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Ponies actually like my writing?! I am happy :D (He/Him)


Celestia's daughter goes through her mother's account and browsing history during lunch at school. Is there really any more you need to know?

I woke up from a dream... and I decided to make it a story. Actually a lot of my story ideas come from random dreams...

8/24/2022 - Featured... I am happy :D

Feeeedd meee with feedback! I live off of the stuff, you know?

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I don’t use a lot of social media or stuff. I don’t k ow what half of those are references to.

Non existent.

Nonexistent is, in fact, a word definable in the dictionary.

Neither do I :P

Flype - Skype
Flutter - Twitter
Chaos(The cover image) - Discord
And all those courtesy to a certain blue hamster.

And those are really the only ones there, save one. Which I'm pretty sure you know.

To the colt friend question sry. I haven’t used this website in a while.


I usually quote what I’m responding :S

I enjoyed this fic 100%

I can’t quote that part.

I came here expecting to see Celestia being like

This is E rated! :pinkiehappy:

Although there's nothing stopping a teen or mature sequel on the Lunarnet:raritywink: I guess I now know what the sequel will be if I ever get around to it. Though, it probably won't happen for 1 to 500 business days. Celestia's browsing history was made in the span of about 20 days because I'm lazy :p

Aha this was really cute. Great stuff!

Clearly this must be an AU, as there is now way Equestria is this bad with security in cannon...

...oh wait.

It's safe to say we know what "PreenHub" is a reference too (I just knew there would be a ref' like that).

Oh right, I completely forgor' the AU tag existed. Whoops, just gonna randomly press a few buttons here until it comes back.

This was a fun story! Glancing at your other stories, it seems like this is the only time this group of friends has shown up, but you managed to depict their interactions in a nice and charming way.

Ok, I admit, I was waiting to find out more about Celestia's *browsing history*. Instead ... just a tiny little bit of curiosity piquing, followed by logged out and grounded.

Petition Overview.
Luna's ancestry/family search.
Twitter accounts for royal government stuff, and personal "pretend to be normal" stuff.
"Ancient" etiquette and proper behavior.

Oh yea, we see that there is preenhub, but never actually go there.

Nothing scandalous or out of the ordinary. Except perhaps an outraged royal explaining clearly why a petition to replace an orphanage with a resort was denied.

Did I miss something massive in here?

I feel like I learned more about Aurora and her friends; if anything, I want to see more of them.

The sequel that I want to see? All of them going before the princess, and saying "Blame me, not your daughter". A callback to want-it-need-it, if I remember the episodes correctly. "If I can't find a friendship problem to solve, I'm in trouble" / "Don't blame Twilight, blame us".

EDIT: Did you actually check those sites?

Flutter.com is a sports betting site. Specifically, the parent company that operates all those things like fan duel, pokerstars, etc.

Flype.com is actually a "for sale" site -- so someone registered it and thought it was worth something.

Chaos.com is some sort of 3d rendering company.

Ok, so only flutter.com was a questional real-life site.

Meanwhile ... "preenhub.com" exists. The pictures there ... oh my, that ... how can they be showing that?

It's G-rated. It's safe. Trust me. Well, ok, PG? TV-PG?

Those sites actually existed? Huh, didn't think a throw-away reference would catch actual sites.

Anyways, one of the big ideas here was ordinary. Celestia is, after all, just a mare. A mother at that. Perhaps a slightly disappointed one(Or maybe I didn't have any good ideas for websites ;D)

As for Aurora and her friends? Well, yeah. I wanted to write this as a one-off practice for character dynamics and interactions, as well as take a small crack at comedy.

Also, no confirmation of a sequel. It's just something I'll have in mind if I ever get around to it, and if I do, it probably wouldn't be a continuation of this story's end, but would probably focus on some other aspect of Aurora's life and maybe her friends. Perhaps her relationship with Luna, or something else.


I would recommend going to preenhub.com. Especially if you like seeing birds and the like.

That one I was very well aware of :P

She blinked, "Wait, seriously? After all this time? All I had to do was ask. How was I supposed to know, you never brought anything remotely royal up before!"

I giggled, "Well, duh. You never asked."

Yep, Celestia's daughter.

She inherited her mother's capacity for trickery.

Ha, Preenhub
Who'd have expected ponies would pop up when you google that?

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