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This story is a sequel to Inner Demons

Play this song first!

A long time ago, there were four friends. Two were ponies from Equestria, but one was an angel from Elysium, and the other was a demon of Tartarus. None of that mattered to them though, as they grew up, they tried to ignore their destinies, hoping that their friendship would prevail over fate. Oh how wrong they were.

Rarity now finds herself alone, trapped inside Elysium, given more questions at every checkpoint and forced to see memories of a past she shouldn't have any connection to. Why is she here? What do the angels mean mean that "her life isn't hers"?

And who is Vale?

This is a vital part of the Inner Demons series. Recommend reading Inner Demons first.

New cover art by The Spectralist

When did this happen?! Fragments of Truth added to the TV Tropes page?!

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1311926 Woot for beginningness! :pinkiehappy:

Plus, Midnight is adorable.:heart::twilightsmile:

AAHH! inner demons continues!

1312012 Indeed. such a cute little destroy of worlds!

Oh, also noticed this. "Guys," she whispered, "it's a filly." Since they are all females, wouldn't it be Girls and not Guys?

AAHH! inner demons continues!

1312027 No, I think you should be able to use "Guys" as a group of people instead of a group of a certain gender.

Wonderful is a understatment if used but i will use it anyway I am happy to say a expansion and more epicness! :twilightsmile:
keep being awesome! :twilightsmile:

I approve of this sequel... or prequel... or, uh whatever. I'm so tired, I'll have to read it tomorrow. :derpytongue2:


1312372 Think of it as a sequel with a prequel in it.

When does she find out that she died?:rainbowhuh:

Been looking forward to this!

1312692 Did she die? Apple Bloom came to Elysium once while alive after all.

oh I get it, can't believe I didn't get it beforehand

:twilightsmile: Well, this was a pleasent surprise. I wasn't expecting any followup to appear yet to be honest, but I'm glad to have been caught by surprise by this "Sequel Prequel", hehehe. I'm sure it'll take some time to see anymore, but thats fine as patience is a virtue. :twilightsheepish: That, and I would hate for haste to stiffle your skill and creativity. Good things come to those who wait , as they say. :twilightsmile:

More from SapphireLibra? Guess I won't be doing homework for a while... :derpytongue2: Well, not really, but you get the idea: I am EXCITED!

How DARE you?:flutterrage:

I thought I was gonna get to see Ten Years get finished before this, but no.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Vinyl_shock.png Instead, all I see is some spin-off, that I barely want to read. WHAT THE H*** HAPPENS WITH LEZARD!?dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Twilight_crazy.png :unsuresweetie:

A beautiful start to what I see as an amazing sequel to one of the best works of literature I've ever seen.
I would love to see Inner demons become a big series:pinkiehappy:

1354520 Worry not, I will finish 10 Years, but I'm stuck on where to take that one (I know how it ends, it's just getting that's hard). This is just as important as 10 Years, you'll see.

1357498 It better be... Grumble grumble...

1358271 It's all to build up to something amazing. Think of how awesome Kingdom Hearts 2 is.

1373008 Never played. I'm a Final Fantasy kind of guy

1373940 Well to clear things up, Chain of Memories was a build up game to fill in the gap between Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. If you went straight to KH 2, then you would be extremely confused as new enemies are introduced, and new characters. Also, the beginning makes more sense if you play the end of Chain of Memories.

That's basically what I'm doing here with 10 Years and Fragments of Truth.

So I shouldn't expect a 10 years update soon?

1386778 Like I said, I'm sort of stuck on how to proceed with 10 Years. It'll get updated once I figure out exactly what happens next.

1386904 PM me if you'd like some ideas. I can probably help you out, with a bit of explanation.:pinkiehappy:

1386985 Hm... I might take you up on that offer. Thanks. If I do need help, I'll let you know.

Description reminds me of Bayonetta. Ill keep and eye on this

I have no words only feels :pinkiehappy:

At least I can follow this one from the beginning.
I joined Inner Demons at, like, Chapter 26.
I know it was one of the stories I memorized the title and author of, because back then. I didn't have an account! :twilightblush:

I should've seen this months ago... Where have I been? This is the sequel to one of my favorite stories!

In all its beauty, I still see some of the descriptive issues that were present in Inner Demons, telling instead of showing and whatnot.

She was a unicorn with a blue coat (matching her name) and a light blue mane and tail.

Maybe instead of throwing the description all in one place, spread subtle details about a character's appearance throughout the chapter? :twilightsheepish: I dunno.

Either way, I'm looking very, VERY forward to this story, and am more than excited to see where it will go :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Before I go, random question. Do you happen to have an editor?

I had only read Inner Demons and wanted to read more of your stories. This sounds good. Can't wait for more.

PS: Are still getting called a guy? Also I like how you kept the evolved armour for the elements

YES! FINALLY! i actually forgot about this fic for a while. glad to see it back. wonderful work.

and congrats on the feature

Good story, we might find out more info about the back story. Also, how many years after Inner Demons is this taking place?

1964109 About 10 years. This is happening during the last year of 10 Years (which I will finish).

1964380 I thought so, I just wanted to make sure. The day after Apple Bloom's 21st birthday is going to be the start of something crazier then the Queen of Darkness incident isn't it?

1964392 You have no idea...

Man is it possible to loan Vale to clean up the Internet?

BTW you're an amazing writer, holy balls!

This fanfic... it's still alive!!

Great as always, Sapphire. I always love your writing. I wonder how, of all ponies, it was Rarity they--whoever they is--chose. Really interesting and mysterious, so I look forward to more.

1965368 Why would you want to clean the internet? It's much more fun this way! *Squee*

1992234 As soon as I saw the word 'troll', I just had to add that comment.

And yes, trolls usually are what makes Internet more fun :D

This story feels like a video game for some reason. . . :rainbowderp::derpyderp1:

2053436 I actually had a video game in mind when I was writing this.

Yeah, new chapter. Lets hope something makes sense after this one...

Morgana, she's connected to a certain Earth Pony Musician isn't she?

Epicness awesome chapter. lol seems like Trixie is Axle from Kingdom Hearts.:trixieshiftright::twilightblush:

Anyone else read Faust's lines with the overwatch announcer's (Half Life 2) voice?

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