Chrono Reflect

by Valkyrie Sandora

Standard: Meaningful Life

Standard – Meaningful Life

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It was nighttime when Rarity returned to Standard, so she just took a shower at Twilight's place and then fell asleep. She didn't know what she was going to do in the morning, but right now she just needed sleep.

The next morning, she actually stayed in bed for a long while. She didn't want to face the world, as she still wasn't sure what would happen to her being in it. She wasn't supposed to live in the world anyway.

The sky was an apocalyptic red, much like in Zenith. Even now she could feel Lavos' presence close by. Perhaps he was looking at her, waiting for their eventual meeting. She buried herself in the covers, but just as she was about to probably drift off to sleep, she heard the doorbell ring.

That was odd, Rarity thought. Still, something told her that she should at least see who it was. Still in her pajamas, Rarity walked downstairs to the door and looked through the peephole, shocked to see Applejewel standing there.

Rarity sighed and cracked the door open. When Applejewel saw who it was, she gasped in shock.

“R-Rarity…!” Applejewel said, “You're… okay…!”

Applejewel immediately pushed the door open and embraced Rarity tightly. Surprised, it took a second for Rarity to register what was happening, but soon did return the embrace.

“It's… nice to see you too, Applejewel…” Rarity said softly. She escorted Applejewel inside and sat down in front of the counter to rest her head.

“Ah'm guessin it's jus' you?” Applejewel asked walking around the kitchen. Rarity nodded.

“Twilight's still in the Land of the Gods with the others,” Rarity explained, “I… sort of needed to be alone…”

“You alright?” Applejewel asked, “Ya don't sound like yer usual self, an' that stripe of white in yer hair looks sorta ominous. Nice, but ominous.”

“It's… a long story…” Rarity said turning away, “You probably don't want to-” she was cut off by Applejewel grasping her hand.

“Ah do,” Applejewel said earnestly, “Ah… wanna help ya through this. Even if it ain't pretty.”

Rarity looked up at Applejewel a bit surprised. Before, she probably would have tried to divert the topic as to not be involved in any strange other world stuff. Yet here she was, willing to hear Rarity out.

Rather than question her on what brought on this change, Rarity opened up, telling Applejewel everything that happened to her; why she turned on her friends, what she learned about herself and her world, what she almost did, how she was rescued, and ultimately what it meant for her. When she was done, Applejewel's expression was unreadable, but still surprised.

“Well then,” Applejewel said, looking intently at the cup of tea before her, “That's quite a story. So… all this time… you were fightin against Twilight and our alters…?”

“I… was,” Rarity said, taking a small sip from her own tea, “I was just so upset… learning that everything I was fighting for was for naught… that my world… and my friends… were all gone…” she wiped her eyes as a batch of fresh tears began to build up, “Before I knew it… the darkness had completely consumed my heart… and I just wanted everyone to suffer… I became nothing more than a bully…! Me! I hate bullies, and I became one!”

As she broke down completely, Applejewel looked at Rarity wide eyed, but remained silent.

“What's worse…!” Rarity continued through her tears, “Now Lavos is going to consume all four worlds…! Standard, Forest, Machine, and Medieval, all of them are in danger, and it's all my fault! I'm a disgrace! A terrible person! I should just disappear!”

“No no no, stop that,” Applejewel said taking Rarity's hands tightly, “What ya did was terrible, an' there's no excuse for it, but yer not a terrible person. Anyone would be upset to learn that their world was destroyed, but to learn that an' learn that they were never supposed ta exist in the first place? Ah don't think Ah'd handle it much better, sadly.”

Rarity sniffed and pulled away from Applejewel, “Even still, it doesn't change the fact that I'm not supposed to exist in this universe. Just me being here is destroying everything.”

“So… what does that mean?” Applejewel asked, “For you Ah mean.”

“It means that me existing is essentially just as bad as Lavos existing,” Rarity explained, “There is a way to stop Lavos once and for all, but it would involve me having to…”

“R-right… Ah remember…” Applejewel said somberly, “Either way ya look at it, yer not havin' a happy endin' in this.”

“You're honest and pragmatic,” Rarity said, “Tell me the truth. Tell me that I need to disappear. That I'm causing too much damage to the universe and that I should just die.”


“Please Jewel!” Rarity said desperately, “I need to hear this! I need to hear the truth about my existence from a friend!”

“Ah can't say that,” Applejewel said seriously.

“Why not?!” Rarity asked, “You know it's the truth!”

“You're right, Ah do,” Applejewel stated, “But even still, Ah ain't gonna jus' tell my friend that she deserves to die.”

“But it's the only way to-”

“Ah don't care about any of that right now!” Applejewel shouted, cutting Rarity off, “The universe sayin' that ya need ta die doesn't change the impact that your life has had on everyone! Thanks to you, we're all better off. Fluttershy's startin' to become a better person, Dashie is more confident, Pinkie Pie actually smiles now, an' Ah ain't afraid of the truth anymore. All of this happened because of you, so you're not gonna get me to say that you deserve to die. Cause that would jus' be a boldfaced lie.”

Rarity looked at Applejewel in shock. She was expecting a hard truth from her, but she had no idea that Applejewel felt so strongly about her existence. Had she truly impacted this world on such a positive level?

“Why don't ya get dressed?” Applejewel asked, “Today's the weekend, an' we all meet up at my mansion. Ah'm sure everyone wants to see ya.”

“I…” Rarity sighed, “Sure. I'll come. I just need to get cleaned and put on some makeup.”

“Ah'll be right here,” Applejewel said with a soft smile. Rarity wasn't sure she wanted to be around everyone right now, as they were all so far away from her friends. Yet and still, she didn't have anything better to do. It didn't take too long (by her standards) to get ready and head out with Applejewel.

Naturally Applejewel came in her limo, so they were able to just drive back to the mansion. Turned out, Applejewel stopped by Twilight's house every weekend to see if she was home. It made Rarity feel really guilty, as she was taking Twilight away from her friends.

When they arrived at the mansion, Rarity was shocked to see a red convertible already parked out front. According to Applejewel, it was Fluttershy's, meaning that the others were probably all inside already. Sure enough, when they entered the mansion, they saw Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie all sitting together in the living room.

“Hello everyone,” Applejewel cheered, “Look who Ah found at Twilight's place.”

When she stepped away and revealed Rarity, everyone was surprised. Before they could say anything, Fluttershy shot up from her seat and embraced Rarity tightly.

“Thank God!” Fluttershy cried, “I was so worried!”

“Are you okay?” Rainbow Dash asked, she and Pinkie Pie walking over to them, “We heard that something had happened to you.”

“I… no,” Rarity said returning the hug, “I'm not okay.”

“You know what you need? Something sweet,” Pinkie Pie said, “Sweet things make me feel better all the time. Applejewel, do we still have some of that cake from last week?”

“Mm hm,” Applejewel nodded, “It's in the fridge.”

As Pinkie Pie skipped off, Rarity looked around at everyone. She noticed that Rainbow Dash's attire had gotten a little fancier, being a blue and white mini skirt that hugged her body perfectly and white boots. She was also wearing black mascara and red lipstick.

“Um, you look different,” Rarity said to Rainbow Dash, who blushed smiling.

“Fluttershy and Applejewel picked it out for me,” Dash said twirling her hair around her finger, “I've been trying to be more confident about my body.”

“That's… wonderful,” Rarity said, eyes wide yet still smiling. The group escorted her to the kitchen, where Pinkie Pie set down a slice of cake.

“I baked this myself,” Pinkie Pie bragged, “I didn't know that baking cakes was so much fun.”

“My cousin's been immersing herself in baking these days,” Applejewel said putting her arms around Pinkie Pie, “Been doin' wonders for her anxiety.”

Rarity sat down and tried some of the cake, her eyes widening, “This is really good!”

Pinkie Pie smiled proudly at the compliment. As Rarity continued to eat the cake, Fluttershy sat down next to her and held her arm lovingly.

“I like the white streak,” Fluttershy said with a smirk, “Looks real badass.”

“Um… thanks,” Rarity said smiling awkwardly, “You know, I never did tell you, but this is a really good look for you as well. Oh, you wouldn't know how you usually dress, but-”

“No, I get it,” Fluttershy said, “The Fluttershy you remember looked different, right? I'm guessing she's the Fluttershy I'm supposed to be.”

“Actually… it's more complicated than that,” Applejewel said sitting down, “Turns out, the whole 'Rarity not supposin' to exist' thing was spot on. Her existin' is one of the reasons that monster appeared in the sky.”

“Monster…? Was it black and red?” Rarity asked, getting a nod from Applejewel, “Lavos…!”

“That was terrifying,” Dash said sitting down, “I thought we were going to die. Remember how weird Vice-Principal Luna got?”

“Yeah, that was creepy,” Pinkie Pie said, “She started laughing like a maniac, and then sent some weird energy into the sky.”

“What happened to her after that?” Rarity asked.

“She just… vanished,” Pinkie Pie said with a shrug, “No one knows where she is.”

“Was she connected to that creature?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“She was,” Rarity said, taking a few more bites from the cake, “Luna was an avatar for someone else. All the Luna's are connected in the same way all the Celestia's are connected. She got into my head, and had me believing that the world would forsake me.”

“Hey, that doesn't matter,” Pinkie Pie said, “You're back now, right? So you can work with Twilight and our alters to take that monster out.”

“You… can beat it, right?” Rainbow Dash asked, “I mean, I'm a super fighting robot over there. That has to count for something, right?”

“There… might be a way to beat him,” Rarity said setting her fork down, “No, there is a way to defeat Lavos. It's just… it involves me… dying too.”

Everyone with the exception of Applejewel looked shocked hearing that. After a few seconds of painful silence, Fluttershy spoke up.

“W-why is that…?”

“Lavos and I are both anomalies in the universe,” Rarity said, “He exists everywhere, in all possibilities of the universe. I however, don't have a world anymore, so in a way, I'm his opposite. If the two of us come together, we should cancel each other out.”

“Cancel each other out…?” Rainbow Dash asked slowly, “Wait wait wait, wouldn't that mean you'd disappear?”

“You're not doing this, right?” Fluttershy asked harshly, surprised when Rarity closed her eyes somberly, “Rarity, no! You can't do this!”

“This… might be the only way though…” Rarity said, “If I don't… the world might…”

“Fuck this world then!” Fluttershy fussed, “Why should you do anything for it when it hasn't done anything for you?!”

“Because you're in it!” Rarity shouted, “All of you are in the world! I… I lost sight of that… and ended up becoming something horrible…! What happened to this world, and the other worlds is my fault, and I have to fix it! I should fix it! But…” she closed her eyes tightly, shedding a few tears, “I'm not sure that I want to die…!”

“Rarity…” Pinkie Pie said, her expression the same somber expression everyone had.

“This is the only way to ensure that Lavos is gone once and for all…!” Rarity continued to sob, “But… knowing that I have to disappear…!”

“This is bullshit…” Fluttershy said, folding her arms and turning away, “She shouldn't have to do this…”

“There has to be another way…” Rainbow Dash said, shedding a few tears, “I don't want Rarity to die…”

“Girls… it ain't that simple,” Applejewel sighed, catching everyone's attention save for Rarity's.

“Jewel, no!” Pinkie Pie cried, “Rarity is our friend!”

“She is, an' this upsets me too,” Applejewel said, “But she shared with me some of the stuff that went into this. Now Ah don't understand all of it, but Ah got the basic gist. Essentially, her jus' sittin' in this room right now is eatin' away at the world's existence!” everyone was silent, taking in what she said before she continued, “Ah ain't gonna tell her she needs to do this. But Ah ain't gonna tell her not to do this either.”

“Why not?!” Fluttershy asked shooting up and getting in Applejewel's face.

“Cause Ah don't wanna die either!” Applejewel shouted, finally letting her tears fall freely, yet not stepping down from Fluttershy's enraged gaze, “She's my friend too…! But there are three other worlds out there that are in a lot of danger right now… an' each one of them has millions of people in them…! People that will die if she doesn't fight and destroy Lavos…! Ah ain't gonna force her to do this, but if she decides to give her life… Ah can't stop her… If you really cared about her like you say ya do, you'd do the same.”

Fluttershy turned away, closing her eyes and silently crying. Everyone was silent for the longest time, until Rarity took a deep breath.

“I'm not sure what I'm going to do,” Rarity said, “I'm sorry, I should go…”

“Rarity, wait!” Pinkie Pie called out taking her hand, “We… were going to watch a movie together. It's our weekend ritual. Did you… want to watch it with us…?”

“Might be the last chance you get… right?” Dash asked, clearly trying to hide how much she wanted to cry. Looking at them, Rarity could feel it. In some weird way, her friends were right there with her in the room, and they wanted her to feel better. In a way, it felt odd not having Twilight or Sunset with them, but then again, in the beginning it was just the five of them. Despite her fear, and sadness, she couldn't help but smile a bit.

“That sounds… lovely…” Rarity said, “Why don't you guys get the movie ready, and I'll join you in a bit, okay?”

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash both left the kitchen. Applejack, apparently taking the hint, also left, leaving just her and Fluttershy, who hadn't stopped crying. Rarity walked over to Fluttershy and embraced her tightly from behind.

“I don't want you to do this…” Fluttershy sobbed.

“I know, dear,” Rarity said softly.

“I lost you before… and it broke me… I don't think I can handle losing you again…”

“I… I'm sorry…” Rarity tightened her embrace, shedding a few tears herself, “I'm so sorry…”

The movie was a lot of fun. During that time, Rarity completely forgot about her current situation, and just enjoyed hanging out with her friends. Like this, she truly felt like she was with familiar faces. Fluttershy naturally stayed close to her the entire time, sitting right next to her and leaning into her shoulder. Rarity enjoyed the closeness, and it reminded her of her statement before that Fluttershy would always be her best friend, no matter what world she comes from.

It was starting to get late, so they all reluctantly started heading back home. Rarity promised to at least meet up with them tomorrow so she could let them know her decision. Whether she was going to run away and let Lavos destroy everything, or fight Lavos at the cost of her own existence.

As she walked back to Twilight's house, she wrestled with that choice in her head. This wasn't an easy decision to make. Sure, they couldn't let Lavos exist, but the only way to stop Lavos was for her to give up her existence as well.

An existence that wasn't supposed to be anyway. Even still, she existed now.

“I'm horrible, aren't I?” Rarity asked herself, stopping next to a graveyard and hugging herself, “Actually wrestling with the decision. It should be easy, right? I'm an anomaly in the universe. I shouldn't exist, and neither should Lavos. So… doesn't that mean that I should…?”

She looked in the graveyard briefly and got the shock of a lifetime. Standing before a random gravestone was Sweetie Belle. She was wearing a black and purple dress, and had a somewhat more somber expression, but it was definitely her little sister.

Do my parents still live in Canterlot?

Oh, I want to see her, but should I…?

She looked around, surprised to not see anyone else with her. What was Sweetie Belle doing out there alone? Well, that's still my little sister, Rarity thought. So she walked into the graveyard to approach the somewhat melancholy girl.

“And just what are you doing out so late?” Rarity asked, startling Sweetie Belle, “You don't want your parents to worry about you, do you?”

“I'm not staying out,” Sweetie Belle said almost defiantly, “I just… wanted to see her.”

“See who?” Rarity asked raising an eyebrow.

“My sister,” Sweetie Belle answered, “This grave belongs to my big sister.”

Rarity looked at the grave next to them and almost had a heart attack. It was indeed her grave. It looked like fresh flowers were place right at the gravestone, which had inscribed “Rarity Belle, my sweet angel who returned to heaven too soon”.

“I-I see…” Rarity said, trying her hardest to not break down.

“I never got to meet her,” Sweetie Belle continued kneeling down before the gravestone, “Mommy says that she was really brave though. Even though she was into girly stuff like dresses and princesses, she liked martial arts movies and dreamed of being a hero. Today was her birthday.”

Was today her birthday? Rarity had completely lost track of the days. She checked her phone, and sure enough, it was indeed June 17th.

“Do you… come here every year for her birthday…?” Rarity asked kneeling down next to her little sister.

“Usually with Mommy,” Sweetie Belle said, “She was busy at work though, so she had to stay late. But I didn't want Rarity to be lonely on her birthday.”

“I… bet she appreciates that,” Rarity said with a somber smile, “She would have really loved you, I'm sure.”

“Is it weird that I miss her?” Sweetie Belle asked turning to Rarity, “I've never met her, but when I think about her, I get a lump in my throat.”

“No… that's not weird at all,” Rarity said, feeling tears build up in her eyes, “You know that you had a sister, and probably imagine what it would have been like to meet her. I'm sure if the roles were reversed, she'd feel the same way.”

“Are you okay Miss?” Sweetie Belle asked tilting her head, “You look like your crying.”

“Oh, not at all,” Rarity said wiping her eyes, “It's just allergies. Why don't I walk you back home before your parents worry?”

“Okay. Thanks Miss,” Sweetie Belle said. As they rose up, Sweetie Belle gave the gravestone one last look, “Good night Rarity. I love you.”

It was a good thing that Sweetie Belle walked on ahead, otherwise she would have seen Rarity close her eyes and silently sob right there. This was too much, but she had to make sure that Sweetie Belle got home safely. This was still her little sister, whether or not she knew it.

As they walked, Rarity finally noticed the band aids on Sweetie Belle's legs. That had her a little worried.

“So… how did you get hurt?” Rarity asked. Sweetie Belle looked down bashfully.

“I was in a fight with some boys at school,” Sweetie Belle admitted, “They were bullying my friend Silver Spoon.”

“You… fought them yourself?” Rarity asked with a raised eyebrow.

“It's what Rarity would have done, I know it,” Sweetie Belle said adamantly, “Mommy told me about this girl she became friends with after fighting a bunch of bullies herself when she was my age.”

“You really take after her, don't you?” Rarity asked, now smiling warmly.

“I look up to her a lot,” Sweetie Belle admitted, “I want to be just like her.”

“Oh Sweetie Belle, there you are!” another familiar voice called out. Rarity looked ahead and saw her mother running up to them. However, she was wearing a black business suit and tie ensemble.

“Hi Mommy…” Sweetie Belle said, looking down ashamed.

“I was worried sick about you,” her mother scolded, “Where on Earth were you this time of night?”

“I just wanted to see Rarity,” Sweetie Belle said, “Today is her birthday, but she was going to be alone.”

That seemed to knock the wind out of their mother a bit, as any anger on her was gone in an instant, replaced with a somber expression.

“That's right. Today is Rarity's birthday,” she said sadly.

“Please don't be upset with her Mo-Miss,” Rarity said, “She really just wanted to see her sister today.”

“You watched over her?” her mother asked Rarity, who immediately nodded.

“I have a little sister about her age, so I was concerned with her being out so late,” Rarity explained, “I was nearby at the time, so I decided to keep an eye on her and get her home safely.”

“That was really kind of you,” Rarity's mother said with a gentle smile, “Thank you so much,” she then looked at Rarity intently, “It's funny, but you sort of put me in the mind of my daughter.”

“R-really?” Rarity asked.

“I think she'd be about your age if she were still alive,” her mother continued, “Either way, thank you again for taking care of my Sweetie Belle.”

“Believe me, it was my pleasure,” Rarity said, this time unable to hold in her tears, “T-take care…” she turned her back quickly, “Look out for her… Sweetie Belle…”

She then walked off before they could say anything else. When she turned back to see them, they were hugging. She watched her mother and little sister walk off, and then continued her way back to Twilight's place.

When she got there, she opened the door with the spare key like always, and then stepped inside, surprised when she heard someone move behind her.

“Hi… Rarity.”

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Rarity turned around, surprised to see Twilight there.


“We… figured one of us should probably come and see you,” Twilight said, “You know… considering that you don't have the gate key needed to go back to Zenith.”

“Right, I forgot…” Rarity said bashfully, “Sorry… I guess I wasn't thinking.”

“It's okay,” Twilight said smiling, “This… gives up time alone.”

“Twilight… I…”

“Have you… decided what you're going to do…?” Twilight asked reluctantly, “You know… about…”

“I… think I am going to fight Lavos…” Rarity said somberly.

“Even knowing that you'll-”

“Yes, Twilight. Even knowing that I'll disappear,” Rarity finished for her, “After spending some time here, I realized just how much there is here that's worth protecting. This is how my world is supposed to be. It's not perfect, but it's still my world, and Lavos is going to destroy that if I don't do something. This world doesn't need me to live in it, but it does need me to protect it.”

Twilight shook her head and laughed sadly, “You're amazing, you know that? This is why I feel the way I do about you, Rarity. Even now, facing a fate worst than death itself, you're still ready to fight. You're… so beautiful like that, Rarity. Nothing like me.”

“What are you talking about?” Rarity asked walking over to Twilight and taking her hand.

“Well, look at me. Compared to you, I'm just average. I have a boring life outside of all of this, boring dreams, my only accolade is that I'm a genius, and I don't even know if I want to capitalize on that. I now have the memories of your Twilight, so I remember how extraordinary I was in that world. But at the same time, all that does for me is remind me that in this world, I'm just…”

“No Twilight, I'm not letting you do this to yourself,” Rarity said, “Whether or not you're my Twilight, you are anything but “average”. You believed me when no one else would, and gave me asylum in your home. You followed me to Fluttershy's world, and then stayed by my side all the way. But most of all, you saved me from the darkness, even after I treated you horribly. You're not average Twilight. After all,” Rarity caressed Twilight's cheek lovingly, “You're my light, remember?”

“Rarity…!” Twilight cried. Rarity slowly pulled Twilight in close, and kissed her deeply and tenderly on the lips. While their lips were locked together, both of them let their tears fall freely. After a few seconds, the two girls held one another close pressing their foreheads together.

“I love you Rarity…” Twilight said softly.

“I love you too, Twilight…” Rarity said just as softly.

“I wish there was another way…” Twilight sobbed, “I don't want you to disappear…”

“I know,” Rarity sobbed, “But… it was me existing that caused this mess in the first place… If Lavos, is going to be stopped once and for all, I need to do this… Otherwise… none of our friends will have a future…”

“Tell me what I can do… please…” Twilight urged, “I want to help you…”

“Just stay with me… like you always do,” Rarity said, “Keep being my light, all the way until the end. Also…” she closed her eyes, “Also… don't… forget me!”

With that, the last shield she had broke, and Rarity collapsed as the reality hit her. Tomorrow was it. Her last day alive. It hurt, and she wanted to run away, but she knew that they wouldn't be able to defeat Lavos without her. She had to do this. She had no choice but to do this.

Like always when she broke down though, Twilight held her tightly, supporting her so she wouldn't fall. At least for her last night alive, she wouldn't be sleeping alone.

Oh Twilight…! Thank you…!

Thank you for everything…!

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The next day, Twilight sent everyone a text, telling them to meet them at the statue. It didn't take long for them to arrive, none of them looking particularly happy about this parting.

“So… you're gonna do it?” Applejewel asked.

“I… am,” Rarity said, “This world needs to keep going. Me being here is holding it back though.”

“I wish you didn't have to do this,” Pinkie Pie pouted, “I kept hoping that in the end, we'd all just be together in this world.”

“Right? This isn't fair at all,” Rainbow Dash said somberly, “Are you sure there isn't another way?”

“I really wish there was,” Twilight said, “However, Celestia looked it over, and this is the only foolproof means of stopping Lavos once and for all.”

Rarity walked over to Fluttershy, who was turned away from all of them with her arms folded.

“Fluttershy, I know you're upset at me. I wish that there was something else I could do, but…”

“I'll… try to become the Fluttershy you remember.”

Rarity's eyes went wide hearing that, “W-what?”

“I'm not going to let myself be weak emotionally,” Fluttershy said, “So… I'm going to hold onto you by… trying to become my old self.”

“Fluttershy darling, you don't have to push yourself,” Rarity said holding Fluttershy close, “You're perfect just as you are. The person you became here is who you are meant to be. As long as you're honest with yourself, I know you'll be fine. Just keep trying to be nicer to people, okay?”

“I'll be nice to Rainbow Dash, Applejewel, Pinkie Pie, and even Four-Eyes over there,” she gave Rarity a smirk, “I make no promises for anyone else.”

Rarity nodded smiling, understanding what Fluttershy was truly saying with that statement. The two of them hugged one last time, and then Rarity stepped back to the portal with Twilight.

“I'll never forget you, Rarity,” Rainbow Dash said, her eyes watering, “Thank you for helping Fluttershy and I become friends again.”

“We'll always be best friends, no matter what,” Fluttershy said, trying her hardest not to break down.

“I refuse to stop smiling,” Pinkie Pie said, smiling as best as she could despite clearly close to breaking down herself, “So… kick Lavos' butt, okay?”

“As far as Ah'm concerned, this world is your world,” Applejewel said, “Ah'm so happy that Ah got to meet ya, Rarity.”

“Thank you, all of you,” Rarity said looking at her friends, “Whether in this world, or another world, you four will always be the closest friends I ever had. I love you all so much,” the five of them group hugged one last time, and then Rarity turned to Twilight, “So then, are you ready?”

“Yeah, let's go,” Twilight said. She pulled out the gate key, and opened the portal. The two of them stepped inside, not once looking back at Standard. Only one of them would be returning this time.

end song

Warp Gate

Rarity and Twilight stood before the gate to Zenith, bracing themselves for the upcoming battle. Once they went through here, there would be no turning back.

“It's time,” Rarity said seriously.

“We're taking you out… Lavos,” Twilight said, tightening her fists. The two girls walked up the stairs and into the portal, heading to Zenith…

And their final fight.