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Ponies actually like my writing?! I am happy :D (He/Him)


Celestia's daughter goes through her mother's account and browsing history during lunch at school. Is there really any more you need to know?

I woke up from a dream... and I decided to make it a story. Actually a lot of my story ideas come from random dreams...

8/24/2022 - Featured... I am happy :D

Feeeedd meee with feedback! I live off of the stuff, you know? For some reason people like my writing, so I gonna let you guys tell me what to write here.

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I don’t use a lot of social media or stuff. I don’t k ow what half of those are references to.

Non existent.

Nonexistent is, in fact, a word definable in the dictionary.

Neither do I :P

Flype - Skype
Flutter - Twitter
Chaos(The cover image) - Discord
And all those courtesy to a certain blue hamster.

And those are really the only ones there, save one. Which I'm pretty sure you know.

To the colt friend question sry. I haven’t used this website in a while.


I usually quote what I’m responding :S

I enjoyed this fic 100%

I can’t quote that part.

I came here expecting to see Celestia being like

This is E rated! :pinkiehappy:

Although there's nothing stopping a teen or mature sequel on the Lunarnet:raritywink: I guess I now know what the sequel will be if I ever get around to it. Though, it probably won't happen for 1 to 500 business days. Celestia's browsing history was made in the span of about 20 days because I'm lazy :p

Aha this was really cute. Great stuff!

Clearly this must be an AU, as there is now way Equestria is this bad with security in cannon...

...oh wait.

It's safe to say we know what "PreenHub" is a reference too (I just knew there would be a ref' like that).

Oh right, I completely forgor' the AU tag existed. Whoops, just gonna randomly press a few buttons here until it comes back.

This was a fun story! Glancing at your other stories, it seems like this is the only time this group of friends has shown up, but you managed to depict their interactions in a nice and charming way.

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