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"A story is not a machine that does what you tell it. A story is a beast with a life of its own" - Alan Wake


When well-respected naturalist Mane Allgood returns to Ponyville, all she wanted to do was leave her work behind, relax and enjoy some quality time with her foals before starting her new job at Twilight's Academy. Her plans are dashed however, when she hears of a new species of ape found brutalized by poachers. Infuriated by the news, Allgood finds a new purpose in helping this creature get back onto her feet, all the while writing a new paper of course.

This new creature, however, might provide Allgood with something even more substantial than just a new animal to write about and care for.

Thanks to Jinzou and TCC56 for editing this story!

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Wow hey! This finally got published, thank you all for tuning in to read my horsewords. I'll have a new chapter(with a higher word count) coming by Monday night, along with a few tweaks to chapter 1 just to add a few details I missed.

Interested to see where this goes. Good first chapter.

On one hand, the beginning of this chapter drags, but on the other hand, it contrasts Anton's news well. Also, do real horses bite each other's ears?

and shuddering from the memories of the sounds of pure terror and pain that came from that creature.

This is redundant, because he already mentioned how the sounds made him feel. Interesting choice to use a gargoyle, though. I don't think I've seen one in an MLP fanfic before, not even Scorpan.

There should be a comma in the middle of the short description, not a full stop.

That was the intention. It was going to be boring, placid normalcy for Allgood. Then she gets this news. Horses do bite eachother as a form of grooming or invitation to play. There's a ton of species that are underused, especially with Twilight's School drawing in all sorts of creatures.

Also thank you for the feedback, I'll tidy that up when I get the chance.

Thank you!

It makes sense right? Her name's based of Jane Goodall.

I agree, I like the slow start to it. A glimpse inside normal life is nice and let's face it - Allgood and Shutter didn't get a ton of personality or character development in their one episode. The establishing shots are good here. (Though Allgood calling Snap 'cunt' threw me for about half a second before I remembered the Australia part.)

Well I'm interested definently gonna follow

Good shite, can't wait for it continue! :twilightsmile:


Had to look that one up. Legendary beast of Persian folklore that was inspired by the real Indian rhinoceros. Has a lot of mythological overlap with unicorns.

What happened to the other 3 chapters? Rewriting them?

Yeah, will probably come out late december

Well, good to know it's not dead then. I really like this one!

You ok? Just busy?

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