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I am a new beginning writer, so I might not be that good, so I will ask for help when needed.


Since they had caused so much destruction through the entire world, the Wrecking Crew that consisted of George, Lizzie, and Ralph, along with the new Wrecking Team, with Boris, Ruby and Curtis. Scumlabs had enough of their experiments running wild, and opened a rift to banish the Wrecking Crew to another dimension, never to return. Upon arriving in that dimension, George, Lizzie, and Ralph stirred from their unconscious state, finding themselves in a new land, the crew could not believe what they are witnessing. But not only has the transfer landed them in a new dimension, it changed their forms as well... Boris and the others were nowhere to be found... they feared the worst for their comrades, but hoped they were alright.
In order to find them, George, Lizzie, and Ralph will need the help of Twilight and her friends... even if it meant hiding the fact that they were monsters in pony clothes. But it was something they were willing to live with, but it is something that they can't hide forever, for a new form of evil from their world... had followed them through the portal.

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Lizzie is a Female, right? Then why does she still look like a male lizard appearance? If you know what I mean. :applejackunsure:

Yes, Lizzie is a female, and reason why she looks as though she has a males masculine body, is because given she was given a reptilian form, she would become more masculine, while still retaining some feministic qualities.

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