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A Bisexual Pegasus with a talent in writing and singing. I can also do magic-long story. Also, Luna is best Princess and the Wonderbolts are awesome. Change my mind, I dare you.


Snap Shutter and Mane Allgood visit their daughter and Holiday and Lofty. When they get there, they find Scootaloo reading a Daring Do book with Rainbow Dash. They get into an argument with Rainbow over whether or not Daring Do is a good depiction of an adventurer's life. Rainbow can't stand it and blurts out Daring's real, and is actually in town for a few days, doing book signings (as A.K Yearling, of course). Mane Allgood and Snap Shutter don't believe her, and Rainbow decides to prove it.

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wait...are the mom and dad canon?

yes they are there is an episode about them. her father acts like the steave earin (don't know how to spell his name)

yes they are.

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i see, thank you both

It's a good story, a bit much of the "does what it says on the tin" for my taste but not bad overall... A solid quick read.

Yeah, in season nine

Not bad, I'm actually kind of surprised it's taken this long to get a "Scootaloo's parents meet Daring Do" fic but I think it's nice. Might have liked a bit more fleshing out though.

Yeah I got the idea all of a sudden and was just like "Write. Quick. Now."

Nice work on this.

You're welcome.

Good story. Like the use of Snap Shutter and Mane Allgood in this.

"I really needed to stretch out my wings, they've been getting stiff under that cloak." she muttered, reaching down and pulling a tan pith helmet out of the cloak, slipping it casually onto her head

I think this was great, but after A.K showed that she was Daring, Scoots parents should have been more shocked. Like they should've gasped.

Yeah, not one of my best stories

Thanks. And thanks for the follow!

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