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Everyone at Canterlot High saw what happened to Sunset Shimmer. She turned into a demon and became trapped in a rainbow vortex. But what about Sunset? What did she see on the other side?

This is a special one-shot that takes place within Not Just Any Old Continuity, but it can be read on its own.

Featured on 1/23/19!!

If after reading this story you want to read through N.J.A.O.C., you can start at Sunset Shimmer's Sick Day.

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Comments ( 5 )

Damn. I knew this was going to be heavy, but I didn't expect that one part of Sunset's nightmare/visions. :twilightoops: Even if I knew that this tied into the later stories, that was still a hell of a moment. Solid work.

Great job. When I was reading you story, I could feel what Sunset felt, you really done a good fic.

This is amaze balls! So good.

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