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This story is a sequel to Pinkie Pie's Chaotic Saturday

It's been a few months since Rarity realized she has a crush on someone of the same gender for the first time. She has yet to tell her friends, or even her crush for that matter.

Book 3 of "Not Just Any Old Day".

Part of "Not Just Any Old Continuity", which includes
The Crystal Prep Chronicles
The Anon-A-Miss Saga
TimberTwi Tales

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Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 44 )

the discription dont say so just curious who is it rarity has a crush on

I found that comment hilarious because nearly every time I read those words I think of the scene with Sweetie Belle. XD

I think I figured it out., I'll wait and see.

I didn't want to leave everyone in dark for too long, so I dropped a huge hint. If I gave a hint bigger than that, I would've ended up giving it away.

Sour Sweet would've been obvious. I chose Lemon Zest to be the crush because it just felt right somehow.

Oh my gosh, I was actually right!

For a while I was thinking it was Sour Sweet though I was doubting myself as well when Sour Sweet was a competitor at the contest Pinkie was in. I eventually thought it was Sunny Flare, but then started thinking of when Rarity mentioned that she never thought someone with some color scheme could pull it off. Sunny and Sugarcoat both have pretty consistent color schemes, so that narrowed it down to Indigo and Lemon. Being that Indigo Zap wasn’t in the music video, all that was left was Lemon, so yay!

Anyway, blabbering aside, these are fun stories so keep up that good work:twilightsmile:

Is it one of the Crystal Prep girls?

Wow. I'm impressed! To be completely honest, I was worried about that "color consistency" line because I don't know how color complementing works. It was kind of an ad-lib.

And thank you for the kind words! ^_^

Read on and find out! I released the last chapter.

Welp. Didn't see that coming

....I seriously thought it was Sunny whoops
I was waaaaay off

My real name is (car horn and dust cloud), but everyone calls me Dad.

I'm betting ten dollars that it's Sour Sweet.

Hah! Dexter's Laboratory reference, or Fairly OddParents?

Suddenly she was transported to the clocks. Starting off nearly inaudible at first, the ticking gradually became louder and louder until Rarity could no longer stand the volume. Then the clocks disappeared one by one, until there was nothing but a white void. She did not know how long she was stuck in the void, but she found the silence to be maddening.

The drums! The drums! The never-ending drumbeat!
Wait, wrong franchise... 😂

It's a Doctor Who reference. One of the Doctor's greatest enemies is another Time Lord called the Master. He has been driven insane by the constant sounds of drums in his head. This scene with Rarity reminded me of some scenes from the show. That and the clocks have me thinking of time, and right back to Doctor Who.


Fairly OddParents.

The rather early episode "Father Time" where Timmy goes back in time to stop his dad winning a trophy that he melted with heat vision, which got him in major trouble. They did the same thing with Timmy's mom: her name is (pan up to airplanes flying by above, then back down) but everyone calls her "Mom"

"Dad" even went by his nickname in the alternate timeline where he went to Dictator School.

That was one of my all time favorite episodes. Where Timmy just laughs like crazy, melting everything, then just skipping away happily.

"Trophy senses...TINGLING!"

Not to mention the classic "IF I HAD ONE!"

Doctor Who. In Series 3 we found out why The Master was such a psycho throughout the Classic Series.

I don't know much about Doctor Who, but my youngest brother is a Whovian. I've seen a couple of the episodes.

Cute joke, but I'd think Rarity of all people would be more aware of what slang is going around. I could more see Sweetie or one of the other Crusaders doing that.:rainbowlaugh:

Oh, shit. That dream of the graves... it's AJ's fear or something, isn't it?

It can't be... In book 2, Pinkie says that it isn't anyone in the jump rope competition. As far as I remember, Sour Sweet is in the competition.

Ticking clocks, followed by a gong, followed by forbidding images? That gong suddenly sounds a lot like the Cloister Bell.

A car passed by, with its driver glancing at Rarity's car.

Oh come on, really? Your going to keep us in suspense?

Sure. It'll probably be kinda late in the afternoon though. I have a busy morning. - Sent by Lemon Zest

Well ain't THAT a crackship if I ever heard it! :rainbowlaugh:

Lily Pad: The most emotionally mature and composed character in all of G4.

Seriously, it's creepy.

Huh. Well there's an unexpected pairing.

And seriously, Lily Pad doesn't feel like a child. Way too wise and understanding. Plus, playing coy about Rarity's crush meant you couldn't go into much detail over why she feels that way about her. Still some interesting stuff, though. On to the next perspective.

You'll get more detail in her second installment.

Comment posted by Pr1deM0rn1ngstar deleted April 10th

Rarity blushed. "Yes. Yes it is. I'm designing dresses for her and her schoolmates. It's for their spring dance."

you know what's funny is the fact that I can kind of see Rarity and sunny flare going out the rest are obviously out of the question

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