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This story is a sequel to Before the Friendship Games: Lemon Zest

Sunny Flare lives a life of luxury. She has everything she could ever need. Loving parents, no siblings, and a hot and loving boyfriend...so why does she feel so unfulfilled?

Book Two of The Crystal Prep Chronicles: Before the Friendship Games.

Part of "Not Just Any Old Continuity", which includes
Not Just Any Old Trilogy
The Anon-A-Miss Saga
TimberTwi Tales

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Uhhh......I'm not going to judge yet. I'll wait until the story unfolds.

Sunny was nearing her next class when an all too familiar sensation struck her. No. Not here. Anywhere but here! She tried to calm herself by breathing, but it was too late. Her stomach had been struck with pain so intense she blacked out before she could scream.

please tell me were going to see what happened her in the next chapter

All in good time. I'll try not to disappoint. =)


Still curious about Sunny's Flare's condition, but other than that, not a bad start. You got my attention.

So, Flare has a secret boyfriend and a terrible incident that happened in her past. Hopefully, this will explain why she's such a b:yay:.

Sour blinked, then narrowed her eyes. "What's in it for you?"

"Why, Sour!" Sunny said, in a tone of mock surprise. "Whatever makes you think I have an ulterior motive?"

Sour rolled her eyes. "Because you're you, dumbass!" she yelled. "I don't think you've ever done anything without an ulterior motive!"

Sunny Flare rolled her eyes and smiled. "Sour Sweet...you know me so well! It's like we're becoming friends or something."

Well, Flare's reputation proceeds her.


" Watch where you're going, you upper middle class bitch! " said a familiar voice.

Sour blinked, then snickered. " Oh, please! Since when do you care about people other than yourself? "

Sour rolled her eyes. " Because you're you, dumbass !" she yelled. "I don't think you've ever done anything without an ulterior motive!"

I never thought I’d say this after reading Lemon’s story, but go Sour!!


"No..." said Sunny. "But there have been times where I'd prefer that over what happened to me." she sniffled. "You see...what happened was...I...I...I can't..." she started crying openly. "I can't do this..." she said, sobbing. "I can't bring myself to tell you what happened. It's just too painful!"

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!!!

Sunny Flare has feelings?! :pinkiegasp:

..............and after everything I said about her in the comments section of Lemon Zest’s story.............

Great, now I look like a jackass. :facehoof:

Well Sunny may have had her own demons, but until we find out what those demons actually are, she does not get a complete pardon for what she said to Lemon Zest. Although I admittedly do feel somewhat sympathetic towards her now.


Hmmm........good point, so I’ll withhold judgment for now. At least I look like less of a jackass. Thanks.

To be fair, you could not have possibly known. You don't come off as a jackass to me if my saying so makes you feel better. =)

Everyone has feelings. Which is something Flare should realize while being a b:yay: to others.


"You go on ahead, I'll go get the paper plates!" Said Sunny. Damn this aftereffect! she thought, frustrated that it interfered with her intimacy.

Still curious about her condition.

Spent from the night, Sunny leaned against her boyfriend's arm and closed here eyes, lost in the moment. All that she remembered after that was hearing her boyfriend scream, seeing a pair of headlights heading straight for them, the sound of metal crunching...then blacking out.

Uhhhh..........should I be worried? I feel like I should be worried.

Holy shit, that's hardcore!



So THAT explains the abdominal pain.

And the poor sap’s fate...........

Ok, NOW I look like a total jackass after all those comments I left on the comments section of Lemon Zest’ story. Fuck......:facehoof: Should I feel bad? I think I should feel bad.

Again, you didn't know. I had this planned out for a while. There's no need to feel bad. These are fictional characters, after all.


Right, thanks.

She had Miscarriage in the past and losing the love of her life in the present? That's cold.

So, Sunny had a miscarriage in the past and her boyfriend just died while protecting her from a drunk driver. That's some heavy sh:yay:. And apparently, her parents were asked to help 'The Cause' but they refused. Don't get me wrong, I feel bad for Sunny Flare, but her defense mechanism of being a b:yay: comes with its own consequences... which she finds out in a few days.



Oh my god......:fluttercry:


Ah great, the angry grief is already kicking in.

Good luck with the golpe de estado.

I think I read somewhere that the stages of grief don't come in the order they're usually set in. I think they come and go. I could be wrong though, I'm not a psychologist.


Either way, she needs professional help.

I hope we get to find out the what, when, and how of 'The Cause'.

You will, just be patient. =)

Interesting but should not there be a funeral scene? I would imagine that if someone close passed away, and that someone had practically saved your life, you would be attending the funeral.

I'll get to that eventually. =)

I have no words at the moment.

"That was Rutherford's parents...the funeral is on Thursday evening."

How many days 'til the Games again?

The games (according to my timeline) are on Friday. The funeral is the night before. As of this chapter it's Sunday evening. Five days, I believe. I've always counted down the days in the Author's notes. =)

Petting a puppy helps me.


Oh my god...........


Yeah, just shocked is all.


Yeah, I take back EVERYTHING I said about Sunny Flare in Lemon Zest's story. All of it.

Loving it so far as well as the one for lemon zest. Just wondering will there be a story for all of the shadow bolts?

Yes. I even have stories planned for Dean Cadence and Principal Cinch, as well as Sci-Twi!

What about sugarcoat ,sour and indigo?

Yep! I have a link in every story description, so if you want to read any of my other stories just click the link!

And thank you for being my fiftieth Follower!:raritystarry:

You are skirting the line between drama and melodrama. Be careful.

Good thing this was her rock bottom moment.

Me too honestly

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