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A long time ago, on the planet of Kamino, there are 7 of the tens of thousands of Clone Troopers that weren't made from the DNA of Jango Fett. Because of their different appearances, they were at first made fun of by the other clones, and constantly called genetic defects by fellow Cadet Vex. But with enough training, they all prove to their brothers that they're just as capable as any other Clone. And they are all ready to do whatever it takes to help their respective Jedi Generals win the Clone War.

These are the stories of Clone Battalion: Crystal Squad.

Source: https://www.deviantart.com/rookie425/art/Wired-Up-730676332

Credit for the cover goes to Rookie425

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High-School Student Sunshine Shimmer was just heading home from her Karate and Judo class at Crystal Prep High School to have dinner with her loving family when a massive earthquake occurred. Once it stopped, a red-colored device fell into Sunshine's hands. When she showed her friends Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Lemon Zest, Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet, and her crush Twilight Sparkle, or Sci-Twi for short, the device she had. They all are shown to have similar devices.

As soon as this happens, the ground cracked open sending Sunshine, Sci-Twi, the shadow bolts, and a loner named Wallflower Blush through a strange portal that sends them to a strange new world. There, Sunshine and the rest meet an assortment of strange creatures that inhabit this world called Digimon.

Once each gets their partners, they find out that these devices known as Digivices have called them here, due to an evil Digimon known as Neomyotismon has taken over the digital world, and now plans to do the same to the Human World.

Sunshine and her friends must use their Digimon to stop NeoMyotismon before his plans can come to fruition.

This is the story of The Crystal Prep Digi-Destines.

I do not own this pic, all credit goes to NelaNequin: Link: https://www.deviantart.com/nelanequin/art/Digimon-Adventure-tri-A-Digivice-Design-515273961

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One day, on 379th Acorn Avenue, Sunset Shimmer, the Daughter of her mother Solar Eclipse is preparing breakfast for herself when she finds a mysterious letter, she is then jumping for joy when she finds out that it's an acceptance letter to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Her mother was excited and proud of her daughter. After saying farewell to her mother, she heads off to Diagon Alley. After getting supplies from Diagon Alley, she gets help by three sisters to get to Platform nine and three quarters in order to get to the Hogwarts Express. Once she gets to Hogwarts, she encounters the three sisters again named, Adagio, Aria, and Sonata. Even though Adagio and Sonata are pretty neutral and friendly, Aria appears to be the meanest of the three, as she would antagonize her own sisters as much as other students.

As all students were then escorted to the great hall, each student is called so the sorting hat can place each student into their proper house. When Sunset Shimmer is called up, the sorting hat puts her into Slytherin due to her calm nature and eagerness to learn. She also makes friends with others along the way.

If studying many spells or dealing with bullies was bad enough, there appears to be a dark force that is after a relic known as a spectrometer, a device that can absorb magic out of a person's body. Can Sunset and her new friends stop this evil as well as complete their studies?

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In the Year 201X, in Neo Canterlot City, two scientists named Celestia and Luna Light tried to build a type of Android that had free thought processes like humans. They were also built to make their own decisions, unlike Robot Masters.

That is where they built the Prototype for the Reploids, which they had named Proto-Sunset. Because of its first success, many other Reploids were sold throughout the world. Even though it first started well, the Reploid's Brain Module was faulty, and it made her start having hallucinations to the point where the Reploid eventually went insane from the hallucinations. This made Celestia very distraught and she then discontinued the Reploid Project for some time.

However, years later in the year 202X, when Celestia was on her Balcony drinking Tea, she noticed something in the bushes. When she went to investigate, she saw that it was a Reploid Girl, but it seemed to be on low power mode and its memory chip was damaged beyond repair. However, this Reploid Girl looked exactly like the Prototype they built so long ago.

So after repairing it and putting in a brand new Memory Chip, Celestia decided to activate the Reploid. Instead of showing any signs of violent tendencies, it acted with kindness and curiosity, almost like a child. This Reploid's name was Sunset Shimmer, and her primary task was to help with any daily chores.

Because of this, Celestia made six other reploids that would become Sunset's closest friends.

Everything was peaceful, until Proto-Sunset returned with revenge on her mind, as she wanted to destroy all humans and her fellow Reploids for choosing to serve and coexist with humanity.

And soon machines known as Bio-Metal will meet these Reploids and transform them into the Newest Megaman.

This is the story of the Reploid 7.

Chapters (2)

Sunset Shimmer and her friends have saved their world countless times against Magical Villains. However, one day, they each find strange Gems that give them the power to unlock the magic of the Zodiac Spirits.

A Power That a Demon, will kill to possess.

Now they must use this new power to save their world from utter destruction.

Chapters (2)

(The Human Sunset Shimmer is the Main Protagonist).

(This takes place during Gaara's 1st year as Kazakage).

Could her life get any worse, not only was 7 year old Sunset Shimmer forced out of her home by someone who looked exactly like her, she was sent through a portal and as a result was sent to a barren desert with almost no where to go. Without any food, water, or shelter, poor little Sunset wouldn't be able to survive the harsh desert heat. She was eventually found by The Great Ninja Spider and The Ancient Sand Spirit, Kumo, and instead of being eaten, she is raised by the sacred creature. Eventually she is turned over to Gaara the Kazakage of the Hidden Sand Village, where Gaara becomes her sensei.

She also makes new friends, such as Hidden Mist Ninja Twilight Sparkle, Hidden Leaf Ninja Rainbow-Dash, and Hidden Stone Ninja Applejack and Pinkie-Pie.

But with the threats of both Corrupt Leaf Elder Danzo, Orochimaru, the Akatsuki, plus revenge crazed Rogue Ninja Sasuke Uchiha rolling around, Sunset will have to step it up to protect her new friends and the Village she calls her home.

This is the story of Sunset Shimmer, The Crimson Spider of the Hidden Sand Village.

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Once upon a time, a teenager by the name of Juniper Montage was having a happy life, and her life got even happier as she was making a promising acting career. Her parents couldn't be any happier, that was until Trixie Lulamoon, a jealous rival actor, got an experimental face clay known as Renuyu, and after falsely congratulating Sunset on her stunning performance one night on a crime noir film, poured the renuyu all over her body, ensuring that would look so ugly, she would never be able to act again.

However, what she didn't know is that the experimental clay was starting to change her molecular structure, turning her bones and flesh into clay.

At first, Juniper looked a grotesque clay monster, but with enough practice, she was able to not only shape-shift into her normal looks, but also into anything she wanted.

Soon, she would run into others that had the same affliction, but each with different powers.

What happens then...only time will tell.

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In the middle of the Canterlu Region, a young girl named Sunset Shimmer is starting her first days as a Pokémon Trainer, with her partner Pokémon, Pyrosaur. As she explores the Canterlu Region, she will meet new friends, make some rivals, and even battle an organization known as Team Nova Galactic, led by one of Cyrus's old lieutenants, Venus, whose goal is to use the power of the mighty Ultra-Beasts for their own dark agenda.

Sunset will face any challenge in order to eventually become a Pokémon Master.

Chapters (3)

Sunset Shimmer, after being relentlessly bullied by her peers at school because of the Anon-A-Miss incident, comes to her apartment, drunk out of her mind. In her stupor she accidentally drops a lit match and set's her entire room on fire, dying in the process.

However, instead of passing on to the other side, her soul became trapped in the inferial plain known as the ghost zone.

Here, Sunset will meet and befriend some of the ghosts that lurk inside and she will to keep the ecto-energy inside the ghost zone from corrupting her mind.

Chapters (2)

(The Human World Sunset Shimmer is the Main Protagonist)

Sunset Shimmer is the new student in the illustrious Canterlot Duelist Academy, where all duelists in training come to test their skills in order to become master duelists in the future. Some people duel for fame, some duel just to show people their better than them. Sunset, however, only duels for fun and entertainment. Using her Arch-Fiend Deck and the new friends Sunset will make, Sunset will do her best to hopefully pass all of her dueling courses and become a dueling master.

However, dark forces roam through the world of Duel Monsters, spreading hate and fear, and it may bring about a duel between friends to save the entire world from eternal darkness.

(This story takes place in the ARC-V Universe, so all the duel disks in this story are the ones used in ARC-V).

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