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A traumatic event from Applejack's past manifests itself as a nightmare. In order to distract herself, she works harder than normal. Book Five of "Not Just Any Old Day".

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Ha, I see a nod in that title. 😄

When I saw the title of this story, I thought of the title " Solo: A Star Wars Story ". Get the nod? XD

That was entirely unintentional. Cross my heart. o_O

I'm not saying you copied anything, cause you didn't XD I just like to compare things that I recognize as something else lol 😄

Anyway, good story so far. 😊

I know I didn't copy anything. Thank you for the complement! ^_^

Indeed they can! Nothing like a snuggle kitty or lap dog, am I right?

Comment posted by BodhiBRO100 deleted Last Monday

Okay.... that just happened.

It's the Magic of Guilt coma.

I don't know what to say...

Either you wrote something twice or this is getting awkward.

It was intentional. She sent her text, saw the texts from her dead parents, then blinked twice just to be sure.

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