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A long time ago, on the planet of Kamino, there are 7 of the tens of thousands of Clone Troopers that weren't made from the DNA of Jango Fett. Because of their different appearances, they were at first made fun of by the other clones, and constantly called genetic defects by fellow Cadet Vex. But with enough training, they all prove to their brothers that they're just as capable as any other Clone. And they are all ready to do whatever it takes to help their respective Jedi Generals win the Clone War.

These are the stories of Clone Battalion: Crystal Squad.

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/rookie425/art/Wired-Up-730676332

Credit for the cover goes to Rookie425

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No offense. But when are you gonna start updating your stories? Instead of keep making new stories one after another, BUT will never be ever updated and continued?

Look, I seen this happened to other authors/writers as well. And sadly, it didn't help in the long run. Because, those stories didn't get completed. :fluttershysad:

I know, I will take a break from making new stories and focus on making updates to other stories.

and what a way to take a hiatus on new stories.

I remember browsing your older blog posts and seeing posts regarding this story from like 2019.

I love this. Need More Stuff Like This.

How is this connected with MLP, not that I hate SWCW in fact it’s a favourite of mine but unless a story has a MLP connection on this site it’s not gonna be published. But seeing how it is I’m wondering where the connection is.

That will be revealed later in the story.

Treason is punished by execution. He would be harvested for Organs for the coming war most likely or simply be public executed.

Nice start.

Sooo... Discord by any chance give the main six and Spikes DNA samples away to spread Harmony in the most chaotic way possible?

Are the Shadow Squad Commandos or Regular troops?

Looking forward for continuation)

Regular Troopers have a reduced self independence and are mentaly less flexible. What a shame...

About Discord,
I'm not going to spoil anything, we'll see what happens in the stories future.

So more pew - pew,bang - bang training?
Maybe they can meet Clone Nr.99:

He is a great Character, also very rare since Caminoian normaly kill of defective clones (like Traitors).
But the Jedi intervention saved him if I remember right.

This is where the fun begins. Not many stories where the Shadowbolts are the center of attention.

Although that would be pretty awkward when they meet each other face to face.

Is it wrong for me to want fanart for them. At least with there own pattern and look like under the helmet

"Alrighty on that Kappa," Sigma replied as she threw a tiny ball, only to reveal a reprogrammed Separatist Buzz Droid.

How did she get ahold of one in the first place?


Are celestia and luna(Star Wars related names)

Going to be the Jedi general or commander to them?

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