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Just here mainly to comment on and like other peoples stories. Might right a few myself because I love the show and want to give back but I am also lazy so we'll see what happens


Fifteen years ago a mysterious wave of energy struck the Earth in what is now known as the Great Collision. Aside from the one crater left in Pinpoint Park it didn't seem to have any effect though. On that very same day Scootaloo was discovered on her moms doorstep and now that she's grown she can't shake the feeling that the two events are related, so when her two best friends in the world ask what she wants to do for her fifteenth adoption day she simply says, "I want to look for answers."

Those answers may lead to even more question though as they discover strange creatures called Bakugan and the larger then life game that can be played with them. What does all this mean and how does it relate to Scootaloo... well only way to find out BAKUGAN BRAWL!

Artwork commissioned from JumbleHorse on DeviantArt. As you can see they do great work and are over all just a joy to work so If any of you out there need a commission done the're a great option.

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Yes....yes to this story.

Indeed, Bakugan needs more way more love and attention and I'm gonna do my best to give it some of that :twilightsmile:

Hmmmm. Ok. I like it. I'll keep reading

I love Bakugan, it's one of my favorite shows I grew up with - and collecting the toys, thank you for sharing. :twilightsmile:

Haven't read the story yet, but it is definitely interesting. I just have one question: which series is this based off? The original, Gundalian Invaders, or the new one?

Mainly the new one, but concepts from the earlier serieses will be introduced/worked in.

Ah, OK. I was always most familiar with the original series, but I'll make sure to give this one a shot.

I kinda grew up a bit with bakugans so when I saw this story it reminded me it existed so I thank you for that

ok then. this is new.

Deciding to read this due to loving Bakugan years ago.
Didn't expect Scootaloo to have Hydranoid actually.
Wished the reboot didn't made him Aquos though..

Kind of wonder if other characters like Spike will appear too?

I honestly don't mind them making Aquos but I was semi annoyed he doesn't talk or anything in the main series (he does in the spin off about the Bakugan having adventures when there small so at least there's that) because that was my biggest complaint about the original series. That is honestly why I choose to give him to Scootaloo as I wanted to finally put the head canon personality I had for him for years to good use.

As for other characters appearing, yes that is a thing that happens as I in fact have several characters already planned out but the issue is of course that since as said before I don't have too much time to write and while this is low stress compared to other stories, it's not exactly stress free so to that end I can't give a timeline on how long that will take.

Sorry for the ramble, thank you for reading, I love Bakugan too, and I'm glad you're enjoying it :twilightsmile:

For me, it bothered me alot about them making Hydranoid Aquos like that honestly..
Aside from it felt like it screwed up his legacy but also the fact they trolled us hard.
I mean.. they were teasing they are bringing Hydranoid back(darkus symbol) and even had him first shown in a poster with him as DARKUS, they just went "Psyche! He's Aquos lmao :D" when that blasted webisode showed.
Aside from giving that iffy first impression there...
I felt like in the actual reboot show, they handled him poorly. Just reduced to a brainwash lackey(heck.. his return in season 2 is him getting brainwashed AGAIN and made a fool out of).
Especially with not getting to speak in the show there, heck.. that was a huge problem with how many big Bakugan aside from the AO Bakugan don't speak at all. Even Nillious, the supposed rival Bakugan, only got ONE small line so far in during the run of the whole show.
Yeah.. sorry about the rant-ish thing there.

I do hope we see Spike and such. Like if he gets to brawl(and if well.. if he will be human too or just stuck as a dog)

Anyway.. I am curious on what shall happen next.

Spike is going to appear, either as a human or just as a nickname for Twilight's Bakugan. I thought about leaving him a dog since I don't mind Lightning from the reboot but I don't think I could make it work since it's hard to write a character who can't talk, and having him talk would kind of defeat the purpose of leaving him a dog

I see, wonder what he might look like as a human there?

By the way, I've been hearing that Leonidas might be returning in some upcoming Bakugan game.
Though with how they handled Hydranoid, I am.. nervous on how they handle Leonidas.

I heard and am super excited for it. We have yet to learn what anything about his personality or anything though all we have to go on as is the developers saying he's going to be in the game and what a many theorize is him as a Haos Bakugan on the top right corner of the game box

I think I am so going to get that game.
I remember having the game Leonidas was in for the Xbox 360 years ago.
Such fond memories and such.

Glad it looks like Leonidas is still a dragon there instead of well.. a non-dragon gladiator.
The logic they went with Hydranoid being Aquos despite him being Darkus in OG is due to "When you look at a hydra, you think of Aquos". With that iffy logic disregarding legacy and such, I sort of feared they would make Leonidas a literal gladiator that isn't a dragon with "When you think of Leonidas, you think of a human gladiator".
Glad that wasn't the case.

Also sorry if my description of Sunset's outfit wasn't the best. Basically it's a combination of Spectra's from New Vestroia
and Magnus's from Battle Planet

A nice chapter I think.

Didn't expect Sunset to have Drago there from the looks of it.

Curious on what Bakugan Spike might have if he's a brawler.

In fact curious on who else might get Bakugan?

Glad to hear you'e still liking it and as for some other characters that will appear I think I can list them and their Bakugan off for you, I mean it's not like I'm telling you their role in the story so it isn't a spoiler... I'll still tag it as one though so those who don't want to see it won't
Spike is human and he'll have a Darkus Garganoid
Shining Armor has Haos Tigrerra
Twilight Sparkle has Darkus Nillious
and... honestly this is a VERY late one so it will be a while before you see it but it's the only other one I'm locked in on, Tempest Shadow will have Helios.... not sure which element yet considering he changed from Pyrus to Darkus part way through the show

Oh boy. Drago is one of the powerful Bakugan to ever live and it's gonna be Hydranoid vs Drago just like in the orginal generation when Bakugan were organic creatures.

Interesting big time for sure.

Sort of didn't expect Garganoid there. Honestly thought Spike might get Leonidas, I don't know why but.. I feel like something clicks in there.
I definitely love how Spike will be a Darkus user. Its certainly my fav attribute along with I can't stop imagining Spike using Darkus there like that. Hope he doesn't end up getting ultimately left out or ending up in everyone's shadows in the end there.
As for Tempest, I think Helios might be Darkus due to how Tempest is all dark and such. And if someone questions it due to Helios is named after a sun god, it could be a running gag with Tempest or Helios going "Haven't you heard of an eclipse or something?"

I wonder how the other stuff such as Evolutions and Baku-Gear would be handled?

Very great chapter I must say, I just started reading this fanfic and I’m liking it so far and really look forward to reading more of your fanfic (though it did have a few misspells in your story) very soon:twilightsmile:.

Also I love your ideas for Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle set of Bakugan partners I just have one little request, I think it’s better that Spikes stays a dog but also gets a Bakugan.
If it’s okay with you that would be swell
Also don’t forget the other Equestria Girls characters (such as the rest of the Mane 7).

I feel like Spike being a dog would really hinder his character though..
It certainly screwed him over in the long-run in EQG there

Didn't expect that Spike actually shows up this soon there.
Given he has a device, guess that means he can't naturally use Bakugan unlike the others given how he was born before the Great Collision?

Sorry I took so long to answer your question but I had to really think on this as while I LOVE the idea in the series that those born before the Great Collision can't naturally use Bakugan as it explains why we don't see adults use them too often (something the original series never bothered to explain) I'm not actually going to use that in this story as doing so could possible expose a spoiler which I will allude to here Scootaloo was found as a baby right as the Great Collision was starting so if we take that into account that would mean she was born and dropped off at Holiday and Lofty's doorstep in seconds... which is something I will explain later in the story and now if you want but am just pointing that out now for evidence

In this version Devices are only used to control Bakugan against their will, and force them to partner up with people... plus a handful of other functions later, but again spoilers :twilightsmile:

So I am guessing that Spike truly didn't partner with a Bakugan there then due to the device stuff there..

I kind of wonder if the whole "business suit" thing he's wearing is going to be there for the whole story or something?

Well.. curious on what happens next there.

No he did not partner up with him, Spike is completely using Garganoid for the ends of himself and who he's working

As for the suit thing, that will be explained next chapter which I hope to have up by next week but no he won't be wearing it forever

I feel like that is a bad thing due to he isn't really going partnering/bonding with any Bakugan here it looks like.. Yeah.. really nervous upon saying that..

That's good, due to it would be pretty boring to see him in just a suit like that for the entire story honestly.
In fact I didn't expect to see him in a suit like that there. Or glasses there

Yeah he's not exactly starting as a good person, as you can guess by the fact he's working for a shadowy organization and all. Also on this subject though there was a recent episode of Bakugan Battle Planet called "In The Darkness" that has Magnus questioning if Nilious is really his partner since they where bonded by a device and if it's even fare to Nilious to keep him, not to give anything away but it's very good

Honestly I am hoping for Spike's case its something like a device no longer being needed here. Even if a "bond" is formed, it doesn't feel like it would truly be like the others due to its because of a device anyway rather than without one. I know for Magnus's case he would seem to start bonding with Nillious in the show but that's due to a device is need because of the whole weird "no one born before the even can use Bakugan" which is a problem that is isn't really addressed but just left like that.

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