• Published 31st Oct 2018
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Mega Man: Divine Grid - Azure Sandora

After a blue light shoots down from the sky on top of a student from Canterlot High, an unlikely hero is born. This is the story of how a young, frivolous high school girl came to inherit the blue light of hope. This is the story... of MegaMan.

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Author's Note:

Greetings everyone. Since this is a new me, I'll just reintroduce myself here. I'm Valkyrie Sandora, and this is the first of two stories I'm planning to post here. I'm still a big Mega Man fan, and this is my attempt at making the ultimate Mega Man story. It's also my way of getting some of my more existential thoughts out on paper, so this story is really personal to me. If even one person can get something from this story, then that would make it all worth it.

This is probably gonna be the only time you hear from me (probably :raritywink:), so I hope you enjoy this crazy story I'm weaving together. Nameste, lovely people~ :twilightsmile:


Please hear my voice…

He's still out there…

We have to stop him…

Before the Dark Code…

Once again, Trixie's eyes shot open as she awoke with a sharp gasp. This time, she noticed her eyesight go weird. Were those… numbers? Once again, it was gone by the time she blinked.

She sat up in her bed, frowning to herself as she thought about what she just saw. Things… looked normal right now. Then again, what was normal sight, really? How did other people see the world? Also, why was she thinking about that now? She didn't remember much, but she was pretty sure that people normally didn't see numbers in their eyes.

Also, she remembered having a strange dream. She heard someone. A boy, it sounded like. Whoever it was, they sounded urgent. Afraid of something. Of someone. Who was that? What was he talking about? Something about a… Dark… Code…?

“What's wrong with me?” Trixie groaned, holding a hand to her forehead, “I can't remember who I am, I'm hearing voices in my head-” anything else she wanted to fuss about was lost behind her frustrated sobs. A knock on the door pulled her back into the moment.

“Miss Lulamoon? I have breakfast. Are you up?”

It was Miss Redheart, the kind nurse from last night. Trixie's heart rate returned to normal as she calmed down.

“Y-yes. I'm up,” Trixie said. The door clicked open, and Miss Redheart walked inside carrying a tray of eggs, bacon, a bagel, and a glass of orange juice.

“How'd you sleep last night?” the nurse asked, setting the tray onto Trixie's lap, “Were you able to relax after we talked?”

“I, uh…” Trixie didn't know quite how to articulate her thought, so she just nodded and began eating. It wasn't really anything special, but as far as she knew Miss Redheart made it herself. She didn't want to be rude.

“Sometimes, people with amnesia will have flashes of memory in their dreams,” Miss Redheart said, sitting down next to Trixie, “Did you have any dreams last night?”

Trixie thought about the dream, and wondered if it was safe to tell Miss Redheart. She didn't want her to think she was crazy, otherwise she might not ever leave this place. Still, she had been nice to her so far, so maybe it was okay.

“I… heard someone,” Trixie said slowly, “He said to me…” she closed her eyes and frowned, trying to remember the voice's words, “Ugh! Damn it. It's fading…” her shoulders dropped, and she moaned in frustration and disappointment.

“Now now, remember what I said last night,” Miss Redheart lightly scolded, “Go easy on yourself. It's okay if you can't remember the dream right now. If it's a memory, you might have it again.”

Trixie took a deep breath, nodded to Miss Redheart, and then went back to eating her extremely plain breakfast. It wasn't even bad. It was just… boring.

“Yeah, I know,” Miss Redheart said suddenly, “I know that expression. The food here sucks,” she leaned in close to Trixie, “Between you and me, my dog eats better than this, and I buy from the bargain bin.”

Trixie laughed a bit from that joke. It wasn't overly funny, but it certainly helped her relax a bit more. She then looked around the room for a second before speaking again, “Where are my clothes…?”

“We washed them for you,” Miss Redheart said, “I'll bring them to you after you finish eating.”

“Thank you,” Trixie said, looking down at the plain food resting on her lap, “I wish I could repay you for being so nice to me.”

“Don't worry about it,” Miss Redheart smiled kindly, taking Trixie's hand into her own, “I became a nurse because I wanted to help people, so just getting to meet you is payment enough for me.”

She just liked helping people? Did it feel that good, where all she needed to do was help people to feel fulfilled? Trixie began wondering what that felt like, and how she could possibly help people.

All questions for another time. She quickly forced down the rest of her cardboard breakfast and handed the tray back to Miss Redheart, who promised to bring her clothes up to her along with the rest of her belongings. In the meantime, Trixie decided to make good on her self promise to call people, and see what they could tell her.

First person she called was Lyra.

The phone rang twice before someone answered on the other end.

“Trixie! Trixie, is it really you?!” a frantic voice cried, obviously female. Since she used her nickname in such a familiar manner, Trixie assumed this was Lyra.

“Y-yeah… sort of…” Trixie said slowly, “I think it's like… half of me, but I don't know where the other half is.”

“Oookay,” Lyra said slowly, “Um, are you okay, girl? You sound a bit more out there than usual.”

Should she tell her? Apparently they were good friends, so she deserved to know the truth.

“Lyra, I… I don't know what happened, but… I kind of lost… a few of my memories.” Trixie winced, ready for any reaction.

She wasn't ready for Lyra to start laughing.

“Oh, Trixie you are a riot! You really had me going there for a second. I thought you seriously had amnesia for a second.”

“I do,” Trixie explained, trying not to be too offended at not being taken seriously, “I don't know how I lost my memory, but I'm trying to piece together bits of my old life.”

“Trixie… you're scaring me,” Lyra said, her voice a bit softer and more sobered, “You're serious? You… don't remember anything?”

“No, I don't,” Trixie said, “But maybe you can help me. I need to know, were we together yesterday before I ended up in the hospital?”

“Y-yeah, we were,” Lyra explained, “We were at cheerleader practice, which is held after school.”

She was a cheerleader? Well, with looks like hers, she probably could be one, and a decent one at that. But this was good. Maybe she saw something.

“Did anything happen right after that?” Trixie asked.

“Well, after practice ended, you changed and then left to head home,” Lyra explained, “I remember there was a bright blue flash outside, and then you were unconscious.”

A blue flash? Was that what took her memory? Suddenly, she felt a pressure in her head, forcing her to hold her head and groan in pain.

“Trixie?! Are you okay?!” Lyra asked, now sounding genuinely concerned.

“Yes, um… thank you,” Trixie said as the pain ebbed away, “I… I'll talk to you later.”

“Trixie, wai-”

She didn't wait for her to finish, choosing to just end the call. She could tell just by hearing her voice she wasn't going to be really helpful in solving this mystery. Or maybe she was just really turned off by her attitude.

Another knock on the door. This time Trixie knew that it was Miss Redheart.

“I have your clothes,” she said from outside the room, “I also have your school bag.”

“Thank you,” Trixie said, “You can come in. I'm still in bed.”

Miss Redheart walked into the room and set Trixie's clothes and bag on the bed. Apparently she wore a cute purple and blue dress, blue hoodie with stars on the shoulders, purple socks, and blue and purple boots with two inch heels by the looks of them.

“I'll let you get cleaned up and dressed,” Miss Redheart said walking out of the room, “Oh, your classmate called. The one who brought you in yesterday.”

“Rarity, right?” Trixie asked.

“That's the one. She's coming here to check you out of the hospital,” Miss Redheart said smiling. Trixie's eyes widened at her words.

“I… get to leave so soon?” Trixie asked.

“We can't realistically keep you here for too long,” Miss Redheart explained, “Getting to see your hometown might help jog some more memories.”

“That's good,” Trixie smiled softly, “Thank you again for being so nice to me, Miss Redheart.”

“It was my pleasure,” Miss Redheart said, giving Trixie an elegant bow before leaving the room. Trixie felt like she was going to miss her.

After taking a quick shower, Trixie put on her dress and shoes, before examining herself in the mirror. At first she was confused by the lack of a bra, but then realized that her dress had built in support. It was sleeveless at the top, and hugged her figure in a tasteful, yet still sexy manner. After applying the lipstick she found in her bag, she took in the person standing before her in the mirror, and couldn't help but smile. She felt an inner arrogance at the sight. Like something deep inside of her just knew that she was the best.

I better keep those thoughts in check. Don't want a big head.

She laughed to herself, and then walked over to her bed, picking up the hoodie and putting it on. She started zipping it closed, but stopped just under her bust. She felt like she was supposed to zip it higher, like maybe the old her zipped it up a bit more. But at the same time, she didn't want to. As she was now, she kind of liked the idea of just letting her figure speak for itself.

“Just be natural, right?” Trixie asked, once again taking the time to look at herself in the mirror. She was largely pleased with the outcome. Another knock on her door, “Come in,” she called out before stepping out of the bathroom. Miss Redheart poked her head into the room.

“Your classmate just arrived,” she said. Trixie took a deep breath, nodded, and then walked over to her nurse, picking up her bag at the same time. As she walked with Miss Redheart to where she assumed the front desk was, Trixie began adjusting the way she walked till it felt right to her. Eventually she settled on a slight saunter, choosing to carry herself in a proud, but not condescending manner. She didn't know if she was how she was originally or not, but it didn't really matter ultimately.

Still, it would have been nice to know why she lost her memory in the first place.

At the front desk, Trixie saw a very beautiful young woman signing a sheet of paper. Said woman wore a really nice silver blouse, short purple skirt, and purple high heeled boots. She had long, full purple hair, and from where Trixie was standing she could tell she was wearing blue eyeshadow and red lipstick.

The woman turned to Trixie and smiled, “Oh wonderful! You're okay!” she said, voice high with a sensual flair that Trixie could tell wasn't natural. Also, getting a better look at her revealed this person to actually be close to Trixie's age. Odd, Trixie really thought she was an adult there for a second.

“You're… Rarity, right?” Trixie asked as the maturely dressed girl approached her.

“That's right. My name is Rarity Belle,” Rarity said, elegantly placing a hand to her chest, “Do you not remember me, darling?”

“I… don't,” Trixie said, looking away and rubbing her arm, “I just know that my name is Beatrix Lulamoon, and a few other things I pieced together just from looking at my cell phone,” just based on her appearance, Trixie expected Rarity to assume she was joking just like Lyra did.

She didn't expect Rarity to look so surprised, or concerned.

“Oh dear. I'm so sorry,” Rarity said softly, “You must have been so frightened here alone.”

“Wait… you believe me…?” Trixie asked, trying to get a read on this seemingly frivolous girl.

“I can't imagine you'd lie about something like that,” Rarity said, “Maybe it's naive, but I prefer to take people at their word unless they give me reason not to. Besides, you look so stressed right now.”

She called it naive, but Trixie doubted that. Somehow, Trixie felt like this Rarity was seeing her pretty clearly. Odd, because Trixie had expected this girl to be more like what she heard from Lyra just from her appearance.

Note to self: never EVER judge someone on their appearance again.

“Tell you what,” Rarity continued, “How about you and I start from the beginning? Since our previous relationship isn't valid, how about we treat this as our first meeting ever, and let things progress from there?”

“I'd… like that a lot,” Trixie said, giving Rarity a soft smile, “Thank you.”

“Well, my work here is done,” Miss Redheart said, “You take care of her, okay?”

“I will,” Rarity said, “Thank you so much for taking care of her.”

“She was wonderful to attend to,” Miss Redheart placed a hand on Trixie's shoulder, “Are you going to be okay from here?”

“I think so,” Trixie said, “It was nice meeting you, Miss Redheart.”

“It was nice meeting you as well, Miss Lulamoon,” Miss Redheart said with a gentle smile. Trixie hugged her as a way of saying thank you, and then walked out of the hospital with Rarity beside her. It looked like Rarity was reading her a bit, but her smile quickly returned shortly after.

“I don't feel safe leaving you alone, now that I know of your situation,” Rarity said as they exited the hospital. Whatever she was saying next got lost though, as Trixie's attention went skyward at the oddest sight.

Floating above the entire city, Trixie could see what looked like translucent roads and structures in the sky. There were also a few glowing lights in the sky, and a couple of glowing rings all made of what looked like energy of some sort. Just what was that?

“Trixie? What's wrong, darling?” Rarity asked walking back over to Trixie and looking up as well.

“What is that up there?” Trixie asked, “In the sky?”

Rarity frowned, squinting her eyes in an attempt to see it better, “I'm not sure what you're looking at, darling.”

“Wait, you mean you…” Trixie stopped herself as she realized the answer to her own question. Rarity couldn't see it. As far as Trixie knew, she was the only one who could.

“Trixie, are you okay?” Rarity asked, looking truly concerned.

“I'm not sure,” Trixie released the breath she was holding in, “Too much weirdness.”

Rarity placed a hand on Trixie's back comfortingly, “Tell you what, we'll go to my place. Spend the night there, and then we'll discuss what to do about your parents if they ask any questions tomorrow, okay?”

Trixie nodded following after her new friend. She was really beginning to like this Rarity.

“I'm home,” Rarity called into the house once she opened the door. Trixie took a second to look at the house exterior. It was a nice, surprisingly simple looking two story house with white walls that almost looked pink. Stepping inside she saw the interior was just as cozy and comfortable. Trixie looked to her left and saw the living room, which was pretty standard. Really, the only thing worth noting was the extravagant red couch that drew attention toward itself like a magnet.

“Rarity, that you?” a younger girl's voice called out from upstairs.

“Yes, it's me, love,” Rarity said setting her bag down, “I take it Mother and Father aren't back yet?”

“They're extending their vacation by another week,” the other girl said. Trixie heard footsteps walking toward the stairs.

“Honestly, I can't imagine why,” Rarity said walking into the kitchen, “Not like they're going to stick around for longer than a few days.”

“Your parents travel a lot?” Trixie asked, following Rarity into the kitchen. Rarity nodded as she opened the fridge.

“You can't tell, but we're actually quite well off,” Rarity explained, leaning into the fridge looking for something, “Dad's really good with stocks, and Mom's good with managing money. Thanks to that combination, we don't want for anything.”

“So your parents just spend their money going on vacations?” Trixie asked, leaning against a wall and folding her arms.

“Pretty much,” Rarity sighed, reaching into the fridge and pulling out a small blue and white bottle, apparently a milkshake, “We have pizza left over from last night. If you're hungry.”

Trixie's stomach growled before she could get a word out, “I think my stomach just answered for me.” Whoever else was living here was coming downstairs now.

Rarity giggled, “Alright. I'll heat up a few slices. Sweetie Belle, did you eat already?”

“I was gonna heat up a slice too, so-” Trixie heard a gasp, “What's she doing here?!”

Trixie turned around with a start, and almost did a double take. The girl was clearly younger than Rarity; based off her voice at least she had to be about fifteen at the oldest. She had long, curly pink and light purple hair, and light green eyes. Her attire however, consisted of a black and purple one piece skirt that was surprisingly short and hugged her growing figure nicely, black leather jacket, black fingerless gloves, fishnet stockings, and black high heeled boots. For make-up she wore black eyeliner and blood red lipstick.

And she did not look pleased.

“Ah! Sweetie Belle,” Rarity set the pizza box down and ran over to the newcomer, apparently Sweetie Belle, “Um, remember that person I took to the hospital yesterday?”

“Yeah… I remember,” Sweetie Belle nodded, her eyes never leaving Trixie, “How does that connect to Beatrix being here?”

“If you'll give me a second, I'll explain everything,” Rarity said, turning to Trixie, “Could you give us a few moments, darling?” Trixie nodded, eyes now meeting Sweetie Belle's. She could sense a lot of animosity in that gaze.

Rarity lead Sweetie Belle into the living room, the latter narrowing her eyes before following the older girl. Trixie didn't want to eavesdrop, but she did manage to make out parts of their conversation.

“And you believe her?”

“I saw the look in her eyes. She looked absolutely distraught.”

“That can be faked. She's just trying to get attention.”

“I don't know, darling. With her getting knocked out by that weird light yesterday, she might be serious.”

Wait. She saw the light that caused this?

Whatever they were saying now was too low for Trixie to hear, but she could pretty easily make out what this meant. Something told her she wasn't the nicest to that girl in the black. Realizing that, Trixie wasn't sure how to feel.

Rarity stepped out of the room taking a deep breath, apparently trying to calm herself down, “Well then, how about lunch, hm?”

Trixie watched Rarity walk into the kitchen, trying a bit too hard to look normal. Trixie took a deep breath before speaking.

“Did I hurt your sister?” Trixie asked. Rarity stopped cold, but didn't turn to face Trixie.

“You… weren't the most pleasant person before this incident,” Rarity said, voice soft and distant. Trixie's heart sank, and she held her hand to her chest, gripping her hoodie as she looked down.

“Then… why did you help me?” Trixie asked, “Why did you bring me here when-”

“Because everybody deserves a little generosity,” Rarity interrupted. Trixie looked up and saw Rarity smiling quite genuinely at her, “You need help, so I'm going to do everything I can to help you.”

Trixie felt a warmness in her heart seeing Rarity's genuine smile. Even knowing what she did to her sister, she didn't even think twice about helping her. It didn't seem natural for someone to be this kind.

Rarity went to heat up the pizza for the three of them. Before Trixie could move, Sweetie Belle shoved past her and sat down at the table, close to the corner. There she just glared venomously at Trixie, even when they sat down to eat.

Needless to say, Trixie sat close to Rarity as they ate in silence.