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Hello Fimfiction Writers, I am Grand-Galvatron, Equestria Girls Fimfic writer, and the Supreme Ruler of The Decepticon Empire!!!!


Happy Labor Day everyone · 11:18am September 4th

Good Morning Everypony, this is Dalek-Galvo, and I just wanted to tell everyone to have a happy labor day today. Everyone deserves a little break once in a while, even those who are doing various jobs.

Happy Labor Day Everypony.


350 Follower Celebration · 12:24pm August 13th

Hello my fellow Decepticons, this is Grand-Galvatron.

Well, I have now just hit a milestone of 350 followers on Fimfiction. Wow, this is huge compared to when I started on this site. Thank you all for your undying support on my channel. I feel very appreciated by this.


FNAF Security Breach Ruin is out and it looks great. · 1:21pm July 25th

Hello everyone, sorry for the long hiatus on blog posts, but what is important is that I'm back.

FNAF Security Breach Ruin has officially come out and it looks really terrifying.

Steelwool studios has completely amped up the creep factor now that the Pizza-Plex is now dilapidated and abandoned.

The Animatronics look scarier, and there seems to be no more glitches from what I've seen.

All I've got to say is that FNAF SB Ruin is gonna be a wild and terrifying ride.


My Archeology experience · 12:50am June 11th

I've been having a great time with my Anthropology field class at UAF. I found lots of interesting things such as ceramics, Rusty Nails, and other objects. I've also learned a lot during my time in the class. Let's just all hope the rest of my time here goes swell too.

Wish me luck everyone.


The PRAXIS is done · 6:57pm May 16th

Hello everyone,

I just got done with my PRAXIS core writing exam, and I think I did way better than I did the first time. I studied my butt for this test, and I think it was totally worth all the trouble.

I am totally relaxing for the rest of the day.

Hope you all have a great rest of your day.

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An Announcement · 4:05pm April 28th

Welp, it was bound to happen eventually, the Spring semester of 2023 is about to come to a close. However, I will still be going to my archeological field school in Alaska, which will be a very good experience for me.

Everyone, wish me luck out there.


A Question · 6:03pm April 5th

I have been watching Ben 10 Omniverse, and there was an episode that not only said that Osmosians, Kevin 11's species, were not aliens but mutated humans, but they also said that Kevin was the only one with absorption powers. If that's the case, how could Aggregor do it too in Ultimate Alien?
I am so confused.

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A new experience · 6:31pm March 29th

Hello everyone, this is Dalek-Galvo.
Sorry, for the delay in posts, I've just had a lot of work on my plate.

Today will be the first day of my BackPacking Class, from 6:00-8:00 pm tonight my class and I will be hiking up Springers Ridge.

This will be a new experience for me, as well as great exercise.

Wish me luck, everyone.

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My Top 15 picks on the Darkest moments in Anime · 5:53pm March 2nd

#15: Sasuke's Fall from Grace (The Entire Five Kage Summit Arc) from Naruto Shippuden

#14: Torture (Tokyo Ghoul)

#13: Shinji gets karma: Fate Stay Nights: Unlimited Blade Works

#12: Every Protagonist dies (Akame Ga Kill)

#11: Shiguraki's Backstory/All-For-One's Reveal: My Hero Academia

#10: Every person in the Band of the Hawk get munched on/Griffith's Betrayal and Transformation into Femto (Berzerk)

#9: More Torture (Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor)

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Great News · 4:50pm March 2nd

Hello Everyone,

I have some great news, I had just gotten an email last night that said that I have been accepted to take The University of Alaska Archeological Field School for the 1st half of the Summer.

This is going to be a great learning experience for me and I'm going to make a lot of good friends there.

Wish me luck everyone.

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