Chrono Reflect

by Valkyrie Sandora

Edge of Time: Farewell My Beloved Friends

Edge of Time – Farewell My Beloved Friends

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They didn't proceed into the final area right away. After securing the safety of the way back, Applejack took Rarity to Facet's workshop, where she was able to get her spear enhanced with the leftover pieces of the Rainbow Shell. She didn't say much to either Facet or Sapphire, but she did apologize and thank them for everything. After receiving the spear, Facet surprised her by hugging her tightly, wishing her well.

She didn't have the heart to tell him what her fate was.

The way back to the group was quiet, as most of this journey was at this point. Then again, what was there really to say? This was it, her final fight. It wasn't like she could make plans afterward. If she thought about it too much, she'd get sick to her stomach. It was better for her to just face it when she got there.

At the top floor, they saw everyone sitting around waiting for them. Rarity and Applejack went to join them by the portal.

“So, is everyone ready?” Applejack asked.

“I guess so,” Twilight said, “I don't think there's anything else we need to do.”

“I have my new spear, so I'll be alright,” Rarity said pulling it out to examine it. It had the same handle, but the blade now had a rainbow tint to it like everyone else's weapons.

“Dash, you figure out what behind portal?” Fluttershy asked. DASH-379 shook her head.

“I apologize, but I still cannot get an accurate reading on the other side,” she said, “It would appear that the other side almost doesn't truly exist. However, I can definitely confirm that a power presence is there somewhere.”

“That's probably Lavos,” Pinkamena said, “Scary as it is, he might be waiting for us.”

“You mean that giant bug is sentient?!” Twilight shuddered, “That's wrong on so many levels!”

“We can't be sure that he's thinking on the same level as us though,” Applejack said, “Somehow, I highly doubt something that's able to devour time and space would have a consciousness we'd be able to understand.”

“Applejack is right,” Rarity said folding her arms, “Besides, what does it matter in the end? Either way, he's still half of a paradox that we need to fix if the universe is going to stand a chance," she and Twilight briefly met eyes as she said that, " Let's go. There's no going back, and nowhere else to go. Let's head inside and face Lavos.”

“Right,” Twilight said standing next to Rarity, “Time to put an end to this.”

The six of them walked through the portal, hearts pounding as they had no idea what would be waiting for them.

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There was a bright flash, and Rarity found herself… home.

She looked around and saw that she was in Canterlot. However the atmosphere felt oddly right to her. She felt comfortable, and safe. She looked behind her and got the shock of a lifetime. She saw her house. It looked the way it was supposed to look.

“I don't believe it…” Rarity said softly, tearing up, “I'm… home.”

“No Rarity, you're not,” a familiar voice said behind her with a sigh. She turned around and saw a familiar face standing behind her, wearing her usual black leather jacket.

“SUNSET!!!” Rarity cried embracing her, “I've been looking everywhere for you! For a while, I thought that you had died!”

“Nope, I'm alive and well as you can see,” Sunset said returning the hug laughing a bit, “I've been hiding from Lavos since we got separated.”

“Is this real?” Rarity asked desperately, “Is it really you?”

“Yes, it's me,” Sunset said, “I could only project myself to Twilight in short bursts, but right now you're talking to the real me,” she stepped back and looked into Rarity's eyes smiling in relief, “I'm so happy that you're okay, Rarity.”

Rarity looked around, shocked to see that they were alone, “W-where are the others?”

“I already led them to Canterlot High,” Sunset said, “I wanted to talk to you personally about all of this. Come.”

Sunset walked on ahead down the direction of Canterlot High, and Rarity followed. Canterlot was as nice as active as she remembered it. The streets were clean, the people were nice, and the colors were all so vibrant.

“This place is really great, isn't it?” Sunset asked.

“Yes… it truly is…” Rarity said softly, smiling wistfully, “But… how is it here?”

“It's here because you're here,” Sunset explained, “This world is fragile, and can only exist with you in it. I've learned quite a lot since our worlds vanished. You see, when you survived the car accident, it created another reality that was centered around your existence. A sort of reality bubble if you would.”

“But why did it have such a drastic effect?” Rarity asked, “I mean, when one does an action, there's another world formed where that action didn't happen, right?”

“That's right,” Sunset said, “Keep going.”

“But… for some reason when I survived my car accident, it messed up the entire flow,” Rarity said looking down, “Why is that…?”

Sunset sighed, “You see, time doesn't just flow smoothly like people think. There are certain points in time called “fixed events” or “singularity points”. In those points, whatever is happening in that world HAS to happen in that same manner. There can't be any other outcomes.”

“And my death just happened to fall into one of those singularity points, is that it?” Rarity asked harshly. Sunset closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“Sadly, that's exactly right,” Sunset stated, “There isn't a divine meaning behind it, you didn't do anything wrong, there isn't some high up being out to get you. You're car accident just so happened to be in line with a singularity point.”

“Was this why you wanted to meet with me privately?” Rarity asked rubbing her arm, “So you could explain this to me?”

“I wanted you to understand why this happened,” Sunset said, “I… saw the whole Nightmare Crystal thing.”

Rarity winced, “Not my most graceful moment.”

“Hey, it's no worse than turning into a demon and trying to take over the world with an army of zombified teenagers, am I right?” Sunset asked. That got a laugh out of Rarity.

“I guess now we really have something in common, don't we?” Rarity asked.

“I guess so,” Sunset said, both of them laughing again, “Tell me, what happened to you there?”

Rarity took a deep breath, “I was hurt. I don't know who I was angry at, or what, but I felt like I was being told that my life didn't have any value. Like in order for the world to live on, it had to leave me behind.”

“Rarity, that's not true at all,” Sunset stopped them and placed her hands on her shoulders, “Don't you see, it's the exact opposite. Your life has so much value that it affected the entire universe. Also, you matter a lot to us. Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Twilight, and me. You impacted our lives more than you realize. Think back to Standard. Remember how different everyone was there?”

She did. It was so jarring the first time. Seeing an Applejack that was prissy, seeing a Rainbow Dash that wasn't confident, seeing a Pinkie Pie that wasn't super bubbly and popular, seeing a Fluttershy that wasn't the sweetest person in the world, and seeing a Twilight that wasn't a child prodigy.

“You're existence allowed all of us to become better than we were originally,” Sunset explained, “Maybe you didn't have as direct an impact on some as you did others, but the end result was still the same. You brought out the best in all of us. I truly wish that your death wasn't on a singularity point. That way, on SOME dimension we could have experienced the joy of having you in our lives.”

“Sunset…” Rarity said, tearing up smiling. Sunset hugged her tightly.

“I know that this sacrifice is hard. It's hard for all of us. Just know that you were truly my best friend, Rarity. I wish I didn't have to send you to fight Lavos, knowing full well what it means for you. But if we don't do this…”

“I know,” Rarity said softly, returning the embrace, “I truly get it now. This whole thing was a cosmic accident that went on too long, and it's time that it's fixed. I have no resentment for you, Celestia, or anyone else involved in this. I at least got to have a wonderful life. I had a great family, lived in a nice neighborhood, went to a great school, had adventures, and most of all,” Rarity tightened the embrace, “I had six of the greatest friends in the world. I loved living, and I love all of you. If me giving my existence can on some level help protect all of you, then I do it proudly.”

“You truly are beautiful, Rarity,” Sunset said, “I can see why Twilight fell in love with you.”

The two of them continued walking to the school, arms wrapped around each other. Now this was the send off Rarity wanted. Getting to see her friends, seeing a sky that she remembered, and most of all getting the confirmation that her life truly did have meaning.

Oh Sunset, thank you.

Thank you for everything.

When they arrived in the school, Sunset and Rarity walked right inside, going into the gymnasium. It was in there that they saw Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Twilight, but instead of their alternate forms from their different worlds, they all looked like how she remembered them.

“Rarity!” Twilight cried running into Rarity's arms, “We were so worried when we didn't see you!”

“As was I,” Rarity said, “I'm surprised. You all look so… human.”

“Ugh, I know, right?” Rainbow Dash groaned leaning back in her chair, “I was a super fighting robot, and now I'm just a boring old teenager again! Lame!”

“I don't mind this,” Fluttershy said softly, “Besides, you're still awesome to me, Rainbow Dash.”

Rainbow Dash smiled as she and Fluttershy embraced tightly, “Thanks, Fluttershy.”

Rarity smiled seeing that. It was nice to see Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy how she remembered them being so close.

“So, why did we revert to our normal forms?” Applejack asked, accent back in full, “Not that this ain't nice, but Ah sorta need the Masamune.”

“I bet it's just because we came here, right Sunset?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Pretty much, yeah,” Sunset explained, “This world is controlled by Rarity's psyche, so you guys took on your appearances based on how she remembers you. Don't worry, you guys are still who you're supposed to be and will have all of your gear when you fight Lavos.”

“Speaking of Lavos, where is he?” Fluttershy asked, “We all emerged from the base of the statue.”

“Yeah, and I'm sure if we go through there again we'll just be back in the Edge of Time,” Pinkie Pie said.

“The pathway to Lavos is in the back alleyway of the school,” Sunset said, “Sadly I can't fight him with you, so it'll be completely up to you six.”

“We totally got this,” Rainbow Dash said, “Just another day at the office, right?”

“Whenever you guys are ready then, I'll lead you there.” Sunset said.

“I think I'm ready now,” Twilight said, “What's waiting another few minutes going to do?”

“Yes, I agree with Twilight,” Rarity said, “If everyone else is ready, I vote for going right to Lavos.”

“Hell yeah,” Rainbow Dash said, she and Fluttershy rising up, “We're ready.”

“One hundred percent,” Fluttershy added.

“This is gonna be the ultimate party!” Pinkie Pie cheered, “Let's go!”

“Honestly, Ah'll feel safer in my armor anyway,” Applejack said rubbing her arm, “So my vote's a definite.”

“Alright then,” Sunset said turning to the door, “Follow me girls.”

As they all exited out the back way, Rarity ran over to Rainbow Dash, “So… there's something that's been on my mind for a while.”

“Yeah? What's that?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“You're robot form is rather um… top heavy,” Rarity said, loving how red Rainbow Dash's face turned.

Rainbow Dash took a deep breath, “Alright, but I'm only telling you okay? I'm… actually a D-Cup. I wore a binder all the time to hide it so I wouldn't get that sort of attention.”

“That didn't seem to bother you as Athena,” Rarity stated.

“Well when you're a robot, things like your appearance don't really matter,” Rainbow Dash said.

“Promise me something, Rainbow Dash,” Rarity said, “That after all of this, you'll start taking true pride in yourself, even if you exist as Athena. You're truly beautiful, Rainbow Dash.”

“Yeah? Well… I suppose I do owe ya,” Rainbow Dash held her hands behind her head, “Think of it as my way of paying my respects.”

Rarity nodded smiling, content to leave it at that. When they arrived in the back alleyway, they all saw a red orb of energy floating in the far end. Something about seeing that made Rarity feel really uneasy for some reason.

end song

“This is as far as I can go,” Sunset said, “Once you approach that, this space will collapse, and you'll be facing the true Lavos.”

“No time to prepare, huh?” Rainbow Dash said cracking her knuckles, “Just how I like it.”

“Rarity, are you sure you're ready for this,” Twilight asked taking her hand.

“More than ready,” Rarity said, “Sunset, thank you for everything. We'll take it from here.”

Sunset nodded, “I believe in you. Rarity, everyone, good luck.”

The six of them approached the red sphere. When they were about half way though, they felt a powerful presence around them.

So… yet another Chrono Trigger…

You have finally come to face me…

The voice was terrifying. Everywhere, yet nowhere. Loud, yet still a whisper. Everyone stopped and looked around.

“You're Lavos, aren't you?” Rarity asked.

That is the name the people gave me…

You may use it…

“How about I call you toast instead?!” Rainbow Dash shouted, “Cause that's what you're gonna be when we're done with you!” a terrifying laughter echoed around them.

How bold… but to me…

You are little more than in insect…

Do you desire your end so soon…?

“We ain't dyin at the hands of you, Lavos!” Applejack said.

“You're done terrorizing people and destroying time lines!” Fluttershy shouted.

Even if I were to die…

I would simply return in some way…

As long as time exists… so shall I…

There is nothing you can do to stop me…

“Don't underestimate us, Lavos!” Pinkie Pie shouted.

“Rarity is with us, and we have the Chrono Cross!” Twilight proclaimed, “This is it, Lavos! You're last day existing is today!”

Then let us test this…

Come, Chrono Trigger…

Face me… as the two before you have…

I will enjoy ending your existence personally…

“Not you,” Rarity said, “You're not the one who decides my fate! My life, is in my hands! Now, let's end this, Lavos!”

All six of them heard a familiar screech, and then the sphere exploded. When everything cleared up, they all found themselves in a multicolored space back in their true forms, and standing before them was the large alien form of Lavos, in all his glory.

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Immediately he charged up an oddly colored element, and a second later he launched his Rain of Destruction move, causing white meteors to rain down on everyone without exception.

Once they recovered, Rarity charged in with her spear and slashed Lavos a few times to gather energy. She then charged up her black element and used her Grim Slash on Lavos, actually pushing him back a bit, but it was clear the attack did almost nothing in comparison to how strong he truly was.

DASH-379 flew over to Lavos and began punching and kicking him rapidly. Once she had enough energy, she charged up her yellow element and used her Lightning Leg attack. Lavos opened his mouth and roared, shooting out large green darts out of his back at DASH, knocking her back.

Applejack caught her, and she and Fluttershy both ran in to attack Lavos. Fluttershy charged up her element when she had enough energy and cast Reinforce on everyone. Applejack then cast Vigor on herself to raise her attack, and then resumed slashing at Lavos for a bit. It definitely seemed like her attacks were doing the most damage.

“This is good!” Applejack said jumping back and looking at the Masamune, “I think this blade is actually gonna work. Twilight, let's hit him hard!”

Twilight nodded and began firing her arrows at Lavos again. When it looked like Lavos was about to fire its mouth beam at her, Pinkamena grabbed her and jumped out of the way.

“Thanks Pinkamena,” Twilight said.

“No problem, bestie,” Pinkamena said, “Use your double tech with Applejack.”

Twilight shot to her feet and charged up her white element along with Applejack charging her red element. She then fired an arrow into the air creating an orb of light, which Applejack threw the Masamune through. The orb exploded into a bunch of different swords, which Applejack then proceeded to slash Lavos with each one.

Once she was done, Rarity once again charged in and attacked Lavos with her spear. To ensure she really hurt him, she charged up her black element and then pointed her hand forward, charging up what looked like a Shadow Ball. Instead, to everyone's surprise she launched Hell Wave instead. Based on how Lavos was roaring, it looked like the attack hurt.

Pinkamena charged in with her bladed hoop and spun around slashing Lavos. Once she had enough energy, she charged up her blue element and cast Party Cannon, firing point blank at Lavos.

Lavos charged up his strange element again, and this time did something odd, seeming to split up into three Lavos' and surround them.

“No!” Twilight cried, “Now there's three of them?!”

“I'm scanning Lavos now!” DASH-379 said looking at the three monsters surrounding them, “My scans still read them as a single entity! That would entail that only one of them is the real Lavos!”

“Then we attack all three to find out!” Fluttershy shouted, running on all fours to the Lavos in front of her. She slashed it a few times with her daggers, pleased to feel her energy building. She then jumped back and charged up her green energy and spun in the middle of the arena, using her Tail Spin to hit all three. When she did that, two of them fazed in and out for a second, while one Lavos just flinched.

“Target locked on!” DASH-379 shouted, flying over to the one that didn't vanish. She unloaded everything she had on Lavos, eventually having enough energy to enter her altered state, “Releasing all limiters! Activating ATHENA Mode!”

Applejack charged in and slashed with her sword. Once she had enough energy, she and DASH-379 charged up their elements, and then used Beat Rush on Lavos. The attack caused the other two to fade away.

Twilight fired her arrows at Lavos to gather energy, and then cast Healing Stream on everyone. With her remaining energy, she charged up her element again, “Spike! Help us!”

Spike's howl echoed around them, and a barrage of Shadow Balls fired at Lavos from above. Spike landed next to Twilight and barred his teeth looking up at the large alien creature.

Rarity charged at Lavos again with her spear and slashed, but Lavos cut her off by charging up his multicolored element again, this time casting Rains of Destruction on everyone, knocking everyone except for Rarity and DASH-379 to the ground.

When Rarity saw that, she felt her darkness rising. This time though, she was sure she could command it, so she charged up her black element, “JUST DIE!!!” she shouted, spinning her spear over her head and shifting into her Shadow Form. Shadow Rarity slashed Lavos wildly with both spear and claws, actually knocking the large creature back. She then looked at Spike and nodded. Spike nodded to her and charged up his black element, changing into a black shadow form himself. Both he and Rarity dashed past Lavos at high speed slashing him for massive damage.

Once their attack stopped, Fluttershy charged in and slashed with her daggers to gather energy. Once she had enough, she jumped away and charged up her green element, casting Razor Leaf on Lavos. Twilight then quickly joined in to attack with her arrows. She then cast Mass Rejuvenation on everyone.

DASH-379 flew around Lavos as he fired his blue beam out of his mouth at her, also firing from her arm cannon. She then landed and charged up her element, and fired her Charged Shot at Lavos. Pinkamena threw her hoop at Lavos and ran forward, catching it as it flew back and then sliding on it toward Lavos. She then proceeded to violently slash Lavos, then casting Ice Wall on the large creature.

She jumped away just in time as Lavos fired his large green darts in her direction. Rarity and Spike shifted out of their Shadow Forms and landed next to Twilight.

“Are we hurting him?” Rarity asked.

“I honestly have no idea!” Twilight cried, “This thing is stronger than anything we've ever faced!”

“No, we're hurting him,” Applejack said with a confident smile, “I can feel it. We're actually doing something this time! If we hit him hard enough, he'll crack!”

“Twilight, use your double technique with Rainbow Dash,” Rarity said, “Applejack and I will buy you some time.”

The two of them charged at Lavos and attacked with their weapons, while Twilight ran over to DASH-379's side as she exited ATHENA Mode.

“Think you got another strong one in you?” Twilight asked.

“Affirmative!” DASH stated. Both of them charged up their elements and pointed their weapons forward, firing at Lavos with their Full Assault.

Lavos, who had more or less remained stationary, actually moved back away from the group, phasing into an odd looking portal. Another one opened to the side and a blue beam of energy shot out. Mostly everyone dodged, but sadly it hit Fluttershy and knocked her down.

“Fluttershy!” DASH-379 cried. She rushed forward and started violently firing into the portal, but it soon vanished. Another one appeared right next to DASH, and Lavos flew out tackling DASH before phasing into another portal.

Applejack tried to brace herself, but a portal opened above her and a blue laser shot down knocking her back. “Damn it! What's going on here?!”

“Lavos is the master of time and space!” Pinkamena fussed, “He was just toying with us before, but I think he's serious now!”

“How we fight Lavos now?!” Fluttershy asked, jumping away as another beam shot out, “Nothing we do hit him anymore!”

Rarity looked around at the field at the ensuing chaos, and then at her hand. She had the power to stop this, and possibly give everyone what they needed to finish him off. To do that though, she'd have to...

“Twilight, it's time for me to go,” Rarity said softly. Twilight looked at Rarity in horror.

“What do you mean?” Twilight asked, “Rarity, you're not going to-”

“I have to,” Rarity said, not once turning to Twilight, “If I don't, Lavos is going to kill us all. So I need you to use Chrono Cross on me one last time, but this time focus on correcting the paradox that Lavos and I are creating.”

“You're asking me to kill you?!” Twilight asked, “Rarity, why?!”

“Because I trust you more than anyone,” Rarity said, her accent gone, “This is the only way to stop Lavos. My life, for the universe's. Please Twilight.”

As she spoke, a single tear fell from Rarity eyes. Twilight on the other hand let her tears flow freely as the thought of using Chrono Cross again on Rarity hurt more than even when she was poisoned.

Mistress, you must do this.

Twilight looked down at Spike, who looked up at her with a somber expression.

This I fear is the only way to stop Lavos at full power. You and Rarity must combine your powers and draw Lavos completely into this realm. Do that, and he won't be able to warp dimensions any longer.

Twilight clearly hated this, but she wiped her eyes, nodded, and rose to her feet taking Rarity's hand.

“Alright…” Twilight said softly, “Let's finish this now…”

Despite her tears, Rarity smirked. The two of them both stepped forward, walking into the middle of the arena. The two of them charged up their respective elements, and then Rarity rushed toward one of the portals. At the same time, Twilight pointed her glowing arrow at Rarity, and fired it. Said arrow hit Rarity, but it didn't hurt her. Instead she was engulfed in a bright light as she jumped through the portal. Everyone was shocked as lights shined all around them, almost as if the entire space around them was being attacked. A few seconds later, they saw hundreds of Lavos' all around them, but they all converged into one solid entity that landed onto the ground before them. (Double Tech: Chrono Reflect)

Rarity appeared and landed on the ground off to the side on one knee, but she was holding her chest in pain. She looked down at her hand and saw that it was slowly beginning to vanish.

“Not yet…!” Rarity said tightening her fist, “I'm… not done yet…!”

Spike immediately rushed toward Lavos and thrashed wildly attacking him to gather energy. He then jumped back and charged up his element, launching his rapid fire Shadow Balls at Lavos.

Lavos rose up and it looked like he was trying to go someplace, but realized that he couldn't move outside of the arena. DASH-379 and Fluttershy both charged at him and attacked him, and then charged up their elements using their double tech Hurricane on Lavos, who this time fell onto his side.

Pinkamena ran past Lavos charging up her blue element, and then set a few more of her Party Cannons around, setting all of them to fire at Lavos at the same time. When that was done, Lavos slowly rose back upright and charged up his multicolored element, but was forced to stop as Rarity charged at him with her spear and slashed him with everything she had. She ended her assault on Lavos by impaling him in the mouth with her spear.

“Now Applejack! Finish him off!” Rarity shouted. Applejack readied the Masamune and charged at Lavos screaming. She then jumped into the air, and cam down with her strongest slash, which looked like it actually sliced through the dimensions a bit it was so powerful.

Lavos began screaming uncontrollably as his entire body began to explode. Everyone gathered around watching the Time Devourer slowly fade away, his whole body and being vanishing before their very eyes. After a few seconds to a minute, both he and the sound of his cries of pain vanished as if they were never there at all.

end song

It was done. They had defeated Lavos.

Before anyone could celebrate, Rarity held her head and fell to ground.

“RARITY!!!” everyone screamed, Twilight quickly catching her and lying her down on her lap.

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“Looks like… we did it…” Rarity said softly, breathing heavily, “I certainly hope we did it… because… I think I'm done now…”

Fluttershy looked down at Rarity's legs, seeing them slowly vanish. She covered her mouth in horror and knelt down next to them.

“No no no!” Fluttershy cried, “What happen?! Why Rarity disappearing!”

“She used up her potential energy when she drew Lavos into this dimension,” Celestia said walking toward them. Everyone except for Rarity turned to her in shock.

“What does that mean?!” Applejack asked turning to Celestia.

“I believe… she is saying that Rarity used the energy she uses to exist in order to stop Lavos…” DASH-379 said, her mechanical voice low and somber.

“Why are you… so surprised…?” Rarity asked with a soft laugh, “We all knew… how this was going… to end...”

Pinkamena closed her eyes and turned away, "Damn it... Why did this have to happen...?

“Celestia… what will happen… to my friends…?” Rarity asked.

“Once this space vanishes, they will all be returned to their respective worlds,” Celestia explained, “The worlds will regenerate, and the flow of time will be started again as it should.”

Rarity closed her eyes looking relieved, “Good… then I can… fade from existence… happily…”

“No… NO!!!” Twilight cried, “Even if you die, you're not going to just disappear!”

“Twilight dear,” Celestia said softly, “Rarity will no longer exist. That means that… even your memories will-”

“I don't care!” Twilight shouted, “I'm not letting go of Rarity! If all I can hold onto is a memory, then that's what I'll do! I'll keep her memory forever!”

“I do the same!” Fluttershy sobbed, “Not forget Rarity! Never forget Rarity!”

“I do not see how I could forget Rarity,” DASH-379 said kneeling down next to Fluttershy and Twilight, “As a machine, my memory is perfect. Her existence will be secure within my CPU.”

“Whether this Rarity, or my teacher, I'll always keep Rarity close to my heart as well,” Applejack said, kneeling down on Rarity's other side and taking her hand, “Rest, teacher. You deserve it.”

“Yeah… you do,” Pinkamena said, kneeling down next to Applejack, “Don't worry. I'll make sure all the worlds know that you gave your life for us all.”

Rarity looked up at all of them, and smiled warmly, “Thank you… thank you all so much…!” she started crying a bit, “You girls… are the greatest friends… anyone could ask for…! I'm happy that I got to protect all of you…! I love you all… so… much…!”

“We love you too… Rarity…” Twilight said, smiling despite her tears, “I promise… I'll never forget you.”

Rarity reached up to take Twilight hand, grasping it as tightly as she could.

“Thank you Twilight…” Rarity said softly, her entire body starting to become transparent, “Thank you… for being my light…”

“Thank you for being mine,” Twilight said. She sat Rarity up, and the two of them embraced one last time as Rarity's entire body began to fade away, “Good bye Rarity…! I'll miss you…!”

“Good bye… Twilight…” Rarity said, completely disappearing while still in Twilight's embrace. Twilight broke down at that moment as the area around them turned white.

"Good bye... Rarity..."