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A lovable goofball who delights in spreading positive vibes and writing stories. =3 (AKA Orangie1984 of Derpibooru!)

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  • Monday
    It's Back!

    The spark has returned!

    I don't think it'd be realistic of me to say that I'll write all the stories I revealed a while back before year's end. The Flashimmer and Torch Song stories will be multi-chapter, so I can't guarantee they'll be out 'til 2020.

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  • Saturday
    Untitled Blog Post

    I would like to note that the title of this blog has nothing to do with the game in which one plays as a sociopathic goose. No, it's titled this because...

    The muse has left meee-he-he-heeee!

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  • 2 weeks
    For the Love of Writing

    mfw I think of all the stories I want to make.

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  • 2 weeks
    Sunset's Backstage Pass, Part 6

    Yeah... this has been a long time coming, and I'm sorry about the wait. ^_^;

    "Churros is magic!" :rainbowlaugh:

    "They didn't do anything illegal."

    "Weren't about to, either!" Oh Pinkie.

    Since when has security been about karma?

    That blush and hand wave. *snort*

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  • 4 weeks
    The End Has Come...

    *Above picture is in place of the final shot of the series, just in case some of you guys haven't seen the finale yet*

    I have yet to catch up, but I felt I would being doing a disservice if I didn't bring this up.

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My Stories · 6:37pm Apr 4th, 2018

Not Just Any Old Continuity

Not Just Any Old Trilogy

Part I: Not Just Any Old Day
Sunset Shimmer's Sick Day
Pinkie Pie's Chaotic Saturday
Rarity's Inner Turmoil
Bored Rainbow Dash is Bored
Guilt: An Applejack Story
Fluttershy's Critter Capers
The Many Sides of Twilight Sparkle

Part II: Not Just Any Other Old Day
Sunset Shimmer's Equestrian Friendship Tour
Rainbow Dash's Revelation
Rarity Plays the Waiting Game
Pinkie Pie's Number One Fan
Twilight Sparkle's Worst Day Ever
Fluttershy and the Misplaced Manticore
Deterioration: An Applejack Story

Part III: Not Just Any Old Week

Side Stories

Crystal Prep Chronicles
Before the Friendship Games
Lemon Zest
Sunny Flare
Sour Sweet
Indigo Zap
Twilight Sparkle
Dean Cadence
Principal Cinch

Altered Perspectives
The Long Way Back



The Anon-A-Miss Saga
Prelude to Anon-A-Miss
Sunset's Redemption
Wallflower's Weekend



TimberTwi Tales
Sci-Twi x Timber Spruce: A Love Like No Other

The Other Side of the Rainbow
Mirror, Mirror


Other Stories

Beanis Cinematic Universe
Frijoles Shadows
Hole-y Frijoles

The Dazzlings Trilogy
Under A Different Kind of Spell
The Dazzlings Take Crystal Prep
The Friendship Games with Benefits

Beautiful Music
Sweetie Belle's Craving
Home from Work
First Day
By the Fire
Stream Team
The Morning After
Burning Passion

Pregnant Paradise
Rarity: Your Fecund Fashionista
Fluttershy: The Girl of Your Dreams
Applejack: In a Family Way
Sunset Shimmer: Gravid Gamer
Abacus Cinch: A Change of Heart
Rainbow Dash: Greatest Preggo of All Time!
Sci-Twi x Timber Spruce: A Love Like No Other (Also Part of Not Just Any Old Continuity)
Sonata Dusk: Camgirl
Rarity x Fluttershy: Just One Night
Marble Pie: Few Words Necessary
Sci-Twi: Down to a Science
Pinkie Pie: Ready to Pop
Ms. Harshwhinny: Expecting Executive (With guest writer TheWingman!)
Wallflower Blush: A Seed in Her Belly
Adagio Dazzle: Next Door Neighbor

Torch Song Series

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