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Melody Song

A Bisexual pegasus with a talent for writing/singing. Plus I have magic. Don't ask about how I can do magic. It's a long story and I'm still trying to figure it out for myself.

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Shadowstar is just a normal pony. Or, he was, until one day, a selfless act through his magic transforms him into an Alicorn. He joins Princess Celestia and her student, Twilight Sparkle, who are trying to abate the recent quarrels between the Dragons and Griffons. When another species, the Changelings, come into the feud after impersonating Celestia, Equestria must join the war. Shadowstar knows there is another way, and keeps trying to find a way to put a stop to the war. Meanwhile, followers of each race have decided the same. But they actually have a plan.

This story idea was created with help by SilverWolfIMHP. I couldn't have come up with it without his help. So thank you to Silver Wolf!

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After having lunch with A.K Yearling, Rainbow becomes interested in trying to write a book. About herself and her teammates, what they're like when they're not performing. She creates chapters that share anecdotes of her team, all taking place in her daily life. Because with her team, every day's a new dramatic adventure. After all, no one has ever seen the Wonderbolts from the other side of the flight suit.

*There is a little bit of swearing but it won't be used in every chapter.

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Every year Gallus feels a weight in his chest during Hearths Warming-or Bluemoon Festival. His second Hearths Warming Eve at Headmare Twilight's School of Friendship, Gallus is left all alone. Sandbar, the only one left, has noticed. He tries to help, and gets more than he expected.

The "sad" tag is added because every time I hear Gallus talk about his life I want to cry for him.

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Melody Song is a Pegasus from Cloudsdale who is a blank flank at fifteen. She and her best friend are enrolled in Twilight Sparkle's Friendship School. Then, when Melody accepts a big offer after excelling at a homework assignment, she ends up going on an adventure that leads her to become the mare she is today.

Small disclaimer: while a few of these things happened to me in real life, most of the events were made up for my character.

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This story is a sequel to Frozen Friendship

Fleetfoot had been having nightmares for a while. Her marefriend, Spitfire, suggested that she should tell the Princesses about her new powers, hoping it would stop the dreams. So, Fleetfoot went to Canterlot to tell Celestia about the magic that was now inside her. But while she was in Canterlot, Celestia and Luna asked Fleetfoot if she knew the legend behind her family's powers. When she responds no, her mind begins to wander. Where did her magic come from anyway?

The Princesses understand she is curious, and tell her that she must unite the four lost roses if she wants to know the truth. Fleetfoot gets her friends to help, and they set off on yet another adventure. This time, into the unknown of the Frozen North

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Daring Do needs Rainbow's help uncovering a lead to a treasure she's been searching for since she first put on her pith helmet. The Crystal Sphere of Khumn. But when Daring finds Rainbow in Ponyville, she sees a lot of things around her house that are...almost familiar to her. Then, once they find the sphere, Daring is restless with strange dreams. But can the answer be more than she expected? And will it lead them to uncover something about their heritage that neither of them believed possible?

Featured on 1/17/2020, 1/28/2020, 2/5/2020, 2/11/2020, 2/27/2020, and 3/2/2020

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Fleetfoot has led a bad life. Her parents abuse her, her older brother loves her but is powerless to help. And she and her friends are Wonderbolts. Ponies who are seen as pathetic and losers. Fleetfoot one day finds an old and powerful artifact that unleashes all the power her parents concealed long ago. Fleetfoot only wants to help with her new powers, but she can't control them.

Fleetfoot is attacked by her parents and runs off, isolating herself from everypony else. Her friends Rainbow Dash, Spitfire Flare, and Soarin Skies want her back, and they begin a quest to find her. But when they do, she isn't all that willing to return. Not without a plan

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This story takes place in an alternate universe (they are humans, not ponies).

Twilight Sparkle is given a Scholarship to attend Headmistress Celestia and Vice Headmistress Luna's Princess Preparatory, a school for young Princesses in the making. This is because her brother, Shining Armor, is attending the school's "brother school"; Prince and Knight Academy. Which is led by Headmaster Thorax and Vice Headmaster Pharynx. Shining attends because he is courting Princess Cadence, who is like Twilight's sister. Her brother, Spike, is with Shining at Prince Academy. Twilight Sparkle meets six other girls, who are born Princesses. They help her to succeed in the Royal School. But there are many obstacles they must face.

Meanwhile, at Prince and Knight Academy, Shining Armor and Spike have made friends with five certain boys. When they are asked to have a joint class with the ladies of Princess Prepratory, they fall in love with certain girls. Together the boys and girls strive to complete their years and graduate, working together to solve problems (and fall in love while they're at it)

(boys are in the story a medium amount but there's not enough number of tags to include them)

Important Ships in story:
Shining x Cadence
Rarity x Fashion Plate
Twilight x Star Tracker
Starburst (Starlight x Sunburst)
Sunset Shimmer x Flash Sentry
Spitfire x Fleetfoot

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The CMCs are instead the ones to rally the three pony races, and the ponies gather in the one place all three races come together in peace...Ponyville. They must formulate a plan using every asset they have. Including other species

Chapters (3)

Rainbow was talking with Spitfire when it happened

they came in

before the two knew what had happened, Lightning Dust and Wind Rider had chased the Wonderbolts out. They must flee and regroup somewhere else, but the two ex-bolts have the Washouts on their side, as well as some eerily familiar ponies that Rainbow Dash remembers

however much Spitfire hates to admit it, they need help

P.S: 'violence' is added because a few times the characters make threats that seem violent, not sure if it counts. Also, I found the cover art on Google and got the idea for a fic about it

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