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This story is a sequel to Before the Friendship Games: Twilight Sparkle

Dean Cadance is one of the most patient, tolerant, and loving staff members at Crystal Prep Academy. However, that's only what she wants the student body to see.

Book Seven of The Crystal Prep Chronicles: Before the Friendship Games.

Part of "Not Just Any Old Continuity", which includes
Not Just Any Old Trilogy
The Anon-A-Miss Saga

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Chapters (23)
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Comments ( 59 )

Well... That's a hell of a way to start this story.

You know I like to start my stories with a bang. :raritywink:

Well yeah, but this seems uncharacteristically dark for a first chapter.

Well now, this is unexpected...

But for now, adding to Read Later until my battery improves.

Yipe. It looks like Cadance really does have a lot to deal with, and that's before dealing with the issues of the rest of Crystal Prep.

Well, Cadence know about magic now. And she already made a plan on how to use it. This is a Good Plan. :ajsmug:

Well, That escalated quickly

Is that the same book she showed Twilight in the last story?

Yes. Yes it is. =)

"...You killed my mother..." she whispered.

Can't wait to read how Cadance came to the conclusion.

Fitting title to this chapter.

I got a better understanding of Dean Cadence now and disagree with how she should apologize to that student. The little smug son of ass was not caring what he did was wrong. He should be expelled and reported to his family. sure his parents will deal with his ass hard.

:rainbowhuh: Supposedly the (or a) reason Cinch is so difficult to dislodge is Neighsay supporting her, yet it turns out he's helping the movement against her? Makes for an interesting new dynamic, at least.

Also wondering what happened to Cadance's dad, or if he was ever even in the picture. Assuming it isn't in fact Neighsay....

Well now, that's a twist if ever I've seen one.

:pinkiegasp: Wow, I didn't see that coming. Then again, I don't think anyone ever saw that twist coming either.

Also, excellent description on Cadence's house my man, I can already imagine it from what it had in it.

Amore had a meeting with Cinch and comes home violently vomiting? The cause being mushroom poisoning?
This explains Cadance's hatred for Cinch.

:twilightangry2: Cinch, you Piece of Shit!

Rough day. And they will get rougher before they get better.

Whoa. Well, we knew that Cinch got away with murder. Now, I want to know who her father is/was. In any case, I feel bad for Cadance.

"I'd love to," Luna said. "But there's a video game tournament starting up soon. Is tomorrow okay for the both of you?"

Is this the same tournament in which Indigo Zap got owed?

Hope sighed. "I do have something lined up that day...but not the evening. We could make a ladies' night out of it!"

Cadance blinked. "When was the last time we had one of those?"

"Last year," Hope said with a cheeky grin. "You just don't remember it."

Cadance barked a laugh. "Wow, I was that out of it?"

"You were so drunk that Hope and I had to call a cab for you!" Luna burst into laughter.

On the other side of the court there stood a light blue woman with light and dark blue streaks in her hair. Her opal eyes narrowed in determination and concentration before briefly glancing at her partner for the go-ahead.

The other double was slightly taller than her partner. Her multicolored pastel hair was tied up to keep it from obscuring her pink face and purple eyes. She looked to her partner, then nodded.

so Cadence and Hope Faced Luna and Celestia in Tennis Hmm

"You were so drunk that Hope and I had to call a cab for you!" Luna burst into laughter.

i want a story about this

Eeyup! :twilightsmile:

Maybe someday, but right now I want to focus on the rest of my stories leading up to Not Just Any Old Week. I feel like I've been neglecting them.

No worries i have about 109 more chapter of a continuity im reading right now that can keep me busy till your done

It's a wonder that Cadance didn't recognize some of the HuMane Six especially Rainbow.:rainbowlaugh:

To be fair, this story happens before the Friendship Games, so I don't know how she'd recognize any of them. =P

I was talking about when she sees them during the Friendship Games.

Aaaaaaand... there she goes.

...I have so much hatred for Cinch right now (as if I didn't have enough already).

Wow. And the day is only half way over.

What a week and it's only Tuesday.:facehoof:

And the hits just keep on coming.

Well, here’s hoping the worst is almost over....

Sighs I hope you write Cadence realizing she pushed and put twilight in a bad situation because of her obsession.
Cinch may of pushed Twilight into becoming Midnight but everyone else helped from crystal Prep.

How many Books saga are left?

The next one is the eighth and last.

Eighth and last or Eighth and the Ninth is the last?

The eighth one is the last one.

So, finish Chaos next and go from there?

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