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For so long people said Scootaloo is an orphan, but this group is for those who believe she isn't one.

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I know there's a book now that explains what's going on with Scoot's parents and her family life.

But for the life of me I can't remember what it's called.

what are you talking about Phyllis?

For so long people said Scootaloo is an orphan, but this group is for those who believe she is one.

wait, then shouldn't this be scootaloo is an orphan?

351849 I am best pony!

348985 all so the fact she was never seen with a family member was cus they didn't thank they needed to show it but i guess they do now or soon

348985 well maybe i will get my proof soon i need to see at lest either her mother or a caretaker before i truly balev i know i am stubborn

Sorry if i sound a bit annoyed in my comment, i wasn't trying to be.

The proof is she is never see with any family whatsoever, there hasn't been any mention of her family on the show, ever, and Rainbow takes her under her wing as 'a sister like figure'. To me that is enough proof that Scootaloo has no parents or family and is trying to substitute Rainbow as one of her family members so she will once again be part of a loving and caring family, hence she does not have parents(making her a orphan) and probably no other family for that matter as well.
There's the proof. :scootangel:

345697 sorry im late at sending. this but u balev she is an orphan on the show right? i however don't i need more proof :moustache:

I believe that in the show she is, but on fimfiction anything is possible.:pinkiehappy:

340608 just made my friend an admin so hes going to help on that

What's wrong? For starters, "people", "she's", "those", and "believe". That doesn't even touch on your lack of capitalization or punctuation. I'm sure you do fine in your native language, but your English needs a lot of work.

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340603 whats wrong?

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340599 no shes not thers no proof that she is but im not going to argue over this u will see shes no orphan soon i bet

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