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Scootaloo knew that getting a mark wasn't easy, and that there would be risks, but when someone gets hurt because of her, she wonders if the effort of getting a mark is worth the sacrifices made along the way.

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Nice to see Scootaloo’s family, and even better to hear some backstory. Though, I don’t think pre-marked Scootaloo would know what “inadvertently” means.

"The Show Stoppers" is a classic. Much like the talent show, the episode itself was a technical mess that managed to be wildly entertaining. Like really, what was it that Apple Bloom crashed into when she spun around?

Always nice to see more stories about Scootaloo's family. :scootangel:

Welp, thank you for giving me an excuse to re-re(re?)watch that episode. Snicking crunch, I'm keeping and ear out for you.

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