Chrono Reflect

by Valkyrie Sandora

Medieval: Fade to Black

Medieval – Fade to Black

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The door to the interior of the castle opened, and DASH-379 ran in first. She knelt down and scanned the area.

“Scan complete,” she said, “The perimeter is safe. No enemies located within the immediate area.”

When she said that, the rest of the group came in, Applejack staying close to Twilight while Rarity and Fluttershy lagged behind a bit.

“Well, this is it. No turning back now,” Applejack said turning to Twilight, “Twilight, how are you feeling?”

“I should be okay,” Twilight said taking a deep breath, “I think the poison's fully worn off. Thanks Applejack,” she turned to Rarity and Fluttershy, “Rarity, are you ready?”

“More than… ready…” Rarity said, looking around as an odd feeling came over her.

Wait… this feels familiar to me…

“Rarity? Are you okay?” Twilight asked.

“Not feeling sick, are you?” Fluttershy asked.

“No, nothing like that,” Rarity said, “I'm just getting an odd sense of de-ja-vu is all.”

“You can stay back if you want,” DASH-379 said, “I will protect everyone, like always.”

“Well aren't you humble?” Applejack asked sarcastically.

“I am merely stating a fact as a superior model,” DASH-379 said, completely unaware that Rarity was mouthing out her entire sentence at the same time.

I knew it. I have seen this before.

Fluttershy nuzzled Rarity affectionately to get her attention, and looked at her visibly concerned.

“I'll be okay, Fluttershy,” Rarity said, “You should go up front with DASH.”

Fluttershy nodded and ran on all fours to DASH-379's side. The five of them started making their way through the castle, but stopped in a hallway as Fluttershy held her arm out.

“Stop!” Fluttershy called out, before growling getting in a fighting stance.

“Looks like we've got company!” Applejack said as she and Rarity ran next to Fluttershy. Before them three shadow demons appeared before them, the same monsters that attacked them the first time they came to Medieval, “Remember what I taught you, Rarity! Control, then aggression!”

“Right!” Rarity said, getting in her fighting stance, “Twilight, DASH, you two get ready as well. I think these enemies are weak to your elements.”

DASH-379 looked confused, but scanned the enemies, “You are correct. The enemies have a blue and black affinity. Twilight would be most effective here.”

Twilight nodded and immediately fired at the demons with her arrows. At the same time, Applejack, Rarity, and Fluttershy all engaged the enemies before them. As they fought, DASH-379 turned behind her and saw two more demons spawning behind them.

“Shoot! More are coming!” DASH-379 said getting in a fighting stance, “Luna is sending more demons our way!”

Applejack jumped away and charged up her element, and shot Fire Balls at the demon in front of her killing it. One demon got a lucky slash at Rarity knocking her back.

“Rarity!” Twilight cried, immediately charging up her white element. Something within Rarity was screaming to stop her.

“No Twilight!” Rarity cried, “Don't worry about me! Use that energy to attack! Trust me!”

Twilight looked confused, but she nodded and instead channeled her energy into her arrow. She then shot into the air using her Star Shower move to hit all the demons, actually killing all of them.

“That was weird,” DASH-379 said as they gathered around Rarity, “I am not used to you taking charge like that.”

“You've been acting weird since we entered this castle,” Applejack said, “Are you okay Rarity?”

“It's strange,” Rarity said holding her head, “I'm pretty sure that I've seen this before. Ugh, it's driving me crazy.”

“See in vision maybe?” Fluttershy asked, “Like how Seer has vision?”

“I don't see how that's possible,” Twilight said, “She's not connected to her alters like Celestia and Luna are. Actually, I don't think we've ever seen an alternate Rarity.”

“You're right…” Rarity said looking down, “I haven't ever seen a version of myself in any world we've been to. You'd think I'd meet one at least.”

Applejack frowned looking away, “Hey, let's not worry about it right now. We're still on an important mission after all.”

“This is true,” DASH-379 said, “We will have plenty of time to ponder this after Celestia is safe.”

“Right,” Rarity said, “Let's go then.”

As they continued, Rarity's heart wouldn't stop racing for some reason. The more she thought about it, the more wrong that seemed. Why hadn't she ever seen an alternate of herself? The only connection she had was-

Her spear…

Rarity stopped running a bit and looked at her spear, paying attention to the diamond insignia etched on the base. She put that on everything that was of true value to her, and she thought it was strange that Applejack's master had the same fighting style as her, and with how she reacted when they officially met…

“Rarity!” she heard Twilight call from up ahead, “Are you coming?”

“Y-yes darling,” Rarity said, “I'm coming.”

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After catching up, the group found themselves in what looked like a throne room. DASH-379 walked through the room looking around.

“I am picking up a high energy signature above us,” DASH-379 said, “I believe that this is Nightmare Moon.”

“What about the Queen?” Applejack asked, “Can you sense her?”

DASH-379 looked around again, “Odd. The life stream is leading me here. I do not see any doors though.”

“That's because she's in a secret room, Rainbow Dash.”

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They all looked at the throne and saw the last person they wanted to see sitting on the throne sideways.

“Pinkamena, I knew we'd see you at some point,” Rarity said stepping forward and pointing her spear at the demonic jester, “Where's Luna keeping Celestia?”

“Are you sure that's what you wanna know, Rarity?” Pinkamena asked, “I bet you have a ton of other questions you'd like answered. Like what really happened to your world, and your friends.”

Rarity slowly lowered her spear looking at Pinkamena seriously, “She knows then?”

“Nightmare Moon knows all about that,” Pinkamena said getting up and walking over to Rarity, “She wanted me to tell you that she's waiting to meet you at the top of the tower,” Pinkamena pointed to the stairs at the side, “Right through there.”

“Why are you telling us this?” Twilight asked, “Want to force Rarity to make a choice?”

“I bet it seems like that, doesn't it,” Pinkamena said with a sideways smile, “But that's not why I'm here at all. In fact, technically I'm supposed to guide you right to Nightmare Moon.”

“Then why are you not doing that?” DASH-379 asked, “Your master will not be pleased to see you disobeying her direct order.”

“You're right, she won't,” Pinkamena said looking down, surprisingly serious, “But you see, today is a special day. For the first time in who knows how long, I'm off the leash as it were.”

“Off… the leash…?” Twilight asked.

“So I figure, why not kill two birds with one stone? I get to finally continue my mission and have some fun!”

“Your mission?” Applejack asked.

“What mission?” Fluttershy asked.

“Why, to kill Rarity of course,” Pinkamena said with a toothy grin.

“Kill me?! Why?!” Rarity asked, “What did I ever do to you?!”

“Oh, nothing actually,” Pinkamena said, “You see, it's for the greater good that your life ends here. Otherwise, you're going to destroy them.”

“Who am I going to destroy?!” Rarity asked, her heart racing.

“Our friends, Rarity,” Pinkamena said, “Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Sunset Shimmer. Your very existence is a threat to all of them, myself included.”

“You not making sense!” Fluttershy shouted, “You talk like you are friend!”

“But we are friends, Fluttershy,” Pinkamena said, “Don't you remember your birthday party last year?”

“Birthday… party…?” Fluttershy shook her head furiously, “No! You not friend! Not friend!”

“Wait… what?” Twilight asked looking at Fluttershy in shock. She then looked back at Rarity, who was trembling looking at Pinkamena.

“They're all in danger, Rarity,” Pinkamena said, “But you can save them all by dying right now.”

“You…” Rarity said, backing away from Pinkamena, bumping into DASH-379, who looked pissed.

“Rarity, do not listen to her,” DASH-379 said, “She is just trying to get into your head.”

“Exactly,” Applejack said stepping forward, “This is the woman who killed my Teacher. She'll do anything to get what she wants. But not this time. This time, I'm going to put my Master's soul to rest!”

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Pinkamena sighed, “There's just no getting through to you, is there? Okay then,” she got in her fighting stance, “Since you guys don't get it, I'll just have to beat sense into you!”

Rarity shook her head and got in a fighting stance, DASH-379 and Applejack standing next to her.

Pinkamena rushed forward to Rarity, immediately spinning around with her hoop to slash Rarity, who blocked her attacks with her spear. Rarity flipped away, letting Applejack and DASH-379 trade blows with Pinkamena, who for now seemed to just be defensive while still perfectly calm. Pinkamena spun around knocking them away, and then charged up her blue element, using Ice Body on herself.

“Target has increased her defensive abilities!” DASH-379 said.

“In that case, I have just the thing!” Applejack said, charging up her red element. She then cast Vigor on herself, and rushed at Pinkamena, slashing with her now empowered blade. Pinkamena was knocked back by those attacks, but then took a few of Twilight's arrows directly.

Once she had enough energy, Twilight charged up her element and cast Healing Stream on everyone. Fluttershy rushed at Pinkamena next, slashing a few times with her daggers. She then jumped next to Applejack, both of them charging up their elements. Fluttershy jumped into the center of the room and spun around creating a tornado, and Applejack pointed her sword at Fluttershy, shooting a flame into the tornado. Now engulfed in flame, the tornado exploded actually causing massive damage to Pinkamena and knocking her back into the throne. (Double Tech: Fire Spin)

Pinkamena kicked to her feet, and then used another blue element, this time seeming to heal herself.

“Wait?! Blue can use healing spells too?!” Twilight asked in shock. Pinkamena was about to charge at her, but Rarity jumped in the way and slashed her back with her spear.

“I'm not holding back against you, Pinkamena!” Rarity said, “I plan on ending our relationship here and now!” Rarity rushed at Pinkamena and clashed weapons with her. The two of them seemed to dance around each other as they slashed and dodged. Rarity charged up her black element and then used her Grim Slash, but Pinkmena managed to jump out of the way.

“Good warm up,” Pinkamena said, “But now I'm serious!” She charged up her blue element, this time using Water Tower on everyone, knocking everyone to the ground.

“Hold on…” Twilight looked at Pinkamena confused, “Why isn't she using… DASH! Scan her!”

“Why? We already know her attributes!” DASH-379 said.

“Just trust me! I need to know something!” Twilight urged. DASH-379 shrugged and scanned Pinkamena as she fought Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack at the same time actually keeping them at bay.

“Wait a second… this is not right!” DASH-379 said, “My systems are only detecting a Blue Element.”

“She's supposed to be a double attribute though…” Twilight said to herself, “Rarity, she's not using black elements this time! You can afford to go all out on her!”

“Perfect!” Rarity said charging up her black element, “I know what to do with you then! JUST DIE!!!”

Rarity shifted into her Shadow Form and rushed at Pinkamena slashing ferociously. Pinkamena calmly kicked and danced out of the way of all of her attacks.

“Oh, you thought I was handicapped, huh?” Pinkamena said, “Now that I don't have Nightmare Moon holding me back, I'm at my full power!”

Pinkamena demonstrated this by actually kicking Shadow Rarity back. She then rushed at Shadow Rarity and jumped on her bladed hoop sliding into her before doing a back flip kick knocking her back.

Applejack and DASH-379 charged up their elements and jumped at either side of Pinkamena. They then charged at Pinkamena and used their Beat Rush move, hitting her on both sides. When they were done, Pinkamena put the hoop around her waist and spun it around, knocking both of them back.

“It seems she was not bluffing,” DASH-379 said, sparking as she took a lot of damage, “Her fighting style has gotten a lot more aggressive.”

“My mission is more important to me than anything, even my own life!” Pinkamena said sauntering over to Shadow Rarity, who was slowly rising to her knees, “I don't care what I have to do! I'm going to protect everyone!”

“NO!!!” Twilight screamed charging up her white element. She then fired her Ray Shot at Pinkamena before running in between her and Shadow Rarity, “I'm not letting you kill her!”

Pinkamena gritted her teeth, actually looking frustrated, “I'm trying… to SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!” Not even trying to be fancy anymore, Pinkamena gripped her bladed hoop and slashed Twilight aside knocking her to the ground. She was about to strike, but Shadow Rarity shot up and blocked with her spear, changing back to her normal self.

“I… DON'T WANT TO DIE!!!” Rarity shouted, pushing Pinkamena back, “I don't know what you're talking about, but I don't plan on hurting my friends anytime soon or dying! My entire journey is to save my friends!”

“You're seriously that much in denial, aren't you?!” Pinkamena asked, “This isn't some story where everyone lives happily ever after! In order for life to go on, some lives have to be taken!” Pinkamena looked away pained, “I hate it too… but this is the only way…”

Twilight slowly sat up and looked at Pinkamena in confusion. Why did she seem so… sad all of a sudden? Why was she doing this?

Applejack charged up her red element, and then shot a red beam at Pinkamena. Once it hit her, she appeared right in front of her and used her Sword Dance move, actually knocking her to the ground.

As Pinkamena flipped to her feet, Fluttershy rushed at her with her Gale Slash. After trading blows with Pinkamena for a bit, Fluttershy jumped away letting DASH-379 fire at her with her Charged Shot. Pinkamena rolled out of the way and then ran in a circle around the room as DASH-379 fired at her continuously. This lasted for a bit until DASH got impatient and charged up her element.

“Releasing all limiters! Activating ATHENA Mode!” DASH-379 shouted, shifting into her powered up state. She then rushed at Pinkamena and fought her close quarter. She went for a lethal punch, but stopped short for some reason.

“Hey! Why are you stopping?!” Applejack asked DASH-379.

“This… does not… feel right…” DASH-379 said looking at Pinkamena intently, “P-P-Pinkie… Pie…?”

Pinkamena's eyes went wide, but she quickly kicked DASH-379 back and then rushed at Rarity. Before she could reach her though, Fluttershy charged up her green element and used her Wind Blade on Pinkamena, stopping her.

Rarity and Applejack charged up their elements where they stood, and both rushed past Pinkamena using their X-Strike on her, knocking her to one knee.

Rarity then turned back to Pinkamena and clashed weapons with her again, but this time charged up her black element at the same time. She then held her hand right at Pinkamena's stomach.

“Game over, Pinkamena!” Rarity said, firing her Shadow Ball point blank at Pinkamena, knocking her far back onto the ground.

end song

Rarity slowly walked over to Pinkamena's body. She was still breathing, and she slowly looked up at Rarity with an unreadable smile.

“You've truly become a demon… haven't you Rarity?” Pinkamena asked, “Looks like you and I aren't too different after all.”

“Shut up!” Rarity seethed, “I'm nothing like you or Nightmare Moon!”

“Why don't you… prove it then…?” Pinkamena said, “Show me… just how different… you and I are…”

“No!” Twilight cried desperately, “Don't fall for it, Rarity!”

She could feel it, her Shadow Form beginning to take hold. It was happening against her will, but this time she wasn't going to stop it. No, she wanted to let it consume her. Before she knew it, she was engulfed in darkness, shifting into her Shadow Form.

“RARITY!!!” Everyone shouted at the same time. Shadow Rarity raised her spear ready to impale Pinkamena. This was going to end one way or ano-

Twilight immediately embrace Shadow Rarity, stopping her.

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“Don't do this!” Twilight begged, “Don't lose yourself!”

Twilight…?” Shadow Rarity asked.

“You're not this monster, Rarity! I don't know what's going on anymore, what Pinkamena is trying to do, but if you kill her like this, you're proving her right! That in the end, you're just like her! Please don't kill her, Rarity! Please!”

Everyone was shocked to hear that. Sure, they didn't want Rarity to fall into the darkness either, but spare Pinkamena?! Even Pinkamena looked up at Twilight in shock.

“Twilight, that woman-” Applejack called out.

“I know! She killed your friend! Don't forget that she poisoned me!” Twilight shouted, “But, something inside of me is screaming that this isn't right! We're not supposed to kill her! This woman… Pinkamena… she's… What if she's one of us?!”

“One of us?” DASH-379 asked, “What are you talking about?”

“Didn't you feel it DASH?!” Twilight asked, tears forming in her eyes, “You couldn't hurt her! You had a chance to kill her, but you didn't take it! You felt the same thing we feel for everyone else! That she's one of us! That she's… SHE'S OUR FRIEND!!!”

Everyone was wide eyed at that. She claimed that Pinkamena was… their friend?

“Woman not friend…!” Fluttershy seethed, “Woman attack village…! Woman help wolf tribe! I kill her myself!” Fluttershy grabbed her dagger and was about to walk over to Pinkamena.

“Don't think with your heads!” Twilight begged, “Think with your hearts! The answer is there!” Twilight tightened her hold on Rarity, “I'm begging you, Rarity! Don't kill Pinkie Pie! Please! I know she's not your Pinkie Pie! I know she's done some horrible things, but I don't believe she's a bad person! She has a reason for all of it! Even if it isn't a good reason, I don't think she wants to actually hurt us! Please Rarity! Just let her go!”

Shadow Rarity looked at Pinkamena, thinking at length about what Twilight was saying. All of a sudden, through her eyes, Pinkamena disappeared, replaced by her Pinkie Pie lying on the ground in the same manner.

Pinkie… Pie…

The shadows dispersed, and Rarity changed back into her regular self.

“Come on everyone,” Rarity said, “We have to find the Queen.”

“You… are not seriously going to spare this woman?!” Applejack asked.

“What's more important?” Rarity asked shooting a look at Applejack, “Petty revenge, or the safety of your Queen? You're a knight Applejack! First and foremost!”

Applejack stepped back, a look of sheer shock on her face. DASH-379 walked over to Fluttershy and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“We need to continue our journey,” DASH stated.

“But… woman-”

“Killing her will not erase the past,” DASH-379 stated, “She is beaten. There is nothing she can do now.”

Fluttershy took a few deep breaths, but eventually sheathed her dagger and turned away.

“Never forgive,” Fluttershy said, “No matter what anyone says, woman not my friend.”

“You're… seriously going to spare me…?” Pinkamena asked.

“Twilight says she feels something from you,” Rarity said, “I trust her judgment. Now then, let's go everyone.”

As they all turned to leave, Pinkamena slowly rose to her feet.

“W-wait!” Pinkamena called out, stopping them. They looked as Pinkamena slowly walked over to the throne and pulled a lever behind it. A second later, the throne moved to the side revealing a staircase.

“The Queen… is being kept… down there…” Pinkamena said.

“Why are you helping us now?” Rarity asked. Pinkamena laughed.

“You know? I'm not sure. Kinda… funny when you think about it… isn't it?” Pinkamena fell down, leaning against the throne, “Just know, whatever happens in the end, I tried to stop you…”

“You all go get the Queen,” Rarity said, “I have someplace else to be.”

“Rarity, you're not planning on going after Nightmare Moon alone, are you?” Twilight asked.

“Once you've secured the Queen, come after me,” Rarity requested, “I need to have a word with her before anything else happens though.”

With that, Rarity ran up the staircase to where Nightmare Moon waited for her.

“We better hurry then,” Applejack said, “We can't leave Rarity alone for too long.”

Everyone nodded and ran to the staircase, but Twilight stopped and looked at Pinkamena. After a second, she knelt down next to her and used Rejuvenate on her. Pinkamena looked at Twilight wide eyed.

“Why…?” Pinkamena asked, “After everything I did to you and the others, you…”

“Because that's what white mages do,” Twilight said smiling at Pinkamena, “They heal people who are hurt.”

Twilight then ran after her friends, leaving Pinkamena sitting there. She looked up, tears of frustration falling from her eyes.

“Damn it…! Now what do I do…”

end song

Rarity ran up the stairs, stopping in front of a large blue door. Her heart was racing, not just because of who was behind here, but the possibility of finally getting some answers, and the possibility that she might not like those answers when she got them.

She took a deep breath, and pushed the door open. The door led outside onto a large balcony, and standing at the far end…

Was Viceroy Luna.

At least, it looked like Viceroy Luna. She wasn't wearing her usual robes, instead wearing a fancy black gown, black high heeled boots, and matching gloves. Her hair was much longer than normal and fuller, going all the way to her waist.

“This is a meeting that was a long time coming,” she said turning around to face Rarity, “Welcome, Chrono Trigger.”

Rarity was struck by how sexy her gown was. It was open in the front, showing off her legs, which were wearing fishnet stockings. The top of her gown showed off the top of her bust line, and for make up she wore blood red lipstick and purple eye shadow.

This was it. The source of everything that happened to her. Her sworn enemy, and final link to Lavos.

Nightmare Moon.

“Your Majesty!” Applejack called out as they ran down the stairs. In the far end of the room, on her knees chained to the back wall, completely naked and gagged with a black band, was Queen Celestia.

The group reached her, Twilight struck when she saw the state that Celestia's Medieval counterpart was in. Applejack, DASH-379, and Fluttershy wasted no time running to her aid, Applejack removing the black band covering her mouth.

“Applejack, my faithful knight,” Queen Celestia said weakly, “I knew you'd reach me.”

“I'm sorry it took so long,” Applejack said, cupping Celestia's face, holding her close, “I came as soon as I could, but-”

“Shh… Shh… Fret not,” Celestia said, “You came for me, and that's what matters,” she looked up at DASH-379 and Fluttershy with a soft and relieved smile, “Thank you. You guided my beloved knight to me safely.”

Fluttershy rubbed her nose smiling proudly, and DASH-379 nodded smirking. As DASH got to work on breaking the shackles on Celestia's wrists, the Queen turned to Twilight.

“Where is the Chrono Trigger?” Queen Celestia asked.

“She went on ahead to face Nightmare Moon,” Twilight said, “She told us to join her once we released you.”

“Twilight, listen to me,” Celestia said seriously, “You must hurry to Rarity's side immediately. She's in more danger than you could ever imagine.”

“She… is…?” Twilight asked, her heart racing all of a sudden.

“Your Majesty, what's happening?” Applejack asked.

“Luna's plan is to draw the Chrono Trigger into darkness. Together, they'll be able to create a paradox that will open the way to Lavos,” Queen Celestia explained.

“Open way… to Lavos?” Fluttershy turned to Twilight, “You go now! Protect Rarity!”

Twilight nodded and ran upstairs, praying that she wasn't too late. Something told her that letting her go alone was a horrible idea.

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“Nightmare Moon,” Rarity said pointing her spear at the woman before her.

“Please, call me Luna,” Nightmare Moon said holding her hand up, “And I'm not your enemy, Rarity.”

“Oh really?” Rarity asked, “Then tell me, why did you pull me away from my world? It was you that sent Lavos after my world, right?”

“It was I who pulled you from your world, yes,” Nightmare Moon admitted, “I am truly sorry for what happened to your dimension, and your friends. However, I did not seek to harm you.”

“Didn't seek to harm-” Rarity cut herself off, she was so incredulous, “My friends, my family, my home, all of it is gone! Everything that's happened to me up to this point has been your fault, and you expect me to believe you when you say that you didn't seek to cause me harm?!” Rarity got in her fighting stance, “You're going to pay, Luna!”

Nightmare Moon closed her eyes seriously, and then held out her hand summoning what appeared to be a scythe. She twirled it above her head in one hand and then held it in her personal stance, swaying from side to side almost like Pinkamena did.

Before she could even move, a white arrow fired at Nightmare Moon. Rarity turned to see Twilight standing by the door with her arrow pointed at Nightmare Moon.

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“Let's do this Rarity,” Twilight said, “Together!”

Rarity nodded to Twilight as she ran to Rarity's side. Rarity charged at Nightmare Moon first, slashing wildly with her spear. Each slash Nightmare Moon blocked easily, but Rarity was still able to gather energy. She then jumped away and charged up her black element. Rarity held her hand forward and fired her Shadow Ball at Nightmare Moon, who took the attack head on.

Twilight fired at Nightmare Moon a few times with her arrows, finding most of her attacks blocked as well. Still, once she had enough energy, she charged up her white element and used Healing Stream on herself and Rarity.

“A white adept and black adept working together?” Nightmare Moon asked, “The light and darkness can't coexist. You'll learn this soon, Chrono Trigger.”

Nightmare Moon ran over to Rarity, slashing with her scythe. Rarity found herself having a terrible time trying to block her attacks, which were really difficult to read. Yet, Rarity could tell that she was oddly pulling her strikes.

Twilight fired at Nightmare Moon forcing her back, and then charged up her white element, firing her Ray Shot at Nightmare Moon.

The second it hit her though, Nightmare Moon spun her scythe above her head charging up her own element. She then spun around slashing the air and sending a horizontal black shock wave at Twilight. She then followed up by jumping into the air flipping forward and slashing again, sending another vertical shock wave at Twilight. (Shadow Slice).

“Twilight!” Rarity cried as her friend fell to one knee.

“I'm fine!” Twilight said, “I don't think me attacking her is a good idea though! You'll have to be the main attacker!”

That was really bad actually. Twilight was the one with white elements, meaning she'd do more damage. Nightmare Moon was clearly a black adept like Rarity, so they couldn't really hurt each other.

Rarity rushed at Nightmare Moon again, once again clashing weapons with her. Nightmare Moon effortlessly blocked all of her attacks, meeting Rarity in a weapon's clash.

“This struggle is pointless, Rarity,” Nightmare Moon said, “You and I aren't enemies.”

“Shut up! SHUT UP!!!” Rarity screamed. She pushed Nightmare Moon back, and then charged up her black element, her eyes glowing red briefly, “JUST DIE!!!” Rarity shouted, shifting into her Shadow Form. Nightmare Moon raised an eyebrow, and then charged up her own black element.

“BEHOLD!!!” Nightmare Moon shouted, shifting into her own Shadow Form. The two shadow entities rushed at each other and slashed wildly. It was so terrifying to watch that Twilight had to step back in fear.

After a few seconds, Shadow Rarity charged up her black element and leaned back unleashing her Shadow Blades on Shadow Nightmare Moon, who actually blocked each and every attack effortlessly. She then slashed Shadow Rarity back, and then charged up her element. She then threw her scythe at Shadow Rarity, making it spin continuously slashing Shadow Rarity continuously and knocking her back. (Blood Wheel)

Shadow Rarity shifted out of her Shadow Form and Twilight ran to her side, immediately casting Rejuvenate on her.

Nightmare Moon dispersed the shadows around her, and walked over to the two girls.

“You have a lot of control of the dark arts,” Nightmare Moon said, “However, you lack the discipline to fully utilize them. Black elements require a special kind of heart to control, much like white elements.”

“Stay back!” Twilight said immediately standing up and pointing her bow at Nightmare Moon.

“Now you on the other hand are quite skilled in your element,” Nightmare Moon said, “Almost a natural. But you lack the heart to use the much stronger aspect of your element. You've only grasped the healing and support aspect. Those rudimentary skills are no match for me. Allow me to show you,” Nightmare Moon charged up her element, “WHAT THE BLACK ARTS ARE TRULY CAPABLE OF!!!”

Nightmare Moon held her arm out as if to fire a Shadow Ball, but this time charged up energy in her hand. Sensing danger, Rarity immediately pushed Twilight out of the way as Nightmare Moon unleashed the largest black and red energy beam Rarity had ever seen, actually destroying part of the balcony they were standing on. (Hell Wave)

Rarity was horrified by this woman's power. It was official, she was too powerful for them. Even if the others were there, it wouldn't have made a difference. Nightmare Moon beat them.

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Nightmare Moon walked over to Rarity and knelt down before her.

“Let's stop this foolishness,” Nightmare Moon said, “There's no reason for us to fight, child.”

“Why did you do this…?” Rarity asked, trembling before the woman before her, “Why did you… take me away from my world?”

“I did this… to save you.”

What did she say? She wanted to save Rarity?

“Save me…?” Rarity asked.

“You've been given a cursed fate, Rarity,” Nightmare Moon stated, “Thrown away by the gods. You've noticed it, haven't you? In all of your travels, you've seen alters of everyone. Twilight here, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, even Pinkie Pie. Yet nowhere have you seen an alter of yourself. Haven't you wondered about that?”

Yes, actually. Earlier today Rarity was wondering why that was.

“In the universe, there are people who have to live in order for time to move forward. However, there are also people in the universe… who have to die for that very reason. Do you see where I'm going with this?”

Did she…? Rarity didn't know if she wanted to know where she was going.

“I lost someone because of this,” Nightmare Moon continued, taking Rarity's hand and helping her up, “My best friend was killed… because of “fate” and because she was one who had to die. You see, Rarity, you're what's called a “Singularity”.”

“What's a Singularity…?” Twilight asked, afraid but intrigued nonetheless.

“A Singularity is something that occurs in only one variant of the universe,” Nightmare Moon explained, “Such as… Being the only variant of yourself that's currently alive.”

Rarity's heart was sinking. Was Nightmare Moon telling the truth? Could it be that every other Rarity in the universe was…

“I was doing what I had to,” Nightmare Moon said caressing Rarity's face, “Yes, I pulled you out of your dimension, but I also gave you the tools needed to create your own destiny.”

“I don't want any of that...” Rarity said quietly, “All I want is to find Sunset Shimmer and return to my world.”

Nightmare Moon looked down somberly, “Rarity… your world doesn't exist.”

end song

Rarity's eyes went wide, and she stepped back away from Nightmare Moon in horror.

“My world… doesn't exist…?” Rarity asked. Twilight looked at Rarity shaking her head.

“But… she's right here!” Twilight said, “She exists! That means that her world had to have-”

“She's right here, because once again I was the one who intervened,” Nightmare Moon said, “Do you remember the car accident ten years ago?”

“I… remember…” Rarity said, “The doctors said that it was… a miracle that I…” she looked at Nightmare Moon wide eyed, “Don't tell me… that was you?” Nightmare Moon nodded smiling, “You're the reason… I survived that…?”

“That was supposed to be the moment that ended your life, allowing the world to continue to move forward. You've seen the world without you, right? Her world?” Nightmare Moon turned to Twilight, “According to fate, that's the way your world is supposed to be. A world that's dark, devoid of magic and unity. A world…”

“Without… me…?” Rarity asked, suddenly shaking her head, “No…! NO!!! You're lying! You have to be lying!”

“Why don't you ask them?” Luna asked as commotion was heard from the door. It opened revealing the rest of Rarity's group, now joined by Queen Celestia, who was wearing Applejack's cape to cover herself somewhat.

“Rarity!” Fluttershy cried.

“Are you okay, Rarity?” DASH-379 asked.

“Go on Rarity,” Nightmare Moon said placing her hands on Rarity's shoulders, “Ask Applejack the name of her teacher.”

“Rarity…?” Twilight asked slowly.

play song

“Well?” Rarity asked looking at Applejack, “What was your teacher's name? Was your teacher… me?”

Applejack's eyes went wide, but she looked away pained. Rarity was aghast, realizing what she was saying in her silence.

“My God…” Rarity said, eyes wide, “It's true… isn't it…?” she turned to Celestia now, enraged, “ISN'T IT?!! YOU KNEW, DIDN'T YOU?!!! THAT EVERY SINGLE RARITY IN THE UNIVERSE DIED!!! THAT I WAS LITERALLY THE ONLY ONE!!! THAT MY WORLD DIDN'T EXIST ANYMORE!!!”

“R-Rarity… you're scaring me…” Twilight said.

“Tell me the truth!” Rarity said pointing her spear at Celestia and walking toward her, tears streaming from her eyes, “Tell me what happened to my world!”

“Rarity, what are you-” Applejack started to ask.

“Stay out of this!” Rarity screamed, “Where. Is. My. World?! WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS?!!!”

Queen Celestia closed her eyes somberly, “I'm sorry, but your world is… gone. It never was supposed to exist in the first place. You're… an anomaly in the universe, as… you're not supposed to even exist.”

“See?” Nightmare Moon said placing a hand on Rarity's shoulder, “This is the confirmation. The universe has thrown you away.”

“No…” Rarity said, darkness rising to engulf her, “Everything I've been fighting for… was it all for nothing…?”

“Rarity no!” Twilight cried running to Rarity and embracing her, “Don't let the darkness take you! You have to hold on!”

“Hold onto what exactly…?” Rarity asked darkly, “Didn't you hear? My world doesn't exist anymore. My friends, my family, I've been fighting a losing battle from the start,” Rarity laughed ruefully, “Even if I somehow did get back to my world, fate would probably just kill me the next day.”


“Do you think that's fair?” Rarity asked grabbing Twilight's shoulders, “That you all get to live while the world just tosses me aside? Because believe it or not, I don't!”

“But you can live, Rarity!” Twilight urged, “You and I can just go home and-”

“THAT'S NOT MY HOME!!!” Rarity screamed, her eyes glowing red, “MY HOME IS GONE, REMEMBER?!!!”

“Even still, we can fight Lavos and Nightmare Moon!” Twilight urged, “They're the ones who-”

“Fight Nightmare Moon?! Why would I do that?! She's the only reason I'm even alive now!” Rarity pushed Twilight to the ground away from her as the black flame grew around her.

“Rarity, no! You can't fall to the darkness!” Twilight begged as Fluttershy, DASH-379, and Applejack gathered next to her, “This is exactly what Nightmare Moon wants!”

“Exactly,” Nightmare Moon stated, “I want her to join me, so I can protect her. I'll never let you or anyone hurt Rarity again. Now, let the darkness consume you, Rarity. Do this, and no one will ever be able to touch you again.”

end song

Rarity closed her eyes, and allowed herself to be completely engulfed by the darkness. At the same time, Nightmare Moon was engulfed in the same darkness, and a black wave shot out pushing everyone back.

“We have to get out of here!” Queen Celestia urged, “They're summoning Lavos!”

“But what about Rarity?!” Twilight cried, “We can't leave her here!”

“There is no time!” DASH-379 stated, “We have to escape from here!”

Before anyone could think to move, Pinkamena of all people jumped down standing in front of the two dark flames.

“Go!” Pinkamena urged getting in her fighting stance, “I'll cover you!”

“Why you help?!” Fluttershy asked.

“I'm returning the favor!” Pinkamena said, “I can't hold them off for too long! Once Lavos gets here, I'll be at my limit! You need to get going now!”

Applejack and DASH-379 pulled Twilight to her feet and they ran out, Queen Celestia running after them. Fluttershy lagged behind a bit looking at the black flame that engulfed Rarity.

“Rarity!” Fluttershy cried before reluctantly running after her friends. As the flames dispersed, revealing Nightmare Moon and Rarity's new sinister form, Pinkamena got her blade ready and rushed at the two dark figures.

It took a while, but they managed to exit the castle, which was now trembling before being engulfed in a white light and breaking apart.

“What's that?!” Applejack asked.

“That… is Lavos…” Queen Celestia said. The castle exploded in a white flash, forcing everyone to cover their eyes. As the light died down, they heard the most horrifying screech they had ever heard.

Twilight was the first to lower her hands, and then screamed. Everyone else looked in awe and horror at the large black and red bug like creature that materialized where the castle once stood.

“This is Lavos?!” Fluttershy asked trembling, “God of Forest?!”

“No Fluttershy! Lavos is not a God!” Celestia stated, “But he is terrifying!”

“The power coming off this creature is off the charts!” DASH-379 stated, “It is unlike anything we have ever faced!”

“Everyone, brace yourselves!” Applejack commanded, “I think he sees us!”

play song

Lavos immediately charged up an oddly colored element, this one being multicolored. Lasers shot down from the sky at everyone, doing massive damage. (Rain of Destruction)

DASH-379 and Applejack both rushed at Lavos and began attacking him, but as far as they could tell, nothing they did seemed to work against him at all.

DASH-379 jumped away and charged up her yellow element, deciding not to waste time against this creature.

“Releasing all limiters! Activating ATHENA mode!”

Now in ATHENA mode, DASH-379 charged up her element again, this time holding up her arm. A bolt of lightning hit it empowering it, and she rushed at Lavos using her Elec Sword. In response to that, Lavos roared and fired a light blue beam out of his mouth at DASH-379, knocking her back.

“DASH!” Fluttershy cried. She then rushed at Lavos herself and began slashing at him with her daggers while Twilight charged up her white element. She was about to cast Cure All, but felt stronger after her fights earlier so tried using Rejuvenate on everyone, pleased when it worked. (Mass Rejuvenation)

“Fluttershy, move!” Applejack ordered. Fluttershy moved out of the way as Applejack charged up her red element. First she cast Vigor on herself to double her attack, and then she charged at Lavos slashing with her blade. Once she had enough energy, she and DASH-379 (still in ATHENA Mode) charged up their elements, and used Beat Rush on Lavos. Right after they finished, Fluttershy charged up her green element and spun around using her Tail Spin move.

None of these attacks even fazed the creature.

Lavos charged up that strangely colored element again, and fired his Rain of Destruction hitting everyone, this time knocking out both Applejack and DASH-379.

“Applejack! DASH!” Twilight cried. She fired rapidly with her arrows to gather energy, and then charged up her element to cast Mass Rejuvenation on everyone. Just as she feared, it only worked on herself and Fluttershy.

“No…!” Twilight cried falling to her knees, “My magic isn't strong enough! I can't heal their wounds!”

“Twilight, move!” Fluttershy urged. She pushed Twilight out of the way as Lavos shot three large black missiles at Twilight, instead taking the attack herself. She screamed in agony as she fell to the ground unconscious.

“No! Fluttershy!” Twilight screamed. She looked up at Lavos, trembling in fear, “Rarity…! I wish you were here! You'd know what to do against it!” Lavos opened his three pronged mouth and charged up energy, “RARITY!!!!”

Pinkamena jumped down in front of Twilight, landing on one knee clearly in pain.

“I guess I don't have a choice…!” Pinkamena stated.

“Pinkamena…?” Twilight asked.

“I'm getting us out of here!” Pinkamena stated holding what looked like a gate key, but slightly different looking than the one Rarity used, “Gate open!”

Behind them, a large blue portal opened, engulfing Applejack, DASH-379, and Fluttershy instantly. Pinkamena grabbed Twilight by the arm roughly and started pulling her toward the portal.

“Celestia, you're coming too!” Pinkamena commanded. Celestia nodded and ran through the portal. Pinkamena pushed Twilight through, and then stuck her tongue out at Lavos before jumping through herself seconds before the portal closed.

play song

“They escaped,” Nightmare Moon said leaning on the balcony, watching as Lavos faded away, “It's no matter. Now we have the power to draw Lavos into the universe.”

“What will we do with this power?”

Nightmare Moon turned to the figure leaning against the wall next to her, shrouded in shadows.

“We'll create our own universe,” Nightmare Moon said, “Think of it. With the power of a god, we can rewrite the universe however we see fit. We can become gods now, if we so wish, and ultimately, we can make Celestia pay for what she did to us. What do you say, Rarity?”

“Rarity is dead,” the figure said, opening her now demonic red eyes, “You can call me… Crystal. Nightmare Crystal…”