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My Stories · 6:37pm Apr 4th, 2018

Not Just Any Old Continuity

Not Just Any Old Trilogy

Part I: Not Just Any Old Day
Sunset Shimmer's Sick Day
Pinkie Pie's Chaotic Saturday
Rarity's Inner Turmoil
Bored Rainbow Dash is Bored
Guilt: An Applejack Story
Fluttershy's Critter Capers
The Many Sides of Twilight Sparkle

Part II: Not Just Any Other Old Day
Sunset Shimmer's Equestrian Friendship Tour
Rainbow Dash's Revelation
Rarity Plays the Waiting Game
Pinkie Pie's Number One Fan
Twilight Sparkle's Worst Day Ever
Fluttershy and the Misplaced Manticore
Deterioration: An Applejack Story

Part III: Not Just Any Old Week

Side Stories

Crystal Prep Chronicles
Before the Friendship Games
Lemon Zest
Sunny Flare
Sour Sweet
Indigo Zap
Twilight Sparkle
Dean Cadence
Principal Cinch

Altered Perspectives
The Long Way Back
Adapting to Change



The Anon-A-Miss Saga
Prelude to Anon-A-Miss
Sunset's Redemption
Wallflower's Weekend


The Day After


TimberTwi Tales
Twilight Sparkle x Timber Spruce: A Love Like No Other
First Impressions
Their First Date

The Other Side of the Rainbow
Mirror, Mirror
A Day at the Starswirled Festival (Wiz Kid x Curly Winds)
Peace and Quiet (Lyra x Bon Bon)
Just Once (Flash Sentry x Princess Twilight)
Untitled Zephyr Breeze

Other Stories

Amorous Anthros
Twilight Sparkle: More than Friendship
Rainbow Dash: Mile High Club

Anthro Smut
The Purest of Lovers (Bright Mac x Pear Butter)

Beanis Cinematic Universe
Frijoles Shadows
Hole-y Frijoles

Big and Beautiful
Whoa Nelly: A Beauty on the Beach (Anthro)
Octavia Melody: A Whole Lot of Treble (Anthro)

EG/Human Fluff
Home from Work (RariSet)
First Day (AppleShy)
By the Fire (AppleDash)
Stream Team (SunShyne)
The Morning After (FlutterDash)
I'd Like That (SunFlower)
The Science of Fun (Twinkie)
Untitled SunLight

EG/Human Smut
Beautiful Music (OctaScratch)
In A Much Better Place (SunDagio)
Burning Passion (Flashimmer)

Erotic Encounters
Applejack: A Roll in the Hay
Rarity: Ravishing Your Beauty
Fluttershy: Natural Beauty
Sunset Shimmer: Honeymoon Suite
Pinkie Pie: Never A Dull Moment
Twilight Sparkle: Perfect Chemistry
Rainbow Dash: Afterschool Athletics
Adagio Dazzle: Passion Incarnate
Aria Blaze: A Sweet and Sexy Surprise
Sonata Dusk: True Blue
Lemon Zest: Sex on the Beach

Other One-Shots
Project 100

Pony One-Shots
Sweetie Belle's Craving
Untitled (Future) Cake Twins (Slice of Life)
Untitled Coco Pommel (Slice of Life)

Pregnant Paradise
Rarity: Your Fecund Fashionista
Fluttershy: The Girl of Your Dreams
Applejack: In a Family Way
Sunset Shimmer: Gravid Gamer
Abacus Cinch: A Change of Heart
Rainbow Dash: Greatest Preggo of All Time!
Twilight Sparkle x Timber Spruce: A Love Like No Other (Also Part of Not Just Any Old Continuity)
Sonata Dusk: Camgirl
Rarity & Fluttershy: Just One Night
Marble Pie: Few Words Necessary
Twilight Sparkle: Down to a Science
Pinkie Pie: Ready to Pop
Ms. Harshwhinny: Expecting Executive (With guest writer TheWingman!)
Wallflower Blush: A Seed in Her Belly
Adagio Dazzle: Next Door Neighbor
Trixie Lulamoon: The Gravid and Powerful
Vice-Principal Luna: Fun at the Festival
Soarin' x Rainbow Dash: On Cloud Nine
Aria Blaze: Pregnant Pop Star
Rarity #2: A Generous Belly
Lemon Zest: Second Time Around
Cup Cake: Hotter Than an Oven
Pear Butter: Fertile Farmer (Anthro)
Princess Cadance: A Belly Full of Love
Adagio Dazzle #2: Pregnant Passion (Sequel to Erotic Encouters' Adagio Dazzle: Passion Incarnate)
Flutterbat: Baby Bump in the Night (Anthro)
Vinyl Scratch: Wub Dat Belly (Anthro)
??? (Mother's Day 2022 Special)
Pinkie Pie #2: Hot Pink Baby Mama (Sequel to Rarity #2: A Generous Belly)

Torch Song Series

Trilogy of Titillation
Under A Different Kind of Spell
The Dazzlings Take Crystal Prep
The Friendship Games with Benefits

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Comments ( 5 )

I just finished reading Part One of the big trilogy. Here are my thoughts!

Not Just Any Old Thoughts

Sunset Shimmer's Sick Day
Poor Shimshim! Being sick enough to vomit is the worst. At least it was only a day, and that ending was super heart-warming! Also, Sunset's dream was odd. Most importantly, why'd she have to be sick to have it? Was it a literal fever dream?

Pinkie Pie's Chaotic Saturday
This was a fun story! Very Pinkie Pie! Though after the other stories, I only have one thing to say: Golden Crossbow's the villain.

Rarity's Inner Turmoil
Seeing Rarity being flustered about romantic urges is actually a nice change of pace from the usual fan-concept of her being the "Romance Guru" of the group. Though I didn't expect that crackship of Rarity and Lemon Zest! Holy crap! That'll be fun to read! Also: again with the weird dreams. What the hell?

Bored Rainbow Dash is Bored
Geebers, Dashie. I know you always need something to do, but damn fire, girl. And she too encounters robed figures. I get the feeling this is the "family" Golden Crossbow mentioned.

Guilt: An Applejack Story
This one was a hard read. Not only was it tough seeing AJ go through those emotions, but I also lost my dad recently. That might have had an impact on how I perceived the story. Here's hopin' that she gets some closure on that in her next story.

Fluttershy's Critter Capers
This one was just too adorable for words. Fluttershy is my absolute favorite of the main cast for a reason, and this is the reason. ^w^

The Many Sides of Twilight Sparkle
GOODNESS that is one horny Twiggles. I approve. :raritywink: Also, more indication that Golden Crossbow is the villain. OR is at least heavily involved in the villainy. Because that's far too convenient for Rares and Dash to dream of robed people; Pinkie, Dash, and SciTwi to bump into him on the same day; and Dash and SciTwi's parents encounter news of suspicious people around. Even if Dash ignored that news.

Hard to imagine that all these stories happened in one day. But that's just how life is, I suppose. While you're experiencing your story, someone else is experiencing theirs, and events can just so happen to match up so you'll both be there, just experiencing your own perspectives. Kinda makes you realize how crazy special life can be.

Dang. Are your fingers tired? Mine would be.

Nah. I take breaks every now and then. :twilightsmile:



That's because I put a link to all the stories that I've written on each of my stories.

I mean, think about it. Why bother clicking those arrows on the bottom when you can make a list that makes it easier for others? :pinkiehappy:

But yeah, that is a lot.

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