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Boo! Wait, wasn’t this already a two-part thing with Zen— · 4:04pm Oct 18th, 2020

*Hero went to open the fridge to grab something to drink. When he opened it, he saw a note that read 'Bo'.*

“What the... what is this?” *grabs and unfolds it*



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My story chracters · 3:53pm Jun 10th, 2020

Hi everyone how you I want to ask if you think about my chracters and how they are. Are they interesting and is it cool to have my own characrers? Please to let me know what you think !
Also as the virus continue to spread I am ok and I have not caught it so yay is ok! I hope you Also not have caught it!

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VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE HERO · 2:02pm Nov 14th, 2015

Well since the winner of the favourite villains has been announced, Nightmare Fuel for those that don't know, it is now time to move onto the heroes. The options areas follows:

Symbol Shattered (Second Universe, Ashes In The Wind)

Metal Sonic (The Metal Condition)

Ashley (Ashes In The Wind)

Treble Clef (Cut Above The Rest)

Gray Karmen (Lone Wolf Mercenary Services)

Cybe Catcher (Someone Like Me: Love Mechanism)

Nathan Phoenix (Phoenix Equestria)

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Meanwhile, in the Equestria Girls universe · 4:42pm Dec 20th, 2020

Hero laid on the couch, scrolling down his phone. He chuckled, watching as images of memes scrolled down his phone. Then, he paused as he found something.

People are donating money to Kylie Jenner to help her become the world’s youngest female billionaire.

Hero blinked, before opening up a group chat with his friends, posting a link to the article, then typing out:

{It’s official. We are the dumbest civilization ever.}

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See Beyond The Lies🎵 · 1:26am Dec 24th, 2020

I imagine Hero singing this if he was a bad guy.

Or just because he wants to

Original Song: Open Up Your Eyes - Emily Blunt


It’s time we learn this lesson
About time we all understand
You can’t ever count on anybody else
In this or any other realm

I once hoped that friendship
Would lead me to a place within the hive
But those were the foalish wishes
Of a bug who was blind

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Negative Ponies (Vent About Positive Ponies) · 4:21pm Dec 23rd, 2020

“Alright everypony, listen up, I need your attention.”

*Random Users look over*

“If y’all mess with my post before it gets any attention-” *points at Flurry Heart* “Imma eat that one!”

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Applejack Profile (Updated!) · 11:27pm Sep 14th, 2016

Name: Applejack

Nicknames: AJ or the rare Jackie

Date of Birth: March 22ND 2000 AD.

Age 24

Height: 6 '4 Approximated.

Weight: 230-235 Approximated.

Mane: Rich blond locks slightly longer than shoulder length well-kept and tied together just below ear-level.

Eyes: Sap Green

Occupation: Co-lead hand on her grandmother's Apple Orchard.

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Equestrian Heroes Returns! · 6:30am Feb 17th, 2020

On 2/17/20

Come that day the next chapter of the story will be posted and the story will officially be coming off the year long hiatus. I was more or less burnt out from all the writing and effort it took to get to 800K+ but now I will be officially back and resuming regular updates.

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sIBLINGS · 10:31pm Nov 16th, 2021

“This is my sister.”

“This is my brother.”

“We are siblings and we care for each other.”

“Everything we own.”

“We always share.”

“Because we are siblings and we have the same hair.”


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Stupor · 1:42am Nov 13th, 2021

Everything felt awful.

Griff was slumped over against the wall of his apartment, an empty glass bottle laying adjacent to his limp foreleg. Ever since he’d made it out of the freezer, it was like everything had gotten worse.

Red was still on the loose, Flutterwings was still paranoid, and worst of all, he was…alone.

Knock knock knock!

His ears shot up at the sound.

”Dude? I brought pizza!”

Hero? What the hell was he doing here?

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He Really IS a Ticklish Boi · 9:43pm Sep 7th, 2020

*Walks for a bit, before stopping at a room* “H-Hey Hero...? I... I wanted to apologize for tic—” *Pause as he hears noises from the room. He peers in and sees Hero laid on the bed, trying to tickle himself with his hoof* “Um... Hero?”

“Wah!” *Falls off of the bed* “Ow...”

*Trots over and helps him up* “Uh... probably a bad time, but I wanted to apologize about earlier...”

“Eh, it’s fine I guess...”

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Burn. · 5:35am Aug 7th, 2020

*Hero looks down the sights of his crossbow, before firing...

...and missing* “Buck...”

*chuckling* “I would say your aim is cancer...” *he takes the crossbow and bullseyes the target* “...but cancer actually kills creatures.”


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He A Tsundereish Boi · 5:33pm Sep 12th, 2020


“Heh, had enough?”


“Okay!” *Lets him up* “Heh, cute.”

“Hey! Hmph...”

“What? You are!”

“S-Shut up...”

“Heh, you’re such a tsundere.”

“A what?”

“A tsundere. It means you got a heart. A small one, but a heart at that.”

Sounds about right...

“So you admit it!”

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Blackmailed! (Ocellus Version. Wait, what?) · 4:50pm Sep 23rd, 2020

*Trots into Ocellus’ room* “Okay... as unlikely as it is, she’s gotta have something here...” *Checks drawer and finds hoofcuffs* “Okay... promising sign.” *checks second drawer and finds a magazine* “How to lose your virginity in a few easy steps... I swear, if I find a strapon or something, I’m gonna flip...”

*He continues checking, yet finds nothing*

“...Unless Smolder has the... oh gosh, that’s a bad mental image! Unsee! Unsee!”

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Back in That Alternate Universe · 5:14am Dec 19th, 2020

Hero woke up in a daze. He felt Zenex’s hooves holding him from behind. He looked over at the changeling. “Uh... Zenny...?”

Zenex opened his eyes, looking drugged out of his mind. “Mmm... yes honey?”

Honey? Zenex never used the word 'honey'. Unless...

“Zenex, did you get into the ranch powder again?”

Zenex smiled. “Heheheh... you know me sooooo welllllll...” he pulled Hero closer and began kissing Hero all over the face. Hero pulled away.

“Zenex... you’re fucking high.”

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Why Dagger Isn’t Allowed to Choose Songs · 4:14am Dec 18th, 2020

“Aw come on guys! Why can’t I choose the songs this time?!”

“Because!” Hero turned to him. “You made everyone at Sire’s Hollows hate us!”

“How’d I do that?”

*At the last show, Dagger choose to play this song. Suffice to say, the ponies of Sire’s Hollows were not happy*

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He A Country Boi · 2:59am Aug 11th, 2020

*Minding his business*

“Heeey Hero.”

“Hey Dag.”

“So, you’re country, right?”

“Eh, a bit. Why?”

“Can you prove how country you are?”

“Sure. What should I do? Talk in my country accen—”

“I want you to bang your sibling.”




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Hive Tries · 10:45pm Oct 20th, 2020

*Hive has been trying to get his therapy business up to scratch. So, he tried on Hero*

“So, how do you feel?”

“Like throwing myself off a bridge...”

“Okay... why?”

“Because I can’t talk without a butterfly effect happening. Every. Damn. Word. Every time I talk is just... a fucking bomb going off in a crowd of people.”

“I... I see... have you tried talking about—”

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He a Caring Boi · 8:02pm Oct 25th, 2020

*Zenex walked into Hero’s room*



“I-I had a nightmare about Arthrax and Hex again...” *walks over and climbs into Hero’s bed*

“Heheh, c’mere Zenny.” *Cradles*

“Hehehe! H-Hero...?”


“C-Can you sing that lullaby...?”

“Do I have too?”


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A Talk · 4:15pm Nov 18th, 2020

Hero laid in bed, pulling his snuggle pillow close. However, his pillow was pulled away in favor of something much smaller. Hero opened his eyes, yawning. He looked down at the object, noticing a pair of blue and green eyes staring at him. He blinked at the nymph. “Zen?”

The nymph looked up. “Hero...” he mumbled, snuggling closer.

“What’s wrong?” Hero asked, pulling Zen close. Zenex blushed slightly, looking away. Hero nudged him. “Zenny? What’s wron-”

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