• Published 31st Oct 2018
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Mega Man: Divine Grid - Azure Sandora

After a blue light shoots down from the sky on top of a student from Canterlot High, an unlikely hero is born. This is the story of how a young, frivolous high school girl came to inherit the blue light of hope. This is the story... of MegaMan.

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Trixie, please remember…

Please hear my voice…

The Dark Code is spreading…


Open your eyes…

Just like before, Trixie awoke with a start. This time, she looked around the guest room Rarity put her in for the night, noticing the numbers. Okay, so they were real. She tried to avoid blinking this time so she could see what the numbers meant.

As she looked at various things in the room, it looked like the numbers were telling her various things about them. Their height, weight, mass, and a few other things she couldn't quite understand.

Her attention went to her phone lying on her bed stand, and noticed something odd. It looked like a green circle of data spinning over her phone. It looked kinda like a portal. Trixie accidentally blinked, but noticed that this time the numbers didn't vanish.

Her heart racing, Trixie slowly picked up her phone. The portal stayed in place perfectly. Was it somehow connected to her phone? Curious as to what would happen, Trixie began reaching for the portal, slowly, her heart pounding faster and faster as her fingers inched closer to the-

A knock on her door startled her out of her trance.

“Trixie, darling? Are you up yet?”

“Y-yeah. I'm up Rarity,” Trixie said. She looked back at the phone. The portal was gone.

“I made breakfast. Come downstairs whenever you're ready, darling.”

“T-thank you,” Trixie said, smiling softly at Rarity's continued kindness. Especially considering what she had possibly done to her little sister. She should not have forgiven her at all, let alone help her this much.

As she heard Rarity's footsteps leave the hall, Trixie looked down at her phone with a confused frown. Just what was that? Why was she able to see-

The Dark Code is spreading…

“Dark… code…” Trixie said, a hand over her suddenly racing heart. She had no idea why, but for some reason the phrase “dark code” brought a deep seated dread from within.

After showering and getting dressed, Trixie started making her way downstairs. There she saw Rarity leaning against a wall talking to someone on her cellphone.

“Yes, Miss Lulamoon, your daughter is okay. Beyond the memory loss, she's perfectly healthy,” Rarity said, a soft smile on her face. She nodded, “Mm hm. She was awake when I checked on her, and I think I heard her-” Rarity turned to Trixie, her smile widening, “Actually Miss Lulamoon, she just stepped downstairs. Yes, I'll hand her the phone,” Rarity handed the phone to Trixie, “It's your Mother, darling.”

Trixie felt a warmth in her heart, and slowly took the phone, “H-hello?”

“Trixie!” the woman on the other end cried, apparently bursting into tears, “Oh my God, you're okay! I was so worried!”

“Y-you were…?” Trixie asked, eyes widening as a lump built up in her throat.

“When you didn't come home from school, I was frantic! And then you wouldn't answer your phone, and I just-” her mother's words were lost behind heavy sobs.

“Mom… please don't cry,” Trixie said, her voice shaking a bit, “I'm okay now. Really.” she didn't remember this woman's face sadly, but something inside of Trixie already loved her.

“You don't have to go to school today if you don't want to. Rarity has our address, so you can head home,” her mother said, trying to calm down.

“That's okay,” Trixie said, “I… was kind of planning on going to school anyway. The nurse said that seeing the town would help me get my memories back quicker. Besides, if amnesia wasn't enough to keep me in the hospital, I doubt it's enough to miss school.”

Her mother laughed, “There's my little girl. I knew she was still in there. Alright, if you're sure you'll be okay. But let the principal know about your situation, and tell her I said you could leave at any time if school was too stressful, okay honey?”

Trixie nodded, wiping her eyes, “Okay. Thank you, M-Mom.”

“You're quite welcome. I'll see you tonight, sweetie.”

“See you tonight. And, Mom?” Trixie had to say this to her before she hung up.

“Yes Trixie?”

“I… love you,” Trixie said, that warm feeling consuming her completely. Her mother didn't answer right away, but Trixie did hear her suck in a breath right after she spoke.

“I love you too, sweetie,” Trixie's mother said, voice barely audible. It sounded like she was about to cry again. She hung up before Trixie could ask if she was okay. Trixie leaned against a wall, sliding down to the floor. She then broke down completely as her emotions consumed her. She didn't even know why she was crying. Maybe because everyone had been so kind to her, so hearing her mother sent her over the edge. Maybe because deep down, she felt like she had probably been a pretty shitty daughter on top of being a bully to Sweetie Belle.

Rarity sat down next to her and wrapped her arms around Trixie. Trixie in turn leaned into Rarity's embrace, holding onto her as if she were a lifeline.

“What sort of person… was I…?” Trixie sobbed.

“Who you were before doesn't matter,” Rarity said, gently rubbing Trixie's back comfortingly as she held her, “You've been given a chance to start over, and to be a new person.”

“Will you help me?” Trixie looked desperately at Rarity, “Help me become a better person?”

“I'll do much more than that, darling,” Rarity said smiling, “I won't abandon you, Trixie. Ever.”

“Can we… be friends?” Trixie asked Rarity. She knew she was asking for a lot, but she had to try.

“Oh darling, I had already assumed we were,” Rarity said, her hand cupping Trixie's cheek as her thumb wiped away a tear. Once again overcome with emotion, Trixie wrapped her arms around Rarity, this time laughing happily. This was truly the happiest she'd ever been since waking up. Sure, she didn't have her memories back, but she had a true friend now. One that she made.

Rarity seemed shocked at first, but she quickly relaxed and wrapped her arms around Trixie in return. The wonderful moment was soon lost though as Trixie became aware that they weren't alone. Suddenly, Trixie's heart was racing for a completely different reason as a feeling of dread washed over her. Rarity too had tensed up a bit, her arms still wrapped around Trixie, who slowly looked up to the top of the stairs.

There she saw Sweetie Belle, still dressed in her goth attire, staring down at them from the top of the stairs. She was breathing heavily, eyes narrowed and lips curled in a hate filled snarl. She was flexing her fingers, clearly trying to stay in control.

“How long have you been there?” Rarity asked slowly, her voice low and cautious.

“Long enough,” was all Sweetie Belle said before starting down the stairs. Trixie was terrified she was going to do something like attack her, but instead she just walked past them, picked up her school bag, and walked out of the door apparently to school. She didn't even slam the door closed.

That was almost more terrifying.

“Did I… mess up?” Trixie asked Rarity, who sighed.

“No darling, you're fine,” Rarity said, “I'm just going to have to have a long talk with Sweetie Belle, is all.”

Trixie really hoped she'd be able to dodge Sweetie Belle today at school. She didn't know if Sweetie Belle was the type to carry knives, but she didn't want to find out.

The walk to school was a quiet one for most of it. After Sweetie Belle left, Trixie felt really awkward being around Rarity. Almost like she was doing something wrong. Sure, she needed Rarity's help, but did she deserve it was the real question.

When they stopped at the traffic light, Trixie stole a glance at Rarity, to gauge her emotional state. Her concern was pretty hard to miss, as Trixie quickly learned that Rarity was the type to wear her emotions on her sleeves.

At least she's genuine.

Rarity must have noticed, because her eyes quickly looked in Trixie's direction, prompting the light blue haired teen to quickly turn away.

“I'm not mad at you,” Rarity said, “If that's what you're concerned about.”

“Good, because I was wondering about that,” Trixie said, releasing a breath she didn't know she was holding, “Still, you're amazing.”

“Oh? How so?”

Trixie turned to Rarity incredulous, “Are you for real? Your arch nemesis just spent the night at your house. Your little sister hates me. And yet you're still helping me. I just don't get you.”

Rarity gave a light, pleasant laugh, “First of all, I'd hardly call you my arch nemesis. To me, you were little more than a minor nuisance.”

“Fair enough, and honestly not sure how I feel about that,” Trixie said as they started walking on green, “But what about Sweetie Belle? She's family, isn't she? Aren't you loyal to her?”

“Trust me, I am,” Rarity said, “What do you think I'm wracking my brain for. I'm trying to figure out what to say to her. However, I can't just not help someone in need. Yes, you hurt my little sister, and I am holding you accountable for that somewhat, but I promised I'd help you, and I always keep my promises.”

Trixie didn't know what to say to that. She opted to just leave it at that for now. Besides, it wasn't like she remembered doing anything to Sweetie Belle.

As they walked, Trixie looked around the colorful suburban town. She hoped that walking around town would jog her memory, like maybe she'd see her house and instantly recognize it. Instead, she found herself wondering if every house she looked at was hers.

Still, it was a really nice town. There were lots of colorful houses, each with their own small patch of land. Plenty of trees shared that land, which meant that there were plenty of birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and other tiny creatures scattered around. It was like something out of a fairy tale.

“Sure is beautiful here,” Trixie said, smiling at the beauty around her.

“I know,” Rarity closed her eyes and sucked in a deep breath, “It's truly wonderful here, isn't it? I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. This is my kingdom, and my friends and I will protect it no matter what.”

“That's, an odd thing to say,” Trixie said, tilting her head, “You sounded almost serious about protecting this place.”

“Well, my friends and I aren't new to magical disturbances,” Rarity said, “Don't worry about it for now, darling. Just know that you're in good hands, alright?”

“R-right,” Trixie nodded. She wasn't satisfied with that answer, but she had a feeling that was as good as she was getting for now. They continued to walk in silence again, Trixie turning to her right to the girl with light pink-

“WHOA!” Trixie cried in shock, realizing that a third person was now walking with them. Said new person had really long light pink hair, large cyan eyes, and for make up was wearing pink eye shadow and light pink lip gloss. She was fair skinned like Rarity, slender build, and wore a simple white blouse, green skirt, pink knee socks, and green and yellow boots. Finally in her hair was a butterfly hairpin, same as the butterfly on her school bag.

“Fluttershy, there you are,” Rarity said, completely undeterred, “It's fine, darling. Fluttershy here's my friend too.”

“Hello,” the new girl said, her voice really soft and breathy, kind of hard to hear, if Trixie was being completely honest.

“Hi,” Trixie said waving, “You are too quiet.”

“You looked like you were in deep thought,” Fluttershy whispered, “I didn't want to disturb you.”

That… was almost too sweet. Yep, she was definitely one of Rarity's friends.

“I see,” Trixie leaned in close to Rarity, “Does she know about…?”

“Oh yes, I told her already,” Rarity nodded, “After you went to bed, I sent everyone texts about what happened. Twilight's already looking into what that light was, and since Applejack always gets to school early, she offered to tell the Principal ahead of time about you losing your memory.

Twilight? Applejack? Too many names! Trixie couldn't keep up with all of them!

“Um… okay,” Trixie said, forcing her head to stop spinning, “And they're just going to take Applejack at her word?”

“Applejack never lies,” Fluttershy said, making Trixie's heart leap a bit as she forgot she was even there for a second, “Everyone in school trusts her word.”

“Of course they do,” Trixie rolled her eyes. At this point she just assumed that they were all a bunch of saints.

When they arrived at the large building that Trixie assumed was her school, she was floored. It looked almost like something you'd find straight out of a fairy tale. The walls were pink and white, the architecture made it look almost like a church or small castle, the only small blemish was the remains of what appeared to be a statue on a large marble stand in front of the school gate, and all that did was make Trixie want to know the story behind it.

She assumed it was epic.

Standing by the statue waiting for them were two other girls. The girl sitting on the stand had an athletic build, striking magenta colored eyes, and long rainbow colored hair. She wore a white t-shirt with a rainbow colored thunderbolt on the front, blue jacket, pink and white skirt over black leggings, rainbow colored socks, and blue boots. Despite clearly being more on the tomboy side, Trixie was shocked to see she had a notably and very pretty feminine face.

The other girl was leaning against the stand, arms folded under her more hefty bosom. She had emerald green eyes, long thick blond hair tied together at the end to keep it somewhat manageable, and wore a green and white western styled shirt, light blue denim skirt, and legit brown cowgirl boots. On both the front of the boots and her belt was a red apple insignia, and on her head was an honest to God cowgirl hat.

“I live in a freaking fairy tale,” Trixie just admitted, trying to decide if this was heaven or hell. Currently leaning closer to heaven.

“Applejack, darling~” Rarity skipped over to the hat wearing girl, who immediately scooped her up into her arms and planted a loving kiss on Rarity's lips. Well, that made their relationship pretty clear.

“Howdy Rares, how was it last night?” Applejack asked, accent thick but still easy to understand.

“Oh, Trixie was an absolute dear,” Rarity said, “It's crazy, but she's honestly a completely different person.”

The rainbow haired girl raised an eyebrow, jumped down, and then walked over to Trixie. She circled her, eying her closely. Trixie swallowed nervously before attempting to speak.

“I… take it you and I have-” the rainbow haired girl raised her hand shushing Trixie.

“I didn't say you could speak yet, now did I?” she asked raising an eyebrow. Trixie closed her mouth and shook her head quickly, just letting the rainbow colored girl do her thing. She stopped right in front of Trixie and narrowed her eyes, “You really don't remember anything, huh?”

“Nothing,” Trixie said looking to the side, “But if I ever did anything at all to you or any of your friends, I'm sorry. I don't remember them, nor the person I used to be, but I can at least apologize.”

The rainbow haired girl nodded, and then held out her hand, “Works for me. The name's Rainbow Dash. Trust me, you'll remember it.” she said, followed by an extremely arrogant smirk. Trixie smiled and shook her hand.

“Yeah, probably 'cause you're gonna be screamin' in every five seconds,” the girl wearing the hat said, now walking over to them, “The name's Applejack. Consider the slate wiped clean by my standards.”

“Thank you so much,” Trixie said, now shaking Applejack's hand, “So, what's this you said about a light?”

“Oh, that's easy! That's the aliens, silly!”

“WHOA!” Trixie screamed at the new voice. She was really tired of people doing that. The only word that could describe this girl was fun. Her hair was long, full, and dark pink almost like cotton candy, her eyes were sky blue, and the one piece dress she wore was white up top with a pink heart in the middle, and came down into a light purple skirt that stopped at her knees. She wore blue bracelets around her wrists, light blue heeled boots with pink bows at the top, and around her waist, she wore a purple belt tied behind her in a bow.

“Sorry! I didn't mean to startle you, New Trixie. Hey, should I call you “New Trixie”? Should I call you Beatrix? That's a really pretty name, I always wanted to tell you that. Off topic. Right. Oooooh! Maybe you want a brand new nickname! How about something completely out of left field and epic sounding! Or-” Trixie put her finger on the fun girl's lips, gently shushing her.

Or you could all just keep calling me what you always did, and we all act natural,” Trixie suggested. To her pleasant surprise, Pinkie Pie wasn't offended at all. She just smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Trixie it is then. Can I still give you that hug I was planning on giving you?” Pinkie Pie asked. Trixie laughed, and nodded. Pinkie Pie immediately wrapped her arms around her, not so tight that Trixie couldn't breathe, but tight enough where Trixie was surprised, “I'd introduce you to Twilight and Sunset next, but they're inside already researching the alien beam of light that shot down on you.”

“Pinkie Pie, for the last time, Trixie wasn't attacked by aliens,” Applejack groaned, “It was probably jus' somethin' from the other side of the portal, is all.”

“You mean more Equestrian Magic?” Fluttershy asked, “Oooh, I think I'd prefer aliens.”

“Um, excuse me,” Trixie raised her hand to get everyone's attention, “Wanna fill me in? Since I'm the one the light hit, you know.”

“Trixie is right,” Rarity pointed out, “If this is related to Equestrian Magic, she needs to know what's going on too.” The first bell rang as if on cue.

“Look, as much as I'd love to play twenty questions, I can't afford to be late again. So let's just take her to the usual place after school so we can also hear what Sunset and Twilight figure out.”

“Trixie darling, does that work for you?” Rarity asked.

“Yeah, that's okay,” Trixie nodded, “I just… need to know where the “usual” place is.”

“Um,” Fluttershy tugged at Trixie's hoodie, once again making her jump, “You and I have the same class before the final bell, so I'll take you there.”

“Oh, thanks,” Trixie said, trying to calm her racing heart, “Just, when you come, announce your presence to me. Please. Make sure I know you're there ahead of time.”

Fluttershy tilted her head adorably, but then nodded in acceptance. Trixie wasn't sure if that was one of actual understanding, or if she should be worried. This one was really hard to read.

“Rainbow Dash and I'll take ya to the Principal's office to get another copy of your schedule,” Applejack said, “It's on the way to our class, so I figure why not?”

“I didn't have to do this, ya know,” Rainbow Dash taunted, “I'll accept a kiss on the hand as payment this time, but only cause I like ya. Next time, cash only.”

“Thanks… I… think…?” Trixie said/asked. Rarity had some interesting friends.

“Well, I best be off then,” Rarity said, making her way to the school building, “I'll see you later, Trixie.”

“Um, see you,” Trixie waved, a bit confused as to why she was leaving ahead of them like that, “Does she take special classes or something?”

“Rarity's a senior,” Rainbow Dash said, “Probably won't see much of her in school, sadly.”

“Speakin' of, let's go,” Applejack said. Trixie nodded, and followed after her new… friends? Trixie wasn't sure what they were yet. But so far, she did like them.

She stopped at the front door and looked up at the sky. Just like before, she could see what to Trixie looked almost like an upside down city with multiple translucent roads and highways. Some of these roads looked like they even led closer to the surface, now that Trixie was taking another look at them.

“I wonder what you are,” Trixie murmured, before turning back toward the school and walking inside. Hopefully she'd learn something about what happened to her after school. Based on what she already knew though, Pinkie Pie's theory of aliens might not have been too far from the truth.

Sweetie Belle stepped out from behind the base of the statue, glaring at the now closed door. She didn't care if she was late for school, not when she just saw the dumbest thing in her life.

“You've got to be kidding me,” Sweetie Belle said, shaking her head incredulously, “They actually believe that bitch's sob story?”