(The Human World Sunset Shimmer is the Main Protagonist)

Sunset Shimmer is the new student in the illustrious Canterlot Duelist Academy, where all duelists in training come to test their skills in order to become master duelists in the future. Some people duel for fame, some duel just to show people their better than them. Sunset, however, only duels for fun and entertainment. Using her Arch-Fiend Deck and the new friends Sunset will make, Sunset will do her best to hopefully pass all of her dueling courses and become a dueling master.

However, dark forces roam through the world spreading hate and fear, and it bring about a duel between friends to save the entire world from eternal darkness.

(This story takes place in the ARC-V Universe, so all the duel disks in this story are the ones used in ARC-V).

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Not bad. But there's an error when you said Resonator Call let Sunset summon a Resonator when it only adds it to her hand from the deck. Maybe just have Red Resonator summon Clock and that would fix it. Maybe also take out Sunset summoning Synkron Resonator since it didn't really do anything.

wait, wouldn't weevle have her use a bug deck she's using machines it seems like.

Pretty interesting since YGO/MLP fics are fun to see

Will Spike be a duelist too?

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Actually no, Since Spike in the human world was Sci-Twi's pet, and not her assistant.

Also, Sci-Twi is in this story, not Princess Twilight.

Comment posted by MechaTomX deleted May 12th, 2022

Just because this is an alternate universe, doesn't mean everything will be different.

Besides, I have something peculiar in store for Spike.

Just because he was a dog in EQG doesn't mean he has to be a dog here.
Especially since this looks like an AU where Equestria doesn't exist.
There is even less "reason" to make him a dog.

I'm making Spike Sci-Twi's Guardian Monster, like Jaden Yuki's Winged-Kuriboh.

Sci-Twi's Guardian Monster would be a dragon called The Green-Eyes Purple Dragon.

He still can't duel?

If he will be some kind of Guardian monster, how will that be handled?
Is he going to be a dragon or sadly a dog-like duel monster?
(EDIT: saw the other comment, I did not see that when I posted this. Whoops)

Well, really, Human Sunset's guardian Monster are all of the Resonator's.

But the main one is Crimson Resonator.

The different houses in the academy are for one summoning method each.

The different houses are:

It's like Hogwarts but with Yu-Gi-Oh!

Don't worry everyone, Red Dragon Archfiend will be in the next Chapter.

I can drop a good idea for a spellcaster deck (likely for Twilight). I had a good one back in High School.

I'm definitely like the choice you give for sunset using im love the Red Dragon Archfiend Archetype. It one of my Favs to play. With at all and im hope can wait for the Next chapter of this story at all.

Also im play an Different version of the Deck at all but still im love the way of sunset choose that At all

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bro, please make a thief who uses an assault mode deck! no better yet it makes two guys on a motorbike using an assault mode deck to steal cards from students! As a Brazilian I always wanted to see this because it would be a joke with the state of Rio de Janeiro here in my country.

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Why do all the comments on this story have dislikes? That's just weird.

Very interesting work, I look forward to continuing. By the way, I have a question: will the Shadowbolts be the villains in this story?

Great chapters. I wish I could write my OC this well in a duel. If you're ok with it, do you think you could include my OC as a rival/love interest?

Just to let everyone know, Hot Red Dragon Archfiend was the version Jack Atlas used in the Yu-Gi-Oh 5D'S Manga.

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