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Main Theme

Rarity has a wonderful life. She has a wonderful family, great friends, and lives in probably the best neighborhoods around, filled with bright colors, nice people, and even a hint of magic. If she could, she'd stay here in this peaceful world forever.

Sadly, fate has other plans for her. A mysterious creature appears one day in the portal to Equestria, and causes a phenomenon that thrusts Rarity out of her world and into another one. In this dimension, nothing makes sense. Her friends aren't who they're supposed to be, Canterlot is nowhere near as bright, and for some reason, no one knows who she is. Determined to discover what happened, Rarity will journey to a number of Parallel Dimensions, all to learn what that creature was, what happened to her world, and how to get it back.

But she's a part of something much bigger, and may learn that returning to home may be the least of her worries.

Will now update regularly, every Tuesday.

Crossover with Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, taking place after both games. Information on the games is not needed to enjoy this.

All characters have normal colored skin, despite this being canon to the Equestria Girls movies.

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Chapters (35)
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Comments ( 277 )

If this is anything like your Code Lyoko series, it'll definetly rock! :pinkiehappy:

LAVOS YOU MONSTER!!! Let Sunset Shimmer go! I take it she's gonna out for most of if not the whole story.

7562100 :rainbowderp:

I take it you've played Chrono Trigger? You know, I think I remember you telling me you were familiar.

Yeah, sadly it's going to be a while before we see Sunset again.

7562107 I do know Lavos take someone close to one of the characters in the games and forces her to be part of it.


Ah, I forgot to put this in, so I'll put it here and then update it on the description, but while it is in the Equestria Girls universe, all characters have normal colored skin. It's just a pet peeve of mine.

7562182 I think it's your tablet. The song is called "The Brink of Death" and it's from Chrono Cross like all the others. I'll use another link for next time, as that song is one that will be used a lot.

Ah so this is a rescue sunset shimmer mission. Alright, time to get things rolling.

I look forward to this story I love Chrono series ( still have not beaten it don't judge) so is Spike going to be like the Frog of this story where he is a dragon swordsmen

7562725 Spike will probably appear later, but not as a main character. In fact, you saw all the party members in this chapter.

Time travel and what appears to be dimensional travel(Maybe both combined?) and the Chrono series?

Will read with interest!

Let Sunset go, Lavos! So a mixing of Chrono Trigger's time travel mechanic and Cross' travel between parallel timelines? This should be fun.

Darn.... :rainbowderp: That was intense....

this is AWESOME to quote RD omigoshohmigoshomigosh! i can't wait for more

Idk why but the interaction with twilight and rarity at the end there made me feel like this was a "Life is Strange" fic
But I really like this premis going on. I can't wait to see more.

7569253 I know it seems stereotypical, but it's really the most logical outcome for her. If she didn't end up living with her grandparents she'd probably stay with her Aunt and Uncle Orange, thus grow up like this. Remember, these aren't just opposite versions of Rarity's friends. These are her friends if she died ten years ago.


Rainbow Dash is Fluttershy.
Applejack is Rarity.
Pinkie Pie is even worse than Fluttershy.
Twilight Sparkle is nice.
Fluttershy is a bitch
Sunset Shimmer is nowhere to be found.
And Rarity is dead?


I know this doesn't the tone of the chapter but......

i love the chrono series....eagerly awaiting more

Double element? Did Pinkamena have that naturally or did she cast Turnblack on herself? Would be interesting to see color combos like in Magic: the Gathering. Also, what made you pick Rarity as the Serge of this tale?

7576044 A number of reasons actually.

1: Rarity is my favorite character, and I always wanted to make her the star of an epic tale to show just how wonderful I think she really is.

2: It's too standard to make someone like Twilight or Rainbow Dash the MC of a story like this because they're so naturally heroic. With Rarity, while she has a strong sense of justice, she's not a hero YET, but we'll get to see her grow into one.

3: With her being the Element of Generosity, she seems most likely to be willing to make the sacrifices that both Crono and Serge made before her.

4: With how emotional she is, we can truly feel her sadness and fear at being thrown so far out of her element.

5: Finally I'll be honest, it's her name. It follows the theme of the other two character's names:
Crono referencing "time"
Serge representing "ripples"
Rarity representing "something rare"
This will make more sense as the story progresses.

And no, Pinkie Pie didn't use Turn Black on herself. There's another reason why she's a double attribute.

Cool, love the chrono games, love rarity. Keep it up!

7577073 Looking forward to finding out the origins of Grodash and Pierrejack.

Wow. Rarity is so bad*ss. That evil Pinkie reminds me of Tira from Soul Calibur.

7579372 1: I'm glad someone commented on what a badass I'm making Rarity in this story. Mind you, I'm basing all of this off of stuff I see in canon.

2: Tira was my inspiration for Pinkamena. Her weapon, fighting stance, and attire is all a callback to her, so I'm happy to see you noticed.

Yeah, commonly I don't see stories like this where Rarity is the MC. Mostly is Rainbow Dash or Sunset who get the spotlight. I can see also a touch of Kefka from Final Fantasy 6 in evil Pinkie.

7579940 Inspiration for Pinkamena is as follows:

Tira in her fighting style.

Kefka in her disregard for human life.

The Joker in her sick sense of humor and relation to Rarity.

And it amazes me that Rarity isn't used as the MC in more stories. Then again, I'm always looking for ways to push the bar. One story I want to write one day is one where Fluttershy is the Equestrian Anti-Christ.

I can see that Pinkamena can be a great villain. As for the Anti-Christ Fluttershy, it will be more darker than this one with a lot of gore?

7580495 If I ever get to write it, it's going to be darker, but more in a psychological manner. I prefer that over gore. If you've ever seen the movie "The Omen", it's going to be sort of like that. Assuming I ever write it.

Interesting...... Okay sorry but having Twilight be interested in an alternate version of her brother as a certain Bloodedge would say https://youtu.be/n3f34W5B48Y?t=6m40s

7670756 She's just being a teenager. Trust me, she's going to be interested in someone else by the end of the story.

7670758 If ya say so. Thought about those other girls who were used as sacrifices are they axed at this point?

7670798 Can't spoil it. You'll just have to wait until next Tuesday like everyone else. :twilightsmile:

7670818 Ah their isn't ambiguous that'll be interesting.

So a Fluttershy that's like Ayla. Cool.

So I notice that for schoolgirls new to combat, Rarity and Twilight are oddly okay with killing people.

7687242 Don't worry, this WILL be addressed in a future chapter.

The animal has slain. Beasts like those with no sense of remorse deserve to pay their sins. So it's safe to say this Fluttershy's a lesbian now, not exactly a good way to have that. Sorry but rape always leaves me distraught, that must have been hard to write.

flutter-raped.... EXTREMELY distasteful. if twilight is the chrono trigger then what significant role does rarity play?

7690293 It was. I wrestled with that part for a while. As you know, I write in a very organic manner, so I just wrote what came naturally. I saw that he wouldn't have waited once Fluttershy was in his grasp, so yeah...

This will lead to plot points later on. Just like Chrono Trigger, everyone has a story arc, and it continues throughout the story.

7690492 Actually, Rarity is technically the Crono of this story. Twilight would be the Marle/Lucca, which you'll see in the next chapter.

7690546 Well at least it will be something to progress Fluttershy's character at not just because it's something that happens to women and it give off that this a mature story being edgy and more adult like DC Comics Identity Crisis.

7690681 Oh yeah. I might be a feminist to a degree, but I'm not an Anita Sarkesean (still can't spell that woman's name!). Also, Fluttershy isn't so much a lesbian as she's... well, you'll see later in the story.

Half the party is assembled. Where will they go now? Where will Rainbow Dash the cyborg be found?

7691340 Well, funny you mention that...

Oh, about your OC, he's going to play a role in an important quest during the second half of the story. I'm starting to see how he'll play into things, but with how I'm writing this it's not completely planned out.

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