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"A story is not a machine that does what you tell it. A story is a beast with a life of its own" - Alan Wake


When well-respected naturalist Mane Allgood returns to Ponyville, all she wanted to do was leave her work behind, relax and enjoy some quality time with her foals before starting her new job at Twilight's Academy. Her plans are dashed however, when she hears of a new species of ape found brutalized by poachers. Infuriated by the news, Allgood finds a new purpose in helping this creature get back onto her feet, all the while writing a new paper of course.

This new creature, however, might provide Allgood with something even more substantial than just a new animal to write about and care for.

Thanks to Jinzou and TCC56 for editing this story!

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Wow hey! This finally got published, thank you all for tuning in to read my horsewords. I'll have a new chapter(with a higher word count) coming by Monday night, along with a few tweaks to chapter 1 just to add a few details I missed.

Interested to see where this goes. Good first chapter.

On one hand, the beginning of this chapter drags, but on the other hand, it contrasts Anton's news well. Also, do real horses bite each other's ears?

and shuddering from the memories of the sounds of pure terror and pain that came from that creature.

This is redundant, because he already mentioned how the sounds made him feel. Interesting choice to use a gargoyle, though. I don't think I've seen one in an MLP fanfic before, not even Scorpan.

There should be a comma in the middle of the short description, not a full stop.

That was the intention. It was going to be boring, placid normalcy for Allgood. Then she gets this news. Horses do bite eachother as a form of grooming or invitation to play. There's a ton of species that are underused, especially with Twilight's School drawing in all sorts of creatures.

Also thank you for the feedback, I'll tidy that up when I get the chance.

Thank you!

It makes sense right? Her name's based of Jane Goodall.

I agree, I like the slow start to it. A glimpse inside normal life is nice and let's face it - Allgood and Shutter didn't get a ton of personality or character development in their one episode. The establishing shots are good here. (Though Allgood calling Snap 'cunt' threw me for about half a second before I remembered the Australia part.)

Well I'm interested definently gonna follow

Good shite, can't wait for it continue! :twilightsmile:

Alright! Second chapter has been published, let me know what you think! The second chapter's yet to have a good editing pass, so I'll get around to here soon, but I figured it'd be wrong for me to keep it unpublished.

Great story so far. Just you know I caught on to what you're up to with those overlapping themes. Can't wait to see more.

You've got two different individuals who are both learning to cope after their lives were turned upside down by a brutal attack. Even if it's not intentional, the parallels are striking.

“Indeed. Ward’s back this way.” Sorbet was quieter and less cheery than she had been before the accident, and Allgood couldn’t blame her for that. Mare nearly lost her life to a shark attack while she was in the middle of a dive. She was still traumatized from the event, and she needed more help than she was getting. The unicorn mare was stubborn when it came to her pride and letting others help her.

Instead of telling us how Sorbet feels, you could show it through her behaviours. In fact, you show later that Sorbet doesn’t like accepting help!

-Allgood States that’s about all she can tell from the images currently. What she’s more interested in is behavior, asks when the hooman will be out of the bed and if Cureall thinks it wise to acclimate her.) “Well, that’s about all I can infer at the moment, I’ll need to study these in further depth and get some sample information as well. Did you take any of those while you were operating?” Stuffing the photographs in between the paper sheaths of the notebook, Mane got up from the floor, closing the notebook and stuffing it into a saddlebag laid across her front shoulder.

You forgot to remove your note here.


Thanks for noticing that note, I've since removed it

Real good writing so far SB. Hoping those poachers get their comeuppance and Sable is able to reclaim some measure of herself. Bonus points if it was Blueblood and this all causes a national crisis. :twilightsmile:

Nope! Blueblood isn't connected, he doesn't like trawling through the dirt. I also subscribe to the idea that he acted badly to Rarity because he thought she was being a bit of a gold-digger.

First of all, you get massive points for thinking out side of the box and coming up with an interesting spin on the HIE. Very well done and its an Interesting start, you got my attention.

The Monk
“To say that Twilight Sparkle went bugfuck would be like saying the Incredible Hulk had some mild anger management issues.” -DustTraveller

Update will come Thursday evening!

Sorry on this chapter being so late! I'm going to stop setting deadlines and instead focus on writing parts of chapters every day. Should help in speeding up my pace.

Ooo, I like dis.:pinkiehappy: Lookin real cool. Let's see where this goes! Because things just got interesting~

Just wait till they realize that she's smarter than them:rainbowlaugh:

So... Abyssinians invented iPads?

Not quite! Just what they call the game, the slate is a one of a kind item not in mass production.

It'll be quite the shocker, they might find out about it soon :trollestia:

I'm glad you like it!:pinkiehappy:

Three chapters in and already a favorite can't wait for more!


Had to look that one up. Legendary beast of Persian folklore that was inspired by the real Indian rhinoceros. Has a lot of mythological overlap with unicorns.

Yeah.... Blueblood seems like a simple 2d character when he is portrayed like that.

Other stories that flesh out his persona better, and several stories using this....:
1. He pre-emptivly discurage gold-diggers.
2. He is already secretly married.
3. He is somewhat a mentally challenged stallion.

Ooooo. So Stable's sapience is finally brought to light! I wonder if she's able to learn Equestrian, seeing as she's a human. Hmmmmmm.

I’m hoping those poachers get their charges upgraded now, attempted murder and aggravated assault likely come with hefty sentences. Plus it could also be used to bring to light the dangers and issues with poaching, considering that many things we would deem animals at least have some basic sentience. I’m wondering how she ended up in Equestria as well, was she summoned by poachers? Or was she just unlucky enough to run into them after arriving?

What’s Haechish?

Many questions, intrigating story. Dark and sad, but hopefull as well...

Hopefully those poachers get captured and jailed.... and Luna inflict them nightgmares befitting....

Color me interested, this is a fave for sure~

Wow, this is great! Allgood getting her wings handed to her at the tic-tac-extremety board was hilarious. I do so hope you write more chapters!

This is absolutely fascinating!

I really hope this story will be continued, because it is very good.Ponies are neither extremely dumb or plain cruel and xenophobic as in some stories like this and I really do love how the story fully commits to pony POV. Also very cute and wholesome with petting

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