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Nuclear is a changeling that has seen the end of the world multiple times. He has tried to solve it multiple times, but never got there. But this time, something different happened. He was sent to the wrong location. He was sent to ponyville, inside twilight's castle. Now he has to figure the entire thing out, now with both friends (distractions sometimes), guns, and radioactive magic, cause he's also buffed to the eyeballs and armed to the teeth.

My Main story. Kinda connected to fallout: equestria, but not really.

Starts at the beginning of season 6

pic made by AtomFliege. Check out his Deviantart here. He makes good art.

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is the story about your character/Oc? because the picture isn´t from you

Oh yeah, It's about my character, but I did use someone else's picture. Don't worry, I'm working it out with the maker of the picture.

So nonchalant... oh well. None of these ponies, Starlight included will survive the Equestrian wasteland with their mind and morality intact.

20 bits say Shining is there with alot of guards going to arrest the changeling but also 'Twilight" who he'll accuse of being a changeling aswell. The goddamn idiot

Finally! Artwork of a somepony creature with the Desert Ranger Armor.

Heh, his full name is hilarious.

Well done so very good it's funny to love it

Also who dares to give thumbs down!:flutterrage:

Sunset's a biker.

Talk about unlucky.

I can’t say much but.... what the hell just happened in that span of a few minutes

Now Sunset needs a mundane reason to fly to the UK. There's a good chance the cure could be a rare flower though.

Oh gosh darn it. I know where they're at now.

Little does Phineas and Ferb crew (likely) know, they already did.

Edit: except for "Agent P."

Ah. Celestia the bitch

Uh oh, if this keeps happening, what is next. Please be at least from a dragon from game or movie.

"The last one was a Tiny Pink alicorn with blue curls for hair, and a chess peace as her cutie mark. So If you know her, Lock her up. If you don't keep and eye out for her. That's all I really know about the ruined world," He said, with some confused looks on the ponies faces.

Cozy Glow of the last seasons. The truth hurts.

Stop but try to reform.

"WOW! I still can't believe that you have time traveled! What was it like Going through time? Do you have any other objects that are cool? Do you know about the 4th wall? Yep! I see you reader!" Pinkie pie Hopped and bounced spouting out questions and stuff, confusing most creatures in the room.

Hi Pinkie Pie. I don’t know ifI send something would turn into mush

"huh...Alright. But yeah, me and cadence never get a break with the baby," Shining continued.

In the original Spike accidentally found changeling posed as rock.

It was peaceful part of the Changelings with the said changeling king.

Ook, that is like what was the name of that anomaly to revive again. Or is other way.

Uhh, What is going on? Was Nuclear so Strong that you made him sick?

What About the cure.

Yes he is Radioactive.



Twilight when was trown in Fallout ... she more or less changed to a bit more agressive and carring a gun

Nuclear the Changeling , thanks for the comments , the solution is either eradication of the virus or adaptation to it like the average flu.


1The question is : When , will you ever share the knowledge of technology from Fallout to ... Equestrians ,
To be precise your side in your real form Equestrians or at least some of the beneficial technology or ideas that it existed

Or the risk is too much .

Thought suspicions and warning , And THE TIME TIME IS FLEXIBLE .
Doctor Who/Doctor Whooves is/are either the same or similiar with your time travel machine , Ask Derpy/Ditzy Doo ,
Dinky and the emergency which is MORE LIKELY TO GET APPROVAL To know and use.


2 Soo , Crisalis could lead to the disaster of Fallout , but could be as
Well The Centaur in the Tartarus dungeon duo CRAPPY GUARDING !
When was seen the 3 headed dog missing , or instal observation sistem because it may not end well for some of them even if it could be a lesson for the group which listhened you more or less , it could be Cozy Glow which was/is child/(filly) pegasus when the friendship scool was built or something .

(I'm not sure if the splitting the timeline traveling in it or it exist did the wasteland
or it hapened , The misterious dissapearings and the strange town when the one who did it shaken the time line .)

The demonic goat and return of those but are rumours .

it could be less advanced than fallout but technological boon and if someoe take care for the nation
when the flying war ballons strike with the current carrier of the weather staff .


Magic fousi (Horn protesis is recommended to get/to do , the semy key ally if it would cause trouble)

((Next /maybe) The Lingering anguish of the supresseed desires may cause problems , tell that to know who is it or ask me for more clues)

I don't know more information .

I don't know if it is spoiling the events but was what originally happened would influence the future,
But hopefully help prevent the disaster from what I know to not happpen THAT BAD as you came .


1: I might if I'm given a chance other then the thing's I've already revealed. It probably is a high risk, but it could definitely help them against the Doomsday.

2: I have encountered the doctor before, and he did help me figure out some things about doomsday.

3: I'm not sure what you mean by all the other text and the 3 headed dog I've reinforced with time exploit.

(Please no more questions about the what's gonna happen later in the story.

Ok if you don't see any sense is either to ask chaotic mind .
Or share the riddle if you think with Celestia from Equerstria (city Canterlot not Collage) .

Key words

1 The Centaur in the Tartarus dungeon duo CRAPPY GUARDING !
Crappy Guarding , Guarded only by 1 very strong thing the 3 headed dog Cerberous .
Distract Cerberous or Cerberous is missing and the prisonners from Tartarus COULD ESCAPE After they free from their Chains . If the Tartarus is in wached by observation sistem (Cameras or SOMETHING FROM TARTARUS TRY TO ESCaPE And to be noted .)

In the original timline was leraned some lessons from Twilight Sparkle and her group . But in other hand The Centaur's words have truth as well .

By action the that Centaur is a big Schemer .

Ask the royal sisters about


2 . You mention the Rook cutie mark wearer . I suspect when the friendship scool is built one manipulative mind may influence .

3 . Ask The royal sisters about the Demonic Goat as DANGER .

4 Ask Twilight Sparkle from Equestria if she knows the Town of Equality and it's Mayor and if was made attempt to alter the time by the time if it happened . That is your person . Still that person is great mind in given chance .

5 More technology advanced Equestrian civilisation may attack . There is Equestrian which joined this force in order to get vengence and restore the magic focus which is the horn because as a child her horn is now broken
(The semi key figure/player/ally) . it needs horn Prothesis/HORN RESTORATION it has BROKEN HORN) .
Still that person has potential of commander . Taking care of this nation may help and chose what to do , it is still technology and that civilisation may need help .

6 The Lingering Anguish of the supresseed desires may cause problems . Tell this to Luna and Celestia and The Element wearers (Twilight Spakle) , They should know who is the Living Suppressed anguish .
It is living Anguish because it was born/created concentrated enought to be considered living Anguish .
Celestia and Luna Should know .


Number from 1 to 6 are the events I suspect which may happen .
You want to prevent Fallout , you described those agents which did it .
I suspect those risks are by done by those from those events .

Now should have some sense ESPECIALLY , when was said WHO TO ASK By this describtion.

Nuclear , the radioactive changeling , can you make your own artefacts to suit your needs with your power of chaos?
If it is so why don't make something , Idon't know to feed passively withougth causing pain and actively withought causing pain ,
unless if you want to cause pain while feeding with emotions?


[olor=#2caf26]1: Thanks for that, I'll definitely tell the royalties about that.

2: I'll keep that in mind. Maybe I'll be the security of the school of something.

3: Ok

4: Got it. Someone who's been to alternate worlds would definitely be the person to talk to... Maybe I should talk to doctor whooves again.

5: Ok? (The story takes place during season 8 which is canonically after the mlp movie if you're talking about Tempest Shadow)

6: got it.

7: I can't really make my own things I can only really repair things because I'm not maker.

5 Yes I meant Tempes Shadow . The broken horn fellow .But beside that researching about hthat culd help in more cases , being natural horn restoration(as better alternative than prothesis)

Prothesis and cures : By this Logic Scotaloo may have some ... wing desease (was found in alternate universe/s
stunting her wings the sick tisue thing was either removed and Scotaloo's wing got a nice grow sprut
(It was copleted Halo story

When Scootaloo disrupts one of Twilight's experiments Scootaloo and Twilight find themselves in a galaxy at war.
CommanderApplejack · 114k words  ·  557  22 · 9.9k views

Or the wings were bosted . Either way that should solve Scotaloo's dream to become great flier .
That thing at the end of the wing was acting as .... supressor ring tissue . Withought it Scotaloo become fearsome pegasus with her lightning .

(By this logic if it is researched hgow this sick tissue work could have use in supress rings bio tissue , cutting down magic supressor or bio magic resistor , And well that potential could be scary . That tissue is only stunting the wings it is not doinmg harmful things beside stunting the magic flow?)

The civilisation Tempest Shadow had joined is/would be more advanced than equestrians . What happened to the town after was UNKOWN .

It would be better if their future of the civilisation to be better and maybe more advance , maybe , at least by the law of the bigger stick , but the problem is that with bigger stick could be haggleling.

If are .... unexpected visitours , any visitor or most would e as dangerous as what is considered great danger of Equestra standard is mild danger in other places

The lingering Anguish from the supressed emotions were just ... That , SUPRESSED EMOTIONS
It is from the Family of the supressed Emotions .

This one got a form until it was supposed to be separated as just entity called Lingering emtions .

That is who is it but is as well the root of most evils just who had snapped .

The other thing is befoure birth of the unusual alicorn now a baby was EVENT which it did not happened .

Wold you prefer your race to not be chased like ... Vermins and live happy than hiding under masks ?

What would you do about that ?

Ok Lingering anguish is the truth or Felt as truth when the DESIRES SPEAK HONESTLY BUT Those TOO BLUNT IN percived truth and THE EMOTION SPECTER TO EXPRESS the desire but much more exaggerated to the maximum in some shape usually just desire .

And still some is just wandering specter of lingering Agony and And anger while other the truth is by other motives which led to events . One of the mentioned may be considered to lost the shade and are separated entities .

Let's see this MORE IN DETAIL
"... it could be Cozy Glow which was/is child/(filly) pegasus when the friendship scool was built or something . "

Why that person Would TRY TO STEAL A lot or all ... magic from .... Equestria citizens . Why and HOW .
That is the person ... which could be danger as grand action disaster .

I wonder if Grogar is Eyes in the Sky
That is a theory on... some other side observation how Grogar helped the escape of Nightmare Moon
when he came to be as danger Seal evil in a can

knowing ... the failures , after seen all previous fails and some double fails in the time line to plan his schceme .

Look at te wings when Celestia is Awaken , if are down or up when if she forgets to put them down .

Comment posted by Shadesplit deleted Jul 25th, 2020


General theory maybe how Maybe to reform Manipulative vilians in Other way to reform.

is this better

Major pieces some are more low key , Leading ,

Thoughts and actions of chess player -Cold and Calculated .

Manipulative power hungry trought . Manipulation
To counter that YOU NEED SOMEONE WHO POWER HUNGRY , HOW TO MANIPULATE , WHO WANTED POWER As well but came to realise friendship is more valuable .

There was ... minor vilian who is


Talent to process the best moves of the peaces (in chess and strategies basicly , any kind)
The same is when is in charge of group of people , how all interact
How to motivate them to a common goal

Principle , supervisor , lead people , LEADERSHIP , (PROVABLY AS WELL STRATEGIES) .

If are seen the others as inspirable than controlable .

(And try with enought chances should work .)
(There are similiar types .)

From manipulative controller/to trustworthy councelor

In right curcubstances ANYONE CAN BE A BETTER PERSON IF IT JUST TRY , Or be guided with the correct Actions , evirement and motivation and reason to change

Mutual care?
And goes a opportunity and finally POSSIBLE CHANCE .

How to see the potential in what is there and how to be used for something better .

There must be someone to give a chace .
And not just one person But Abstract Look , more attention , Less likely to turn when is apreciation for your work?!

Well I HATE to see ANY Person UNrealised , Perished , or contained because crime .

Does this look Better ?

how long is going ? the last time was that sickness . Is it possible to cure the very old or ancient zombies back to normal ?
Or at least , put them out of their mizery?

Yeah, It’s been a WHILE. But today is my 1 year anniversary so I figured, Might as well update all my stories. Adding another just popped into my head while writing.

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