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This is a AU story, where Luna isn't Luna she's Selena, Celestia and Selena aren't related but call each other sisters, Celestia was the one taken by the tantabus and Twilight Sparkle is Selena's daughter and has to go on a huge journey to gather the seven elements of harmony and defeat Daybreaker before she can make the day last forever!

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you should add this story to the respective groups for easier searching.

What groups should I change them to?

twilight sparkle/alternative universe
Twilight of the royal family
Luna/NMM is Twilight's birth mother
alicorn Twilight if she is alicorn

Okay added them to four, Twilight Sparkle, Twilight of the royal family, Alternate Universe, and Alicorn Twilight

I love this idea though the fact you haven't touched any of your other stories for a long time is a little concerning because I want to see this story through to the end

I just finished it definitely a good retelling of the story, can't wait to see if you're going to do a sequel or do something with Celestia and Selena I think there is some story there.

"Hey now that the author added me in this story and I read the script I know I'm supposed to help you help you set up this party and as an official party planner we can kick this party up to the extreme!" They both pulled out party cannons ten laughed as they bounced around the area setting everything up. "Hey do you think the audience will catch all the little references and funny moments the author left behind?" "I don't know but I'm sure they are going back to previous chapters right now to find them." "Yeah your totally right especially now that we told them about it." "I love it when we break the fourth wall." They laughed continuing setting up the reception/party space.

wait what?

This is Pinkie pie and Cheese sandwich what they say sometimes doesn't make sense but I did seek in a few Easter eggs in my story to find I'm in the progress of editing all the chapters but if you look over the chapters you might spot a reference for example Pinkie pie after she shots Chronos off in the air she speaks Japanese like the original pokemon anime did what she says even hints to that being the case.

This is an Interesting story and I like it

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