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Discord knows Fluttershy and Rarity go off without him all the time.

The real question is where they go, and why?

And why is seaweed involved?

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Short, sweet and adorable. You nail Discord’s bizarre petulant character perfectly, and having Aloe and Lotus be perfectly in control was excellent! A very fun read!

Impressive. Discord was... tolerable, here. ;)

Discord i want to pat him

This was an adorable piece of fluff.

When he’d pulled out the part of his chest that ached when Fluttershy was happy with someone else, he had been flummoxed to find that it had been his heart.

I'm a bit surprised he only has the one.

He forgot how small they were…
Fluttershy was a giant…

Proportions of a supermodel. She just hunches so her Flash model looks the same. :raritywink:

He flinched, and the world snapped back to normal. It had lasted less than time itself took to register, but she had known.

For chaos incarnate, there are few things worse than being predictable.

Delightful stuff. Wonderful to watch Discord expand his boundaries in relative peace, especially since you still made him feel like Discord in the process Thank you for it.

This was so cute! I’ve never read a story that portrayed Discord so sweet, innocent and curious. He was adorable.

(Then again, it makes sense. Last time Discord was alive (so to speak), which was way back in Old Equestria, spas weren’t a thing.)

Don't trust in yourself, trust me who trusts you.

:fluttershysad: Sorry Rarity for Discords little surprise
:raritywink: It was interesting unwrapping the sea weed off of Precious Scales, He was also very surprised
:fluttercry: And your battling that giant crab
:duck: Spike loved the sea food buffet
:yay: I want to Marry Discord!
:raritystarry: Spikey Wiley!
:twilightoops: You killed Spike
:moustache: I'm still here...
:facehoof: After a face plant like that...
:flutterrage: Discord! Break out PLAN Baby Bunnies!
:trollestia: I feel like a thousand bunnies screamed in victory... And Chaos trembled , Dragon fire mail? ... An Engraved Invitation ???

you've got an excellent grasp on Discord's character, but why do i keep getting these vague vibes of shipping from this?

Because frindshipping is shipping, too. That is what makes the story so neat.:twilightsmile:

That was a good story.

Discord is ticklish? :derpyderp2: That's cute. :yay:

He keeps the other in a jar on his desk. For heart emergencies.

Discord: Fluttershy, could you be a dear and not tell Spike and Big Mac about this? I do have a reputation as a rough-and-tumble guy to maintain after all.
:yay:: Now, Discord. There's nothing to be ashamed of. You almost remind me of the time Rainbow Dash was reluctant to tell us she developed a love of reading.
Discord: Well, I can understand her not wanting to be seen as an egghead.
:yay:: Besides, didn't Big Mac ever tell you what happened at the last Sisterhooves Social?

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