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Boo! Wait, wasn’t this already a two-part thing with Zen— · 4:04pm October 18th

*Hero went to open the fridge to grab something to drink. When he opened it, he saw a note that read 'Bo'.*

“What the... what is this?” *grabs and unfolds it*



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My story chracters · 3:53pm June 10th

Hi everyone how you I want to ask if you think about my chracters and how they are. Are they interesting and is it cool to have my own characrers? Please to let me know what you think !
Also as the virus continue to spread I am ok and I have not caught it so yay is ok! I hope you Also not have caught it!

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VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE HERO · 2:02pm Nov 14th, 2015

Well since the winner of the favourite villains has been announced, Nightmare Fuel for those that don't know, it is now time to move onto the heroes. The options areas follows:

Symbol Shattered (Second Universe, Ashes In The Wind)

Metal Sonic (The Metal Condition)

Ashley (Ashes In The Wind)

Treble Clef (Cut Above The Rest)

Gray Karmen (Lone Wolf Mercenary Services)

Cybe Catcher (Someone Like Me: Love Mechanism)

Nathan Phoenix (Phoenix Equestria)

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Real-life heroes · 2:29pm June 24th

As you may have guessed, either from my author tagline or my story catalog, I like writing about heroes (of all stripes). No surprise, I like to read about them, too:

When France locked down, this doctor became a lifeline for her rural community

Redheart will update today or tomorrow. I'm at work, rather than work-from-home, so stuff is weird.

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Applejack Profile (Updated!) · 11:27pm Sep 14th, 2016

Name: Applejack

Nicknames: AJ or the rare Jackie

Date of Birth: March 22ND 2000 AD.

Age 24

Height: 6 '4 Approximated.

Weight: 230-235 Approximated.

Mane: Rich blond locks slightly longer than shoulder length well-kept and tied together just below ear-level.

Eyes: Sap Green

Occupation: Co-lead hand on her grandmother's Apple Orchard.

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Equestrian Heroes Returns! · 6:30am February 17th

On 2/17/20

Come that day the next chapter of the story will be posted and the story will officially be coming off the year long hiatus. I was more or less burnt out from all the writing and effort it took to get to 800K+ but now I will be officially back and resuming regular updates.

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He Really IS a Ticklish Boi · 9:43pm September 7th

*Walks for a bit, before stopping at a room* “H-Hey Hero...? I... I wanted to apologize for tic—” *Pause as he hears noises from the room. He peers in and sees Hero laid on the bed, trying to tickle himself with his hoof* “Um... Hero?”

“Wah!” *Falls off of the bed* “Ow...”

*Trots over and helps him up* “Uh... probably a bad time, but I wanted to apologize about earlier...”

“Eh, it’s fine I guess...”

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Pinkie Pie Profile · 6:43am Dec 16th, 2014

Name: Pinkamena Diane Pie

Nicknames: Pinkie Pie, Pinks, Pinkie

Age: 22 (Season 1) 23 (Season 2)

Name: Pinkamena Diane Pie

Nicknames: Pinkie Pie, Pinks, Pinkie

Age: 22

Birthday: March 23rd AD 2002

Tribe: Earth Pony

Height: 5’6

Weight: 166

Mane: Long and wild Cotton Candy Pink hair.

Eyes: Light Cerulean

Cutie mark: Three different colored balloons clustered together on the small of her back just above her tail.

Bust measurement: 40 E

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Inspirational Thoughts of the week #7 · 6:48pm Feb 23rd, 2016

Yes! It is Moi! Hiya everybody I'd like to start off by apologising for my absence last week. (*in a sarcastic tone*Life just LOVES making me work for it!) So yeah that's why last week was a no-go!*sigh* anyways Today's guest OC commentator is (returning) Crystal Night.

Hi again, everypony!

Excellent, now let's see what today's topic is...*spins a game show-like wheel*...Aha!

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How is been · 1:08am July 2nd

How is evereyone been? Over here is virus is going up but, I am still ok never caught the virus yet. How about you?I am hope to get antother chapter up soon also so yay.

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IQ · 5:37pm September 15th

“Grr... come on Hero! Clean up that mess!” *pulling the nymph into his room*

*Squiming* “No! Lemme go you nimrod!”

“Just pick up your toys! It’s not that hard!”

“That’s what she said...” *giggles immaturely*


“Heh, suffice to say that those toy soldiers have more IQ then you.”

“Grr... Raaaagh!” *Storms out in a huff*

“Heh, nice.”

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He a Big Brother Boi · 5:55pm October 5th

*Laying in bed*

*Slowly walks into Hero’s room* “H-Hey Hero...?”

*Looks over* “What is it, Zenex?”

*Takes breath* “Look, I know you probably don’t want to see me...”


*Sighs* “Okay, I was an idiot, I know that now...” *Walks over* “But I need you...”

*Raises brow* “For?”

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He a Questioning Boi · 7:32pm October 12th

“You’re what?”

“I feel like I might be Bi...”

“Bi... isn’t that when you like both boys and girls?”

“Eeyup.” *Blushing* “I just... I dunno, have those... tendencies?”


“Yeah... I mean, I think it has to due with me being a bit... submissive... I dunno...”

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A True Hero. R.I.P Sir Nicholas George Winton · 11:03pm Jul 6th, 2015

It's not often that a news article brings tears to my eyes, but this did it for me. This man gave everything to save 669 innocent Czechoslovakian children, most of whom were Jewish, from imminent death and destruction on the eve of World War II. He arranged for them a safe passage to the UK from Czechoslovakia and found homes for them where they would've most likely have been victims of the Holocaust. The thing that strikes me the most is

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He A Ticklish Boi · 3:51pm September 6th

“Hahaha! Okahahahay, that’s enohohohohough!”

*Lets the nymph up* “I still can’t believe you asked me to do that...”

*Sits up* “What? You didn’t have fun?”

*Shrugs* “Eh.”

“Well... um... are you ticklish?”

*Blushes* “N-No! Why would you even ask that?”

“Come on Hero, everyone’s ticklish.”

“Yeah? Well not me.”


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His “Pet” · 2:03am August 22nd

*Walking* “Hm... I wonder what I should do on my break... what do you think, Wolf?” *looks to the wolf at his side*


“Yeah, that should work.”

I know I said I was taking a break, but I never said I would stop writing/posting skits and stories:twilightsheepish: I just need a break from drama and other things.

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He’s a Not Guilty Boi · 2:03pm September 26th

*Hero sat in a court room after falsely being accused from an anonymous source. However, the law didn’t see it that way. Luckily, Hero had a plan.*

*Looking at Hero* “State your name.”

“Not Guilty.”


“I had it legally changed.”

“So you’re... Not Guilty?”

*Gets up, flips chair, and moonwalks outta there*


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He a Dark Comedy Boi · 12:35am September 30th

“Hey, Hero. Tell me a joke or something.”

“Sure. Do you wanna know my best friend’s last words?”


“'Are you still holding the ladder?'.”

“W-What?! Dude, what kinda comedy is that?!”

“The type so dark, it picks cotton.”


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He A Country Boi · 2:59am August 11th

*Minding his business*

“Heeey Hero.”

“Hey Dag.”

“So, you’re country, right?”

“Eh, a bit. Why?”

“Can you prove how country you are?”

“Sure. What should I do? Talk in my country accen—”

“I want you to bang your sibling.”




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Burn. · 5:35am August 7th

*Hero looks down the sights of his crossbow, before firing...

...and missing* “Buck...”

*chuckling* “I would say your aim is cancer...” *he takes the crossbow and bullseyes the target* “...but cancer actually kills creatures.”


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