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Rampage: Wreckers in Equestria - KnightGomora1994

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Day on the Farm

Ponyville, Equestria

The next day in Ponyville, all the towns folk and the Main Six were working on repairing the damages that were done by both the Hydra, and George, who volunteered to help with the repairs, along with Lizzie. They used there abnormal strength to lift some of the debris away to let pony's gather all that had been crushed under the crumbling house, and taking support beams to a large stack the had started. "To think this place was so badly damaged, its incredible how they're able to rebuild it..." George commented as he walked with Lizzie to help continue work.

"I know, I mean it would take years for humans to rebuild certain cities that we went through, but here it takes a manner of seconds to fix things up." Lizzie pointed out looking to some of the unicorns using their magic to help rebuild their houses. "Its almost amazing..." she commented.

"That's magic for ya..." Rainbow interjected as she set some broken bricks down. "Unicorns are well versed in magic, just as Pegasi are good with controlling the weather, and Earth Ponies are good with handling the land such as farming, construction, etc." she commented as she cleaned the sweat from her brow.

"Somehow that doesn't surprise me, we've had working animals back on earth, but to see a whole society like this...?" George looked to the town and smiled. "Its actually quite amazing to see... I could even rent a home here..." he commented.

"Well, you're more than welcome to darling, but keep in mind, we still need you and your comrades to keep yourselves ready should another monster show up. No offense by the way..." Rarity said to him.

"None taken..." Lizzie replied to her.

"But its nice that you guys are helping out repair the town." Fluttershy commented as she walked up with water to help them stay hydrated. "Canterlot of course has its own work cut out for it... but they can manage. Here, I brought some water for all of you..." she stated as she let down a couple pales of water.

"Thanks Fluttershy..." Rainbow Dash dunked her face into one of the pales drinking from it, and pulled her head out letting out an exhale. "That's refreshing..."

"Yeah, just don't drink too much... otherwise you'll be bloated..." Lizzie stated to her as she drank some water for herself and looked around. "By the way, has anyone seen Applejack and Ralph...?" she asked them as she cleaned her mouth.

"They're probably on AJ's family farm working in the orchard." Spike commented as he approached them with Twilight. "The Apple Family a really well known family here in Equestria for their apple farming, and their delicious apple baked goods. Believe me when I say, their baked goods are so good, you'll feel like you've gone to heaven in a heart beat." he stated.

Chuckling at him, Lizzie rubbed his little head. "I'll take your word for it little one..." she said to him and looked towards Twilight, so Twilight, what's the verdict...?" she asked her as she sat down.

"Well for starters, I managed to gather all the raw mutagen from both the Canterlot Dungeon, and the flower shop here in Ponyville. I am keeping it contained in my lab to make sure it doesn't get used... I even noticed that the mutagen was formed from a familiar sap that is kind of like the Changeling cocoons. How DeMonic got his hooves on that is a complete mystery..." she stated as she showed a sample. "As of now, I am working on more samples of anti-mutagen, to counteract transformation of anypony affected by it, but I will need to work on a test that will work on those who had been exposed the longest, such as Blueblood for example." she pointed out as she pulled out her notes. "I've also been working on a hypothesis on how George and Lizzie were able to transform into their destructive monstrous forms... guys, do you recall anything that happened when you transformed?" she asked them.

"Well... when I was under the debris here in Ponyville when the Hydra attacked, I felt a feeling of unchecked and uncontrolled rage, just like when I first transformed back on Earth." George explained as he looked to Lizzie. "Almost as though the mutagen in our body was reacting to save us from the brink of death... but this is only a theory. It could just be our aggression towards a certain foe, or it could be a life or death situation."

"That's one way of putting it, but without Ralph here to learn anything of what we've theorized, we have no way of knowing." Lizzie commented as she lowered her gaze feeling disappointed.

But Rainbow Dash wrapped her arm around the green mare, hoping to cheer her up. "Don't worry about it Lizzie, even if you guys do find out how you are able to transform, you'll still be our pals, no matter what form you take. Right girls?" she asked them as they nodded in agreement with her statement.

George and Lizzie looked to each other sensing the bonds that they have with the girls, and smiled looking to them as they nodded their heads to them. "You're right... just as long as you don't run any unnecessary tests on us, we're good." he said to them.

"No argument here Georgie!" said a familiar hyperactive voice as Pinkie jumped out of no where as party confetti and balloons showed up out of no where, catching the two Wreckers by surprise as the nearly jumped out of their skins in fright. "And just for saving Ponyville, I'm giving you guys a 'Thank you for Saving Ponyville After Party'!" she exclaimed.

Lizzie quickly shook off the confetti that was in her main and leaned towards Rarity. "Is she always like this? Or only on rare occasions...?" she asked her.

"I've asked that question for years, and found it wise not question her..." Rarity commented knowing there was no way to get a right answer out of her. "But since the party is here anyway, we should get right to it, shall we...?" she asked as she headed to the punch bowl.

"You know, it won't be much of a party if Ralph isn't invited..." Fluttershy pointed out to them.

"Don't worry about it, I'm sure he's having more fun at the apple farm. Besides, he prefers to keep himself busy." George said to her as he walked with Lizzie. But Fluttershy still didn't think it was right leaving the third member of the Wrecking Crew left out of the party, but if George says its okay, its okay... so she decided to smile and nod as she decided to join the others in the party.

Sweet Apple Acres

Meanwhile on the Apple Farm, the whole Apple Family that consisted of Applejack, Applebloom, Big Mac and Granny Smith, Ralph was in the orchard helping out Applebloom with her chores and helping knock some apples out of the tree's. He kicked several of them and exhaled looking to the rest of the orchard. "I've seen big fields in my lifetime, but this tops them all." he commented as he cleaned sweat from his brow.

"Really? What kinda farm did your family have...?" Applebloom asked him.

"We grew corn, tomato's, potatoes', anything we can sink our teeth into..." Ralph commented as he kicked another tree, knocking the apples out of the tree as he looked towards the orchard. "But this is going to take all day..." he stated as he looked around the orchard trying to come up with an idea. Noticing several tree's that look easy to bring down, so he looked back to the tree he just kicked, and smirked. "I think I found a way to make things easier..." he commented.

Applebloom looked to him and saw him leap onto the tree only to see him bounce off it and kick several tree's as he bounced from tree to tree. Knocking apples out of the tree's as they landed in the baskets, he soon landed on the ground and looked to the results of his work, and smiled feeling satisfied. Applebloom meanwhile, was in perpetual awe of what she witnessed. "That was amazin'...! I can't believe what I just saw! How did you do that?!" she asked him.

"I've had a lot of endurance when I was in high school..." Ralph commented as he wiped his sweat.

But he only earned a confused look from Applebloom. "High... school...?" she asked him as she blinked.

Noticing it, Ralph let out a chuckle knowing he's not in his world anymore. "It's a place of education where I am from... we have all sorts of learning experiences. Art, History, Science... many great subjects that this world could learn. But, I don't think its quite ready..." he commented on the subject.

"Why not...?" Applebloom asked him filled with curiosity.

Chuckling at her question, Ralph placed a gently hoof against her head and rubbed it. "Don't worry about it so much little one... besides, you're young... and you have much to learn." he said to her as he pulled his hoof away from her. But he soon noticed Applejack and Big Mac approaching them. "Ah, Applejack, Big Mac, how's it going with the west side of the orchard...?" she asked them.

"Its goin' great, in fact we just finished and thought we'd come check on how you two are doin'..." Applejack stated and looked to the baskets that have been filled with apples. "By the looks of it, I say ya'll are makin' progress..." she commented.

"Eeyup... I've seen some fast work, but this is a new record." Big Mac stated as he smiled.

"I guess having some extra hooves on the farm is a good thing, am I right?" Ralph asked them.

"You bet, in fact if you keep this up, we might get these tree's cleared of apples by the end of the day." Applejack commented as she let out a chuckle looking to him. "I'm glad you decided to help out around, maybe after all this, you might even be an honorary member of the Apple Family."

But Ralph chuckled at the thought of it, but looked to her. "I like the thought of it Applejack... but it probably wouldn't work, I'm a wolf in pony clothing remember...? That would probably make your family a little uncomfortable..." he stated as he went into the orchard to keep working.

Seeing him go, Applejack couldn't help but feel disappointed that he wouldn't want to stay with them on the farm, despite how the people of their world treated them. Applebloom was equally disappointed at the fact and looked towards her older sister. "Applejack, why wouldn't he want to stay...? He seems like a really nice pony..." she commented about him.

"It's complicated Applebloom... he's had a rough past, so its completely understandable he wouldn't want to be around others." Applejack replied to her as she looked towards Ralph as he continued his work in the orchard. "But I wish he'd be more open, its like he's trying to hide somethin' other than what he is..." she stated but looked to her. "But don't you worry little sis, I'll talk to him and see if he will change his mind." she stated as she followed after Ralph.

Seeing it, Big Mac started seeing a rather strange connection between her and Ralph, something Applebloom couldn't see given how young she is. So out of plain curiosity, she turned towards her brother hoping he would know what's going on. "What's gotten into Applejack...? Ever since she brought Ralph here, those two have been a bit inseparable... you don't think...?" she asked as she looked to him.

Smiling at the thought of it, Big Mac could only rub her head. "We'll just wait and see Applebloom, just wait and see... and don't even think of comin' up with a love potion like you did last time." he reminded her of what happened last time when she and her friends came up with a love potion that was made for him and Ms. Cherilee.

Applebloom immediately blushed from being reminded of what she and her friends did to Big Mac and Ms. Cherilee, and that they spent the rest of the day working on all of Big Mac's chores as a punishment. "Big Mac, that's ancient history! Don't tell me you're still holdin' a grudge on that are you?" she asked him only to get a chuckle from him as he walked away from her. "Big Mac, don't you walk away from me, I'm talkin' to you!" she went after him to get an answer out of him.

Meanwhile, Ralph was kicking at a few more tree's to get the apple's down from the branches. But his strong sense of smell managed to catch a familiar scent from a pony that was nearby. "Applejack, I know you're there... come on out..." he said to her as he looked to where she was hiding.

Coming out of hiding, Applejack let out a sigh knowing there was no way of hiding from his nose. "Guess hidin' from you isn't gonna work..." she said to him as she approached him. "I'm sorry for followin' at you like that, but I needed to ask you somethin' important..." she stated.

"Is that so...? Well... lets hear it, what's your question...?" Ralph asked her.

Taking the chance to take in a deep breath, and exhale to keep herself calm, regardless of what the response will be. So, she looked to him, hoping for the response she will expect. "Why don't you want to be part of the family...? I mean I understand your reasons, but I would like to understand as to why." she stated to him hoping to get an answer.

Ralph took this question to thought and looked out in though, inhaling as he remembered the day he became a wolf. "Its because I lost my family..." he stated earning a shocked look from Applejack, she couldn't believe what she heard but knew that the expression on Ralph's face told the truth. "My wife and daughter came to visit me while I was working at Scumlabs... to my surprise, I was happy to see them. They were the light of my life, but when DeMonic tried to have us killed... the explosion destroyed the entire facility. By the time I came to as the wolf everyone knows, I searched through the debris of the facility... but what I found... only destroyed my world." he stated to her.

Hearing this, Applejack came to the conclusion of what he saw. "It was your family, wasn't it...?" she asked him. Ralph stayed silent from the question, but he nodded his head as an answer. Applejack's heart felt a surge of emotional pain feeling saddened of what he went through as tears fell, she looked away lowering her hat over her eyes. "I'm sorry... I can't imagine what it was like for you, but I know what its like to lose part of my family." she stated as Ralph looked toward her. "When I was a filly... my parents left me, Big Mac and my sis on the farm, hopin' to handle business with some family members... but on their way, there was an accident... a carriage uncontrollably crashed into them. When me and my family heard about it... it broke our hearts. I try not to show it to my family, but deep down I've been falling apart." she stated.

Looking at her, Ralph could only sympathize with the country mare and place a gentle hoof on her shoulder, earned her attention as she looked towards him. "I didn't mean to open old wounds... and I know you didn't either, we both suffered a lot in our lives, I lashed out against DeMonic for it... only to get locked up into a cage, and sent here years after." he explained knowing the pain they both felt in life. Hearing this, Applejack could only smile as she lowered her hat and hugged him... letting out her emotions to let go of them after so long. Ralph felt it, but held her close to comfort the country mare. "Its okay... just let it out..." he said to her as he comforted her.

Elsewhere, Big Mac wandered the orchard to get more apple kicked down, but his ears soon perked when he heard a strange sound within the orchard. He walked towards where he heard the sound came from, but by the time he approached the area, nothing was there. Except for a strange device that was on the ground, he approached it and looked at it carefully. "Now who in tarnation would leave a piece of junk like this in the middle of our orchard...?" he wondered. He reached towards it, pressing the button that was visible, only to see it open and shoot out the mutagen that was inside, covering his body. He panicked from it and tried to get it off... but it was too late.

His eyes began to glow green, as his form began to shift and change. His torso became more masculine and humanlike, his front hooves turned into hands, his tail extended as it turned into that of a bulls. At that time, Applebloom walked over to find her brother to see what was up to. "Big Mac...? Hey big brother, I hope yer not to busy... but I can't help but wonder what's happenin' with Applejack. I know you told me not to worry, but I can't help but feel that something ain't ri-" before she could finish, she bumped into Big Mac's rather large leg. Larger than she remembers in this case, she saw how big it was and slowly looked up seeing a pair of horns grow out of Big Mac's head as he turned towards her, letting out a growl as her eyes widened with dread.

She let out a scream as a roar was followed from Big Mac as she ran away from him, the scream was heard by Ralph and Applejack as they looked out towards where it came from. "What the hay was that?!" Applejack asked him.

Hearing another roar, Ralph knew that it was only one thing. "Trouble... come on, we need to find out what it is..." he said to her as he ran off beside her to find Applebloom. Elsewhere, Applebloom was running for her life as she was being chased, she ran as quickly as she could, but a large hand reached out about to grab her. But Ralph charged and leaped towards Applebloom, tackling her away as the giant hand missed the him and the little filly. The two rolled on the ground and looked up seeing a giant red bull, it unleashed a monstrous roar as it moved through the orchard. Ralph turned to Applebloom, and helped her stand up. "You alright Applebloom...?" he asked her.

"I'm alright... but what happened to my big brother?!' Applebloom asked as she looked towards the giant red bull.

"What?!" Applejack showed up asking in shock as she looked, seeing that the big red bull was indeed her brother. She could recognize that fur color anywhere. "That's Big Mac?! If that's our brother... that could only mean..." she theorized as she looked towards Ralph.

He knew exactly who she was thinking about, and was easily thinking the same person as he looked towards Big Mac. "DeMonic... he must have saw your brother as a possible candidate for his army." he commented as he looked back towards Applejack. "Applejack, you and your sister head to Ponyville, find Princess Twilight, I'll try to stall Big Mac for as long as I can..." he said to her.

"What?! Are you crazy?! You don't even know how George or Lizzie transformed! You'll get killed!" Applejack exclaimed knowing it will happen to him if he goes against Big Mac.

Hearing this, Ralph knew this to be true... he had no idea how he was going to be able to transform, or stop Big Mac from going on a rampage. But a confident smile formed across his face as he looked towards Applejack, showing no fear in his eyes as he smirked. "Trust me..." he stated to her as he ran off to find Big Mac.

Seeing this, Applejack knew for certain he was asking for a death wish. "Come on Applebloom, lets get movin'!" she stated as she ran off with her. Meanwhile, Big Mac stomped around the orchard as apples fell down around the tree's... Ralph at that instance, charged after him to get his attention. He grabbed hold of an apple with his mouth and shot it towards his face, seeing it smack against his cheek, earning his attention as Big Mac roared out and chased after him.


In Ponyville, Spike noticed from the castle that something big was happening in Sweet Apple Acres. His eyes widened seeing Big Mac, unaware that it was him at the time, quickly looking towards Twilight showing his worried expression. "Twilight, you might want to take a look at this." he stated to her.

Taking notice of it, Twilight approached him as she was working on a synthesized antidote to counteract the symptoms of DeMonics mutagen. She looked out seeing the giant bull in Sweet Apple Acres and used her magic to summon a pair of binoculars and gets a good look at the giant bull monster as it rampaged through the orchard. "This is bad... it looks like DeMonic has struck again, this time at the Apple Family." she commented.

"We better get that anti-mutagen finished before its too late." Spike stated to her.

"Twilight!" called Applejack as Twilight looked down and see her heading for the castle. "Twilight, its Big Mac, the big bull, he was mutated into that thing..." she said to her feeling out of breath.

"Whoa, easy there Applejack..." Lizzie said to her as she approached her with George. "Take a breather girl, where's Ralph?" she asked her knowing that he is somewhere in the orchard.

"He's trying to distract my brother... I don't know what DeMonic or Nightmare Moon are planning to do with my brother, but there is no way in Tartarus I'm going to let them take my brother!" Applejack stated feeling protective of her brother.

Twilight appeared beside her and placed her hoof on her shoulder. "Don't worry Applejack, we'll save him, I just need some time to finish the antidote and looked to George and Lizzie. "George, Lizzie, find Ralph and help him the best way you can. I'll get the antidote finished as fast as I can and meet you at the orchard with the others." she said to them.

"We're on it Princess..." George stated as he looked to Lizzie and nodded to her as she nodded in return, heading straight for the orchard while Twilight headed into the castle with Applejack and Applebloom, to finish up the cure that will save Big Mac before he becomes one of DeMonic's and Nightmare's soldiers.

Sweet Apple Acres

Back in the orchard, Ralph avoided every attack Big Mac threw at him, the monstrous bull lashed at him trying to land a solid hit against him. But given Ralph's wolf genetics, he was far too agile for the giant bull... he soon took the chance to bounce off a tree and ascended straight towards Big Mac's face, landing a solid hard kick against his face, causing the massive bull to let out a painful grunt as he toppled over, hitting the ground. Ralph landed on his chest and looked towards him, hoping that somewhere in the bull, Big Mac was still there. "Big Mac, come on man, I know you're still in there... you got to stop before things get worse!" he stated to him.

Growling at hearing it, Big Mac looked to him with different eyes. "Big Mac, isn't here at the moment..." said Nightmare as she spoke through Big Mac, causing Ralph's eyes to widen in shock as Big Mac struck him away and got up. "Do try to call back after being massacred." she said to him as she disappeared from Big Mac's vision and went to crush him.

But before his cloven hoof tried to crush the wolf turned pony, George managed to show up and pulled Ralph out of danger as the cloven hoof slammed on the ground, just barely missing his head as George pulled Ralph up on his hooves. Lizzie leaped up into the air and blasted a fireball at Big Mac, causing him to shield himself as he backed away from them. "Thanks for showing up guys." he said to them.

"No problem Ralph, we heard what happened from Applejack, Twilight's currently working on a cure to help him." George stated to him as he saw Big Mac go to stomp on them, but he quickly dodged it to avoid getting crushed as he grabbed onto a tree. "Although... I do wish she would hurry it up. Because we still don't know how to transform, therefore we have no options but to run."

"Hey, as long as it keeps us alive, I don't mind, now move!" Lizzie exclaimed as she dodged Big Mac's fist as it crushed a tree.

The Wreckers avoided the bull's attacks to keep themselves alive, Big Mac snarled and swung one of his horns at Lizzie, it dragged across the ground and knocked her down to the ground. She yelped in pain from it as she rolled against a tree, groaning in pain from it. Ralph panicked seeing it and looked to George. "George, go help Lizzie, I'll keep Big Mac busy..." he said to him as George nodded and rushed over to Lizzie. Ralph looked to Big Mac and whistled to him, getting his attention. "Hey! I'm the one you want, come and get me!" he yelled at him as he lured him away.

As Big Mac chased him, George helped Lizzie sit up as she groaned in pain. "You okay Lizzie...?" he asked her.

"Yes..." she replied but let out a painful groan, which completely told George that she wasn't. "Okay, maybe not... I think my shoulder was dislocated... I don't suppose you could at least-" before she could ask, George grasped her arm and forced her arm back into place, causing her to scream in agony from it as she groaned from it. "A little warning next time?!"

"Sorry... but I had to force it back in somehow, that was the best way to go through with it..." George said to her knowing she will eventually retaliate from it.

She groaned from it and gave him a disapproving look. "You are such a-"

"Be nice..." George interrupted her and helped her get over the pain and looked to where Ralph and Big Mac were. "Lets just hope Ralph can stop him... because if Twilight doesn't show up with that antidote soon, Applejack may lose her brother forever." he stated as Lizzie nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, Ralph lured Big Mac the best he could in the situation, but the giant bull had quite enough of chasing him and struck at the ground, causing the wolf turned pony to lose his footing as he stumbled. He falls over and rolled across the ground and looked towards Big Mac who roared out preparing to crush him, till all of a sudden. "Hey!" called out an elderly voice as Big Mac looked towards the source, seeing Granny Smith. "Now you see here you over grown ox, you are ruining my orchard! You have any idea how long I've put my heart and soul into this field with my family."

Ralph watched as she rambled on about her family's legacy, but soon saw Big Mac walk toward her seeing him growl and raise his leg, preparing to stomp the life out of her. But the wolf pony got up and charged fast towards Granny Smith, his eyes began to glow along with his body as his form began to change. He soon caught Granny Smith, moving her out of the way as Big Mac's cloven hoof slammed on the ground. Seeing it happen, he looked towards the savior and saw the glow around his body faded, showing a massive blue wolf as he set Granny Smith down and stand up. Revealing Ralph in his true form, as he growled viciously and unleash a powerful howl as the tree's around him began to shake. George and Lizzie heard it from where they were, and saw him in his true form, smiling knowing he's finally gotten to his true form. At that moment, Big Mac unleashed a roar towards Ralph and charged at him aiming his horns at him, only to get grabbed by Ralph by the horns as he slides back from the bull's strength.

He thrashed around trying to throw Ralph off, but the wolf held onto his horns as he struggled to keep him from rampaging further. Ralph soon took the chance and bit down on Big Mac's shoulder causing him to writhe as he pushed him back to get him away from Granny Smith. At that moment, Applejack showed up with the others showed up and found Granny Smith on the ground away from the battle and rushed over. "Granny!" she held her up as Granny Smith stirred from being unconscious. "You okay Granny...?" she asked her.

"I think so... oh dear, I've never experienced somethin' like this before. What in tarnation is goin' on here?!" Granny Smith demanded to know what was happened.

"Sorry Granny, but we need to get you away from here, its way too dangerous. Applebloom..." Applejack called to her sister and looked towards her as she approached her. "Take Granny Smith to Ponyville, make sure she gets there safely." she said to her little sister.

"Okay Applejack, come on Granny..." Applebloom grabbed her and took her away to make sure she was far from the battle in the orchard as possible.

Seeing it, Applejack turned towards Twilight who was carrying the antidote. "You sure the antidote will work on my brother Twilight...?" she asked her hoping there won't be any repercussions.

"It worked on Rose and the others, it has to work on your brother." Twilight replied to her and looked towards the fight between Ralph and Big Mac as the red bull got the wolf to release him from his jaws as he landed a few punches against him, causing Ralph to yelp from it. He retaliated by striking at his face, but struck with his fists rather than his claws, and soon tackled him by his waist, knocking him down as the others struggled to stay standing. "But the question is, how are we going to get Big Mac to take the cure?" she wondered.

"I think I might be able to help with that..." George stated as he approached with Lizzie. "I may not have my opposable thumbs at the moment, but I am a good climber, even in this form. I'm sure I'll be able to climb up to Big Mac's mouth, and force it down his gullet." he stated.

"Wait, you don't plan on getting eaten do you?! We still have a party to attend!" Pinkie exclaimed to him.

"Pinkie, darling, now is not a time to talk about a party in a crisis situation." Rarity stated to her but felt the ground shaking, and looked towards the fight between the wolf and the ox. "In the meantime, Georgie dear, do be careful in trying to give Big Mac that cure. I still need him in the Ponytones recital." she said to him as George nodded to her and took the antidote in his mouth, running towards the action.

Watching him go, Lizzie nodded knowing he'll survive... though she couldn't say the same for Rarity as she glanced towards her. "Rarity... you better not get any idea's, because George is not available." she stated to her.

"Oh...? If that's the case, are you and him engaged?" Rarity asked her with a smirk.

But the green mare blushed intensely from the question, and shook her head from it. "No, its not like that! He and I are just friends! There is literally nothing romantic going on between us, we're just normal colleagues, nothing more!" she cried out feeling frantic of the situation.

"Your face says otherwise..." Spike muttered only to be grabbed by her and look into her eyes.

She looked at him intensely as they were slit as she let out a low growl. "If you so much as mutter something like that again, I will take back how adorable you are." she warned him.

Spike panicked from seeing it, and gulped as he quickly nodded her head. "Not a word, but... if you don't mind, could you please let go me...? Because you're kind of crushing my skull..." she stated to her as she dropped him. He groaned a bit and rubbed his head, shaking a bit knowing how scary she is. "I never want to go through that again..."

Meanwhile Big Mac rammed his head against Ralph's torso, pushing him towards the barn house. Ralph struggled to keep him from getting closer to the barn and quickly grabbed him by his horns, snarling as he flipped him over, seeing him crash against the ground letting out a painful cry. Ralph charged towards him to try and pin him down, but the monstrous bull slammed a backhand against his face seeing him stumble across the ground, taking this chance to charge towards him and tackle him down to the ground. Ralph yelped from it and groaned trying to break free of the bull's weight, but Big Mac pinned him down with his knee and want to punch him. But Ralph avoided it and grabbed hold of his arm, flipping him over as he slammed him down the ground, and leaped back to catch his breath.

But Big Mac wasn't going to let him take a breath, he grabbed hold of a boulder and threw it at him. Ralph didn't have time to move out of the way, and prepared for the impact, till out of no where a grey mare with purple hair jumped in the way, shattering the boulder with her bare hooves. Seeing her, Pinkie's face turned into a bright smile knowing who it is. "MAUD!" she screamed as she rushed towards her and hugged her. "What are you doing here?!"

"I was on my way to see my sister and cousin... but to find out that there is a monster fight on the farm, I had to do something." Maud explained to her and looked to Big Mac. "But judging by the looks of it, things might be out of my league." she stated to her knowing fighting against a giant bull wouldn't be a good idea.

"Well its a good think you're here Maud, if it weren't for you, Ralph would have been crushed by that boulder." Pinkie said to her.

"Who's Ralph...?" Maud asked her bluntly, Pinkie pointed out towards the giant wolf seeing him stand up. Maud meanwhile still had an emotionless expression on her face from seeing him, but was quite surprised in her own way. "Oh, so that's Ralph..." she commented as Big Mac roared out and went to strike Ralph. But the big wolf blocked his attack and grabbed his arm, biting his shoulder, causing him to cry out in pain but punched the wolf in his rib cage trying to get him off.

"Ralph's not going to last long, Big Mac is far stronger, and given he's been turned into a bull, he could easily crush Ralph or impale him." Twilight stated and looks to where George was, he was in a tree hiding behind Big Mac. "Hurry George, we don't know if ralph will be able to survive this..." she whispered hoping he will succeed.

Ralph snarled at Big Mac and clawed at him several times to weaken him, but not to damage him too badly, otherwise Applejack would have his skin. Big Mac groaned from the scratches but swung a back hand towards him, only to see Ralph grab his arm and reach toward his face and force his mouth open. George saw this moment as a chance to spring into action and rushes toward the action, leaping onto Ralph's back, climbing up to his shoulder and ran across his arm with the antidote. Big Mac struggled to break free, and threw a punch a Ralph with his free arm, only to get caught in Ralph's teeth as he bit down on Big Mac's wrist. George rushed quickly across the arm and leaps up throwing the antidote into his mouth, Ralph quickly closed his mouth to make sure he doesn't regurgitate it. Big Mac struggled from it but his eyes widened as he felt the effects of the antidote taking hold as he felt dizzy and fell to his knee's.

Ralph lowered him down to make sure he doesn't hurt himself or anything else around him, he watched as Big Mac started reverting back to his original self, laying on the ground unconscious of the ordeal as Applejack rushed over to him and held him up. "Big Mac...? Big Mac...! Come on brother, wake up...!" she tried to get him to awaken.

Groaning a bit, Big Mac opened his eyes a bit dizzy of the antidote. "W-Wow... what in the world happened...?" he asked as he held his head, shaking the grogginess away of what he went through. He soon looked to the orchard seeing he mess that was made, causing his eyes to widen of the half destroyed orchard. "What in tarnation... just happened here...?" he asked nervously.

"It's kinda hard to explain... but everything will be fine now." Applejack said to him only to punch him playfully in the arm. "And what did I tell you about messing around strange little items that you don't recognize?" she asked him.

"I'm sorry, but when I saw that strange box, I just blacked out. I can't remember anything after that..." Big Mac stated to her, only to look up and see Ralph in his true form, eyes widened like saucers seeing how big he was. "Can somepony please explain why there is a giant wolf in our orchard?" he asked.

Growling softly, Ralph sighed closing his eyes as he shook his head as his form began to glow, changing him back into a pony as the glow disappeared. He looked to the orchard seeing the destruction caused by their battle, images flash from the first day he first became a monster. The day... he lost his wife and young daughter, the images forced him to close his eyes in frustration. "This is all my fault... all this destruction was because of me, everyone I come close to either gets hurt or killed... I never should have come here...!" he exclaimed as he punched a tree causing apples to fall down.

"Ralph hold on, you're not responsible for what happened here. DeMonic caused this to happen, he's been targetin' you and us for quite some time now. If anyone is to blame, its him and Nightmare Moon. " Applejack walked over to him and placed a hand over his shoulder, earning his attention as he turned towards her. "He turned my brother into a monster, and for that, I'm gonna want pay back for what he did to him. Your wife and daughter would want you to live on and protect your friends, don't you agree...?" she asked him.

"She's right Ralph... besides, we're all in this together." Pinkie said to him as she had her arm around his neck.

"Even though I find you and your companion's quite barbaric, but you're our friends... and friends stick together." Rarity stated to them.

"If you're going against DeMonic and Nightmare Moon, I'm with you guys all the way." Rainbow Dash said to him.

"I will do the best I can to help... that is, if it's okay with you guys...?" Fluttershy asked them still feeling nervous around them after seeing their true forms.

"As you can see Ralph, we are with you, George, and Lizzie through this to the end." Twilight said to him and smiled with her friends as the nodded in agreement.

Seeing it, George, Lizzie and Ralph smiled as they looked to each other. "They're right, we're not alone in this fight... not to mention, we need to find a way to build our own army, to fight against Demonic." George stated to them as he looked out towards the outside world. "Therefore, we need to find Boris, Ruby and Curtis... before things get worse." he muttered, knowing they can't win this fight alone.

Crystal Empire

Within the Crystal Empire, Prince Shining Armor and Princess Cadance were being escorted to the outskirts of the Crystal Empire, they didn't know what it was, but it didn't stop them from following the guard who discovered something. "We found him this morning, we don't know who he was, or where he came from, but we thought we'd let you discover for yourself." he informed them.

"Where is he...?" Shining Armor asked him as he followed the guard with Cadance to find what they discovered. As they approached, the found a large grey pony, more masculine than that of George. He had a long horn on his forehead, but a thick dark mane and a lion-like tail. He was a Kirin by appearance, but he was something else entirely.

"He was like this when we found him, we tried everything we could to wake him up, but no matter our efforts, he wouldn't awaken." the Guard explained to them.

Cadance approached the large kirin stallion overlooking him, trying to see him for what he is. But she could tell that this oversized colt was no ordinary Kirin, she turned to her husband eagerly. "We must get him to the infirmary, I received a letter from Twilight that strange visitors from another world arrived in Equestria, and that there may be three others around. I think that this may be one of them..." she stated to him.

Shining Armor nodded his head to her and turned to his guards. "Six of you, take this kirin to the infirmary..." he ordered them as they saluted in response and rushed to the kirin, lifting him up with the aid of unicorn magic, carrying the massive kirin to the infirmary as Shining Armor looked towards Cadance. "We should send word out to Twily, and let her and her friends know of what we discovered." he said to her as Cadance nodded in agreement as they followed after the party that carried the unknown kirin away. When Twilight and the Wrecking Crew find out, George will know who he is... and this Kirin, was none other, than Boris the Rhino.

Author's Note:

Next time, on Rampage: Wreckers in Equestria

Boris awakens in the Crystal Empire, angered and confused of his surroundings. Shining Armor and Cadance explain to him what is going on while Ruby and Curtis' locations are completely unknown. DeMonic and Nightmare Moon meanwhile are trying to find new recruits to join Blueblood in a war that is to come, and find a viable candidate in the Crystal Empire. Will Twilight and her friends make it in time before a rhino and an orangutan rampage through the Empire? Stay tuned...

(Hey guys, Happy belated New Year, I hope you guys enjoyed your New Years Eve, and sorry I hadn't been able to publish this yet, things just haven't been going well for me, because of the stupid job searching. Anyways, in this chapter for Ralph, I wanted him to have a tragic backstory, like before he became a monster, his wife and child were in the Scumlabs facility and were crushed by the debris after the explosion that occurred during Rampage World Tour. But I hope you guys like it.)

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Lizzie is a Female, right? Then why does she still look like a male lizard appearance? If you know what I mean. :applejackunsure:

Yes, Lizzie is a female, and reason why she looks as though she has a males masculine body, is because given she was given a reptilian form, she would become more masculine, while still retaining some feministic qualities.

Keep going! I LOVE IT!!!

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