Chrono Reflect

by Valkyrie Sandora

Medieval: The Knight in the Red Cape

Medieval – The Knight in the Red Cape

The knights took Rarity, Fluttershy, and Twilight to what looked like a large medieval city. Rarity was concerned for a number of reasons. For one thing, she was worried about Twilight, who was in another carriage with some of the other knights. She was also worried about Fluttershy, who not only was tied up, but was also gagged and guarded by two other knights.

But her main concern was DASH-379. She was badly hurt in the fight, and they didn't see her anywhere. Without Twilight, would she be able to recover?

Rarity, who was also tied up, sat in front of the leader in the red cape. This knight had never taken of their helmet, and even listening to their voice Rarity couldn't tell if they were a woman, or a young man. But she couldn't shake the feeling that she heard that voice before.

But even through the helmet, Rarity could tell that the knight was glaring at her.

“Something bothering you?” Rarity asked. When the knight didn't answer her, Rarity scowled at them, “You know, it's rude not to speak to someone when they address you directly.”

“Hmph,” the red caped knight said.

Rarity rolled her eyes and turned to Fluttershy. The poor thing was trembling. Her eyes were closed, and she looked like she was getting ready to explode in anger. Rarity reached over to her with her leg to get Fluttershy's attention.

“You okay, darling?” Rarity asked, saddened when Fluttershy shook her head. She turned to the knight in front of her, “You didn't have to be so rough with her.”

“She attacked my men first,” the red caped knight said, “It was the only way to ensure she not cause harm to them.”

“Did you have to gag her though?” Rarity asked.

“After she bit one of my men's hands, yes,” the red caped knight said seriously.

“Why are we even here?” Rarity asked, “You're treating us like we're criminals or monsters.”

The knight turned away from Rarity folding their arms. Rarity couldn't stand them already. Not just because he/she hurt her friends, but because they still refused to answer any of her questions.

When they reached the castle, both Rarity and Fluttershy were pulled out of their carriage. They both looked back at the other carriage and saw Twilight being pulled out by two knights. She turned to them and looked wide eyed.

“Rarity! Fluttershy!” Twilight cried. She tried to rush over to them, but the knights held her too tightly.

“We need to keep them separated,” the red caped knight said, “Take the girl who looks like the wizard to her lab, and lock the pink haired one in the dungeon,” they walked over to Rarity and stood over her, “This one is coming with me.”

The three of them were all pulled in different direction, all of them frantic.

“Rarity! Fluttershy! Help!” Twilight screamed.

“Don't worry! We'll get out of this!” Rarity called out, “Both of you, stay calm!”

As they were all pulled away, all Rarity could do was hope that DASH was still functioning and on her way. She was literally their only hope now.

DASH-379 took to the skies the second she was well enough. She wasn't at one hundred percent, but sixty percent was enough. It was going to be enough at least. She wasn't leaving this place without her friends.

DASH-379 landed, falling to one knee still in pain. She forced herself to her feet and then staggered into the main city.

“Fluttershy… hold on…!” DASH-379 said through gritted teeth, “I will… save you…!”

“Where did you get your power from?” one of the knights asked Rarity. She was brought to a dark room, tied to a chair in the middle of the room. One knight was pacing back and forth, but the leader stood by the door with their arms folded.

“I don't know,” Rarity admitted, “Is this why you captured us?”

“We'll ask the questions here, impostor!” the knight pacing spat, “You're with the shadow creatures, aren't you?”

“What?! Whatever makes you think that?!” Rarity asked, “Those creatures attacked us first!”

“How do we know this wasn't a trick?” the leader asked, “Try to play on our sympathy.”

“Did you not see how hurt we all were?!” Rarity asked leaning forward as best as she could, “Honestly, first you rescue us, and then you lock us up! I don't know what you think we're here for, but whatever it is, that isn't it!”

“Why are you here then?” the leader asked.

“We're searching for something called Lavos,” Rarity said, “My friends and I are…” she stopped herself, unsure of what saying that would do to her situation.

“Are… what exactly,” the leader asked walking over to Rarity. Shoot, now she had to talk, assuming she valued her life at all.

“We're not from here. My friends and I come from… another world. We're traveling around searching for Lavos, the Time Devourer.”

The two knights in the room looked at each other, and then back at her.

“Nice try,” the other knight said, “You don't really expect us to believe that, do you?”

Rarity sighed, “Honestly, I didn't,” Rarity said sadly.

“We need to discuss this with the Viceroy,” the leader said, “We'll return shortly, once we know what to do with you.”

“What about my friends?” Rarity asked, “It seems like I'm the only one you want here, so let them go.”

“Not likely,” the red caped knight said, “If we release them, they're bound to attempt a rescue. I'm not stupid,” both the red caped knight and their companion walked to the door, but stopped and turned to her, “Before I go, tell me something. What is your name?”

Rarity thought that was odd, but she sighed relenting, “It's Rarity.”

The knight with the red cape tightened their fist, and then stormed off, their associate following after them. That confused Rarity. Why was that knight so upset? It seemed like her name upset them for some reason.

Did they know the Rarity of this world? Had something happened to her?

“Sir, you don't seriously believe her, do you?” the knight asked his leader, who folded their arms looking down.

“I'm not sure what I believe,” the leader said, “I'm going to consult with the Viceroy. Keep watch of this room. If she does possess the powers of darkness, we can't be too careful.”

“Yes sir,” the knight said saluting his leader. The red caped knight walked off in search of the Viceroy, who she needed to speak to about this “Rarity”, assuming that really was her name.

play song




“Shit!” DASH-379 said falling to one knee. She had just reached the castle, and now she had to stop?! She had wasted enough time as is! Who knew whether or not they were even still alive?!

DASH heard movement. She quickly jumped behind a pillar, seeing two guards walk out from downstairs.

“That forest girl is something else, isn't she?”

“Tell me about it. She's quite the looker. Too bad we can't even get close to her.”

“Hey, with her restrained, anything is possible. Not like she can do anything to stop us now, right?”

Seriously Thunderlane? Do you know what the captain would say to that?”

“Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?”

As they left, DASH-379 for some reason started seething. She didn't understand why she felt like she did, but it was beginning to overtake all of her programming.




DASH-379 rose to her feet and made her way down the stairs, which led to what appeared to be the dungeons. She heard chains rattling frantically ahead of her, and muffled screams. She played the screams back in her CPU and matched them to Fluttershy's voice.

She ran as fast as her state would allow her, following the sound to an area further inside. Here she didn't find another cell. Instead she found Fluttershy chained to a wall, a white scarf gagging her, and a look of pure rage and fear on her face as she struggled to get free. DASH was about to rush out to her, but stopped when she saw a guard approach her along with someone that looked a lot like Twilight, but wearing purple and white robes instead of her usual attire. She actually looked like a wizard.




“So this is the girl you told me about?” Wizard Twilight asked.

“She's assaulted everyone that approached her so far,” the knight said, “That's the reason we had to restrain her.”

“I see,” Wizard Twilight said walking around Fluttershy examining her, Fluttershy glaring at her more controlled, “She doesn't seem to be from around here.”

“One of the other knights said she reminds him of a girl living in Cloudsdale up north,” the knight said, “We're investigating it now.”

“Don't bother,” Wizard Twilight said, “She's probably the same as the girl you said bears my likeness. Let's head back to my lab. I need to run a few tests to see just who she is. It might tell us what's going on.”

The two of them left, and Fluttershy resumed pulling at her bindings. DASH-379 chose that as her moment to come out of hiding and approach her frantic friend.

“Fluttershy, I am here,” DASH said. It sounded like Fluttershy said DASH's name through her gag, but DASH didn't waste any time. She held a finger at the chains and shot a small red laser at them, breaking the shackles and releasing Fluttershy, who immediately pulled the gag off and hugged DASH tightly.

“DASH! You rescue me!” Fluttershy cried happily, “I worry when you disappear!”

“Sorry about that, Fluttershy,” DASH-379 said returning the embrace, “I used my stealth function to turn invisible as to not-” she cringed in pain falling to one knee.

“DASH!” Fluttershy cried, supporting her injured friend, “You hurt?”

“Auto Recovery systems are not enough for these injuries,” DASH said, “Do you know where your daggers are? Though it pains me to say this, I might need some help.”

Fluttershy nodded and ran to a desk, pulling out her two daggers, still in their holders, “Come. We find Rarity and Twilight together. Save friends.”

DASH nodded and ran after Fluttershy, both of them moving slowly as to not strain DASH's body too much. Something was bugging DASH though, so she placed a hand on Fluttershy's shoulder to get her attention.

“Hey, you seemed to calm down significantly in front of the Twilight of this world, but you were so frantic before,” DASH-379 pointed out, “Is there a significance to that?”

“She wasn't man,” Fluttershy stated seriously, “Not like man touch me.”

“Did something happen?” DASH-379 asked, “You do not have to tell me if you are not comfortable.”

“Thank you,” Fluttershy said somberly. She then looked up suddenly sniffing the air, “Rarity.”

“Do you know where she is?” DASH asked. Fluttershy sniffed around.

“I smell sweet scent,” Fluttershy said, “Follow me.”

Fluttershy ran ahead, DASH-379 following close behind. They turned the corner, where they met two knights waiting for them with their swords drawn.

play song

“The prisoner is escaping!” the knight on the left shouted.

“You're not getting away!” the knight on the right shouted.

“DASH, you still fight?” Fluttershy asked.

“I am still combat able,” DASH said, “Locking onto two targets! Commencing combat sequence! Engage!”

The two knights rushed toward them, one going for DASH, and the other targeting Fluttershy. Fluttershy, being in much better condition, was able to flip out of the way and dodge most of the attack, getting in a few of her own. DASH couldn't move as much as she liked, so she resorted to using her armor to block most of her opponents attacks.

Fluttershy kicked her opponent back, and then charged up her green element. She then rushed over to the knight she was fighting and slashed with her daggers, both of them engulfed in green wind making them stronger. (Gale Slash)

DASH-379 saw and opening and began throwing punches and kicks, ending with a back flip kick. She then charged up her yellow element, casting Speed Boost on herself. Her body was briefly engulfed in electricity, and she felt herself become somewhat lighter.

The knight she was fighting tried slashing with his blades, but now DASH was able too dodge his attacks. She then grabbed him by the arm and flipped him over her shoulder.

Fluttershy charged up her green element again, this time casting Wind Blade on the knight DASH threw, knocking him out. DASH-379 saw the remaining knight about to attack Fluttershy from behind, but she quickly activated her arm cannon and shot him back. She then charged up her yellow element, charged up her arm cannon, and then fired her Charged Shot at him. He flew into a wall knocked out.

play song

“All targets have been defeated,” DASH said lowering her arm cannon.

“Hurry! More come!” Fluttershy urged. DASH nodded and followed her to the higher floors of the castle.

On the way, they saw the red caped knight walking across the hall with this world's Luna, who was wearing fancy blue and black robes, black high heels, and white gloves.

“And you're sure that this girl favors her,” Medieval Luna asked the knight.

“Positive,” the red caped knight said, “She's younger, but her resemblance is uncanny. She even fought like her.”

“I'm sure it's a trick,” Medieval Luna said, “Probably by the shadow creatures to make us lower our guard.”

“But Viceroy, she didn't seem to remember me,” the red caped knight said, “She said some strange things too, like mentioning something called Lavos.”

“Did she now?” Viceroy Luna asked.

“If she really is with the shadow creatures, why wouldn't they transfer her memories?”

“Probably to get you to ask these questions,” Viceroy Luna said, “We cannot waver. Once we've discovered her origins, we can quickly dispose of all of them.”

“Viceroy, with all due respect, I'm not sure how I feel about-”

“She has the same powers as the shadow creatures, doesn't she?”

The red caped knight was silent for a while before speaking, “Yes, Viceroy, she does.”

“Then that's all the proof we need,” Viceroy Luna said, “For now, keep all of them under strict watch, especially this “Rarity”.”

“Yes, Viceroy,” the red caped knight said with a salute.

“This is not good,” DASH-379 said as they walked off, “It sounds like they plan on executing Rarity.”

“Rarity close,” Fluttershy said, “Closer than Twilight.”

“We need to get her out first then,” DASH said, “Lead the way.”

Fluttershy nodded and led DASH deeper through the castle. DASH was hoping they'd find Twilight soon, so she could repair her, but at least with Rarity they'd have another strong fighter in case they ran into trouble.

Rarity had completely given up on getting free. The ropes were tied too tightly around her wrists, as were her ankles. She didn't know what was going to happen to her after this, but she did know one thing. She was sick and tired of getting kidnapped. Not only that, but tied up too! Seriously, she hated the feeling of being held down. It made her antsy, and nervous.

Also, her nose itched, and she really needed to scratch it.

The biggest thing that bothered her about this whole thing though, was that knight in the red cape. She couldn't get him or her out of her mind. Something about them felt so familiar, and whenever she heard their voice she felt somewhat comforted despite the situation.

She wasn't falling for them, was she?! No way!

“Oooh, this is so frustrating!” Rarity shouted slamming her feet on the floor angrily, “I hate this so much!”

After screaming for a few seconds in frustration and pulling at her bindings, she stopped when she heard movement from outside. When Rarity saw the door open, she started trembling nervously. This was probably the knights coming back to interrogate her again, or this time maybe even do something dreadful to her.


Rarity opened her eyes when she heard a familiar high and breathy voice. She looked and saw both DASH-379 and Fluttershy standing outside the door.

“DASH! Fluttershy!” Rarity cried happily. They both ran in, Fluttershy embracing Rarity tightly before working to undo her bindings.

“You really need to stop getting kidnapped,” DASH-379 said with a smirk. Rarity groaned rolling her eyes.

“Despite my outward demeanor, I try not to make a habit out of it,” Rarity huffed, happy once both her wrists and ankles were free, “Thank you.”

“I return favor now,” Fluttershy said sweetly, “You save me, so I save you. Men not hurt you, did they?”

“No one hurt me,” Rarity said cupping Fluttershy's face lovingly, “You both came just in time,” as they hugged, Rarity noticed the odd manner DASH-379 was looking at Fluttershy, “DASH dearie, is something amiss?”

“It is nothing…” DASH-379 said, “I would like to talk to you about it later. For now, we have to track down Twilight.”

“Yes, I agree,” Rarity said standing up and grabbing her spear, which they left off to the side in the cell, “Do we know where she is?”

“I find,” Fluttershy said, “Same way I find you.”

Fluttershy sniffed the air, and then ran off on all fours. DASH and Rarity followed closely, Rarity realizing how she probably found her.

Yep, she was never leaving home without putting on perfume if it gave her these results.

end song

They ran into the throne room, where Fluttershy stopped running and sniffed around again.

“Twilight scent stronger here,” Fluttershy said, “Coming from room over there!”

“I pray we're not too late,” Rarity said, “Let's hurry so we can get out of here!”

“Why? So you can return to your lair and warn the shadow creatures of where we are?”

play song

The knight in the red cape walked out, standing in front of them with their sword drawn.

“You are the leader of these soldiers,” DASH stated, “Get out of our way right now, or I will make you move!”

The red caped knight stepped back a bit in shock looking at DASH-379, “What the? Just what are you supposed to be?”

“The android that is about to knock your block off, that is what!” DASH said getting in a fighting stance, “I am damaged, but I am still combat able!”

“We're only going to ask you one more time,” Rarity said stepping forward, “Get out of our way!”

play song

“Sorry, but I can't do that,” the red caped knight said pointing her sword at them, “I have my orders. I'm throwing all of you back in your cells.”

All three of them rushed at the red caped knight at the same time, who fought on a whole different level. She managed to push all three of them back with her blade, blocking DASH's attacks with her shield, and even locking Rarity and Fluttershy's weapons with her sword.

She did an impressive spin slash knocking everyone away, and then charged up a red element. Instead of firing an attack, she looked like she charged up with energy as she was briefly engulfed in what looked like a red flame. (Vigor)

“What was that?” Rarity asked. DASH-379 scanned the red caped knight.

“This knight has somehow strengthened their body,” DASH said, “These readings suggest an increase in offensive capabilities.”

“I not understand!” Fluttershy asked, “What does DASH mean?”

The knight rushed over to Fluttershy, slashing downward with her blade which now left a red streak when it moved. Fluttershy screamed in shock and rolled over to Rarity's side out of the way.

“In other words,” Rarity said, “His attacks hit harder!”

DASH-379 charged up her yellow element, and pointed her hands at the knight, hitting them with her Lightning Bolt. The knight took the attack head on, falling to one knee.

Rarity used that as her chance to rush in and begin slashing with her spear to build up energy. Even down on the ground though, the red caped knight managed to block all of her moves. It was almost like she knew all of her techniques.

“You're not going to beat me with those moves!” the red caped knight said meeting Rarity's spear with their blade and rising to their feet, “I sparred against my teacher for years, so I know all of her techniques!”

“Is that so?” Rarity asked, “Then perhaps I should start doing things you haven't seen before!”

Rarity jumped away and charged up her black element. She held out her hand and started launching Shadow Balls at the knight continuously, something she didn't even realize she could do. The knight rolled out of most of them, but had to resort to using their shield to block the rest.

While that happened, both DASH and Fluttershy charged up their elements. DASH held up her hand, and a lightning bolt shot down onto Fluttershy. Instead of harming her though, Fluttershy was engulfed in electricity. Fluttershy then spun around, turning into a tornado engulfed in electricity and rushed past the red caped knight, actually knocking them down. (Double Tech: Hurricane)

The red caped knight flipped to their feet as DASH-379 rushed over to her. The two of them traded blows for a bit, neither one able to get the advantage.

“You're… not human,” the red caped knight said, “I don't know what you are, but I don't feel the same spark of life I do from everyone else.”

“You can tell that I am a robot, good,” DASH-379 said, “Not like that will help you, though!”

“A… robot…?” the red caped knight asked before shaking their head, “I can't lose focus. I have to keep fighting!” the knight pushed DASH away from them, “I have to protect my kingdom!”

“Wait… protect…?” Rarity asked. Suddenly she wondered if this was all a huge misunderstanding. This knight didn't seem too bad. In fact, the more she heard them talk, the more Rarity heard...

No way… it wasn't possible…

Could that have been…?

The red caped knight charged up their red element. They then slashed at the air sending a red beam at DASH-379. Once it hit her, the knight appeared right in front of her and slashed wildly with their blade, doing massive damage to the already hurt DASH. (Sword Dance)

“DASH!!!” Fluttershy cried as DASH fell back onto the ground. Fluttershy growled in anger and rushed over to the knight slashing wildly with her daggers. The knight's defense was too good though, as they effortlessly blocked all of Fluttershy's attacks.

It was driving Rarity crazy. She had to know if they were this lucky.

“Applejack!” Rarity called out. Sure enough, the knight stopped and turned to Rarity, clearly shocked.

“How do you know-” the knight didn't even get the chance to finish their sentence, as Fluttershy kicked them away. DASH, who had managed to rise to one knee, charged up her yellow element and fired her Charged Shot at the red caped knight, knocking them to the ground.

Fluttershy screamed in anger and ran over to the knight to finish them off, but Rarity ran in the way.

end song

“STOP!!!” Rarity screamed, “Don't kill her!”

“She hurt friend!” Fluttershy seethed, “She kidnap us! She use men to attack me! I kill bad knight!”

“This person isn't bad!” Rarity urged, “This is all a big mistake!” Rarity turned to the red caped knight and knelt down, “It's you, isn't it? That's why I recognized your voice. You're the Applejack of this world, aren't you?”

The red caped knight looked at Rarity intently, and then slowly removed their helmet, confirming a few things. Not only was this knight female, but her hazel eyes and long, thick mane of blond hair only belonged to one person.

play song


Rarity's eyes went wide, but soon she smiled, shedding tears of joy. She couldn't contain herself. Yes, she knew that this knight wasn't the same as her Applejack, but all of a sudden it didn't matter. Seeing the face of her beloved friend brought too much joy to her.

“APPLEJACK!!!” Rarity cried, embracing the shocked knight tightly, “Oh, I know you must be dreadfully confused, but I can't believe it! I'm sorry if-”

“N-no!” Knight Applejack said, trembling a bit as she slowly raised her arms to return the embrace, “It's… it's fine… don't let go… Rarity.”

DASH-379 staggered over to Fluttershy, both of them looking at the scene before them shocked.

“Um… am I missing something?” DASH asked. Before she could say anything, an army of knights ran into the throne room with their swords out.

“Captain! We heard fighting! We're here to-”

“Stand down!” Applejack commanded. As all of the knight looked confused, Applejack rose to her feet with Rarity and addressed her men, “Tell Twilight to release the girl who looks like her, and alert the Viceroy that these people are not enemies.”

The men looked so confused, but they lowered their weapons and cleared out. As they left, Rarity looked at Applejack confused.

“Um… why did you change your mind so quickly?” Rarity asked.

“I was wrong about you,” Applejack said, “I had a feeling you were telling the truth, but I was clouded. Once you saved me from your comrade though, I became sure,” Applejack turned to Rarity, “I don't know how this is possible, but you're really who I think you are, you and I are comrades.”

Rarity couldn't believe her eyes. This Applejack was speaking to her as if they had actually been long time friends. Rarity met eyes with Applejack, and felt honest comradeship from her, and even saw a flash of her Applejack giving her the same serious, honest expression. It was enough to bring Rarity to tears all over again.

“I'll have someone tend to your prismatic friend's wounds,” Applejack said walking off, “Twilight will lead you all to the meeting hall, where you can tell me your story. I promise, this time I'll listen to the whole thing.”

As she left, the door behind them opened. Their Twilight ran out and hugged Rarity tightly.

“Everyone! You're okay!” Twilight cheered, “What happened?”

“I believe the knight that attacked us was a representation of Rarity's friend from her world,” DASH stated, “She used the name Appleja-” she cried out in pain as something sparked and she fell to her knees.

“Oh my God! DASH!” Twilight cried as everyone gathered around her, “What happened to you?! You look like you're about to fall to pieces!”

“I will… be fine…” DASH-379 said with a peaceful smile, “I saved… my friends… Mission… complete… going into… standby… mode…” her voice trailed off as her eyes shut and her entire body went limb.

“DASH! DASH!!!” Twilight cried, “I need to repair her fast!”

“You have your tools, right?” Rarity asked frantically.

“I do! I'll have the Twilight of this world help me! Let's get her into the lab!”

“Right!” Rarity and Twilight lifted DASH-379 up as poor Fluttershy looked to be on the verge of tears.

“DASH fight nonstop,” Fluttershy said, “Not stop until she rescue us. DASH live… right?”

“She'll be fine, I'm sure,” Rarity said comfortingly, “The poor thing is just exhausted is all. Don't worry.”

As they all returned to the lab, Applejack watched them from a distance smiling.

“Just like you, worrying about your friends more than yourself,” Applejack said, leaning against a wall and shedding tears of joy, “This is a sign, isn't it TGeneral? A sign that you're still with me, even now.”

end song

After hearing that Applejack stopped fighting the Chrono Trigger, the Viceroy swore to herself. She was hoping she'd be able to continue using that idealistic knight longer, but alas, she proved to be just as sentimental as always.

“Looks like I'll have to find another way then,” Viceroy Luna said, allowing a black aura to engulf her, “Perhaps Pinkamena's poison will prove effective in drawing out more of the Chrono Trigger's darkness.”

play song

Thankfully it didn't take long to get DASH-379 repaired, so she was now fully active, drinking one of her energy canteens to replenish her battery. The group now sat in the meeting room of the castle, naturally joined by this world's Applejack and a few of her knights. Applejack still wore her armor, but she now had her blond hair tied with a large red bow, which Rarity recognized as the same bow Apple Bloom wore in her world.

Maybe they switched head wear in this world.

“So, there are other dimensions out there besides this one,” Applejack said thoughtfully.

“Yes,” Twilight explained, “Rarity and I are from different versions of the same world, DASH is from a more futuristic world with robots like her, and Fluttershy is from a forest world with animal people.”

One of the knights turned to Fluttershy, who slightly drew her dagger growling at him. He looked away quickly, but DASH-379 took note. Now she really wanted to talk to Rarity.

“Everyone exists in these worlds, but are slightly different,” Rarity added, “This is why there are two Twilights here.”

“I see,” Applejack said nodding, “Twilight, what do you make of all of this?”

“Honestly, I think they're telling the truth,” Wizard Twilight said, “I've taken a look at my alternate self thoroughly, and I can confirm that she and I are in fact the same person. The only difference is age and upbringing. Also, those things she's wearing on her eyes.”

“These are glasses,” Twilight said handing her alternate self the eye wear, “They help correct my vision.”

“Really? I just use a spell for that,” Wizard Twilight said pointing to her eyes, which had a slight glow to them.

“That is so cool!” Twilight cheered. Everyone in the room laughed.

“Why did you assume Rarity was with the shadow creatures?” DASH-379 asked. Applejack looked down in shame.

“Once again, I apologize for jumping to conclusions. The powers that Rarity used are of the same variety as the creatures.”

“You assumed that I was sent by them in order to harm you,” Rarity finished for Applejack, who nodded sadly, “What are those creatures anyway?”

“We call them demons,” Wizard Twilight said, “They appeared only a few days ago. They kidnapped Queen Celestia, and have been attacking our kingdom since.”

“They have the Celestia of this world?” Twilight asked, her Wizard counterpart nodded gravely.

“She predicted that someone called the “Chrono Trigger” would come to us in our darkest hour,” Wizard Twilight continued, “Sadly she was captured before we could learn who this person is.”

“Rarity is Chrono Trigger,” Fluttershy pointed out, catching everyone's attention, “I hear word a lot, and always used for Rarity.”

“Is this true?” Applejack asked, “Are you truly this Chrono Trigger?”

“I am,” Rarity said looking down nervously, “But I have no idea what that even means. All I know is that a few people keep calling me that.”

Applejack nodded, “You said that you were looking for something called Lavos, correct?”

“He is an anomaly in the universe,” DASH-379 explained, “We believe that Rarity's world was consumed by Lavos, and have been searching for him. He gives of a temporal energy that is the same as the creatures you refer to as demons.”

“So that's why you're here,” Applejack said, “Sounds to me like we have a common goal then. If DASH is right, then the demons are connected to Lavos, which you need to defeat.”

“So, you'll help us?” Rarity asked.

“I believe I have to,” Applejack said, “I can never truly make up for my mistake, but I can at least assist you in your quest. Besides, since we're probably after the same thing, it makes sense that we'd work together.”

“This is good,” Twilight said, “Thank you so much… Apple… jack…”

Twilight suddenly fainted, catching everyone off guard.

play song

“Twilight!” Rarity cried rushing to her side and holding her, “Good heavens, she's burning up!”

“Rarity…?” Twilight asked, “The whole room is… spinning… I can't…” she opened her eyes and then looked in horror, “No…! No! Those monsters are coming!”

Everyone looked around shocked, but didn't see anything. DASH-379 scanned the area.

“Um… Twilight? Nothing like that is here,” DASH stated.

“No… they're here!” Twilight cried fearfully, “They're all around us…!”

“She's hallucinating,” Wizard Twilight said, “Something must have happened.”

“Let me,” Fluttershy said pushing past everyone going over to Twilight. She took her hand and looked her in the eyes examining her, “I see this before.”

“What's going on with her?” Applejack asked.

“Twilight show signs of poison from my world,” Fluttershy said seriously, “Put on weapons, cause person to see what not there and panic, and body heat up like fire. Person die if not treated.”

“When did this happen?!” DASH asked, “None of us were poisoned!”

Rarity thought back to when it could have happened. She then remembered Twilight getting hit with Pinkamena's bladed hoop. She was the only one to get hit with that directly besides DASH-379, who was probably immune.

“Pinkamena did this…!” Rarity seethed, “She was in Fluttershy's world, so she probably coated her weapon with this poison!”

“There's a cure for this, right?” Applejack asked. Fluttershy nodded.

“Special herb in forest, found in village,” Fluttershy said, “We go there quickly, save Twilight before too late.”

“We're not wasting any time,” Rarity said shooting up, “We're heading back to Fluttershy's world now.”

“I'll go with you,” Applejack said.

“Miss, I appreciate it, but you don't have to concern yourself with us,” Rarity said.

“First of all, just call me Applejack. Second of all, I said that I'd help you. That doesn't just mean with fighting Lavos. Also, I kind of want to see these other worlds for myself.”

Normally Rarity would have felt funny bringing someone along like this, but this Applejack was a soldier. She'd be able to handle herself. Applejack walked over to a shelf, pulled out a fancy spear, and then handed it to Rarity.

“What's this?” Rarity asked taking the spear.

play song

“This belonged to my Teacher,” Applejack said, “As she's no longer here, I feel like it would be best to give this to you.”

“Sir, are you sure about this?” one of the knights asked.

“None of us can use the General's style, so this weapon is collecting dust here, and that's not what she would have wanted. The General wanted her spear to always know the glory of combat. Please take it Rarity. I believe she'd want you to have it.”

Rarity looked the spear over. It was really a beautiful spear. It had a long black handle with a golden base at the bottom and top connecting to the blade, which was composed of two curved blades intertwined with one another. At the base Rarity saw a familiar blue diamond shaped crest.

This Teacher of Applejack's…

Was she… the me of this world…?

Rarity spun the spear over her head, pleased with the weight of it, and then hooked it to her back, “Thank you Applejack. I'll use this well.”

Applejack nodded and then turned to Wizard Twilight and her men, “I want all of you to keep watch on their Twilight. We'll be back as soon as possible.”

“Don't worry Twilight,” Rarity said taking her friend's hand, “You're going to be okay.”

“Thank you… everyone,” Twilight said, “I'm terrified, but I believe in you.”

“Her vitals are beginning to drop,” DASH-379 said, “We must hurry.”

“Then let's get a move on,” Applejack said, “Lead the way Rarity.”

Rarity nodded and led them out of the castle. With DASH-379's help, they made it back to the old ruins, where Rarity activated the gate key sending them to the warp gate.

Warp Gate

When they arrived, Applejack looked around in shock. If she wasn't sure they were telling the truth before, she was sure of it now.

“By the Gods…” Applejack said, “This is amazing…”

“Try not to freak out,” DASH-379 taunted, “Would not want you chickening out on helping us.”

Applejack scowled at DASH-379, who laughed walking ahead. Yeah, they were going to get along great.

“The way to forest is here,” Fluttershy said pointing to the silver mirror showing the endless forest, “Come.”

“R-right,” Applejack said. She followed her new team through the mirror, all the while her heart racing. The world was a lot bigger than she thought apparently.