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(Profile Pic made by AtomFliege) A Very inconsistant Schedule. Don't expect any order to my stories releases


Nuclear is a changeling that has seen the end of the world multiple times. He has tried to solve it multiple times, but never got there. But this time, something different happened. He was sent to the wrong location. He was sent to ponyville, inside twilight's castle. Now he has to figure the entire thing out, now with both friends (distractions sometimes), guns, and radioactive magic, cause he's also buffed to the eyeballs and armed to the teeth.

My Main story. Kinda connected to fallout: equestria, but not really.

Starts at the beginning of season 6

pic made by AtomFliege. Check out his Deviantart here. He makes good art.

A Different Retelling of this story is available on Wattpad.

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is the story about your character/Oc? because the picture isn´t from you

Oh yeah, It's about my character, but I did use someone else's picture. Don't worry, I'm working it out with the maker of the picture.

So nonchalant... oh well. None of these ponies, Starlight included will survive the Equestrian wasteland with their mind and morality intact.

20 bits say Shining is there with alot of guards going to arrest the changeling but also 'Twilight" who he'll accuse of being a changeling aswell. The goddamn idiot

Finally! Artwork of a somepony creature with the Desert Ranger Armor.

Heh, his full name is hilarious.

Well done so very good it's funny to love it

Also who dares to give thumbs down!:flutterrage:

Sunset's a biker.

Talk about unlucky.

I can’t say much but.... what the hell just happened in that span of a few minutes

Now Sunset needs a mundane reason to fly to the UK. There's a good chance the cure could be a rare flower though.

Oh gosh darn it. I know where they're at now.

Little does Phineas and Ferb crew (likely) know, they already did.

Edit: except for "Agent P."

Ah. Celestia the bitch

Uh oh, if this keeps happening, what is next. Please be at least from a dragon from game or movie.


1: I might if I'm given a chance other then the thing's I've already revealed. It probably is a high risk, but it could definitely help them against the Doomsday.

2: I have encountered the doctor before, and he did help me figure out some things about doomsday.

3: I'm not sure what you mean by all the other text and the 3 headed dog I've reinforced with time exploit.

(Please no more questions about the what's gonna happen later in the story.


[olor=#2caf26]1: Thanks for that, I'll definitely tell the royalties about that.

2: I'll keep that in mind. Maybe I'll be the security of the school of something.

3: Ok

4: Got it. Someone who's been to alternate worlds would definitely be the person to talk to... Maybe I should talk to doctor whooves again.

5: Ok? (The story takes place during season 8 which is canonically after the mlp movie if you're talking about Tempest Shadow)

6: got it.

7: I can't really make my own things I can only really repair things because I'm not maker.


Yeah, It’s been a WHILE. But today is my 1 year anniversary so I figured, Might as well update all my stories. Adding another just popped into my head while writing.

“ [Redacted cause I don’t feel like putting the words she saying here. Believe me, it is a lot of really bad words]. OK MARCELINE!?” PB said steamed as a hot dog.

Dang she does not know all of the curses in the world


His initials is N.U.T

Tirek... Nuclear and Spike are going to need a truckload of ammo.

“Alright, let’s see. There’s the bug kingdom suffering from a godly infection, A world where everything is a cube, a world where there’s a war going on with plants and zombies, a world where people play a game that infects other worlds, a world where one zombie destroyed a utopia just to get his love, a world where monkeys defend against sentient balloons, a world where someone creates and places units to attack each other, a world where magic is something everyone learns, with 8 different classes, and lets not forget the world where you can do literally anything if you download it to something. And that’s only a few of them,”

Here are my response to each of these in order:
I don't know what that is, [insert middle finger], Ha a really good game, Oh gods, Jese and you let him continue? That world really? I am confuse about this one, Huh that sounds interesting, and Everybody and their mother know about that one lol.

Beautiful and f****** badass!!

"Yeah. Did you know that he can turn himself into-"

Into what. A pickle? Funniest stuff I've ever seen

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