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Just here mainly to comment on and like other peoples stories. Might right a few myself because I love the show and want to give back but I am also lazy so we'll see what happens


The day had been saved, the Villainous Trio defeated and safely placed in the garden of the School of Friendship. Everycreature was happily celebrating the win and enjoying themselves... everycreature except Ocellus. No, she had someone she needed to talk too now that she had the chance, even if that person couldn't listen anymore.

Cover art drawn by FountainStranger, go check them out on DeviantArt

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Do you want me to
cry?! I really loved this :twilightsmile:

Would been interesting if inead f thorax their was a new changeling queen, chrysalis own daughter who ascended. With her being in position similar to celestia where she has no choice to banish to someone she cared about, imagine you were forced to banish your own mother as her being blinded from Ruth with her emotions getting better of her.

My mother was an abusive drunk who spoke a pidgin version of Scandinavian. When addressed by any name other than “Queen Chloe of the Croissant Regiment”, she would viciously beat you with a hand-whittled croquet bat.

My point is your synopsis is a LIE!

What in the goddamn fuck?

I love this, no joke. It's so sweet and sensitive and everything you wrote fits in perfectly with the series.

Thank you so much, like I said this was my first attempt at writing something like this and your words mean a lot to me :twilightsmile:

If you start crying I will too :raritycry:

Glad you loved it, helps feed my little Changeling loving heart :heart:

... It’s not meant to be taken seriously.

You're welcome, and you're really good at this, you should do more.

Now I want a full story about ocellus and life of princess changeling

There are few continuity's problems, but I love the concept and how you write this story.

Wonderful job, thanks!

I think my eyes are broken, they won’t stop leaking :raritycry:

:raritycry: This was really well done!

I'm just thankful for a fic that doesn't ship Smolder and Ocellus.

God damn it know I want a sequel with Ocellus being a queen and actually getting to meet her mom again in real life not a statue

:fluttercry::raritycry: This was so beautiful! Seriously, it really was, and I'd like to read more stories with this headcannon.

Don't lie. You're barely holding together.

That's what my therapist says, but I fail to see the relevance to this conversation.


... Now I’m distracted by best pony. Great.

Although I'm not a fan of the headcanon of Ocellus being destined as a future ruler, having her talk to Chrysalis like her actual mother was really sweet. Nice work.

I hope he didn't notice."

This shouldn't have a quotation mark at the end, since Ocellus is still speaking and there's no gap between that and the next paragraph.

Good story. But one thing:

It's "Trio" not "Treo"


Thank you both for pointing those things out, just fixed them :twilightsmile:

Also at these parts:

leader one day but, I don't know."

Starlight's bread and butter."

that let me open my heart and reform back then."

Little grammar tip for future writing. http://baxtercommunications.nl/quotation-marks-multi-paragraph-rule/

Just made the other corrections, and thanks I'll be sure that in mind on my next work (this is probably the most dialogue heavy thing I've written so I never had to use that rule before)

She was soon interrupted though as she suddenly found herself being pulled into a big warm hug from the princess in question who simply leaned into her ear and said, "You know I was talking to Discord and he said he could still hear everything around him when he was stone."

it’s true, he said and i quote: ”being turned to stone didn’t keep me from hearing everything Celestia says,”

Which done to something more mortal is horrifying.

Twilights' sympathetic lean is hilarious when she's basically started down Celestia's path of leaving people to be borderline tortured or isolated for centuries before letting someone else do the work for her.

Add to that the Elements of Harmony themselves letting the three go before Discord got them petrified and I'm really hard pressed to feel sorry for Occelus here since she's apparently fine with it.

Speak up, point out the hypocrisy, and fix the problem instead of leaving your mom a statue to be ridiculed and used as a story like the useless Chimera was or you ain't really doing anything at all.

Ocellus being the Changeling princess has always struck me as somewhat convenient, but this is well done. I especially like the idea of Ocellus looking for Chrysalis after she fled, this kind of moral conviction goes well together with her general introvertedness somehow. Things from the actual show (not just the finale) sadly contradict this excellent narrative. Ocellus was mortally afraid to be turned into the image of Chrysalis in What Lies Beneath. And what is Twilight being so melancholic for? I understand that Ocellus's lament made her aware of an unseen moral dimension, but even then she has the power to undo the petrification and fix her. Oh well, I'm the last to complain about retcons that improve the end of the series, and the story is about Ocellus'd memories and a full redemption arc distracts from that.

To me this is cannon because it feels right. I wouuld love to see some talented person either make a comic of this or an animation.

That would be a dream come true for me :twilightsmile:

If any of you out there would like to do that, or even just do a reading of this on YouTube you not only have my full permission but I promise to make a blog post sharing it with everycreature on here. Just post it in the comments here so I'll know :heart:

Wow. This made me tear up a bit. Well done!!

This is the only reason why I didn't like the ultimate conclusion. If it wasn't for Discord saying that line, and it was implied that their consciousness was frozen, I would have no problem.

It would be a different story if, say, Discord confirmed that the only reason he retained awareness was his vast power (or just his unique powers).

The only reason petrification was considered a suitable fate for Discord was that there literally was no other way to defeat him. There were other ways to keep these three villains from being a threat. I can name at least three off the top of my head. (Though I totally understand why they didn't do any of them in the show, as none of them are as simple as "good guy wins, the end."

Funny thing is, I’ve been having a story idea similar to this. Except with Thorax, not Ocellus.

Because I always thought he’d be the one mourning for the petrified queen. Since he couldn’t help her redeem herself, he feels like he failed as a leader.

I'm more concerned about the fact Discord is shown bringing a dead man back to life and letting him die again-which basically confirms he's more then likely done it to random ponies before in the past.

That his entire plan was either rigged to gimp the three from the start, an actual attempt to allow them to conquer Equestria, or him being an absolutely unforgivable fool endangering the entire world.

And he gets a pat on the back for it.

He's the only villain I never wanted redeemed because he has no justifiable reasoning for his actions. He's cruel because it was funny and then got miffed no one wanted to be friendly with him, which Sombra's demise lends a lot of good reasoning too.

He's literally the rich powerful bully kept around because he'a easy to manipulate and useful, and even then that's not a lot of use since he spends most of his time sitting on his tail while the world falls apart.

As much as I hate to say it, because I loved the fact that Cadence just straight up killed Sombra, that wasn't the canon that was established. He was dispersed, or banished, or whatever. I don't remember the exact phrase they used, but he wasn't brought back to life. Just returned through power.

Sure, Discord is REALLY manipulative in his testing of Twilight. If you want to hate that, I can't stop you. He still finds it hard to understand a scenario in which he is not correct. He forgets that he can make mistakes, and so his grand plans to help ponies can go wrong just as well as plans against them.

As a character, Discord is manipulative and scheming. It's part of how he operates, whether for good or for evil. Certain moments within the episode "Twilight's Kingdom", where he betrays the ponies, shows something else going on. When he first "betrays" them and follows Tirek, he really doesn't pose a threat, and doesn't even offer that much. He had already accepted that friendship was more valuable than the fun that he had been having when he was in control of everything. But the moment that made him actually betray them was when Tirek gave him that amulet. When he thought that he could have both friendship and freedom. Before then, I am certain that he was doing what he has done time and time again - testing ponies.

I'm sure he mostly did it to amuse himself instead of just creating a world of chaos, but the lessons became (at least from his intentions) more and more helpful for their growth.

The problem is that he still doesn't understand that much about friendship, or psychology, for that matter. And he has such a huge ego that he doesn't think he can fail, despite evidence to the contrary.

I don't like Discord because I want to be like him or something, or I find all his actions virtuous. But I really like him as a character because of his flaws.

As it stands they never really solidified whether the Crystal Heart killed him or scattered him, but it's heavily implied it doesn't just make things harmless. Being shattered like stone is death, or the Storm King is also alive(which is par for the course), and while Sombra's mind might survive his body was destroyed.

Thats death, even by the metric of most spells that would restore one, and even if Discord only did half the work, he's more then capable of removing people from their own forms and toying with them before putting them back together again.

And for all his flaws, Discord's never held accountable and thats the kicker. I wouldn't have nearly as much of an issue with the season finally if it didn't reek of the mentality of having connections to powerful people = all the chances and free passes you could want.

Twilight bold faced lied to protect Discord, so my opinion of Honesty from the entire groups about as high as the Mariana trench.

The show's slowly gone from friends help you grow to friends in high places mean you can never be really wrong and it's really, really apparent with Discord and the constant hypocrisy of the main cast.

Right in the feels...

I'm not cryi... Okay yeah I am. That was so sweet and adorable. Excellent story.

Ooh right in the feels -puts hoof on chest- IM GOIN DOWN! That was a great story jokes aside :eeyup:

Great story. Very sad and touching..

Just so this is clear, Chrysalis is not Ocellus' mom. It is confirmed in the show that Changelings have families. During the season 8 Christmas episode, it is shown that Ocellus has a mother, father, and two siblings.

Don't kill the feelings that we're feeling after reading this.

Didn't mean to. Good feelings are always good.

Ocellus pretty much blames the ponies for the Changelings attempting to enslave them.


I have no idea why I waited this long to read this. But by the title, I knew there might be some onions involved, and oh boy were there onions.
This was amazingly well done and thank you for writing it. :fluttercry:

Loved it it was great you did great for your first story

Their was a story, (I forget which) that pointed out that in the stain glass window featuring Discord dangling ponies on strings, it looks like they're hanging over a pit of fire. After looking at the window online I have to agree. Which has a disturbing amount of relevance to what you are saying here.

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