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Ponies actually like my writing?! I am happy :D (He/Him)


Canceled · 12:52pm Mar 1st, 2022

Well. We're here. I'm going to be honest and say that I have no idea what to say:twilightblush:

Guess we can start off first off on the cancellation of Reborn. To those who'd ask why I canceled it, no it's not because of simply burning out from writing(mostly). I've said or alluded to this a few times either here or elsewhere around fimfiction, but this story was already falling apart.

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Small delay · 5:42pm Aug 28th, 2020

Sorry, I was planning on finishing/editing the rest of the new chapter today, but somethings happened and I'm going to stay away from fimfiction for a while. No don't worry I'm not leaving mlp, but I'd rather stay away from fimfition for awhile. It probably won't be too long though, at least I hope.

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Hey, Guess What! · 2:29pm Aug 23rd, 2020

Chapter 6 is done! I had just finished typing the last word. It's at 6200 words! Yes, I just made three chapters worth on content in one chapter all in the same day! It's 7:26 am for me! I start at 7 pm! Please don't ask for more because 12 hours of nothing but music and writing ISare probably doing something to my sanity! I'll proofread and edit whenever I wake up if I do go to sleep or whenever I feel like I'm done taking a break.

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I've over exhausted myself writing(whoops) · 8:40am Aug 23rd, 2020


I thinking I been writing a little to much. I just spent the last 5 and a half hours writing and I have a chapter that is mostly done made from nothing. Though I don't plan on releasing it until I get everything I want in it. It's at 2.8k words right now so maybe it might come out sometime today.

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You know what? · 11:37pm Aug 18th, 2020

A week is just too long to wait for a chapter. So I'll just upload chapters whenever I'm done with it. After checking it, of course.

Edit: Next chapter will be out in a few days after I edit it and proofread it or have someone else proofread.

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Story Update · 12:20pm Aug 12th, 2020

Well, my story was posted yesterday along with the chapters I had already finished so yay? Anyways I'll be uploading the chapters weekly starting today. I don't know what times everyone is in but it will be Wednesdays Pacific Daylight Time. I'll upload chapter two in a bit because it's still early morning for me and I'm tired.

Anyways, I'm going to go back to eating the leftover chicken I skipped last night because I was too tired.

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Libary Change · 6:11pm May 30th, 2020

Made a small change to the Libary. I Removed any duplicates to the stories that were in multiply folders. Such as a story in both Favorites and Scared Favorites. I removed it from favorites so theirs no duplicate of it.

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