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Azure Sandora

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It was going to be a normal day. The best kind of day, one where nothing out of the ordinary happened. No pony princesses from another world, no ancient divas trying to take over the school, and no teenagers randomly turning into demons and breaking reality. Just school, cheerleading practice, and then spend the rest of the day playing video games or watching anime. That's what the day was supposed to be.
The first two did happen, but unfortunately she never did make it home. Upon leaving practice, a strange light shoots down from the sky on top of her.

And from there, her entire world went dark...

Our story picks up here. The story of a former bully who due to circumstances outside of her control, came to inherit great power, and eventually became Earth's greatest hero.

This is the story... of MegaMan Azure.

This story accepts the canon of Equestria Girls up to Friendship Games to the letter, with the exception of everyone having human colored skin. Anything beyond that isn't valid to this story unless it appears in the story.

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It looked like a magic wand of some sort, with a light blue trail of magic behind it, vaguely in the shape of a crescent moon.

*loud squeeing only dogs can hear* BEST PONY!

I keep seeing 999 today, more frequently than usual. The app, all the sites online, they all say the same thing. Essentially, end of a chapter in my life.


I don't want to die yet.

Nobody wants to die.

OMG Trixie! Bon Bon and I heard what happened! Call me when you get this, PLEASE! I need to know my BFF is okay!

Trixie and Lyra are friends. Neat.

Staring back at her was a young Caucasian girl who definitely looked about 16 at the youngest. She had long light blue hair with white highlights, sharp purple eye and features, and was currently wearing a dark pink lipstick, almost purple. Underneath her hospital gown, she could tell she had a slender build, kinda top heavy but not too much, and lifting the gown a bit revealed very nice, somewhat shapely legs.

Very nice.

“Your classmate brought you in earlier today. I think she said her name was Rarity.

Rarity? Unexpected.

“Memory loss can be tricky to recover from,” the nurse said, gently raising the covers over Trixie, “But if you want my advice,” Trixie nodded, “Don't worry about who you were. Now that you have a name, and you remember basic things, focus on who you'll be now. Just take your time, go easy on yourself, and be natural, okay?” the nurse smiled kindly.

I like you.

Questions for another time, Trixie thought with a yawn. It didn't take long for the soothing darkness of sleep to consume her.

Sleep helps.

Nameste, lovely people~ :twilightsmile:

What's that even mean, anyway?

“I… heard someone,” Trixie said slowly, “He said to me…” she closed her eyes and frowned, trying to remember the voice's words, “Ugh! Damn it. It's fading…” her shoulders dropped, and she moaned in frustration and disappointment.

Dreams do that.

Trixie laughed a bit from that joke. It wasn't overly funny, but it certainly helped her relax a bit more.

I've been there.

“Don't worry about it,” Miss Redheart smiled kindly, taking Trixie's hand into her own, “I became a nurse because I wanted to help people, so just getting to meet you is payment enough for me.”

Neutral Good.

“Oh, Trixie you are a riot! You really had me going there for a second. I thought you seriously had amnesia for a second.”

She does.

I better keep those thoughts in check. Don't want a big head.

Says the once Great and Powerful Trixie.

“I can't imagine you'd lie about something like that,” Rarity said, “Maybe it's naive, but I prefer to take people at their word unless they give me reason not to. Besides, you look so stressed right now.”

Fair enough.

“You can't tell, but we're actually quite well off,” Rarity explained, leaning into the fridge looking for something, “Dad's really good with stocks, and Mom's good with managing money. Thanks to that combination, we don't want for anything.”

Huh. Headcanon accepted.

Trixie turned around with a start, and almost did a double take. The girl was clearly younger than Rarity; based off her voice at least she had to be about fifteen at the oldest. She had long, curly pink and light purple hair, and light green eyes. Her attire however, consisted of a black and purple one piece skirt that was surprisingly short and hugged her growing figure nicely, black leather jacket, black fingerless gloves, fishnet stockings, and black high heeled boots. For make-up she wore black eyeliner and blood red lipstick.

Slightly goth Sweetie Belle? Not expecting that.

“Yeah… I remember,” Sweetie Belle nodded, her eyes never leaving Trixie, “How does that connect to Beatrix being here?”

Beatrix, wow, she does NOT like her considering basically everyone calls her Trixie.

Something told her she wasn't the nicest to that girl in the black.

Their relationship seems a bit strained at the moment, yes.

Interesting. Very interesting.

Still very interesting.

What have you done to Sweetie Belle?

I am a simple man. I see an Azure Sandora story, I fave.

Nice fresh story. Interesting that Trixie is the main here. Can't wait to see what happens.

“Dark… code…” Trixie said, a hand over her suddenly racing heart. She had no idea why, but for some reason the phrase “dark code” brought a deep seated dread from within.

It would likely mean more if I had ever played any Mega Man. ever.

Maybe because deep down, she felt like she had probably been a pretty shitty daughter on top of being a bully to Sweetie Belle.


“What sort of person… was I…?” Trixie sobbed.

A far worse one than in canon apparently.

Sure, she didn't have her memories back, but she had a true friend now. One that she made.


There she saw Sweetie Belle, still dressed in her goth attire, staring down at them from the top of the stairs. She was breathing heavily, eyes narrowed and lips curled in a hate filled snarl. She was flexing her fingers, clearly trying to stay in control.

She is LIVID.

She didn't know if Sweetie Belle was the type to carry knives, but she didn't want to find out.


“Hello,” the new girl said, her voice really soft and breathy, kind of hard to hear, if Trixie was being completely honest.

I forget how much more, well, quiet, human YellowQuiet is compared to the pony one.

“Hi,” Trixie said waving, “You are too quiet.”


Twilight? Applejack? Too many names! Trixie couldn't keep up with all of them!

Boy would you be confused if you tried to understand My Hero Academia.

“Applejack, darling~” Rarity skipped over to the hat wearing girl, who immediately scooped her up into her arms and planted a loving kiss on Rarity's lips. Well, that made their relationship pretty clear.

I see that you are still a Rarijack shipper. I forget, are you a Paladin or Cleric of the Church or Rarijack?

“Trixie it is then. Can I still give you that hug I was planning on giving you?” Pinkie Pie asked. Trixie laughed, and nodded. Pinkie Pie immediately wrapped her arms around her, not so tight that Trixie couldn't breathe, but tight enough where Trixie was surprised, “I'd introduce you to Twilight and Sunset next, but they're inside already researching the alien beam of light that shot down on you.”

They would be.

“I didn't have to do this, ya know,” Rainbow Dash taunted, “I'll accept a kiss on the hand as payment this time, but only cause I like ya. Next time, cash only.”

*head tilt* RainbowTrix? TrixieDash?

“You've got to be kidding me,” Sweetie Belle said, shaking her head incredulously, “They actually believe that bitch's sob story?”

You LOATHE her.

Actually, the Dark Code is something that I created, so you wouldn't know much about that yet.

Doesn't sound out of place in Megaman Network tho

Legit bro

So with what Trixie is seeing, I take it that it's the Wave World or something similar? MMSF themed?

You're certainly closer than most.

Starforce is one of my favorite series as you can no doubt guess from my username. XD

That makes me happy. You'll like this story then. I'll let you in on a secret to maximize how much enjoyment you'll get from this story. I'm writing this story with the intention that it's to Battle Network and Star Force what Legends is for the classic series.

In other words... this story is technically canon.

Well that sounds like it'll be real fun then.

I think Sweetie Belle will be Trixie first opponent as Mega Man or a opponent somewhere down the line. Take your time.

I personally prefer the Classic and X series (mainly because those are the only Mega Man series I've dabbled in), but I know from your track record (specifically Code Lyoko EG and Chrono Reflect) that anything you write will be good, so I'm looking forward to seeing this story unfold.

I think it's TrixieDash. I also think Rainbow's just joking around.

Also...there's a Church of Rarijack? How come I never heard about this?

Turned her into a goth, it would seem.


Yeah, Azure is somewhere in the Church of Rarijack but, again, not sure if Cleric or Paladin.

There is a plot relevant explanation for why Sweetie Belle is goth in this story. At least, an explanation as to how that's possible along with the canon.

Well, which is higher in ranking? I wanna say Azure is whichever status has more power in the Church of Rarijack


Clerics and Paladins can both be high ranking, I don't think there's an official ruling for which is higher ranked.

I figured that was the case, but I honestly wasn't questioning it. Your interpretations of everyone in MLP nail what makes them such great characters, so much so that my interpretations of the MLP characters featured in my Avengers-Verse fanfics take inspiration from your versions of them.

With that said, I want you to know that you're my favorite writer on this site. Of all the fanfics I've read here, Code Lyoko EG and Chrono Reflect are easily the best I've read, and I look forward to seeing how this story unfolds.

Then I don't know which one Azure is. I wanna say Paladin because it sounds cooler. Maybe she could help us figure this out.

Azure, are you a Cleric or a Paladin in the Church of Rarijack?


Paladins are cool, but Clerics get a spell that lets them pull a "Make My Monster Grow" on THEMSELVES.

Huh...interesting. Just goes to show how little I actually know about RPGs outside of Pokemon, Paper Mario, Mario & Luigi, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy.

Also, I take it you're a Bakugan fan from your profile picture being Spectra Phantom.

Or like how Chrono Reflect was a continuation of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross?


Was, more accurately, haven't seen it in years, but, yes. BUT, speaking of D&D, I'm actually doing a series called D&D in a nutshell on my blog about each of the classes in 5th edition and what you can do with the various subclasses. I recommend checking them out. I could use more than 1 person actually giving me feedback on how I'm doing and what they think.

I'm in the same boat. I still have my Bakugan collection, though, and I do still like the characters of Bakugan a lot, as their inclusion in my Avengers-Verse fanfics can attest to (even though I have yet to write the stories that feature them).

I'll be happy to check out your blog. Just keep in mind that I know next to nothing about D&D.


That'd be what my blog things are for.

True. It's still weird that I know nothing about D&D given the amount of RPGs I've played. (I haven't actually played a Final Fantasy game, but I'm at least familiar with IV, VI, and VII, and I've dabbled in Kingdom Hearts a little with Chain of Memories and Dream Drop Distance. When it comes to RPGs, I've mainly played Pokemon, Paper Mario, and Mario & Luigi.)


I've not played a lick of D&D; I'm just going off of what I know and the wiki.

I'd say I'm a cleric, honestly. I actually like playing the White Mage in RPGs.

Ah. Well, as we all know...Nobody f:yay:ks with the White Mage.

Honestly, you struck me as more of a Paladin due to Rarity's Lyoko avatars in Code Lyoko EG and Medieval Applejack being a knight in Chrono Reflect.

Nope. I just have a lot of respect for knights.

That makes sense. I have just as much respect for you.

Aw. Thank you so much. :twilightblush:

Don't mention it. You're easily my favorite writer on this site thanks to Code Lyoko EG and Chrono Reflect, which are some of the best stories I've read in recent years, and my interpretations of the MLP characters in my Avengers-Verse fanfics actually take heavy inspiration from those two stories because that's how good I thought they were.

In fact, would you be interested in checking the blog I put up recently to learn a little more about my takes on Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy?

Sure. I'll do that right now.

Sweet. Let me know what you think.

Hey, you still doing this story? We're in 2019 and you haven't updated in months.

I do want to continue this, but I'm kinda tied up with life at the moment.

LoL she is trying to be humble!

Almost 2020, Any chance of an update?

I won't say it won't happen. I enjoy this concept a lot, after all.

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