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Ponies actually like my writing?! I am happy :D (He/Him)

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Celestia's daughter goes through her mother's account and browsing history during lunch at school. Is there really any more you need to know?

I woke up from a dream... and I decided to make it a story. Actually a lot of my story ideas come from random dreams...

8/24/2022 - Featured... I am happy :D

Feeeedd meee with feedback! I live off of the stuff, you know?

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A simple story of a simple pegasus.

Honestly, this is more of a dumb thing I decided to write off a whim, so expect it to not make much sense, or be any good. You may notice that I finished this an entire month before submitting the story, ignore that.

Perhaps someone else could change my mind, but I still can't help but feel this is just a dumb silly idea I came up with and made on a whim.

Entered for Bicyclette’s Thousand Words contest(after a little convincing from a friend)

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Brother, sister, mother, father... What is a family? Are they just relatives? The people whom take care of you? Or, are they the ones you love most for just being whom they are? What will happen when brother and sister find themselves alone in Equestria?

What are they to you, when that's all you have when you're alone? What will happen, when it's broken and tossed into the depths of the unknown?

Will they fall apart piece by piece, in the mysteries and uncertainty known as Equestria? Or, will it thrive, and rebuild itself, starting anew, becoming stronger and better?

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Editor - Faded Echos

Advice and beta reading - Commander Joe

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