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Melody Song

A Bisexual pegasus with a talent for writing/singing. Plus I have magic. Don't ask about how I can do magic. It's a long story and I'm still trying to figure it out for myself.


New Song by Mlphero123 · 11:51pm March 7th

Hey, so Mlphero123 is doing song requests, and he wrote this song for me. It's a parody of "Don't Blame It On the Kids"

For your knowledge, this is the basic synopsis of what this song is about:

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First Blog and new story! · 12:27am February 26th

Hi, Melody Song here. This is the first blog I've tried writing, so I decided to use it to post that I wrote a new story. It's called Stars in the Shadow of Night. I created it with help from SilverWolfIMHP. Go check it out, it's about an alternate universe where Equestria is at war with Dragons, Griffons, and Changelings.

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