Chrono Reflect

by Valkyrie Sandora



Somewhere in the A-Class district, an older man in a lab coat paced back and forth in his dark lab, two female androids kneeling before him.

“The security drones were taken out?” the man asked, his voice gruff and worn.

“Affirmative,” the red android on the left said, “Fleetfoot was connected to them, and caught images of the fight. DASH-379 is activated, and protected the unlicensed lifeforms.”

“379 is operational?” the man asked, “Hm…”

“Doctor, I have saved the images of the unlicensed lifeforms in my database,” the blue android said, “One was scanned to have an unusual energy signature.”

“Is that so?” the doctor asked, “They might be the one we're looking for…”

play song

After making sure they had everything, Rarity and her team ran out of the abandoned lab in the Junkyard and started making their way to the Class-A district.

“We can get a train that will take us right to the Class-A district,” DASH-379 explained, running next to Rarity.

“Perfect,” Rarity said, “And there we can learn more about Lavos?”

“Definitely,” DASH said turning to Twilight and Fluttershy, “We are not going too fast, are we?”

“Not at all,” Twilight said, “I'll be fine.”

They ran into an alleyway and hid as three security robots flew past.

“We cannot let them catch us,” DASH whispered, “You are unlicensed, thus will be arrested on the spot.”

“Not imprisoned again,” Fluttershy said pulling out her dagger, “I never get imprisoned again.”

DASH turned to Fluttershy, “I think I see why you lost against the security robots earlier. Those weapons are outdated.”

Twilight, Rarity, and Fluttershy looked at DASH as she held up her arm, which turned into a cannon. They then looked at their stone and wooden weapons almost in shame.

“Compared to her, we are sort of pathetic,” Twilight said.

“Why am I always lacking in the weapon department?” Rarity groaned.

“Do not worry,” DASH said holding her arm out, “Just stay behind me. If anything attacks you, I will protect you.”

“Why are you helping us like this?” Rarity asked, “Not that I mind, but you're a robot from here as well.”

DASH chuckled, “Honestly, I am not too sure,” she admitted looking forward, “But when I looked at you, I experienced strange data. It is that same data that is prompting me to do this. Something is telling me to value your safety above all else. I am not sure if it is a malfunction, or foreign data, but it appeared when I saw you for the first time.”

Rarity looked down, unsure how she felt hearing that. She was happy that DASH-379 was helping them, but the thought of her being a malfunctioning machine did sort of scare Rarity a bit.

“Do not worry,” DASH said, “While there is the possibility of me malfunctioning, this data is all I have,” she turned to Rarity and smiled, “You and your friends are perfectly safe with me.”

Rarity was definitely put at easy with that smile. It reminded her of her own Rainbow Dash's smile, how it just let you know everything would be okay. Like Twilight and Fluttershy, this version of Rainbow Dash was so much like her own it was terrifying.

Her being a robot was still messing with Rarity's head though.

“Alright, the perimeter is cleared,” DASH said, “Proceed with caution.”

DASH stepped out, the others following close behind her. Naturally some people did give them off looks, but those were probably more for how Fluttershy looked than anything else.

Although, Rarity didn't see any other robots like DASH walking around. What kind of robot was she, anyway? She didn't look like a civilian robot, or even a regular security robot.

“Rarity, this world scares me a bit,” Twilight said walking next to Rarity.

“Yes, it's not as open or friendly as Fluttershy's world,” Rarity pointed out, “In fact, it's almost the opposite of her world.”

Speaking of Fluttershy, she walked up next to DASH and started poking her arm. After a second, DASH turned to Fluttershy with a raised eyebrow, shocking the poor forest girl.

“Never seen a robot before, eh?” DASH asked.

“Body like armor in certain parts, but soft like human in others,” Fluttershy said, “Maybe… a little afraid of…”

“I see,” DASH said thoughtfully, “You know, it is that very fear that resulted in robots like myself.”

“Really?” Fluttershy asked.

“People have an easier time working with something automated if it looks, sounds, and acts like a person. That is me. I am built in the image of a human, and programmed to act like one to…” she stopped when she realized that Fluttershy didn't understand anything she was saying, “To put it simply, me looking like a human is so you will be more comfortable.”

“It is? How?” Fluttershy asked somewhat distrustfully, “I not understand.”

“Give me your hand,” DASH asked holding out her hand. Fluttershy slowly reached for DASH's hand, letting the android grasp it tightly, actually letting their fingers intermingle, “How does my hand feel?”

“Soft…” Fluttershy said softly, “Like… Twilight… and Rarity… and…”

“And anyone else you know from your world, correct?” DASH asked, Fluttershy nodding slowly, “Now, feel this.”

DASH brought Fluttershy's hand to her chest, where her heart would be, and Fluttershy was wide eyed.

“You have… heart…?” Fluttershy asked. DASH laughed.

“Not exactly. I have what is called a “core”, which functions in the same manner of a heart for an organic being. As such, it also beats at regular intervals, much like your own heart,” DASH placed a hand on Fluttershy's chest and smiled softly, “See? We are different, but we are also the same.”

Fluttershy looked down, “Rarity and Twilight protect me. DASH… protect me… too?” DASH-379 laughed before wrapping an arm around Fluttershy comfortingly.

“Of course I will protect you,” DASH said, “You and I are officially friends, okay?”

Fluttershy nodded smiling brightly, leaning into DASH as they walked. Before Rarity could say anything to that, bright lights shot down on them.

end song

“HALT!” a voice called out from above them. The four of them looked up and saw two figures hovering over them, “DASH-379, step away from the humans!”

“Who are they?!” Twilight asked.

“I am not sure… but I…” DASH said. The two figures landed, revealing themselves to be androids like DASH. One wore somewhat bulkier armor that was red and orange, and had orange and red hair that was fashioned to look like a flame. The other wore rounder form fitting armor that was blue, and had much longer light blue hair that flowed down her back and over her shoulders.

“379, what is your major malfunction?!” the red robot asked, “You know those three are unlicensed lifeforms, correct?!”

“Spitfire, there is no point in reasoning with the aberrant,” the blue robot said, “We should remove her so we can complete our mission. She is the only real threat.”

play song

“Affirmative, Fleetfoot,” the red robot, Spitfire said to her ally, “One single target. Locked on.”

“Offering support,” Fleetfoot said stepping forward, “Locking onto single target.”

“What should we do?” Rarity asked reaching for her spear.

“Leave this to me,” DASH said stepping forward, “Your weapons are insufficient against these targets. I will defend you. Two targets! Locked on!”

“Commencing attack!” all three shouted at the same time.

Spitfire and DASH charged at each other, fighting close quarter. While DASH's moves were quick and athletic, SSpitfire was simply a brute, trying to overpower DASH.

She got a lucky punch in, knocking DASH back. She slid away holding her stomach, but then jumped to the side as Fleetfoot fired with what looked like a machine gun compartment coming out of her arm.

DASH rolled to her knees and fired her arm cannon, but Fleetfoot was too fast, flying out of the way of all of her shots. Spitfire charged up red energy, held up an arm revealing a fiery blade, and charged at DASH. She then slashed upward, and came down on top of DASH, knocking her to the ground.

“DASH!!!” all three girls cried at the same time. As great as she was, this was a two on one fight against robots of her same type apparently. This wasn't fair in the slightest.

Spitfire grabbed DASH by the neck and held her up.

“A malfunctioning machine like you doesn't stand a chance against a superior model like me,” SPpitfire said, “You should have stayed scrapped.”

“Spitfire, cease taunting 379,” Fleetfoot said, “We have a mission to accomplish.”

Rarity couldn't take this anymore. She didn't care if her weapon wasn't strong enough. She was plenty strong herself, and she wasn't about to let those two destroy DASH. She gripped her spear and charged in screaming.

“Rarity, no!” Twilight cried.

Fleetfoot turned to Rarity just as she started attacking, spinning her spear elegantly and actually doing some minor damage to the android. Once she felt strong enough, she jumped away and charged up her black element, but this time didn't use her Shadow Ball. No, instead she felt another move come to her. She sent the black energy into her spear, and rushed toward Spitfire and slashed wildly with her spear, which was now engulfed in black energy.

The name “Grim Slash” came to mind.

Spitfire, now damaged, released DASH who jumped back and charged up her yellow element. She then held out her arm cannon and charged it with energy, firing a stronger energy shot at Spitfire, actually pushing her back to Fleetfoot.

“How did she pierce my armor?” Spitfire asked, looking at Rarity in shock.

“She is a black adept,” Fleetfoot said, “Specializing in darkness based magic and attacks.”

“I thought I told you to stay back,” DASH said walking over to Rarity's side.

“I don't abandon my friends when they're in need,” Rarity said, “I may be a pretty face, but I can hold my own in a fight.”

A white light came over DASH, instantly healing her. Twilight and Fluttershy ran to their sides as well with their weapons ready.

“We might not be able to do much with our weapons,” Twilight said, “But our magic should be enough.”

“DASH, you and I will take on Spitfire,” Rarity said, “Twilight and Fluttershy, keep Fleetfoot away from us.”

Fluttershy nodded getting in her fighting stance. Fleetfoot flew into the air and fired at them with her machine gun, but Fluttershy did a series of back flips out of the way. Twilight fired at Fleetfoot with her arrows, which understandably did barely anything, but it did catch her attention.

Fluttershy then charged up her element, casting Wind Blade on Fleetfoot knocking her to the ground. Twilight charged up her white element, pointed her bow and arrow at Fleetfoot, and sent in white energy to the tip. She then fired the arrow, which turned into a sharp beam of light that pierced Fleetfoot (Ray Shot).

Meanwhile, Spitfire and DASH were at it again, but this time Spitfire had her blade out, forcing DASH to have to work harder to block or dodge. Behind Spitfire, Rarity rushed in to slash her, but she used her other arm to block. DASH tried to kick Spitfire, but she used her blade to block that attack as well.

“You are stronger than I thought,” SPITFIRE said, “Or is this because you now have assistance?”

“Shut up!” DASH spat, “You are just upset because you are losing to a group of humans and as you put it, a malfunctioning machine!”

“Is that so?” SPITFIRE asked, “What if I told you that I had you all right where I wanted you? Fleetfoot, now!”

“Affirmative,” Fleetfoot said. Both she and Spitfire charged up their elements, Fleetfoot's being blue. Fleetfoot shot an ice beam toward the ground freezing it and trapping everyone. Spitfire then jumped in the middle and spun around, turning into a fiery tornado. She then moved around the field hitting everyone while their feet were still frozen, knocking all of them to the ground (Double Tech: Fire & Ice).

end song

Spitfire walked over to the badly damaged DASH and kicked her, “Like I said, you were are no match for us.”

Fleetfoot walked over to Rarity and picked her up, “Mission complete. Let us return to the Doctor.”

“Affirmative,” Spitfire said. The two of them flew off, leaving everyone else on the ground unconscious.

“Hm… that's not good,” the mysterious figure said, folding her arms looking at Spitfire and Fleetfoot fly away with Rarity on a screen, “I can't let Tirek get this win, no matter what. I suppose I'll have to intervene.”

She turned to another computer, getting to work on her next project. First order of business, make sure that Athena was okay. After that, ensure that Rarity met up with her friends.







DASH-379 woke up with a start and sat up. She looked around and saw both Twilight and Fluttershy rising to their feet. At first she was relieved to see they were okay, but got worried when she noticed someone was missing.




Realizing that Rarity was missing, DASH felt an odd sensation. Her core was beating frantically for some reason, and she was having a harder time taking in oxygen for ventilation. She was about to ask how the others were doing, but stopped when she heard sirens.

“Damn it!” DASH swore, “Twilight, Fluttershy, get up and follow me!”

Not wasting any time, both girls rose to their feet and ran after DASH, who led them to an alleyway. Police drones flew past them at that moment.

“Is everyone alright?” DASH asked turning to her group.

“Where's Rarity?” Twilight asked nervously.

“I don't… argh!” DASH shouted slamming a fist against a wall and holding her head, “What is happening to me?”

“D-DASH…?” Fluttershy asked. She was about to approach her, but Twilight held her back.

“Strange… data… unable to comprehend… Cannot… focus…!” DASH started trembling holding her head with both hands as more odd data was flowing into her CPU.




“Why…?” DASH asked, her eyes closed tightly as tears started to build up, “Why is that girl so… important…?”

Twilight was about to say something, but her cellphone went off.

“That's odd,” Twilight said, “I didn't know it could get calls from across dimensions. Maybe Sprint does have the best service,” she answered it, “Hello?”

Is the DASH unit with you online?” a voice asked.

“Um… who is this…?” Twilight asked.

Don't worry about that for right now, Twilight. If the DASH unit is functioning, we can get to work on finding your friend.

“You know where Rarity is?!” Twilight asked. DASH looked up at Twilight, and quickly walked over to her snatching the phone from her.

“Where is she?!” DASH demanded.

You must be unit 379,” the voice said calmly.

“If you hurt Rarity, I swear I will find you and-” DASH stopped herself, surprised by her outburst. She had just met Rarity and her friends today, but something within her programming was telling her that Rarity's safety was of optimal importance.

Remain calm,” the voice said, “I did not take the Chrono Trigger, but I do know who did, and where she is at the moment. Put Twilight back on the phone, and I promise I will guide you to her.

DASH reluctantly gave Twilight back the phone and then walked off, trembling as she tried to figure out what was happening to her. Fluttershy walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“DASH…” Fluttershy said.

“I apologize for my irrational behavior,” DASH said, “Ever since I saw Rarity, I've experienced odd data. Something is telling me that I have to keep her safe.”

“I same,” Fluttershy said, “Get strange feeling when see Rarity. Feeling like she beloved friend.”

DASH looked at Fluttershy, realizing that she probably did experience her own version of that sensation, “Yeah… I guess we are the same.”

“Okay, thanks,” Twilight said hanging up and walking over to them, “You should receive two locations in a few minutes. Apparently, Rarity is in the first one, and we need to take her to the second one after we save her.”

DASH nodded, and then received two points on her radar back to back.

“Data received,” DASH said.

“Are you going to be okay?” Twilight asked DASH, “You were scaring us a little earlier.”

“I… do not know…” DASH admitted leaning against the wall, “Those two other robots said I am malfunctioning, I still do not know why I was in the junkyard, and now this data,” she held her head in pain again, “I am afraid to do anything right now. How can I trust programming like this?”

“You trust, because I trust,” Fluttershy took DASH's hands, “You and I friends now. Friends with Twilight, and friends with Rarity too. Not malfun… mal…” Fluttershy shook her head, “Not big word bad robots said. You and Rarity friends. Same as me.”

“I… think I know what you're feeling,” Twilight said, “When I saw Rarity for the first time, something told me that I needed to be with her. It was like I was looking at someone I had been friends with for a long time, even though we hadn't ever met yet. I don't know if it's the same for you, since you're a robot and all, but maybe this is the same feeling.”

“You guys…” DASH said looking at both Twilight and Fluttershy. As far as they knew, she might have been a mad machine, yet they still believed in her. She felt a happiness like no other at that moment, and before long pulled both of them into a hug.

“Thank you, Twilight and Fluttershy,” Dash said, “Now, let us rescue our friend!”

play song

When Rarity came to, she noticed that she couldn't move. She was bound to what looked like a hospital bed, her wrists and ankles strapped tightly to the bed by shackles, and even her mouth was gagged with a black band. She looked around and saw her spear on another desk, being examined by a figure in a white lab coat. She couldn't really see who they were, as they had their back turned to her and she was at an odd angle.

What's going on?

Why am I here?

“Finally awake, Chrono Trigger?” the figure, revealed to be a male, said. He was an elderly man with thick glasses and a long white beard, wearing a red suit shirt, black tie, and black pants underneath his white lab coat.

Chrono Trigger? What's that?

“I have to say, your composition is astounding,” the man said, “To think that someone was born that's completely organic. You're not from this world, or any world, for that matter.”

Not from any world? What ever does he mean?

Rarity tried to ask him about that, but the band around her mouth was too tight.

“You have questions, I'm sure,” the man said, “But as you noticed, you've been silenced for the duration of your stay. The reason for that is quite simple. Here, you are nothing but a tool to be used by me, so that I may learn how to control Lavos.”

Lavos again? What does he mean by control?

Wait… did he say… tool?

Rarity tried screaming at the man, but he turned away from her.

“I know you have no intention of helping me on your own free will. That's why I'll just have to take it by force. I need to get something from my main office. I will return shortly.”

The man left the office, shutting the door. Once alone, Rarity pulled at her bindings frantically, screaming as loud as she could. She tried summoning her Element, but it was no use. She used up all of her energy fighting those robots.

Rarity didn't really care about herself. Okay, that was a lie. She was terrified for herself. But she was more worried about her friends. Were they okay? Were they still alive?

Twilight… Fluttershy… DASH…

Please be alive…

end song

Good, you're finally alone.

Rarity looked around frantically, after hearing an electronic voice speak from somewhere in the room. Was there another robot in there with her?

Don't bother looking for me,” the voice said, clearly using a voice synthesizer to hide their voice, “I'm not in that room with you. I've hacked into Tirek's systems to communicate with you. My voice is coming from his computer.

Oh dear… not another one…

You're not in any danger with me,” the voice said once Rarity closed her eyes in fear, “I'm on your side. Tirek is a horrible man who desires control of all the computers and robots in this world. He believes that by using the power of Lavos, he'll be able to control everything in the world. For that reason, he wants to use your powers as the Chrono Trigger.

Your friends are already on their way, but we can't afford to wait for them. You must at least make your way to the first floor of this compound. From here, I can at least release your arms and legs. It will be up to you to get out of there though. Once you're released, grab your spear and get to the first floor. Now, are you ready? Blink once for yes, and twice for no.

Could this person see her? Rarity looked and saw a security camera looking right at her. Chances were, that whoever she was talking to was watching her through that.

Realizing that she didn't have a choice, Rarity closed her eyes tightly once for yes. A few seconds later, she heard a machine activate, and the bindings on her wrists and ankles opened. She immediately sat up and undid the band around her mouth.

“Ugh, that wasn't fun,” Rarity said, immediately pulling a compact and lipstick from her pocket, quickly redoing her make-up, “I don't know how anyone would find that appealing. Um… thank you, uh…”

Just call me… Solaris,” the person who helped her said, “Once you get out of there, you'll find an old warp room west of here. You should be safe there, as it's under my protection. You can return to Standard, or go to any other world you need to from there.

Rarity nodded and ran to her spear, “Got it. I'll start making my way there now.”

Good luck, Rarity,” Solaris said. Rarity turned to the camera in shock.

“How do you know my name?” Rarity asked. Sadly, her question went unanswered, as Solaris probably disconnected. Rarity sighed and left the room, deciding to instead focus on meeting up with her friends.

Once she turned the corner, she ran into two security drones. Both robots turned their blasters at Rarity, who did a fancy cartwheel behind the corner out of the way.

play song

“Well, I will say this much, this experience has done wonders for my figure,” she said to herself, remarking at how much more athletic she had become over time. Once they stopped firing, Rarity rushed out to them and slashed one with her spear, knocking it back. When the other one fired at her, she jumped away and charged up her black element, firing her Shadow Ball at the second one, destroying it instantly.

Am I getting stronger…?

Yes… I think so!

Rarity turned to the remaining drone just in time to block its shots with her spear. Even she was amazed by how well she was doing. Feeling a little bolder, she spun her spear around in front of her walking toward the drone. She then stuck her spear into the ground in front of her, and used it as a lever kicking the drone into a wall, breaking it.

Right after the fight, the alarm went off. Was that because of her?

“Ooh, looks like the paparazzi is coming,” Rarity said nervously, “I should probably try and dodge them, else they catch me in a compromising position.”

She continued to rush through the compound, stopping in front of the elevator. She pushed the call button for it, and then tapped her foot nervously.

“Come on…!” Rarity said. She looked to her side and saw two more drones turn the corner along with a bulky looking security bot standing upright with treadmills on its feet. They fired at her, but she quickly ducked out of the way, rushing to the stairs instead.

As she ran down the stairs, she saw a few drones coming up the stairs toward her. She got on the railing and slid down past them, blowing them a kiss before she jumped off and ran through the door to the first floor.

Once there, she was ambushed by two of the larger security bots. One of them pointed a machine gun at Rarity and fired, but she rolled to the side just in time. Sadly the second one was right in front of her in a second and whacked her back into a wall.

Rarity stood up and charged up her black element. Instead of Shadow Ball, she rushed toward the robot that just assaulted her and used her Grim Slash. It seemed to do a bit of damage, but she saw an odd looking drone floating behind them charge up what looked like Twilight's white element.

Oh, you better not!

Much to Rarity's dismay, it launched “Cure” at the drone she just attacked and healed it completely. Rarity swore and rushed over to that drone, but the other security robot knocked her back onto the ground. She looked up and saw the robot she attacked raise its arm above her and try to slam it down, but Rarity rolled to the side and whacked it with her spear. She slashed it a few more times and then jumped back charging up her black element again. This time she did fire Shadow Ball, right at the healing drone.

And sadly the robot in front of it rolled in the way defending the attack. It then pointed its machine gun at Rarity and fired. She jumped back away from the attack, but the second security robot grabbed her and held her up.

end song

“N-no!” Rarity screamed as she struggled, “Let me go!”

Just as the second robot prepared to fire at her, an electric blast shot it in the back knocking it down. As it fell, Rarity saw DASH, Twilight, and Fluttershy running to her aid.

play song

“Girls…!” Rarity cried, tears of joy forming in her eyes.

Twilight pulled out her bow and slid underneath the healing drone. At the same time she pointed her bow at it and fired as fast as she could. Once she charged up enough of her element, she charged up and fired her Ray Shot at it, destroying it.

“The healer is down!” Twilight shouted, “We can take them out now!”

DASH and Fluttershy nodded, both of them running toward the robot that was holding Rarity. The second robot rushed toward them knocking Fluttershy back, but DASH took to the air, activating the jets on her feet.

“Fluttershy!” DASH cried.

“Leave robot to me! Save Rarity!” Fluttershy ordered. DASH nodded and flew over to the robot that was still holding Rarity. She landed on her feet, running toward it and then jumped into the air doing a drill kick at the robot's face, making it release Rarity.

Once Rarity ran behind her, DASH charged up her yellow element and pointed her cannon arm at the drone. She built up energy, and then fired her Charged Shot at the robot, destroying it in one shot.

Nearby, Fluttershy kicked the last robot back and then charged up her green element, knocking it back with Wind Blade, surprisingly killing it.

“My word!” Rarity said in shock, “How did her attack do so much against it?!”

“Those robots have a yellow element,” DASH explained, “Thus green elements like Fluttershy's are the most effective. Rarity, are you okay?”

“I am now,” Rarity said, immediately hugging DASH, “Thank you! All of you!”

“It is no problem at all,” DASH said with an arrogant grin, “They had me backing them up. There was no way we could lose.”

“Rarity, there's a warp room further away from her,” Twilight said, “We need to-”

“I already know,” Rarity said, “Someone named Solaris told me.”

“She bring us here,” Fluttershy said, standing on the remains of the robot she destroyed, “We go now?”

“Damn right we do,” DASH said, “Follow me. I will lead us right there.”

The four of them rushed out of the compound, Rarity happy and amazed to see how far they went for her. They might not have been her versions of her friends, but it felt nice to know that no matter where she was, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy were there to protect her.

Girls… thank you so much.

end song

Tirek walked through the halls, looking at the remains of the robots scattered all around him.

“Stupid drones!” she exclaimed, kicking one of the scraps in front of him, “We had her right where we wanted her!”

“Don't worry, Tirek,” a voice said behind him. He turned to see a figure standing in the darkness behind him, wearing a black trench coat and with really long hair.

“Ah, Mistress, I apologize for losing the Chrono Trigger,” Tirek said with a slight bow.

“Worry not,” the woman said, “I'm sure its only a matter of time before they go to the one you refer to as Medieval. My servant is there now, and we are preparing for their arrival. Once we capture them, I will make sure you receive all the information you need.”

“Thank you, Nightmare Moon,” Tirek said, “This is more than I deserve.”

“Think of it as my way of thanking you for providing me with a vessel from this world,” the woman, Nightmare Moon said. She stepped out of the darkness slightly, revealing her long dark blue hair.

Hair that looked almost like the night sky.

play song

“Well, here we are,” DASH said as they entered the fancy room. It looked like the computer room from the Junkyard, but much nicer looking with newer computers. Rarity, Twilight, and Fluttershy looked in the middle of the room and saw what looked like a mirror of some sort hooked to a machine.

“This is the warp room?” Rarity asked.

“Yep, using this we can warp to all of your worlds or any other world that we need to,” DASH explained, “We can also get information on Lavos.”

“Can we first track down Rarity's world?” Twilight asked, “I'm really worried about it.”

“Yes, I worried too,” Fluttershy said.

“Sure,” Dash said sitting down at the computer, “Rarity, may I have a piece of your DNA?”

“S-sure,” Rarity said. She hated doing this, but realizing she didn't have a choice, she took a single strand of her hair and pulled it out. She handed it to DASH, who put it into her computer and scanned it. After a second, the computer beeped, but the word “UNKNOWN” appeared on screen. Rarity looked up at the computer

“What does that mean…?” Twilight asked nervously.

“I am not sure,” DASH said thoughtfully, “It may take some time to work this out and gather information on Lavos. You can stay here with me for that, or you can return to Standard for now.”

“Um… think we could go back to my world for a bit?” Twilight asked, “I think I want to take this time to check on my friends.”

“Y-yeah, sure,” Rarity said distantly, looking up at the screen. She was terrified, trembling unable to look away from the screen.


Does this have to do with what Tirek said…?

“I stay here with DASH,” Fluttershy said, “Keep company.”

“You should hold onto the gate key,” DASH said handing Twilight the gate key, “Use that to come back here. I should be ready in one to two days.”

“Thanks DASH,” Twilight said, “How do we use it?”

“Hold it up in front of the warp gate,” DASH explained, “You will end up in a place with multiple doors. You'll see images showing you the world, but the door to Standard will be pretty obvious.”

“Thank you,” Twilight said, “We'll be back soon. Rarity, are you ready?”

“W-what?” Rarity turned to Twilight suddenly, “Oh, uh… yes darling. I'm… fine.”

“Rarity, are you going to be okay?” Twilight asked. Now all eyes were on Rarity, who for the first time found herself shirking away from the attention.

“I… don't really want to talk about it right now,” Rarity admitted, “Maybe later, but…”

Fluttershy embraced Rarity tightly, “Find your world, friend. Answer with Lavos, I sure of that.”

“Same here,” DASH said, “I will not rest until I find everything I can about Lavos.”

“Thank you,” Rarity said. She turned to Twilight and took the gate key, “Now, let's head back to your world.”

Twilight nodded, still looking at Rarity seriously, and followed her to the warp gate. She held the gate key above her, and electricity converged on the mirror, which started to ripple like water. Rarity placed her hand on the mirror, surprised to see that like the portal to Equestria, her hand went right through it. She then took Twilight's hand and pushed through the warp gate.

Warp Gate

The area they two girls found themselves in was terrifying, yet also beautiful. The ground underneath them looked like it was made of metal, and it circled around what looked like a holographic globe of planet earth. Around the circular platform were four large mirrors, each one showing a different landscape. While the rims of all of them were fancy looking, most of them had silver rims while one had a golden rim. Surrounding all of them was what looked like a glass wall either colored to look like outer space, or were clear showing them the outside.

Considering that Rarity saw slight movement though, she assumed it was the latter.

“Looks like we came out of this mirror,” Twilight said looking back at the world showing them “Machine”. Through that mirror they saw a far off image of a super advanced city.

Rarity looked around, seeing only four mirrors, “Are there only this many worlds?”

“I doubt it,” Twilight said, “These are probably the only worlds that they could find, probably because the differences are so vast in them.”

“I see,” Rarity said, walking around the area. She saw a door that showed her a forest like landscape, and another one that showed her what looked like a medieval castle. If the last one was “Standard” then that meant…

“Rarity?” Twilight asked.

“Let's go,” Rarity said curtly, walking to the golden mirror. Twilight sighed and followed her. The two girls looked into the mirror, seeing an urban metropolis before them.

Rarity and Twilight took each other's hands, and jumped through, returning to Standard.