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One year ago, Twilight and her friends were on the verge of creating a new type of magic. Unfortunately there was an accident, resulting in the disappearance of one of Twilight's closest friends. Though devastated, she moved forward, creating a means of powering machines with this new magic, which was now forever intertwined with the world.

It's been a year since Apple Bloom's sister vanished. Since then, she's been in a constant state of depression, unable to even enjoy time with her friends. She's all but given up on life itself, as she has lost all will to live. That changes when she finds a mysterious artifact which grants her power in the form of a blue suit of armor, and forms an unlikely alliance with Princess Luna. She'll need this power if she's to protect her world from a strange threat somehow connected to Twilight's experiment. If she's lucky, she might even discover what happened to her sister.

If she's unlucky, she'll lose everything else.

This takes place a year after the CMC get their Cutie Marks.
Rated T for violence, strong language, and suggestive content.

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 131 )

I love it already here have a favorite :)

Okay I got to admit. This was a great chapter. Being a fan Kengi Inafunes work of Megaman including the Starforce and ZX era games this story is off to a good start so far. Can't wait to see what you do next Sapphire.:raritystarry::heart:

I like it, and I'm looking forward to more.

not bad hope to see more

Ok, not bad! It been a while since I did my own, but keep going, I want to see where this leads.

Hm.... I'm.... unsure as of this moment.... I'll give it a read later see if the Mane 6 survive or not.

Why do I just get the feeling that Proto Mare is someone that Apple Bloom knows?

Like maybe Applejack?

Hm, Battle network huh? I got almost all of them, minus 1 and 2. And I only play the first starforce game. Wonder how Apple Bloom will react to her answer? Waiting for the next chapter! Rock on!

6609405 no contest, putting together the accent, her attitude, overall strength and recklessness?

Ha, well, this was a fun "Press L to Luna" chapter. xD

I've never been that good at this series. Half because I didn't like the deck building and often rng moments with the design, but mostly because I was too into the Z series and X games. But the Game Cube version added a nice mix of classic stage designs with Network Battle grids. It was also just evil. EVIL. Gamecube version that is. :P

Can't wait for the next chapter. Really loved how emotional Apple Bloom was in this, the fear and confusion was well portrayed even the uncontrolled tears for feeling like she got in trouble. Or something. Poor Bloom. <3

Keep it up!

6609676 Yeah, that's what has me suspecting that it's her.

My main question, though? Why the blue blaze hell would she be working for Sombra, of all ponies?!

Hmm, I get a Taurus Fire feeling from that ending of the chapter. Apple Bloom needs to be strong, for Applejack. I'm also just going off a limb and call Pipsqueak form Guts Stallion until the next chapter comes out. Rock on!

Next up is the fight between the two Mana ponies. And Mega Mare to the rescue. Rock on!

I'm reading! It's good! Unfortunately, I have no money.

6627457 Hey, I don't care that you don't have money. As long as you're reading it I'm happy. :twilightsmile:

I almost forgot, every time you have Apple Bloom transform this plays in my head,

The season didn't make a US version, but I love this theme! Rock On!

6627570 :rainbowderp:

Holy hell, this is awesome.

Thank you, not just for this, but showing that you care this much about the story. Seriously, you are fantastic for this.

6627607 Thanks!:twilightsmile: I'm a Megaman fan and this is a good story. Keep it up! Rock On!

The blue armored mare turned to Diamond Tiara, “Ya alright?” she asked.
“Y-yes...” Diamond Tiara said, blushing, “Thank you for saving me. Um… who are you…?”

Looks like the beginning of a Superman/Lois Lane relationship. :twilightblush:

:applejackconfused:Why are the chaos emeralds the picture when its a mega man crossover?

6630444 They are not the Chaos Emeralds.

Mega Mare (AKA Apple Bloom) Vs Garnet Crush (AKA Pipsqueak) this will be trouble

Nice, wonder who next? Better wait until the next chapter then. Rock On!

How come she didn't recognize her now?!

It's amazing how people in fiction are dense. They always cannot see the obivious. :ajsmug:

“Don't remind me,” Apple Bloom groaned, “That was so awkward, having Diamond Tiara go all gaga over me, callin me her hero and stuff.”

Yeah right, ackward. :scootangel:

So Garnet Crush was based on which megaman's bosses ? My guess was Fefnir, but now I really don't know. :twilightoops:

6640438 i'd say Gutsman.EXE and Taurus Fire personally. Fafnir was more of a blood knight though, so probably not him.

Huh a boss that has the ground quake of Fafnir, the power of gutsman, and the size of Tarous fire. :twilightsmile:
Love the combo.

6640438 He represents Guts Man in this story, but his appearance is supposed to represent Taurus Fire.

There's one instance in the chapter where it says Mega Man instead of Mega Mare. (I can't quote it right now because I'm on mobile.)

look like sapphire will be next

Hmm another Mana Stone. Apple Bloom, you're about to face somepony who well known this time. Rock on!

Sapphire shores is a different character to use for this part but no doubt that it'll be fun to face her.
But the jokes with Luna sleeping with Applebloom was funny.:rainbowlaugh:

Oh boy, what did Sapphire get herself into to? Apple Bloom got to be more careful next time around Diamond Tiara. Is she really in control of her new form? I doubt it, Heck I don't know if Proto Mare has control of herself. Well let see in the next chapter! Rock On!

boy did I called it or what

Just stop with the tf sequence, they are boring and so similar. We get it the first time. :pinkiecrazy:

6662092 The transformation sequence will slow down soon, only used to highlight important transformations. I'm trying to capture how the TV show (Star Force) would have done it.

Oh Sweetie, you never listen. =(

Great work so far, Libra. While I likely won't be able to read much fanfiction in the coming months, it's been a wonderful crossover so far and I can't wait to get back to it soon as I can. Though I can't comment on every chapter (that Helpless chapter was awesome but then again so was the whole setup and execution of that whole Pipsqueak arc), I have been enjoying this story immensely. You've really improved. Keep up the fantastic job, hope to see another chapter before the end of the month. ;3

EDIT: Posted the top part in the wrong chapter. But yeah, Sweetie needs to leave Sapphire alone xD

I been meaning to ask, will Apple Bloom get transformations? Like how Mega Man EXE has Style change then later Double Soul and Mega Man Starforce with different transformations each game?

6689603 She might, but I'm not sure. I'm hoping to make this a series, so probably not for the first story.

I like the story I have two things that bugged me: 1 ) Is the link between Luna and Applebloom called a Mega link or Mana Link? It'd make sense if it was mana,since this is the world of Equestria,where magic is a common thing. You seen to use both terms,but you seem to use Mega link more.

2)Also,I'd like it if you explored the world more and how Twilight's invention of Mana shards have affected ponykind. It's stated in the first chp that the shards can power machines,so why not explore what came out of that?

I like the story bit there are 2 things that bugged me. 1) Is the connection that luna and Applebloom established called a Mega link or Mana link? You seem to use both terms a lot. It would make sense if it was mana link,considering Equestria ' s magical nature.
2) I would like it if you explore more aspects of this world. Twilight made the mana shard which can be put into machines,so wouldn't that affect technology development,in leaps and bounds for Equestria?Maybe you could explore that more in upcoming chps. Actually,I'm not sure what the difference between a Mana Stone and a Mana Shard is. Is a mana shard something that a non unicorn can use to cast spells? Or is it only something that a mana stone can do?

3) In Helpless, Luna says that magic isn't just drawn from the Mana zone,but from inside a pony,but doesn't this contradict the first chp where the previous theory of magic was disproven (where ponies draw magic from themselves), replacing it with that Ponies draw magic from the mana field for passive(AJ's strength)and active magic?(Twilight's spells) Actually I thought that the link ONLY took Lunas active magic(spells),not her passive magic (super strength). If it took her passive magic,wouldn't that mean that her dream walker abilities would be gone too or her moon raising abilities? I don't feel like you explain this very well and it doesn't feel consistent.

6704700 I'm having a bit of trouble explaining the world, but this is going to be a long story, so I'll explain all of that over time. Thank you your input though.

Okay,but is the link called a Mana or Mega link? I assume that your reply is for all my questions?

6704714 Mega Link. That's how Apple Bloom came up with the name "Mega Mare".

This is out of curiosity,but why did Luna call it a Mana Link? I hope you show us how Bloom and Luna became friends. She seemed quite familiar with Bloom. Does it have to do with the first time she went into Blooms dreams? (Sleepless in Ponyville)This is my last set of questions I promise.

Hurry Apple Bloom...err Mega Mare! It was a long wait but glad you got the next chapter up. I'm trying to work on a story that base on a game coming out in February, call Mighty No. 9. It the spiritual successor of Mega Man. I'm also using a CMC member in the story, Scootaloo. I made a blog telling a little bit of the plot. I'm still planing on it.

6704731 When she called it a Mana Link that was a typo, which I need to get back to. And yes, Luna became friends with all of the CMC after entering their dreams. They didn't have much contact before this, but they were still close.

“Bi-polar depression is very hard to medicate. Most ponies claim to feel like they're in a fog or going through gelatin when under medication,” Luna looked to the side sadly, “I had wanted to open research for better medicines, but the new age sciences of the world do not indulge older outlooks.”


One more thing,this bugs me on a grammar/technical level. You tend to use a lot of human terminology,where it shouldnt be in this story. For example,in chp 1 you said the figure 'pressed their hand against a rune' or 'Applebloom ran'. This doesn't make sense. There are more slip ups like this in other chps too.These are ponies,not humans,keep that in mind.

6705525 This IS an anthro story, so the characters do have humanized features. So they do have hands and fingers.

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