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Far to the North of Fiore lies Equestria, a land hidden from the world for centuries. A land just as prominent with both magic and wizards who utilize it. Along with wizards and magic are the guild halls that allow mages both new and experienced to use their magic for helping others. Equestria is also home to a young woman known as Twilight Sparkle, an aspiring mage looking to find her place in the world. It isn't long though until she finds it, and that place is a guild simply known as Breezy Horn. It's there that she'll meet new people, make new friends, experience new things, go places she's never been, and even save the world once or twice. She won't be doing it alone though, she has her little brother by her side, as well as her entire guild with her. Follow her story, as well as the story of the entire Breezy Horn guild as they take the world by storm and reach for the stars to find a better tomorrow.

My Little Pony FIM and Fairy Tail Crossover

OC's will be present in story but all main characters share the same amount of importance.

I may or may not put out OC request for future chapters, just keep an eye out.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 36 )

great work! keep it up.

So Twilight is a Star Mage and Spike is a Dragon Slayer and I think is a Emerald Dragon Slayer Magic if I'm correct and Twilight and Spike are like Natsu and Lucy, but brother and sister while Natsu and Lucy are "friends" (their lovers) and Spike has an Exceed, who is name Rex and has an attitude...so Breezy Horn is another version of Fairy Tail (love the series btw) and I hope they do meet each other sometimes and I'm going to like this

Well you've got most of it right. Breezy Horn is the continent of Equestria's very own Fairy Tail, Twilight does serve Lucy's role as the main female protagonist, but the role of Natsu goes to a character that hasn't been introduced yet. Spike's role is actually a very important one so I guess you could say he stands up there with them. As for the two guilds meeting, that's actually planned so you'll just have to see things play out. I hope you keep on enjoying the story cause it's just gonna keep getting better as it goes.

I think it would be neater if Spike was a Dragon Slayer who could actually turn into a Dragon.
What I think the Fairy Tail version of Twilight looks like.

:rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp::rainbowderp: This is what bronies see in the EQ Girls all day

Don't worry Twilight's clothes will remain mostly the same to how I described them in the first chapter, with a few different appearances as the story goes on, some are mostly for comedic effect though.

This young woman is Fluttershy, Breezy Horn's barmaid as well as the one in charge with approving missions. She's a very tender soul with a very big heart, and is always willing to help her fellow mages. As her name would imply, she's very shy, and while still being an active wizard, she rarely takes anything more than C-class jobs.

I was not expecting Fluttershy to fill Mirajane's role..... Thinking about that comparison more, Fluttershy is the perfect individual to fill that role. Both are kind, caring individuals that you do NOT want to get mad, and are far more powerful than they appear.

Is the Black Dragon of Breezy Horn Flash Sentry? Because all the hints are pointing to him.

Nope, not Flash, I have another role for him 8438285

My second guesses are Garble and the OC main character. The latter of which doesn't make sense since Spike is already a dragon slayer, and having two in the same party is overkill. Times 10. Times 1006. And then tripled.

Spike might be a dragon slayer, that's true, but he's like Wendy in the sense that he's still young and inexperienced. Besides the main dragon slayer won't be the only one that joins Breezy Horn, I will say that they won't have more than three though because of the whole power situation. Speaking of the power situation, take notice of the year, X790, and each character (excluding Spike of course) is at least twenty or close to it, they each have experience on their side, dragon slayers included. You might think that ruins things in some aspects, but in reality it just means their fights are going to be twice as hard on them.

Yeah, but need I bring up Natsu? The guy broke out of a REALM OF NOTHINGNESS. TWICE! Through sheer magic power and determination. On his own. Dragon-Slayers OP.

Ah yes Natsu, I guess anyone could guess that the main dragon slayer of this story will get a chance to square off against the son of Igneel at some point in this story. That power is exactly the reason dragon slayers are limited, as I will have only seven actual dragon slayers in this story, I'm not counting second generation into that number.

So Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy will be in this story? Awesome.

Yup, I have an entire series of chapters planned out (think of it as a story Arc) where the two guilds meet, but I'll say no more on that subject as I'd like it to remain a surprise.

Is it wrong I want to see Mirajane and Elfman fight both Applejack and Rainbow Dash at the same time? And have Erza fight Sunset? And I can only imagine Rarity's reaction to Gray's "habit":raritywink:

Ok so far Spike is the Gem Dragon Slayer (if this isn't the right one then I give up), now the Black Dragon of Breezy Horn is an OC because there aren't any black dragons in MLP, Rainbow Dash is a hotheaded of Natsu and AJ is a coolheaded of Gray, Futtershy is like Mirajane, not sure what happen if she gets ma, Sunset Shimmer is kind of similar of Erza, but not crazy and Rarity and Pinkie Pie...no one I don't recognize in Fairy Tail. Anyway nice chapter for the introducing of Breezy Horn's wizards

You guessed it, Spike is a dragon slayer based off of his favorite meal in MLP, as for what gemstone it is, that's for next chapter. You're also correct on the identity of Breezy Horn's black dragon, so long as it's not an issue because I'd like to think that the OC's I made for this story are very well made. As for the comparison between characters, not every character will have someone to mirror them, some will, some won't.

This sounds really good. I can't wait to read more.

The moment Rarity sees Gray's clothes habit would be the best funny moments ever. Of all time

So this guy, Midnight Shade, is got to be over ten time stronger than Natsu

Well probably at the moment, but that's because at the moment Natsu is still frozen in that whole seven year time skip.

Ok I was wondering which arc this story is taking place and it's at the Grand Magic Game and also did you watch the part with Cana's Fairy Glitter that is OVER 9000 because the reference of it from DBZ

To clarify things, the story currently takes place a year before the grand magic games arc. And yes I do remember the fairy glitter scene, everyone's reaction to the fact that she broke the power scaling device was priceless.

Not to mention, she was DRUNK by the time her turn came up.

Also, since this is in the world of Fairy Tail, is the currency Bits or Jewel?

Well Jewels are the currency for the kingdom of Fiore, whether that's the only place they're the currency for is unknown, so just to be safe I think I'll use Bits but just have them be similar to Jewels just in case the need for a currency exchange arises some point in the future.

I think the fight was written well. I am thoroughly enjoying this story.

8485041 I am very glad you enjoyed it. I wasn't so sure of myself as I was writing it but knowing that other people thought it was good reassures me I can write good fights in future chapters.

The only thing I'm scare of is tornados and a girlfriend's dad which I never had been in a relationship and the school I use to go, the girls are b:yay:ch

Joy shook her head with a smile, " It's just something you gotta get used to Twilight, yessir! "

" Yessir? " Rex repeated curiously, " You say that a lot, you know, " he remarked.

I just realized that Joy is a reference to Happy! Joy, Happy, Aye, Yessir. Please tell me that was intentional.

So the four S-class wizards of Breezy Horn are Sunset, Zecora, Applejack, and Rainbow? Or was Shade the fourth, not Rainbow?

That was very intentional, and to answer your other question, yes it's Shade as the fourth, don't worry Rainbows close to being a fifth

I like this even more now that I realized that reference. Either Happy and Joy will be best friends, or they will see the other as a copycat.:moustache:

I hope in the future to see Shade and Natsu fight each other in the Grand Magic Games

Oh don't worry it'll happen, I mean what kind of story would this be if the two slayers didn't fight it out at some point.

Trixie is an Illusion Mage, isn'y she?

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