the front. “That would be Crystal Prep, your majesty,” she corrected, trying very hard not to laugh at the scathing look her sister was giving her.


Ha! :rainbowlaugh:

Uh, no, I only know the following versions of Aruthian depictions:Merlin TV show, DC comics/TV show iterations, a marvel avengers encyclopedia, Trollhunters:Tales of Arcadia, Arrowverse, that's it. Greko-Roman, I know better than Aruthian. But, still, sounds cool.

“Go back to sleep, Psithyra.”

Ha! Rainbow Rocks ref!

“Yes, yes. I know that. Can’t have you going stir-crazy and tearing someone’s arm off and beating them to death with it again, can we?”

“That was once , and it was centuries ago...” Chrysalis felt the heat rise to her cheeks and she looked away, taking a gulp of wine to hide her embarrassment. “And I hope this is a good idea, Thyra. You know how much time I’ve spent grooming that girl… “

The fact that they can joke around with anecdotes like that. Cool.

“Thank you,” the principal said with a face that looked like someone had just stepped on her toes but was trying play it down, filing the paper away into a drawer. “I’ll send you the confirmation letter, as well as the fee, within two days. Thank you for choosing Crystal Prep Academy, Ms. Wings.”

If she wanted love, I'd have chosen CHS.

After making a quick trip to the school’s closest bathroom to let out a much-overdue groan (and frightening a mousy purple girl with glasses in the process), Ebony Wings found herself stuck in afternoon traffic after going out to buy five identical uniforms. It would have been faster to just get out of the car and run back to the estate, but that might have aroused some suspicion. After at least another two hours, Ebony finally eased out of the main road, free to drive down the smaller side road towards home. It only took another six minutes, but Ebony finally arrived at her gates, letting out a sigh of relief as she waited for them to open.

Mousy girl with glasses? Sci-Twi!

I like the overprotective Chrysalis. It's easy to relate to her. I have to say that Silver Rose is being treated much better than Twilight was in the Friendship Games movie, though that might just be because of her mother's reputation, regardless of what Sunny Flare says.

Looked it up, seems to have a relation to Le morte d'Arthur I think?

Silver Rose nodded and set about placing a Swiss army knife, a handful of shurikens, and a ceramic kitchen knife onto the bed, along with three whetstones and a straight razor. From beneath her skirt, a tiny one-shot pistol was pulled, along with a small bandolier of bullets.

Wow! Small arsenal. We're is the royal Kris?

“Next time, I'm doing the packing.”

Please do Thyra.

“Your destination, young mistress,” the man said as the black car stopped by the school gates.

Yknow, I imagine silver platter is voiced by the guy who voices Alfred Pennyworth from Batman:The Animated Series.

“Hi there,” she greeted with a handshake as Silver walked in. “You must be Silver Rose. We’ve been expecting you. I’m Dean Cadance, and I’m sure you’ve heard of Principal Cinch.” She directed the girl’s attention to the older woman at the desk.

Hmmmmm, no no, Canterlot Wedding is in Equestria, not Earth. Still, ironic, I guess.

“What if the two of them need to be in the same place at once? Moonglade and Silver Rose, I mean.”

That's a good question. One I'm sure will come up again eventually.

“I mostly listen to classical,” Silver admitted. “Sonatas and Arias and things like that. Helps when practicing the violin, you know?”

Ha! I caught that.

“Sound Wave,” he answered as he slung his bag over a shoulder. “You like music, Silver Rose? Here in CPA, I’m, let’s say the resident DJ.”

So, a CPA Vinyl Scratch? Cool.

“Girls, seriously!” Adagio snapped, pushing them apart by their faces. “You’re deplete my lifespan every time you argue, and besides, you’re both wrong. She said Diamond Prep Academy.”

Should be you.

“I miss our powers,” Sonata pouted and touched at her neck. “Kinda feels like we have to do things on our own now…”

Hard work builds character.

“You’re very welcome,” Ebony Wings said with a strange glint in her eye. “Very welcome indeed.”

Hmmmmmm. I wonder what's got her so happy. 10/10.

Ha! Le morte d'Dawn Saber? Clever.

Gotta love the changeling ability to mimic others, as well as the ability to smell and taste emotions. Do I sense a rivalry between Silver Rose and Sunny Flare?

“Um, Twilight. Twilight Sparkle, and there’s an empty seat over there if you’d like,” the bespectacled girl motioned to the one in front of hers.

Knew it!

Well that’s some first day rivalry for her. Still, interesting story. Guess I will wait for more! Though, I hope Age of Kings won’t be too long on a break~

“Who does she think she is, saying these things about me?” she slammed a fist into the wall. “I should just rip her arms off and watch her squirm!”

She could probably do it, too.

“I mean, what did she do, watch me and copy my skills?”

Yes, actually.

“To defeat an enemy, you must first undermine his allies. Said by Commander Vespa.”

Did... did she just quote herself?

“That depends on Silver Rose, doesn’t it?”

No, it depends on you, ya bitch.

“To defeat an enemy, you must first undermine his allies. Said by Commander Vespa.”


It actually made a lot of sense. Perhaps if the other Shadowbolts saw no problems with her, or even better, they enjoy her company, then Sunny would have no backup for anything she decided to play. It sounded like a really good idea.

The and also you could use them as, oh, I dunno, more than just a source of food and a play to get back at Ms. Flare. Like, actual friends, maybe?

“Yes, of course, go on then,” the injured changeling stepped aside. “Oh, and about that bully. If you’d like, I can always help you come up with some clever comebacks. I’ve used plenty on your mother over the years,” Psithyra finished with a cheeky grin.

I like Psithyra. She's a good fighter, tactitian, and family woman......bug....thing.

“Yeah, but won’t it be fun to be good at that? Imagine me in the kitchen, cooking for my mother and aunt. Plus, it’s something mother isn’t good at.”

Why not ask said aunt for advice? or learn from her?

Oh, I finally figured out what those unlocked achievements on Plums' profile page are.

So did she help Jet Set because she's a nice person or did she do it for a snack? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

“Silver Rose, do ease up on the gas,” her home economics teacher, Mrs. Full Pot, said, swooping beside her and turning the stove dial down. “You don’t want to be the next student to cause a school explosion.”

Who was the first one? Sci-Twi?

“I wish,” Sunny scoffed. “That would get rid of her.”

Not really, no. It'd just piss her off.

“I suppose not…” Silver agreed, though for her case, it was the other way around. She wasn’t going to be around forever for her mother to protect, seeing as she was just half-changeling. “So, you’re taking this class to be more independent, Jet Set?”

So, her mom's got the longevity, but she doesn't?

“Can’t argue with you there,” Sound Wave replied, flipping through his phone, looking for some music to listen to. “Well, you seem to be adjusting well. Has everything been solid?”

I suggest Green Day or Linkin Park for the DJ.

“It’s kind of hard to explain to non-musical folks. But let’s just say Lemon and I agree to disagree on what exactly ‘music’ is.”

Never mind.

“Because it is. Now come, let’s see if we can’t find Upper Crust. Follow me.”

No, actually, it isn't. Easier said than done.

I knew it! Silver cheered for her deductive skills.

You and me both, sister.

“No, it is not bloody well all right,” Ebony groused. “Half an hour, Silver. Do you know how much damage a changeling can do in half an hour? You could have called.”

No, not really. Care to elaborate on how much damage?

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