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Hello Fimfiction Writers, I am Grand-Galvatron, EQG Fimfic writer, and Supreme Ruler of the Decepticon Descendants, The Predacons!


In the Year 201X, in Neo Canterlot City, two scientists named Celestia and Luna Light tried to build a type of Android that had free thought processes like humans. They were also built to make their own decisions, unlike Robot Masters.

That is where they built the Prototype for the Reploids, which they had named Proto-Sunset. Because of its first success, many other Reploids were sold throughout the world. Even though it first started well, the Reploid's Brain Module was faulty, and it made her start having hallucinations to the point where the Reploid eventually went insane from the hallucinations. This made Celestia very distraught and she then discontinued the Reploid Project for some time.

However, years later in the year 202X, when Celestia was on her Balcony drinking Tea, she noticed something in the bushes. When she went to investigate, she saw that it was a Reploid Girl, but it seemed to be on low power mode and its memory chip was damaged beyond repair. However, this Reploid Girl looked exactly like the Prototype they built so long ago.

So after repairing it and putting in a brand new Memory Chip, Celestia decided to activate the Reploid. Instead of showing any signs of violent tendencies, it acted with kindness and curiosity, almost like a child. This Reploid's name was Sunset Shimmer, and her primary task was to help with any daily chores.

Because of this, Celestia made six other reploids that would become Sunset's closest friends.

Everything was peaceful, until Proto-Sunset returned with revenge on her mind, as she wanted to destroy all humans and her fellow Reploids for choosing to serve and coexist with humanity.

And soon machines known as Bio-Metal will meet these Reploids and transform them into the Newest Megaman.

This is the story of the Reploid 7.

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If you need a reploid OC, let me know.

Comment posted by Grand-Galvatron deleted Jul 31st, 2022

I think this is the first Megaman ZX I encountered on here.
Its pretty good.

The first one was named Twilight Sparkle, and she was made to help Celestia and Luna around the Lab and help build robots. Twilight was helped by a dog-like Psudoroid named Spike.

Why does Spike needed to still be a equivalent to a freaking pet dog here instead of a equal being though.?


Do you have to be salty all the time?

No offense, I like Spike as well. But, I don't complain about him being a dog 24/7.

( Except things like "Spike being famed/betrayed", or " Spike getting cheated/abused" stories. That's a entirely different story! And I will definitely complain about those. )

Yes, Psudoroids do talk, and are very intelligent, almost as much as Reploids.

Seeing he is still a equivalent to a pet despite this is not even taking place in primary EQG(meaning even less "sense" to make him a dog), I can't bottle it up.
I wouldn't be complaining about Spike being a dog in EQG much if it hasn't screwed him over in so many fics due to that..

I know he would talk but the issue is he is still a dog.
As in stuck as a equivalent to a pet instead of equals to the girls.
Most likely while the girls will get Bio Metals and become MegaMan(I know it sounds off without context), Spike won't be a MegaMan since its stated Psuedoroid can never be one(which is why they are called Psudoroids/Falseroids, they draw power from Bio Metal but are not truly MegaMan)

That is cool.
But it still felt like Spike got screwed since he ultimately a equivalent to a pet instead of equals with the girls.
I mean, you just said the Pseudoroids are almost intelligent as Reploids but ultimately not as intelligent as Reploids, meaning Spike is ultimately still a lower being to the Mane 7 here

Sorry if I am making a big deal about this.
I just feel bummed that Spike got the short end of the stick there..


You know? He could end up as Rush ( Megaman's/Rockman's own dog companion. ). And he is very useful!!!!

Maybe he'll be involved with the biometal transformation? He was designed specifically for Twilight.

Still wishing he's a equal being instead of a pet/walking set of tools

I have nothing against Rush(he's cool) and don't want to mean any offense about Rush but Spike is getting the short end of the stick by being someone's trusty set of tools.
He's Twilight's #1 assistant but that is not his ONLY thing, and certainly not a walking set of tools the real hero(es) use but rather is a equal being with his own life and thoughts.
It links to one of the reasons why EQG making him a dog really doesn't work, he's established as a equal sapient being from the start.

As in ultimately a suit/set of tools instead of a equal?
Though it REALLY depends on how its presented but sadly Spike is still a equivalent of a pet than an equal.

LET'S GO!!!! MEGAMAN!!! HE'S A FIGHTING ROBOT!!! MEGAMAN!!! That theme song is banger.

I hope that more is on the way

Yes, I will be continuing this story.

I'm sorry that it's taking longer than usual to update any of my stories; it's a mixture of the schoolwork that I'm doing and a lot of writers block.

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