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Melody Song

A Bisexual Pegasus with a talent in writing and singing. I can also do magic-long story. Also, Luna is best Princess and the Wonderbolts are awesome. Change my mind, I dare you.

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The letter that Pharynx wrote, which he didn't mean for anyone to see. But now he's seen; now they found it. And they're going to read it. And there just might be someone else who has something to say about it.

Because you can't take us all down. Pride voices will not be silenced. Written for the Pride and Positivity 2021 Event. Help out by donating to one of the charities they're contributing to this year!

-Transgender Law Center
-Palestine Children's Relief Fund
-Sewa International (An Indian charity collecting funds for COVID relief)

Cover art belongs to CitreneSkys

(Marked with suicide for mentions of self-harm and contemplation of suicide.)

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Immediately after a chance meeting between Neighsay and Wallflower Blush, Celestia is captured by strange ninjas who seem to want to hold her for ransom. With the guards incapacitated, Wallflower and Neighsay are the only ones who can save the beloved sun princess. But when they go to rescue Celesita, will they end up finding far more than just a simple friendship?

Written for Nailah's Shipping Contest

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Hero and Melody were just playing with their little nymphs, trying to enjoy a day inside, but they're distracted by the sounds of their friends having a very loud argument outside. Hero would rather chase them off but Melody has a better idea...one that involves teaching their friends a valuable lesson in disturbing the peace that might also get them to apologize.

Co-Written by MlpHero (go check out his awesome stories!)

Idea for this story is heavily based on A Moment With Brawny by Dr. Wolf, Brawny Buck, and others

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This story is a sequel to Descendants of the Isle

It's been a few months since the incident at Sandbar's coronation. The VCs have been living in Equus along with Gallus' sister Gilda and Pharynx's siblings Thorax and Ocellus. Most of them have been fitting in among the Equus children very well, and couldn't be happier. But Tempest is still having trouble, to the point where her magic is the only thing keeping her looking like a normal teenager fitting in at Equus. Sandbar and Gallus remain a happy couple, but Sandbar's new duties and the upcoming Royal Cotillion keep them both busy, and their relationship has come to have some added tension.

For now, everything seems fine. But there has to be a breaking point eventually, and when it does occur, will Tempest find her home lies in Equus with her friends, or in the first home she ever knew, where a dangerous new enemy lies in wait? And will Sandbar and Gallus still be in love by the end of it?

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(Can be seen as a sequel to Could Never Be but is not required to read)

It's been a year, and Pharynx still can't get the thought out of his head. Every day, he thinks about it, every night he dreams about what might have been. Thorax tries to help him but he understands that his mate needs time to think about it on his own. But as the anniversary of the day approaches, Pharynx may not have a choice but to face it once and for all.

Written for the Incest is Wincest Found Out February contest.

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While on a visit to Ponyville with her husband, Fleur De Lis runs into a very energetic Kirin working for Rarity. But when a conversation on the way for coffee suddenly turns much less hyper than the Kirin made herself out to be, can Fleur say the right words to lift her spirits again?

Written for Marcibel as a part of Jinglemas 2020

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It was on a warm summer night. Neither brother was able to sleep. And it was that night that changed both of their lives for the better. But can Thorax and Pharynx handle keeping their new relationship secret for long? And when it does come out into the open, can their subjects handle it?

Author's Note: This story takes place in separate timeline from my other changeling-related stories *Contains slight profanity because Pharynx*

Written for the Nov-Dec Incest is Wincest Competition

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After the Hive reforms, Thorax finds himself the sudden leader of the changelings. And as it turns out, being the leader means comforting a small nymph who's all alone. But as Thorax looks after the little one, he finds himself caring about the young nymph more than he ever could have thought. Thorax soon found that he's created his own family. It may not be the one he dreamed about as a nymph, but he loves his family. Thorax would do anything for his little nymph, Apex. And as young Apex continues to touch the heart of the alpha changeling, it turns out that Thorax isn't the only one who cares about the little one.

Author's note: The character Apex in this story is in no way connected to the Apex from NavelColt's stories. This Apex is my own original character viewed as an alternate version of Apex with a completely different personality. I only took inspiration in the name, which was originally meant to be a placeholder. If you're interested, go check out NavelColt's The King of Love Bugs to see his Apex.

Edit (11/11/20): Now with cover art! This was drawn by CitreneSkys, check out their DeviantArt account!

*Popular 10/23/2020-10/24/2020!! Also featured 10/24/2020, 12/26/20, 1/16/2021, 1/22/2021, 3/5/21, 4/2/21, 4/9/21, 5/28/21, 6/11/21, and 6/18/21!!

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*This story was written due to a request by Shadowpony300*

In an alternate universe, Cadence is forced into a marriage with Pharynx, Prince of the Changeling Empire. Due to this, she must break off her engagement to Shining Armor. However, as Shining mopes about the love he could have had, a new one emerges. One he finds himself even happier with than he ever thought he could have been.

On the popular list 10/14/20

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This story is a sequel to Patrilineality

Metamorphosis has at long last returned to the Hive, his birthplace. He is eager to find a way to fit in among his fellow changelings despite not being reformed. His sons are of course by his side every step of the way. Together, the three of them will reintroduce Metamorphosis to Equestria, all while dealing with the normal drama and adventure that comes with being a family.

Author's Note: This story is rated Teen simply as a precaution, in case I decide to sometimes use themes that are not suitable for the Everyone rating. Edit: added Profanity tag just in case I have Phar use some language. Also, it should be known that this story will have multiple acts (details below).

Act one: Metamorphosis is reintroduced to society, while Pharynx's old issues with being an outcast begin to rear their head. Follow what happens when Metamorphosis discovers that a voice whispers to his eldest son. A voice he's all too familiar with...

Act two: Now that Pharynx's outcast-driven issues have been put to rest, Metamorphosis experiences daily life at the Hive, starting with preparing for the winter holidays.

Act three: Spring is coming to the Changeling Hive, and Metamorphosis believes he has finally beginning to belong among the reformed changelings, taking on a role as a grand patriarch. But not everyone is content to sit back and watch the rain fall outside. Will Metamorphosis be able to handle the new developments?
*Contains scenes that make the Death tag appropriate

Act Four: Spring has come and summer is looming on the horizon. Metamorphosis is forming even stronger bonds with his sons. But while everything between them is normally calm, Metamorphosis will discover nothing can be perfect for long, and not even twins get along all the time. And when secrets begin to rise to the surface, will Metamorphosis find that who he thought he was was never the truth?

Act Five: Summer has come, with new experiences for Metamorphosis and his family. With the brothers in harmony (for the time being), their Gemi-might be new knowledge to be gained and new bonds to create between Metamorphosis' sons and creatures he knows well. And Metamorphosis may just discover something new about himself as well.

Sweet Luna, made it to the popular page on the day it was approved!

Popular: 9/11/20-9/13/20

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