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I am a new beginning writer, so I might not be that good, so I will ask for help when needed.


"After many adventures Sunset Shimmer and her friends have been on, they're in for an adventure of a lifetime. When Giant Monsters attack their world, they don't know how they appeared, but one thing was for certain... they needed help. Their prayers are heard, when a Human Reionyx named Rei is summoned to their world. Together with his Kaiju partners, Gomora, Litra, and a recently reacquired Eleking, Rei and the Rainbooms must work together if they are to save their world."

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle belongs to Tsuburaya
Equestria Girls belongs to Hasbro

(Fair Warning: Flash and Twilight will be shipped in this story.)

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THIS STORY IS AWESOME! I loved the movie Ultra Galaxy when I saw it at G-Fest. Now I get to see some sweet kaiju fights in this story! Great first chapter so far!

8016459 fair warning, I'm still a beginner.

I know. But I recognize a story that's got a good start. it's WAY better than my first story. And that crossed power rangers and godzilla!

Good luck dude. You really show off your skills with your cover art well too. Plus, I think I came up with a yugioh card design after Gomora.

8018581 sweet! and what character do you have in mind for Gomora?

Firebolt actually. Wanna know the monster's card stats?

Okay. Here it is!

Name: Knight Saurer
Attribute: Earth
Level: 8
Type: Dinosaur/Effect
ATK: 3000/DEF: 2700
Effect: You can special summon this card from your hand if you have no monsters on your field. This card canot be destroyed by card effects. If this card is destroyed, special summon one "Knight Saurer EX" from your hand or deck.

Now that was a good fight. But I hope round 2 lasts longer.

The story is pretty good so far, keep up the good work.

Somehow, I figured that Applejack would get Red King

8060421 wait till you see who Rarity gets.

Always nice to see more kaiju stories here and Ultra Galaxy is always welcome to! You definitely got brownie points form me by not shafting Flash Sentry and pairing him with Twilight. I don't got anything against the myriad of other pairings Twilight gets saddled in on this fandom, I just find doing so at the expense of Sentry in bad taste. Plus it's always great to see my man Pyrus' art getting some showcase, bravo!

Funny you should mention Pyrus. This is actually Pyrus's account for the site.

8079004 thanks, and you do know that I am Pyrus-Leonidas from deviant art right?

No, no I didn't. Kinda had me fooled when the cover lists you under two different names

8082299 I wanted to surprise ya, and sorry I'm taking so long, my house computer hasn't been hooked up yet. Which means I might not do any art or stories yet till I get wifi.

Cool story you've got here. Oh and thanks for letting Rei have Eleking again always was my favorite kaiju in the show.

8102963 no problem bro, besides I love Eleking too, and this one will obviously be a female. (don't ask.)

So which one of the girls is getting kaiju next?

8105740 I'm considering either Rainbow Dash, or Fluttershy, but you never know.

8105758 That would make things a bit complicated, so I figured doing one character at a time would make it easier.

Which series are Shepardon and Demaaga from? Never seen them before.

8109512 Shepardon is from Ultraman Ginga S, and Demaaga is from Ultraman X.

The writing does need work, but if it's a short episode I can't complain. It had a rocky start, with rushing, but I'm enjoying the action. I do think you should have a chapter where the army starts to notice a pattern and might even take the girls into custody for summoning their Kaiju. Maybe even some forums online reporting Kaiju sightings.

Awesome story you have here. I loved Ultra Galaxy,and seeing a fic about it is great. The idea of the girls getting battlenizers is pretty awesome too. The writing isn't shabby, only a bit of polish is all I would recommend. So will the girls be getting two more kaiju for their battlenizers?

If we're going Ultra-Galaxy, then Zetton and King Joe Black are on my wishlist to show up later. Those two were easily the most ferocious and strong of all the regular monsters.

8113878 the girls might get only one Kaiju in this series seeing that I can't think of any other kaiju that fit their style, and I might include King Joe Black and Zetton.

Interesting. I'm having to look up Ultraman so I can understand everything, but this is cool. I prefer Flash with Princess Twilight, but I can dig it if the relationship is written well.

Applejack and Red King were awesome.

Seriously though, where is Flash?

8115958 After the incident with Grangon, he went to the hospital for a check up.

8115966 He was at home since it was the weekend.

8115910 thanks, and don't worry, in the next story, Princess Twilight will be with the Flash from her world.

I think this is the first time someone besides Fluttershy used her power. Rarity was awesome this chapter.

Fluttershy shows her fangs, and it is beautiful.

8116321 And in case you've never heard of Demaaga or Shepardon, Shepardon is from Ultraman Ginga S, and Demaaga is from Ultraman X.

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