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Once upon a time, in the illustrious Canterlot City, a mysterious phenomenon occurred. There were these mysterious cards that started falling from the sky, and what came out of these cards were small toys that, when placed on these cards, turned into powerful creatures.

It was fun, but everything changed when the Bakugan started talking to them. That is when The Game of Bakugan hit the peak of its popularity.

Now, a young Gundalian named Twilight Sigma has made a great point in her Bakugan career on earth with her partner, Darkus Cyber Dharak, as she will make new friends and foes along the way.

"But soon, Emperor Meliodus, the Grand-Father of Barodius and first ruler of Gundalia, has come out of hiding for a chance to seek vengeance on not just humans and bakugan, but also on his own people, who celebrated his grandfather's demise.

Will Twilight be able to save her world and become the strongest brawler in Gundalia? Only time will tell.

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I love Bakugan so much.

Is Spike going to be a Brawler too?

No, I'm sorry, I just think that Spike being a human is a little bit too weird for me.

How is Spike being human weird?
Its just isn't fair Spike gets excluded hard all because he has to be a dog instead of human.

If anything, its weird they made him a dog since he's freaking sapient(like ponies) in Equestria. Them reducing him to a dog doesn't make sense.
And it makes even less sense/reason if he's a dog in a AU where Equestria didn't exist.
(And really screws his character over)

Sorry for being bothersome..
But it really just bothers me that Spike got the short end of the stick there..

That was a pretty nifty battle.

Where is Spike anyway?

Comment posted by Grand-Galvatron deleted Mar 27th, 2022

Great story I love the original bakugan type all the way with Dan and his friends

That is her harsh what's happening to Trixie but you got me thinking what friend is she going to meet first

Oh, a Bakugan crossover? Quite an interesting idea. It will be very interesting to see how you will use characters from Mlp:EG. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Good luck👍

I am confused that the reply to me was a deleted comment.

Is something wrong.?

Hey bro, if your interested I have some Bakugan ideas and OCs that you can use.

I'm going to redo Chapter 1 since I think of Twilight using Hydranoid for both battles is kinda a little overkill.

"Once I finished these Flies and absorb their Elemental Energy, I'll finally escape this accursed Human form and return to my own," The Boy said. "I'll finally have my revenge on you Drago, and then, all bakugan will soon bow before me. Their one true master...NAGA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!"

IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!!:twilightoops:

I am glad that this is continuing.

And looks like Naga is trying to come back it seems.

Looks like the girls will all be meeting other.
Will Spike show up too?

I'm sorry, but I really don't see any way that I can bring Spike into this story.

Just because Twilight is in a story, doesn't mean Spike will be in it as well.

Also, I'm going to say this in the nicest way possible, please stop asking if Spike is going to be a character in every story Sci-Twi is in.

If Spike will be a character in a future story he will be in one of the character tabs.

I'm sorry, but that has just gotten really annoying.

I just can't help it since its saddening to see too many cool crossovers giving him the short end of the stick or he is just missing and left out hard..

EDIT: Like seeing while all the girls gets to be on some adventure, Spike is just left out/missing just hurts.
I forgot to say this bit since I couldn't get all of my words straight

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